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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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new details this
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flagstaff police officer who punched a woman in the face. bryan west is live in the satellite center - and bryan the officer is saying he was provoked?! the officer is saying he was kicked and kneed in the groun before punching the woman. if you haven't seen this video that's been seen millions of times worldwide - it shows a flagstaff officer point blank punching a woman he was trying to arrest. checking your
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today a church day-care worker will be sentenced - after deputies found child porn on his computer. m-c-s-o says lawrence amaral had hundreds of videos and images of children between three and 14 years old. amaral was a day
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catholic church" for more than 5 years. civil rights activist jarrett maupin will spend no time in jail for his arrest during a protest in tempe. maupin and several dozen other people blocked the mill avenue bridge back in september. today the judge dismissed one charge -- then sentenced maupin to time served for the other. a great weekend shaping up.. in northern arizona. with this cold front moving in.... the snowbowl ski resort could open for the season. snowbowl was forced to delay of the recent warm temperatures. the holiday shopping madness seems to get earlier and earlier every year. one guy... already camping out to
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deals... team 12's brandon hamilton is out with him this morning....
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question of the morning. what are you looking forward to most this sunday... -- going to church. -- shopping for christmas presents. -- watching the cardinals play the vikings. grab your smartphone.... and vote.... by going over to 12 news dot com... slash vote.... by going over to 12 news dot com... slash watch out -- there's a new wall decoration
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there's a new wall decoration that just might more. the 2017 boston firefighters calendar has been released. it features 12 hunky firefighters from different stations within the boston fire department. the calendar costs 20-bucks, but it's all for a good cause. 100-percent of the proceeds go to the boston firefighters burn foundation -- a non-profit that provides emotional and financial support to burn victims and their families. officials say they raised more than
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calendars last year and hope to raise more than that this year. be careful if you see green candy canes on some trees this christmas. it may not be spearamint but instead pickle selling a package of six candy canes for ten dollars on amazon they also have bacon, sriracha, and wasabi flavors. alright, would you eat this? time for your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey shows.... four out of then people have done this. many of us will
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what is this. time for your juicy question of the morning... a study shows the average kid will do this 30 to 45 seconds. what is this? the trump the trump transition team continues to
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transition team continues to shake things up... and raise a lot of eyebrows in the process. a look at the candidates left for the top jobs... in three minutes.... ####break#### the list of names under consideration by the trump transition the list of names
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the list of names under the list of names under consideration by the trump transition continues to
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consideration by the trump transition continues to raise eyebrows. you won't believe who's heading to trump tower this weekend. team 12's tracie potts knows - she's live in washington with that plus... the trump team's pitch to democrats. ad lib the trump team is planning what they call a thank you tour of blue states turned red... sometime after thanksgiving. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: mr. trump is tweeting this morning about ford deciding not to move its auto to move its auto plant to mexico? a: tba adlib traffic adlib & toss
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adlib & toss jimmy adlib weather you can donate the money you save - to help a
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you can donate the money you save - to help a family in need this thanksgiving. all month long - bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at the registers. all of the money benefits st. vincent de paul to
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go to 12-news- dot-com-slash- turkey-tuesday. if you still haven't bought your holiday airline tickets... you might be out of luck. but if you need just book a flight to get out of town... we've got the tips you need to know... to save some serious cash.... he's considered one of the most brilliant minds on the planet... and now steven hawking says... we better start thinking of where to move the
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right ####break#### wall street could end the week on a down note. stocks closing slightly higher yesterday, with the dow just shy of a new record high., following strong economic data and comment from fed chair janet yellen.
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interest rate hike could come "relatively soon." most people expect the fed to hike rates next month. the dow rising 35 points to 18-903, the nasdaq up 39 to 53-33. checking hot headlines this morning.... fighting continued in the northern iraqi city of mosul today. large smoke plumes could be seen above the rooftops. iraqi special forces have been engaged in an offensive for weeks now, slowly pushing back on isis fighters within. th n new security nightmare... how to protect trump tower. since donald trump won the election there have been extra security measures around the building. the president- elect lives in the penthouse. today mayor bill de blasio and police commissioner james o'neill will give a briefing on their plans. and new yorkers likely hope the plan will limit street closures in the busy manhattan neighborhood. humans have about one more millennium left to find a new planet to live on. that's the word
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who says that while the odds of the earth being wiped out in any given year are low, expanding that out over a thousand years makes it pretty certain. he said in a speech tuesday that humans need to expand away from earth by then... so a disaster here wouldn't mean the end of the human race. mcdonalds wants to change your dining experience when you stop at the fast food restaurant.. the chain announced-- it'll now bring table service to some of its locations. it'll train employees to serve you at the table- so you dot order at the front. mcdonald's says the goal is to place a higher emphasis on hospitality. the cost of airline tickets are climbing just as high as the planes passenger fly on. if you're trying to save money, the key could be in when you decide to purchase your ticket. larry miller has the story. also sites like
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also sites like air- allow passengers to put down a deposit for a ticket and pay off the remaining balance before departure. can those makeup testers you see in the shopping malls... make you sick? the dirty details... at 6:05. stay with us...
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watch where you step. it is that time of year for
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telling you about it all week long. grab a tissue and get ready for the 12news mom draws. getting beat up by bambi. a destroy -- a deer absolutely destroys a cross country runner, and it is caught on camera. [music] live from the 12news studios. welcome everyone. it is now let's start this weather this morning. it is chilly outside. >> we sent jimmy out into it. he is live in scott l. jimmy, you have got a jacket on, finally. >> reporter: it is, and it is cold out here. the hot rods are lining up. we are at west world here in scottsdale. the eight team southwest hot rod show happening this weekend. look at all of these cars.


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