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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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out tracking the big picture for you on this thanksgiving eve. >> first holiday travel rush including the roads the airport and the turkey day forecast. >> only on 12 a heartwarming family reunion. >> a mesa mom giving birth prematurely in hawaii finally able to bring her baby home. >> only on 12 news.
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have got to see. >> sticker shock. prescription drug prices climbing sky high. >> sparks fly from one man's pants it's all caught kate on camera. >> the 12 news 19 in action for you. 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us our big story on 12 news at 10:00 the thanksgiving travel rush is on from coast-to-coast. sky 12 live over sky harbor right now nea america to see family and friends this holiday. including close to 2 million from arizona. >> that's a big jump over last year. the 12 news tracker out on the roads tonight and check this out. it's a dead stop going into sky harbor's terminal 4. aaa arizona says a million .5 people here in arizona will be driving that's actually 4 out of five of us. >> meanwhile a potential record break they are the air. here's a live look i'd now
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see things look pretty quiet for now as many as 2.6 million americans are expected to pass through airport security checkpoints before the end of the night and also on sunday. >> so this could be the largest number of thanksgiving travelers since the recession 9 years ago. >> so how is it going so far here in phoenix? we're getting mixed reactions. >> slower than normal. >> it's backed up pretty bad coming down the interchange is right there going all the way back and overpasses are pretty backed up too. >> it wasn't too bad traffic get to go the airport to the airport was pretty good. so far so good. no complaints. >> tsa has been under pressure to try to avoid a repeat of those long lines that stretched for hours last spring. >> but as always weather is the biggest variable. taking a live look right now from our downtown roof cam here
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things are looking pretty nice out there. we don't really have too many issues to worry about for tonight. however there are parts of the country that will be dealing with some rainfall. you can see out in portions of the great lakes we have snow falling there and portions of the midwest right now seeing some rainfall. that is headed eastward. places like new york city even boston could be dealing with some rain. on the opposite side of the nt system moving. in tomorrow in phoenix if you happen to be traveling not any issues. temperatures in the mid # 0s very nice day. here's a couple of areas tomorrow that could see some issues. we're talking minneapolis. they could be seeing a little snow action there with a high temperature of only 36 degrees new york also expecting some rain with high of 50, but if you're going to dallas or even los angeles it is sunny there with temperatures looking really really nice u. now as you've been watching you may
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the bottom of your screen. that's our live interactive poll and tonight we want to know how many calories do you think are in a traditional thanksgiving plate. just go to vote we'll have the answer coming up in 20 minutes. yes, it is cheating if you google. now let's go to a story you'll see on just one station until. a valley baby weighing barely 2 weeks in the hospital. >> that precious preemie was born in hawaii forcing the mom to spends the past 3 months on the island. kevin kennedy joins us with a story of survival and joy appropriately on the eve of the holiday where we all give thanks. >>reporter: i'm thinking of the spitzer family may be saying an extra prayer this holiday season. fire while they weren't sure if their baby girl would sure
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together for thanksgiving. sometimes the wait is worth it pip pa pamela spencer was born 11 weeks ago she's finally home. for the past 3 months pizza has been in a hawaiian hospital. pip pa born prematurely weighing 2 pounds two ounces. >> i thought i lost her i wasn't slur how things were going to turn out. >>reporter: every day pip pa survived was a good day but every day came filled with challenges for pip pa mom and dad. >> with each test you hold your breath and sometimes the tests come back if he. >>reporter: so small and so weak she had to fight to survive. but there little princess had a spirit you could see. >> the word the nurses used from the beginning was feisty. >>reporter: the mini miracle
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until december she now gets to be home for the local base. >> i spent time on the plane prodding her to make sure she was all right. >>reporter: family friends decorated with flowers balloons and a stork homecoming three months in the making. >> it's an amazing thanksgiving gift to be back here with her. >>reporter: some things are indeed worth waiting for. >> to have it turn out to be such a good story right the day before thanksgiving it's really good. >>reporter: a holiday this family will never forget. >> zach and maria say the support they received from everyone at the hospital was amazing but they are thrilled to be off the island and back home for the holiday. we're live in the newsroom kevin kennedy 12 news at 10:00. >> feisty beautiful baby girl thank you kevin. >> it's so much to be thankful for on this holiday.
