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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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it was like a high-stakes game of poker. >> you are welcome. we'd love to have you at the table and work with you on what's next for the state of arizona. >> one tribe was in at the table. the governor telling the tribe they can now help with the governor and other tribes have tried to block. >> that was a message given this morning by the governor. again, it would be good for all of arizona >> a revised agreement between the state and tribes to allow the desert diamond casino and glendale to offer a biggest sale menu of games like poker, blackjack and roulette. other tribes could offer new and different gaming and new casinos would be limited in phoenix. >> i believe it's a matter of containing that. you don't want to leave things to chance. >> reporter: voters approved seven casinos in the valley. it is hurting the others
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is set apart the nation has not been party to the process but the nation is committed but the nation is committed. >> they're paying the city $26 million over the next 20 years to be here. live in glendale, 12news. bruce area and the head coach of the arizona cardinals are recovering after a medical discomfort impossible chest pains. we a lot tonight with a developing story.>> reporter: some cardinal players are helping out here at the phoenix rescue mission. they said they hope bruce arians has a speedy recovery. everyone saw how intense that they must. bruce arians was livid on the
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arians got home for minnesota and started feeling discomfort. his wife took into the hospital for evaluation. larry fitzgerald it -- fitzgerald took over the media conference while arians recovers >> he's living a healthy lifestyle. it's important for him. he loves coaching and he's been doing it for a long time. he takes a lot of pride in it. i as a player do not have any concern about him being able to go forward are hearing, he will be okay. >> he's doing well. a lot of people have inquired. i think he will be getting out of the hospital pretty soon. we've been texting back and forth this afternoon and he seems to be in good spirits. >> that was also team president
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bruce arians the good as of this morning. they're not saying what was wrong with him but this is the second health scare he has at this season. he was taken to the hospital during a preseason road trip in san diego with diverticulitis .>> thank you so much. we hope he recovers soon. another big story we've been talking about today, that crazy wet weather. check out the rain coming down a couple of hours ago. sky 12 was flying through all the thick low-lying clouds. this typically doesn't look like our sunny desert. >> the rai many of us especially for a group of school kids playing in the rain and puddles while visiting the state capital this morning. is not every day you get a chance to pull out those umbrellas and rain gear. check this out. are famous camelback mountain, it is almost completely covered by the clouds. you can barely see the mountain peeking through all of that
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state route 51 near northern was a wet mess for drivers they're just trying to battle the slick roads. anytime it rains, give yourself extra time before you hit the road. here's a look at standing water and flooding in scottsdale. about 4/10 of an inch bell and now part of the valley a look as our son has set. you can see a beautiful orange sky out there. a much difference i compared to what you woke up to today. you hardly see any clouds out there and that is pretty much the story as things have cleared out quickly. they have moved off to the east and we will see nice conditions just in time for the holiday. not necessarily for those across the nation. we will take a look at that forecast in a little bit. look at this. it's making it look like a
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north. take a look at this video. this is the first snow of the season. >> they needed it. the ski resort officially open saturday but now they get help for mother nature. the slopes are looking better and better. about 10 inches of snow communicated up there. the hope is that more ski one -- ski runs open this week. if you're heading up, watch for eyes. >> we dedicate a crew just for that six miles. drive slow. speed is your enemy especially going downhill use a lower gear. people are trying to get here as quickly as they can and they get impatient. we want people to ski and ride and drive safe. the rest of the week is looking clear. we will have the forecast in just a few minutes. we're counting down to tomorrow's big turkey tuesday. tonight is the carve off. crystal henderson is live at st. vincent de paul with more
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crystal, it is a ton of fun for such a great cause. >> reporter: we certainly have a lot of fun in the carve off and of course on turkey tuesday -- turkey tuesday. it's all about helping our neighbors in need and getting a turkey on the table for those who may not have been able to put one there. i have lily and timothy. tell me why st. vincent de paul means so much to you? >> it means so much came here back in 2012 and we've been coming to st. vincent de paul since then. they have helped us out with housing and utilities and timothy had to have a surgery and they helped us then. it's just like a family to me. st. vincent de paul is my second family. the dream center that's here
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that runs the dream center, timothy has a lot of friends that he would not otherwise have. thanks to the dream center and st. vincent de paul which makes it come true for timothy. >> i give back my time to other organizations like st. marys and icm and appear at st. vincent de paul i give my time. we appreciate st. vincent de paul. >> i saw you here earlier and you were working hard. thank you so much. i heard another big donation here tonight.>> we heard the call out this short about 1900 turkeys so wholesales of a family we service the grocery injured -- industry and we brought down a donation to buy about 100 turkeys >> you can join us right now by going to bashas' or food city or visit us online.
