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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a flagstaff police officer caught punching a woman in the face.. we've got the details in just minutes.. plus.. we're seven days away from thanksgiving - but before you run out to the grocery store.. you'll want family saved big on their meal. and who doesn't love justin timberlake? - apparently.. mandy moore. what he said that scarred her for life.. 3 her for life.. ???adlib welcome
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officer - punching a woman in the face.. team 12's bryan west is live with our top story.. this video is making the rounds... and inciting a lot of frustration and outrage. it's cell phone video captured... take a look. a flagstaff police officer is shown on camera punching a woman in teh face during an arrest. the officer and another man who ap officer were attempting to detain a woman when the camera started rolling. the arizona republic is saying they contacted the boyfirend of the woman in the video and that the two had received an eviction notice the previous week... wednesday was their deadline to leave. they identify the officer as jeff bonar and say when pd came to watch the couple leave and lock up the house - that's when the punch happened. we have audio of the woman... heard telling the officers they did not have a warrant to arrest her. 3 a release from a flagstaff sergeant says "our agency is very concerned by what is depicted in this video. live in the satellite
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a minnesota police officer has been charged for killing a black man during a traffic stop. a judge found officer jeronimo yanez had no good reason to use deadly or castile. the shooting - which was live streamed by philando's girlfriend - sparked days of protests across the nation. a florida baby is safe thanks to his brother's quick- thinking.. surveillance video captures the moment when an 11-month-old rolls off his changing table - only to be saved in the nick of time by his 9-year-old brother. the boys' mother says she stepped away for just a minute and is incredibly embarrassed
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a man is behind bars for jumping a fence at sky harbor while drunk.. police say witnesses told them about the incident. they were able to get to dalton reimer quickly and take him into custody for trespassing. thanksgiving is just a week away.. and a lot of folks are already getting their groceries for the big meal. as many of you know.. it can get pricey - but team 12's nico santos is showing us a few ways you can cut down costs
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12-news-dot-com.. for more ways to save.. this thanksgiving. you can donate the money you save - to help a family in need this thanksgiving. all month long - bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at the registers. all of the money benefits st. vincent de paul to make sure no family goes hungry. for more info - go to 12-
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all this turkey talk - leads us to our 12 today poll.. what are you most looking forward to this thankgiving? the family.. the food or the football. grab your phone and head over to 12-news-dot-com-slash- your-voice to vote. a simple mistake has brought two complete strangers together for thanksgiving.. and it happened right here in phoenix. k-t-a-r reports wanda dench was letting the family know about her plans for turkey day.. she sent a text message with the details.. to who she thought was her grandson.. but it wasn't... the recipient was actually 17-year-old jamal hinton.. who told k-t-a-r that he thought his grandma had gotten a new number. so he
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selfie.. she did - and that's when he knew something was not right.. so jamal sent wanda a selfie back - adding she was not his grandma.. but he did ask if he was still welcome at their table.. wanda agreed - saying "that's what grandma's do - feed everyone."???adlib 3 still ahead on 12 today.. the trump transition continues.. so what will happen to the family business? we've got the details in 20 minutes.. and back in the 90's.. justin timberlake told mandy moore something - that has scarred her until this day.. we've got that and more.. in your morning juice. 3
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we're just days away from the return of "gilmore girls" on netflix.. a lot of people are really excited about this - but maybe not as much as jimmy fallon.. on "the tonight show".. jimmy confessed he's hooked - and he hasn't even finished all seven seasons!
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you know who else is on team jess? - mandy moore. the two actors are currently on n-b-c's hit show "this is us." it's just one of many successes mandy has on her resume.. as you might know.. she was a singer back in the day of boy bands.. and even opened for a few. on "the late late show" with james corden.. she shared a memory from touring with ?nsync that has stayed with her all these years...
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time for your juicy question of the morning.. a recent survey finds 50 to 60 percent of people who choose to use a dating app.. do this.
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still ahead on 12 today..
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limits.. but will it work? we're debating this in 20 minutes.. will the trump empire fall once donald trump is sworn in? we've got the details - when 12 today returns in three minutes. 3 ###break###
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talking politics now.. hillary clinton made her first public appearance since losing the election last week.
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contributions to child advocacy. she confessed that it hasn't been easy since the election - but she has something worth fighting for... 3 this morning.. trump's transitition continues.. and now the family business is facing questions about the potential for a conflict of interest while trump is in the white house.. team 12's hallie jackson reports...
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still ahead on 12 today.. a farm in tucson has revolutionized the mushroom.. how they got it to taste like bacon!! that's next
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right now on 12 today -an arizona... police officer under investigation this morning...for punching a woman in the face.. it was shut down for seven months...and cost a ?lot of money.but this morning - the bell road bridge... is back open. and bacon makes everything better. one arizona farm is combining the two.. at the same time. ? from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12


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