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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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donald trump's transition team is going just fine...or is it? depends on who you ask... as turmoil in the trump transition grows.-------love it... or hate it.. there's no getting around it.and now... there's an app to help you find it.what is ....?it???? find out in five minutes... ???adlib & toss jimmy
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she nearly she nearly lost her life six years ago.... at a congress on the corner event. given her first interview in arizona.., and you'll only see it here on 12 12's bryan west is live from the satellite center. gabby and her husband mark kelly sat down with our sister station kvoa in tucson to talk about her progress and what she's working on. january will be six years since the tragic shooting that nearly took her life.but the former congresswoman is pushing forward... she tells nbc she has been recovering
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shooting... she has limited use of her right arm... walks with a limp and still struggles to find the right words for what she wants to say. 3 gabby and mark are 3 working to get a permanent memorial built in downtown tucson to honor the six victims.again you can only see her interview tonight on 12 news at the satellite center... bw 12 today. this morning... well over a hundred students at a-s-u... aren't waking up in their dorm rooms... because of severe
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hamilton is live in tempe. 3 3 3 ?? toss to morning juice ??
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morning juice ?? toss to ?? toss to ?? toss to morning juice 3 ?? 3 3 it is - possibly - the worst sandwich ever created... at least that's the consensus among the 12 today staff... but apparently they are in the apparently they are in the minority... because mcdonald's ?mc-rib is back! and guess what? this year it is even easier to find!! mcdonald's has launched a new imessage app called mcdonald's mcrib finder. it's free and uses the smartphone's g-p-s to find the nearest
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it also allows users to share that location with friends. now... for those of you who don't know... the boneless barbecue pork sandwich is only available certain times of the year and has a very loyal following. mcdonald's allows franchisees to decide franchisees to decide whether they want to offer it, but not all of them do. but - again - we ask how can it be a ??rib sandwich... with no ribs in it? as we first as we first as we first told you on 12
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sexiest man alive--and its none other than former wrestler, the actor dwayne "the rock" johnson.the magazine describes him as sweet, smart, and sculpted. it's been a pretty big year for johnson with multiple movie releases--including disney's highly anticipated animated "mo-anticipated animated "mo-ana" hitting theaters next week. but the biggest surprise for him... came when he visited ellen yesterday
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the rock is a pretty cool dude...he only had 7-dollars in his wallet after getting cut from the canadian football league.that's when he followed in his father and grandfather's footsteps and began wrestling.he's now a movie-star and runs a production company... called "seven bucks productions." dwyane "the rock" johnson says he has faith that everything happens for a reason. ?? ad lib ?? time for your juicy question of the morning... the average person will do this two to three times a week. it usually takes between five and ten minutes. some people do this before work... others after work.... sometimes you'll do
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time for your juicy question of the morning... the average woman can do this for about 2 to 3 days. surveys show it is very rare for a woman to be able to do this for 7 days. what is this? they are just two little letters....but they are so hard to say....we'll remind you why it's good to say.... ?no. and donald trump...tweeting again this morning... saying he's really not trying to get top level security clearance
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off to washington for the latest on this... in three
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tweeting he's he's tweeting again. president-elect donald trump took to twitter refuting reports that his transition is in turmoil. team 12's is in turmoil. reports that overnight, trump took to again. he's 3 3 minutes.three minutes. ####break#### 3
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president-elect donald trump took to twitter overnight, refuting reports that his transition is in turmoil. team 12's tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on that, plus the transition happening on capitol hill. ?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ??president elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefingand tweeting overnight that only he knows finalists for his cabinetmr. trump calls it a very organized process. congressman mike rodgers is out, in what sources call a "stalin-esque purge" of people associated with former transition leader chris christie.son-in-law jared kushner wielding influence. vice president-to-be mike pence is in charge, in washington today for lunch with vice president joe biden. congress leaders today. democrats put their minority pelosi's expected to challenge from ohio's tim and there's on steve appointment as chief the white democrats want him out.i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: hillary clinton's being honored in washington today?a: tbaq: after the a: tbatoday? washington today?a: tbaq:
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election results, there's a move underway to get rid of the electoral college?a: tbaq: and there's one person we know who won't be working for
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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coming up this friday on 12 today... caribe and i surprise a valley mom of 3 with a complete make-over! watch what happens when we show up at sara's door and take her away for the day! we had so much fun!! sara's story is something so many moms can definitely relate to. you'll see why our 12news momtourage team picked her and the
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amazing.we hope you join us on friday morning to see sara's story... it'll blow you away. just say no!its not as easy as it sounds for a lot of people. but we'll show you how to change that... 3 3 3 3 ####break####
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thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long - bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at their registers.. all of the donations benefit st. vincent de paul to help make sure every arizona family enjoys thanksgiving. for more info - visit 12 news dot
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non-stop black friday deals for the next 35 days. among the rock-bottom bargains -- a 32-inch l-e-d tv for $69, and a 43 inch 4k tv for $199. amazon is also lowering prices on its own products, like the echo for $139.99. amazon will start offering discounts as soon as this friday. new deals will be minutes. mazda is recalling about 70-thousand rx-8 sports cars in the u-s. the recall covers the rx-8 from 2004 to 2008. according to u-s safety regulators, there's an issue with fuel pump sealing rings that may deteriorate, leak fuel and catch fire. mazda says it'll notify owners and replace the fuel pump sealing ring fuel pump sealing ring set free of charge. need a gift for an apple
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product is a photo book... and it goes on sale today. it's titled "designed by apple in california"... which is taken from the phrase found on every apple product. the book chronicles the company's past 20 years of product design and is dedicated to apple's late founder, steve jobs. as with most of apple's products... the book comes in two sizes.. a "small" and a "large"... and they're not cheap. the small is priced at $199 while is $299. here on 12 today... we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life a little easier. coming in at number 11 - it may be easy for meghan trainer to sing no - but how easy is it to say it. bryan west has tips on how to politely turn someone down.
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adlib reaction you want to get what you pay for... right? one family wanted a golden doodle - but quickly realized.. .that's not what they wound up from call 12 for action... 3 3 stay with are watching 12 today...
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is. right now on 12 today, cleanup on the fifth floor. more than 150asu students removed from the dorm after the water pipe bust. >> and ditching to die, the president-elect ducks the press to catch dinner with the family. >> and say hello to barbie with curves. the model who inspires the latest creation and what she demanded >> you can have a big old white picket. >> reporter: back from 12 news stud news in downtown phoenix, you're watching 12 today on this wednesday morning at six. those stories and much more coming up in a moment. we begin with jimmy q talking about the forecast and doing some boot camp. hey, jimmy. >> reporter: you know what?


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