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paul. back to you. cristo, thank you so much. remember, turkey tuesday is going down tomorrow. you can donate frozen turkeys at food city or bashas' on chandler. we will be broadcasting live from both locations. we know you're busy. if you can't make it out there, you can still help. monetary donations at the registers. they will benefit st. vincent de paul. the asu walter cronkite school of journalism and mass communication is celebrating a journalist. the walter cronkite award for excellence was awarded to scott pelley the anchor of cbs
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in say the methods of delivering news might have changed but not the core principles. >> it doesn't matter whether you're writing on a glass tablet or a stone tablet. the values of reporting and journalism are immutable. we ask ourselves, is it right? is it fair? is it honest? >> he is the 33rd recipient of the award giving in honor of walter cronkite's legacy. coming up, a deadly crash on the by the company tesla and the future of solar power. we have a storm system moving its way on out. what with the rest of your work week for caspi and of course
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here's a look at your hot headlines. tesla motors now also largest solar panel installer. tesla's deal to acquire solar citicorp close today. shareholders of both companies approved the deal last week. elon musk who is also chairman of solar city wants to sell solar planner -- panels to tesla stores. customers can buy them to power
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thunderbird were shut down for several hours. the accident involved as many as 20 cars. one person has died and five more were hurt. all lanes have been reopened. people braved the rain and waited in long lines to receive free thanksgiving meals. people began lining up to get the holiday donations at st. mary's food bank in phoenix. still up ahead, we are heading out once again to our seven-day forecast. asu fans, see how you can help one of the sun devils best players win an award and it is monday night which means it's time to head out -- handed out
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. all of this turkey talk is getting is hungry for some yummy thanksgiving dinner. 1412 crystal henderson is live at st. vincent de paul for our carve off. crystal, it's a lot of fun but also a great cause. >> absolutely. were having so much fun and meeting so many people today. i've got a special lively seven-
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otherwise known as turkey tuesday. >> what is your name? >> by in. >> were serving of sunshine with a high of 70. how about wednesday? >> my name is jennifer pick >> 72. >> jeremy. >> the warmest of the seven days. a few clouds with that sunshine but looking good. and then black friday, a lot of shoppers. >> basically shave off a couple of degrees for the weekend. saturday, emily. sunday looks like a carbon copy. >> another beautiful day in the low 70s. how about monday? we drive it down to 68 degrees. irving, it looks like of dry seven-day forecast last -- forecast. let's give them a round of
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back in the studio, i want to show off the finale of the carve off. we had food city walking away with most delicious. then of course we had st. vincent de paul getting the award for most thankful. all of those veggies are from the garden. here's the 12news if you couldn't guess by the mark curtis mustache and delicious treats. we had bashas', he got the most delicious. and then traditional for kayla as well as semiconductor giving that's getting the most original. a great cause you can join us in tomorrow for turkey tuesday. back to you. that was some delicious looking turkey. >> it was. that looks delicious. >> thank you so much, crystal. such a great seven-day forecast.
