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tv   12 News  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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you're watching 12 news, winner of the rocky mountain emmy award for best evening newscast. >> thank you for joining us for 12 news at 6:00. this weekend, president-elect donald trump is continuing to fill dozens of positions in his upcoming administration. trump meeting with half a dozen people today. among them, former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> appreciate the chance to meet with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> tomorrow the president elect is scheduled to meet with new
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rudy giuliani. trump did take time out of his busy schedule to tweet telling the cast of broadway's hamilton to apologize to mike pence. one of the actors delivered a message saying the cast is it alarmed and anxious about the trump administration. we're about to jump into the holiday craze of course. but today was a chance remember one important thing: family. it's national adoption day. nico joins us -- >> they're doing things pretty big in the valley. more than 270 children were adopted today. this is just like little kids -- >> reporter: balloons, smiling faces and cameras ready. >> cheese. >> reporter: this is not your typical day in court. >> it's national adoption day. >> reporter: which lands on the
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each year. now, littlier maya is part of this family of 5 joining dad as the men of the house. >> he just brings so much fun for me in the house. >> they handed him to me and he just smiled huge. i men, it was -- he was only 4 months old but he smiled at me like i've been waiting for you. so -- >> file the eremiah. >> yes we have. >> step parent adoptions. some of it is family members who have agreed to take in kid who is need to have permanent homes. >> reporter: no matter the situation, these families left the courtroom feeling a little more complete. >> we're so excited for him to be in our family permanently. he's such a blessing. >> reporter: families took the day to celebrate together, but they have so much to look forward to.
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left handed yet. >> when you think about where you go home to on your thanksgivings or holidays, it's too your family. these children are going to have that for the rest of their lives. >> all the judges, the staff and community members who volunteered today did it on their own account. if that doesn't kickoff the holidays just right, i don't know what will. very touching. taking a look at today's hot headlines, a 23 year ol under arrest right now trying to resist arrest first and then biting an officer. police say juan zapian was trespassing when approached by officers. he allegedly bit the officer who was trying to arrest him. right now authorities are looking for three suspects believed to have stolen a woman's wallet and used her credit cards. the suspects are two women and one man, all seen in the area of 4th street and indian school.
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witness. sky harbor is expected to be very busy in the coming days. airport officials say tuesday through next monday, the airport will be busier than usually. wednesday and sunday are expected to be the busiest days out of all. it's a good idea to arrive early and use the sky train instead of trying to park. the arizona national guard returned home this morning. their emotional reunions. >> reporter: behind a wave of american flags, their landing signaled the final moments of a months-long separation. inside a nearby hangar, their families anxiously waited. it's been nearly 10 months
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u.s. for deployment in kosovo as part of operation joint guardian. and now the sacrifice their families made allowing them to serve our country, it was finally over. >> being away from family is very hard. but it's a job that we have to do. >> it's been a long deployment for the kids. especially the little one. she's not used to this. our oldest has been through two other deployments. >> reporter: lots o huggings as families made up for lost time. >> it feels great to be back in america. and it's been a long time since my little ones -- this one's so big now. >> it's awesome to be back with my family and my little one. i was lucky enough to get home on paternity leave. but 10 days doesn't really do it. >> reporter: everyone especially thankful these brave
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the holidays. >> definitely blessed. the arizona cardinals arrived in snowy minneapolis just moments ago. patrick peterson was dressed for the cold weather donning a penguin suit as he got off the bus. team 12's robby baker joins us with more. >> it's the time of the year where birds usually migrate south to escape the cold. the cardinals are doing minneapolis, about 54 degrees colder in minnesota than arizona this afternoon. cameron is with the cardinals and trying to stay warm out there. >> reporter: the bird gang has landed. check out the crew of cardinal fans what were on my flight this morning to minnesota where the weather reflects how many vikings fans feel right now. this is miserable weather.
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colder with the wind. there is snow everywhere. luckily for us though, that brand-new building, it has a roof. tough times in minnesota. the vikings have lost 4 straight after starting 5 and 0. >> yeah, we're fine. we're not fine. we've lost 4 in a row, but, you know, it's going to -- we're gonna be fine. >> we've just gotta keep moving forward. >> reporter: moving forward has been the problem. with injuries. >> you have sam -- if you let him sit back there, he can pick your defense apart. >> we have a team finding a way to win ball games on the road. >> reporter: including tomorrow's game against the vikings, the cardinals just arriving at the team hotel here in minneapolis. patrick peterson obviously lost
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is the vikings brand-new stadium louder than seattle? i'll tell you tonight at 10:00. cameron cox, 12 sports. cam, don't you start a snow ball fight you can't finish. a new hope for the cardinal season. bird gang, get ready for sweet star wars references coming up. next on 12 news at 6:00, what big changes may be coming to a put their iron man skills to the test today. >> and the clouds are on the increase around the valley. the high temperature today, 83 degrees, but huge changes coming into our forecast. i'll let you know when the rain
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welcome back. this holiday season amazon wants you to ask its digital assistant for online help. you can access deals by saying alexa, what are your deals. interesting. mcdonald's has announced its restaurants are making big changes, planning table service nationwide. about 500 of its stores are testing the services. mcdonald's is also planning to introduce a mobile order and pay option next year. the annual iron man triathalon kicked off -- tomorrow, that is. kids were able to run the same course as the athletes will do tomorrow in a one and a half mile fun run.
