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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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we are just south of the 101 and were trying to make our way to that crash site which is right near deer valley and pinnacle peak. the northbound on ramp is still closed at this moment. you are not going to want to get on because we just saw the back up. so try happy valley instead and you won't have to deal with that congestion. life here on i-17. >> the traffic cameras along interstate 10 at 32nd street and phoenix. there you see it on the right hand of your screen. at this hour, no backups to be reported. stay safe as you travel this holiday season. >> we want to thank everyone who donated during turkey tuesday yesterday. our teams were spread all across the valley collecting frozen turkeys a monetary
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we were able to raise more than $387,000 which equals almost 26,000 turkeys. >> unbelievable. you can still donate by going to any bashas' are food city through the end of the month. all the money raised will go to st. vincent de paul. or more information, visit . the salvation army is is he getting ready for their big thanksgiving me phoenix convention center. that's not although be offering this year. >> the services provided on thanksgiving day will be all clothing section and an opportunity for people to pick up clothing that they need and there will also be haircuts, manicures and pedicures. just taking care of the body as well as filling the stomach. >> the charity group plans to deliver more than 2000 additional meals across the
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shelter dogs in the valley were treated to a full thanksgiving meal today. more than 50 volunteers from local animal welfare organizations spent last sunday telling toys with the food. they wanted to make sure everyone even man's best friend got to enjoy a turkey dinner. bruce arians has a lot to be thankful for after suffering a health scare earlier this week. for his cooper is here with the latest on hospital after complaining of chest pains bruce arians was back on the field conducting practices normal today. i had a colleague tell me it's hard to keep a good man down. kevin cox was there and has more. >> i'm not on the injury report. there's no questions about that. i'm full go, brother.
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>> it is a mosul getting after people. getting on people. >> i've got a clean bill of health. >> the cardinals have lots of problems. many fans are blaming carson palmer. >> they're wrong on that one. we will take all the blame. it goes with the territory. carson put a lot of trust in some guys that having come >> the effort is there they just need to play smarter especially along the offense of line. if he doesn't play on sunday the cardinals will start with five guys who didn't start again for them last year. >> the one thing you want upfront for peace of mind with those guys is continuity and experience next to each other. >> no one knows that more than palmer. he has been sacked 31 times and
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season. >> handle the noise better than we did last week. get the ball out of your hand faster. just block your guy. that's the biggest thing. don't turn your guy loose. >> 12 sports. he declined to go into detail about what happened saying that will stay between him and his wife. he also said he wasn't scared of what went down was more precautionary than anything else. >> we are happy to hear he's developing story. a leading advocate for the salt river horses says she's worried the horses my face around up with the numbers continue to grow. arizona members of congress are stepping in and asking the feds for birth control for the board. we're live in the newsroom with this story. >> you will remember the huge protest by the salt river in the summer of 2015. the u.s. forest service was
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habitat. the forest service and the state are working on a deal to protect the horses but there are new warnings about their future. >> one of the leading advocates for the salt river horses is calling for birth control to stop the herds growth. if the hurt gets too large, horses could be rounded up and shipped to the slaughterhouse. she says the u.s. forest service has rejected her request. >> that puts us in a tough situation. all of our volunteers around here. we are always right in the middle. >> several members of congress or on her side calling on us agriculture secretary to order the forest service to administer a facility vaccine to the female horses. netherlands says they would pick up the vaccines cost which is about $300 per horse. >> we want to get to a point
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work with all the authorities to where these horses are humanely managed. >> a spokeswoman tells me the agency doesn't have the power to manage the salt river horses. the us act apartment cannot be reached for comment. the state and forest service have a deadline one year from now to come up with a plan to care for the bird. 12news. right now let's get a look at your hot headlines. a hiker has died after falling on the trail on lookout moun the crews are working to recover his body. police are investigating this death. a high school in gilbert put on lockdown as a swat team served a search warrant for an armed robbery suspect. tracy mcquarrie was wanted for two overnight holdups at separate circle k stores. the suspect was taken into custody and no one there was hurt. the governor has fire department of economic security
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other top employees. this comes amid reports of hundreds of firings at the state's largest agency and jeffries buying alcohol for employees during work hours. as families gather for thanksgiving, politics are bound to come up, especially after such a contentious election. do you plan to talk about it tomorrow at the dinner table like >> no. were asking you. we have our life all cast your vote at donald trump continues to make picks for his top cabinet positions. >> president-elect trump has chosen michigan billionaire betty to boston never could of charter schools and vouchers as his education secretary. her mission carrying out his
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bureaucracy and american stools. the national teachers association was swift in firing in its opposition saying she has burst the corporate agenda to privatize and deep professionalize public schools. nikki haley is facing a much warmer welcome as a future presidents. for un ambassador. just a few days ago she seemed to be playing down her prospects>> i was happy to be invited. >> there experience up a heart -- perhaps did nothing to help trump went. in his new york times interview he sang the praises of james mattis a top contender for defense secretary. he said the general surprised them with his take a waterboarding terror suspects. >> he said i've never found it to be useful. he said i've always say give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and i do better with that the what torture>> as he to thanksgiving break it is palm beach resort he release a holiday message.