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day forecast. taking a live look across downtown phoenix. a different view from where we started earlier today. let's get that thanksgiving forecast in. we're going to see a high of 76 degrees here in phoenix which is above normal. lots of sunshine and calm winds. a fantastic day. you can probably even do thanksgiving dinner out on the not much happening here. the high country is seeing things clear route is the storm system makes it way into the mid section of the country. new mexico and colorado are dealing with rain and snow. tomorrow for travelers out there i think the midsection will be the spot that sees the most amounts of weather-related issues. we are talking snow in some of the higher terrain and some of those areas that get cold like
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down to parts of the south. we will see rain in cedar rapids, chicago, st. louis, down in texas it looks good. 69, dallas. 61, oklahoma city. los angeles, 69. we will see plenty of sunshine and overall good driving conditions if you're headed that way. 71 was our high in phoenix today. we picked up measurable rainfall . most of it fell in scottsdale and areas like lyndale. tonight, 46-52. tomorrow the only issue will be that we could see early-morning fog and that's a clear route and we will see lots of sunshine tomorrow. 65-70. a great day for us. the week looks fantastic and we will be in the 70s all the way into the weekend. on monday are cooler system
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way down to 68 degrees. that's your weather forecast and now we will send it over to coop . >> 12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. >> obviously what happened in minnesota, but thanksgiving is coming on thursday. we are human beings and at the end of the day we love coach and we want to see him healthy. we want to see him live a long life and that is really what it's about. >> larry fitzgerald says is a stressful time around are quarters because the team is playing badly. as a player he says he feels responsible for bruce arians stress level and him not feeling well. we will follow any updates to arians hospital status as the night moves on. asu has been named for the best college kicker. megatron has missed only was this season making seven of eight beyond 50 yards.
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chance to give him one extra vote on that final ballot. it is monday night which means it's time to hand out the coopies for the best from the weekend in sports. my first award is for the best use of that she said. the winner is. our son. the receiver got his hands on a cheese hat and he ripped it in half and toss it to the ground. >> licking and keeps on ticking goes to the fox sound guy who got absolutely send papers by the vikings player running out of the tunnel during pregame yesterday. he suffered a bloody nose and broke his glasses. he kept on working after taking that hit. and finally, a coopie for the best senior day ever. he is the 55-year-old running
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who carried the ball four times saturday afternoon becoming the oldest player ever to play in a division i college football game.>> thank god this happened today. it's all about doing what you need to do. >> and just a follow-up, lost his business during the recession so he decided four years ago to go to college. it just so happens his son was going to south carolina state. his son is now with the green bay packers. he carried the ball four times yesterday at the age of 55 years old. >> we want to see you out there. >> i don't know if i could do but joe did. >> it's never too late.
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because an open road is always calling your name. because life is sweet. because every moment counts. with convenient services that help you maximize the joys in life.
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turkey tuesday is tomorrow. it will be a lot of fun. the rivals are getting ready. there's only one place to go, chandler. avondale. we are always on.
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to the spotlight. >> i was absolutely broken inside. >> her show-stopping speech at the amas as we reveal her untold story of her breakdown now on "extra." ? extra extra ? fighting back tears, speaking from the heart. >> i'm not trying to give validation nor do i need it any more. >> panic attacks, body shaming, why the pop star checked into rehab, and taylor swift's reaction watching from home. then -- >> i love my husband. >> gigi hadid under fire for mocking melania trump. renee has every star at the
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>> we have to wake up and pull together. >> alec baldwin's new trump takedown on "snl." >> boobs and buildings. >> the president's electricity firing back. >> plus the "hamilton" star who took on pence. speaks out today. >> jennifer lawrence glammed up in "vanity fair," revealing her plan b if acting didn't work out. plus kate gosselin talks dating, her personal add on our new york jumbotron. >> reality show, ex-husband. >> three dogs. >> she's the gal for you. >> now from "extra," from universal studio hollywood, entertainment capital of l.a. >> welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. kim kardashian finally ready to come out of hiding where she is set to make her first public appearance coming up. >> also, are the obamas trading d.c. for the california desert?


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