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shirts, goodie bags and finisher medals. >> leading to a healthier lifestyle. >> the phallin man triathalon is tomorrow. we will have live coverage starting at 8:30. this morning, arizona snow bowl opened up for the first time this season. the ski resort was set to open yesterday, but because weather conditions did not cooperate, they had to way. >> it's kind of exciting because shows you that winters quickly approaching, but you notice still a lot of snow needs to move in. that's allot of man-made snow. a big storm system moving our way. >> without the machine. here's a look at your forecast for tomorrow in the valley. it's going to be a nice morning out there, about 60 degrees. look at those rain chances.
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start with a 10 to 20% chance of rain. by the evening hours, we're going to boost that to a 50 to 60% chance for rain. the temperatures about 74 degrees. there's the storm system that's first to move in right now. that's all the high clouds you're seeing and tracking rain between lake havasu and blithe. here's the main storm system right off the coast california. when you turn on water vapor, you can see the storm system coming together. one of them is just off the coast of the pacific northwest. you can see the other one off the coast of san francisco. that's the one that's going to combine with a lot of moisture from the south. you can see it right are off the coast here at baja. here's future cast to give you that time line. high pressure in control right now.
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on your sunday. especially if you live in the eastern side of the state. snow level going to be 8,000 feet. as we head into monday, the snow level will drop to 7,000 feet. by monday mid-morning, you can see a lot of that activity pushing into the northern and eastern portion of the state. by tuesday, look how quickly high pressure moves back into the region. how much rainfall are we here in the valley, .25 and half inch of rain. if you live in the eastern side of the state, you could easily see an inch plus of rainfall. 69 degrees on your monday with the 60% chance of rain in the morning. by thanksgiving, we are look at an absolutely perfect day out there. sunny skies, temperature of 74 absolutely gorgeous degrees. don't forget turkey tuesday is next week.
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bird gang, i know it's been tough this season. the roller coaster this team has sent you on has been harder than a ride on the millennium falcon. much like the rebellion, with the wind, the cardinals' season is very much alive. >> hi, i'm danny mack and we our arizona cardinals sit at 4- 4 and 1. i know that it would be easy to lose hope. but i want to encourage each and every cardinals fan to look within themselves and to find a new hope. that's the thing about being a rebel. it's not easy and sometimes things look bleak. but you know, at the end of the
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get a medal and chuey will look in your eyes and say [ indiscernible ] those of you in the rebellion who want to fire bruce arians, or as i call him, obe wan kenobe -- keep the faith, believe in the force. the line of thinking that says it's time to give up, it's a trap. i want you to keep in mind the mentor, r2d2 who once said [ indiscernible ] i'm danny mack, i'm glad we had this talk. >> with a win, cardinals win tomorrow in minnesota, they're very much alive. i'm more concerned for cameron are cox staying warm. >> he has to get those glove warmers on; right?
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danny mack attack. coming up next on 12 news at 6:00, a popular snl cast member returning to the show tonight. we're getting a preview of the
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it's saturday, which means tonight is an all new episode of saturday night live.
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wiig. >> reporter: for an snl alum like kristen wiig, there's nothing like coming home. >> my favorite part is that. i miss that jackhammer. >> reporter: but it's not just the power equipment. she also reunited with the array of characters she developed over 7 years. >> everybody's excited to see her. so it's already great. half of the show is writ before she walks in the door. >> reporter: wiig hosted for the first time three years ago. >> when you're in the cast or you're a writer, you're sort of on one side of the wall and then there's the host who goes in rooms that you don't get to go in. >> reporter: there's been even more new territory to explore this week: the viral internet trend known as the mannequin challenge. >> i actually had never heard of it.
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yeah, it was really elaborate. i love doing stuff like that. it was really cool. >> reporter: making it seem just like old times. >> it feels like riding a bike. it's like i haven't left. >> reporter: some things -- >> jerry! >> reporter: -- never change. nbc news. can't wait. hate mushrooms, but love bacon? okay, well, then you just might be in bacon. they say when it's cooked, it has a meaty, smokey kind of bacon flavor. they also claim the mushrooms can lower cholesterol levels. would you try it? >> totally. >> i just want the bacon. >> it sounds good, but then i'm thinking i would just rather have bacon. >> it looks interesting. i would try it.
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mushroom wrapped in bacon. you can't go wrong. 12 news is always on on the 12 news app or we will see you right back here
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??? ??? i've never admitted this but i love chef boyardee ravioli in a can. i love it! when i was working in france, being an american, they would always make fun of me. as soon as i could get a job, i rode my bike to louis steven's catering and started there when i was 16. i haven't left the kitchen since. have you ever
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with others? a little bit of blue cheese, which you never see cheese with a fish! arizona chef's dish about what they really like to eat. i would go home to my grandmother's and she would fix me great delicacies like fried baloney sandwiches. what inspired them to cook in the first place. what inspires them now? and why much better than chef boyardee ravioli. hi everyone, i'm robin sewell and welcome to arizona highways television. ?rock fades? ?somber electronic beat? my first job i think, i was 13 and i was scooping ice cream at baskin
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wine bar, christopher and crush, is just 24 blocks east, at the biltmore fashion park in phoenix. [intelligible kitchen dialog] he is still just as hands on as he was scooping out those 31 flavors. while you'll find bold and creative french flavors on his menu- -so of course we have things like foie gras, caviar, our concept with the restaurant has always been a or everyone. you'll also find foods you can actually pronounce. but we also have great pizzas, great seafood, pastas. we try to make the restaurant a little bit for everybody here. christopher has had two other successful restaurants in the biltmore.


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