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thanksgiving we begin to heal our division to move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> hopeful words from a future leader with a lot on his plate. nbc news, washington. still coming up, it could spell disaster for your thanksgiving plans. what you can do to avoid plumbing problems this holiday weekend. earth were getting a sneak peek of what is on the menu at the
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just because there are hundreds of miles above earth does not mean that astronauts aboard the international space station can't enjoy a tradition their planning for tomorrow night's big dinner. >> of course were going to have, rfid a little bit different. here's our turkey right here. it will be in a pouch and will keep this up and it will taste really good. a few more items. we've got cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert. that will be awesome. >> the crew will get to enjoy side dishes like yams and green beans and in keeping with
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watch the football games that will be beamed up by mission control. >> they're not missing anything at all. >> pretty soon your kitchen will smell like turkey and pumpkin pie that's if it doesn't already. it could also smell like sewage and rotten food if you're not prepared. thanksgiving a black friday turn out to be the busiest days for plumbers. with almost triple the calls. >> be careful what you flash avoid all quality plumbing nightmare >> you probably have your turkey defrosting and everything you need for a great meal but do you have one of these? you might need it. >> the oven and the stone are likely getting a lot of use
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that food has got to go somewhere. how do you make sure your pipes or is prepped as your poultry? here are for dues and does so you don't have to call the plumber. first, your garbage disposal. don't overload the blades in your garbage disposal. don't put egg shells, rfid like so we are pasta which expands and water. second, the throne. to keep a plunger handy. is what goes down it. don't put anything other than waste and toilet paper in the ball. n' or paper towels>> third, the shower. to keep hair and other objects out of the drain. >> the strainer will cast the hair. >> don't let people shower one right after another. five or 10 minutes between is great. >> and finally, the water
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the water will be hotter. you'll need less hot water and you will get a few more showers out of it. >> don't turn it up much of their our children. they are used to the temperature and you're used to the temperature. >> if the garbage disposal gets stuck, you can use a plunger on the kitchen sink. happy thanksgiving. >> noted that. >> just not the plunger that uncle joe nate -- had. >> >> apparently she thinks shall be guilty of some of those things. >>'s thanksgiving. everybody likes to eat a lot. [laughter] >> we will take a look at something more appetizing which is our forecast as we head into your national weather. take a look at what's happening.
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rainfall right now which is heavy at times. cleveland getting rain and snowfall towards the great lakes regions. we're seeing that snow come down. the majority of the country is dealing with nice weather. we do have rain showers in salt lake city with some snow up in the high elevations. here's a look at what tomorrow will bring in case you will be i would say a majority of the country is good. just a couple trouble spots like new york, boston, they could be seeing rain and even minneapolis could be getting weather but the rest of the country looking nice. here in arizona and will be fantastic that's fantastic and flagstaff. temperatures on the chilly side. 45 to 51 and then on saturday chances of rain. same thing goes for the white mountains in here in phoenix we will be in the 70s and closed to 80 by friday. our forecast is looking good.
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40% chance to see some rain showers moving into the valley, but that's later on in the valley and will carry over into early monday morning. coop, over to you. >> week 12 of the fantasy football league season and the playoffs are just two weeks away. also the trading deadline. there are a couple of tips for your stretch run. we with if you have marcus mariota is one of your quarterbacks, you may want to think about getting high value in a trade for him. he has been an absolute stud lady -- lately setting a team record with a consecutive games. the titans have a by coming up next week. three of their last four games were against the broncos, chief and texans all of whom are among the leaders in the fewest fantasy points given up to opposing quarterback. make that trade. and how about trading for wide
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our son. in the skins last three games he has been targeted 24 times with 18 receptions. he is definitely become the go to receiver. according to profootballfocus, he has not dropped a single pass all year. >> the week. this is not your traditional sleeper but the bills have designated family walk in says the one player to return from their injured reserve list. he has been sidelined since we too. he could be back on the field as early as this sunday. because of the century, he is available in most and is a top- tier talent. make that waiver claim right now. i am sinking. all of a sudden i'm looking at
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dinner? >> where's my handle? >> still ahead, it's a tradition for many families. we're going to take a look at the final preparations for tomorrow's big macy's
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it would not be thanksgiving in america with that the macy's day parade. >> tonight new york is putting the finishing -- finishing touches. here's a preview of what we might see up in the sky tomorrow. >> crews are creating magic in manhattan tonight. the inflation part on the eve of the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving parade the holiday tradition that will bring more than 3 million people out along the streets of new york tomorrow with more than 50 million around the world watching on tv. and what they will see our 16 giant balloons included the return of charlie brown and the debut of the trolls multi character balloon. the celebration will feature 27 smaller balloon a cold, clouds, floats and marching bands from
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me to be at the parade and to watch my daughter dance and it is extra special. >> there will be stepped up security after an online article suggesting the parade will be a quote excellent target. a former federal agents say the poses troubling but something they dealt the -- that was before. >> the nypd is second to none when addressing press like this . >> new yorkers say and was -- change the way they spend their holiday. >> i understand we have threats but we have protection. where okay. >> ready to celebrate this thanksgiving tradition. j gray, nbc news, new york. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on 12news tomorrow morning. it is a family tradition for a lot of people.
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be one national thanksgiving turkey.
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can't wait? shop thanksgiving day at y26gby yvpy getting steckel one of the security lines at the airport. the tsa says you can check ahead for an accurate wait time. can you really? we are verifying that claim.
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national thanksgiving turkey. a 40 pound bird named tatar was raised in iowa. now tatar along with hot will both be safe from becoming thanksgiving dinner. they will live out the rest of their days peacefully at virginia tech's poetry sciences department. >> is where that he's resting on that platter with garnish. [laughter] >> are we so sure he will be pardoned? >> get the latest news as it happens the matter where you are on, the 12news app in your favorite social
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tonight, the getaway, tens of millions take to the road and the air -- the most in years. inside the new command center as the tsa tries to avoid a repeat of scenes like this. the wrong route? late details tonight, federal officials now say the driver in that killed five children should not have been on that road. building a team -- president-elect trump names two women to top jobs, plus an exclusive inside the massive secretes if plan to protect the new first family. high alert -- lester's look inside the nypd's bomb squad on guard after a recent attack. showtime, tens of millions will watch. how do these giants of thanksgiving rise to


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