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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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his career.. the reason why is just minutes away in your hot headlines.. plus.. our temps just started cooling down - but it's already a winter wonderland in the west valley.. we're live at westgate with their big holiday event. and is it too in the new trailer for "cars 3" that is disturbing some parents - that's in the morning juice. adlib welcome it's a big day here at 12 news - that's because it is turkey tuesday.. this morning.. jimmy q is out at the bashas at chandler heights and gilbert - with a preview of
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a preview of what's going on... adlib weather breaking news this morning.. after a deadly shooting in phoenix..
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after a deadly shooting in phoenix.. team 12's nicole zymek is live near 12th street and indian school with the details.. checking your hot headlines..
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tennessee has claimed the lives of at least five children. police say the school bus was packed with 35 children - ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. and this morning.. the man behind the wheel has been arrested. john-thony walker is facing several charges including vehicular manslaughter. he's accused of driving recklessly - causing the bus to flip and roll into a tree. at least one person is dead after a series of crashes on the nissan cut across all lanes of traffic and struck another vehicle. the crash caused a chain reaction - which involved around 12 other cars. sheriff joe arpaio has settled a lawsuit with a former inmate. yesterday - sheriff arpaio agreed to pay the woman $200- thousand dollars - after she claimed her rights were violated in 2009.. when officers restained her before and after she gave birth while in the hospital. as part of the settlement.. arpaio agreed to prohibit officers from restraining
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they're in labor.. and for the two weeks after they have the baby. the attorney who represented jodi arias.. has asked to be dis-barred.. rather than face a 4-year suspension.. for writing a tell-all book about the sensational murder case. a judge says kirk nurmi broke attorney-client confidentiality when he published the book - which contains private conversations between him and arias. more casino gaming... could be coming to the west valley. governor doug ducey is offering to allow the tohono o'odham n glendale casino. it comes as part of an agreement with 10 other tribes. ducey made that announcement yesterday. the tohono o'odham still have not agreed to the deal. the proposed sale of chase field from maricopa county to a group of investors.. is not happening. that group negotiating with the county has canceled it's deal. county officials said they were notified of the decision yesterday. the group's attorney said in a letter to the county that the arizona diamondbacks had refused for the past three months to meet
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the holiday fun starts today out at westgate.. team 12's bryan west is live with what this event is all about... now to a 12 news exclusive..
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only station - with your all access pass.. behind the scenes of singer dolly parton's new christmas special. team 12's ryan cody is in tennessee - home to dollywood - tonight... again -- you can catch our exclusive one- on-one interview
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exclusive one- on-one interview with dolly parton -- tonight -- only on 12 news at 10. still ahead on 12 today.. cardinals coach - bruce arians rushed to the hospital again.. we've got the latest.. in just minutes.. get pretty dark at times - but their latest trailer for "cars 3" might take the cake.. we're going to play it for you.. coming up in the morning juice.
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checking your hot headlines.. arizona cardinals coach bruce arians is out of the hospital this coach bruce arians is out of the hospital this morning. the team says coach arians started feeling sick after sunday's game in minnesota. no word on what he came down with - but we do know that all of his tests were clean. this is the second time this year arians has been
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season.. he was admitted in san diego for stomach pains. rapper kanye west has been hospitalized in l- a.. after he abruptly canceled the rest of his "saint pablo" tour. west's mother- in-law - kris jenner says he is being treated for exhaustion. this comes after several days of bizarre behavior - during which west publicly attacked fellow musicians jay z and beyonce.. and went on a politically charged rant. adele night - for a re- scheduled concert. this after she had to cancel one in august due to a cold. anyone with a ticket to that show - was able to attend last night's concert at talking stick resort arena. team 12's emma jade and jen wahl went and tell us - it was awesome. broadway and hollywood's biggest stars are gearing up for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. they've been practicing overnight for thursday's performances. today will be their last dress
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the 90-th annual macy's thanksgiving day parage - right after 12 today. toss morning juice what would the classic nativity scene look like in modern times? that's what a group of friends asked each other classic nativity scene look like in modern times? that's what a group of friends asked each other after a few beers at happy hour.. they loved their brainstorming session so much - they came up with nativity set is a modern take on the one you used to play with at your grandma's house. it has three wise men arriving on segways with amazon prime boxes.. to the solar-powered manger. meanwhile.. "man-bunned" joseph and "latte-drinking" mary are taking a selfie with baby jesus. and we can't forget the shepherd and his 100-percent organic cow eating gluten- free feed. unfortunately.. it's a little expensive to be a gag gift. the set costs $130 bucks.
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at the new "cars 3" film - and let's just say - it's a little rough for a disney-pixar movie. check this out... in this sequel - lightning mcqueen is pushed out of the sport he loves - by a new generation of racers.. to get back in the game.. he needs the help of an eager.. young race technician.. with her own plan to win. you can catch "cars 3" in theaters this june. time for your
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of us will have this happen about 24 times in our lives. what is this? traffic adlib traffic
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adlib weather
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drink at starbucks just went up - and you probably didn't even notice. we break down how much you're paying now... that's at 5:30. 10 major political changes in 100 days.. that's what president elect is promising americans.. but can he do it? we're talking
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new this
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president-elect donald trump has released a video.. outlining his plans for his first 100-days in office.. but can he accomplish that while also juggling other business? team 12's hallie jackson breaks it down for us... today.. the
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and his family will travel to his estate in florida.. for the thanksgiving holiday. toss vanessa still ahead on 12 today.. do you love cheetos so much - you would wear them? the new line of jewelry that's up for grabs.. we're talking about this and more.. in your morning juice.
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right now on 12
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phoenix police - investigating a deadly confrontation ... the latest on this still developing story. the group trying to buy chase field... says... they're taking their ball and going home.
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and what do you give the woman who has everything? cheetos! before you laugh... hear us out... the story. in your morning juice... from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12 today... adlib welcome it's a big day here at 12 news - that's because it is turkey tuesday.. this morning.. jimmy q is out at the bashas at chandler heights and gilbert - with a preview of what's going on...


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