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else really cool. getting ready for a surprise proposal can be hectic and nerve wracking. now imagine trying to pull this off with tv cameras following your every move. >> no pressure right. well tonight 12 news helped a scottsdale man do just that capturing that emotional moment for both of them. >> team 12's monique griego joining with us that story. monique it was pretty intense there. >> i told you how there were i was. it's like i don't want to mess this up. i was super nervous but it l these thee windows on the first dates they are walking downtown phoenix they stopped. we helped them work out the details we're hoping it all came together. our first date was the spaghetti factory and walking around arizona center. ultimately down to the 12 news studio. we were waving and joking around in front of the camera. >>reporter: the 12 news studio part of a magical first date turned love story for derrick
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proposing i said well i want to integrate that. >>reporter: tonight he recreated that special trip through downtown phoenix but this time he'll do a lot more than just wave at the camera. >> where that live camera shows i'll plop open the knee right there. >>reporter: the 12 news plaza perfect setting for a proposal. >> she's a little suspicious. i've been kind of sneaky recently trying to organize everything. >>reporter: part of that family down to our building. the whole family's anxiously weight watching everything from the studio as we set up a fake interview. >> what am i thankful for i'm thankful for my family. >>reporter: and waited for the couple to pass us on their after dinner walk. >> can you tell us real quick what you're thankful for. >> i'm thankful to be home.
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>> i'm thankful for you babe. >> what? yes. >>reporter: back inside . >> oh, my gosh. >> how surprised are you? >> i don't really know what's going on. >>reporter: a once in a lifetime moment captured forever. >> i almost cried out there i almost cried again right now ashli she is a former teacher turned roux recruiter and derrick is a police officer they were so sweet and so nice we want to give them a big congratulations. >> that were so cool. >> they a monique that the news doesn't do any good. >> positive stories out there. bring them to us. >> now we want the update on the wedding and all the planning and all that. congratulations to them both.
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following breaking news involving the d-backs. bruce cooper joins us live with details on a blockbuster trade. >> yeah mark. mike haze enmaking his first big move general manager of the diamondbacks training the way gene segura he led the diamondbacks in hits batting average and runs scored while setting career highs in home runs and rbi. the diamondbacks segura in an off season deal with milwaukee. segura is off to the seattle mariners for tyrone walker. he's been offering up justin upton for him a few years ago. walker is 24 years old has pitched in the majors for 4 yells. trail of segura liked opens the -- ton bruce arians he was back on the practice field days after going to the hospital
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admit i was a little surprised by it. but junking about areas demeanor and practice nothing has changed of just the same old dominion a. >> scary her situation? >> no. no be precautionary. . >> that will stay between him and his wife he adds he was not scared and what went down was more anything else. there are fans clearly wanted to downplay his quakes situation and be the focus on the field and on football. he did ate pretty good job of that. no doubt a lot to be thankful for kids at a valley boils an girls. fallly january son was willing to spend some of his team with project has the story.
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>> running backs. >>reporter: before david johnson was an arizona cardinal he was a teacher. >> grab the handoff. >> i've done it. i did it a little bit in h. >>reporter: on his day off from practice he went off teaching at the actually to win the game. running plays and playing games but >> i think it brought plea back to my roots when i was playing in fourth grade. when i got him he fell on the floor when i threw it. >> man, i got out too many times. >> now that he's an nfl player he's doing whatever he can to make a difference. >> boys an girl club of metro phoenix nor $5,000. >> it's the biggest thing i really want to harp to the kids
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start at you can always follow your deals. be humble like him be like him. with you i was first shaw him i was shaking. >> he's still like comes to glendale arizona to come play with us. >>reporter: that's who david johnson is it's what he does. >> have fun with him give the sky's limit. sparks fly from one man's paint it's all caught on camera. why some are calling this blackout sticker shot, prince drug prices climbing sky high. the 3 points machine in i'd's mvp. >> leslie van is my guest plus
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offense defense.
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12 news at 10:00 is back with more of tonight's hot head lines phoenix police are investigating a deadly shooting sky 12 flying over the scene near 35th avenue and greenway road. authorities tell 12 news the victim died at the hospital still no word on hits a suspect or a more. >> take a look at this video an e cigarette exploding in a man's pants while he was at work. this vic central terminal in new york city this morning. security camera shows what looks like next after a device excluded in the man's pock. doctors are treating limb for byrnes. driver beware. some have debit today make out wednesday. and mothers against drunk driving say that thanksgiving has over taken new year's eve for the highest number of alcohol impaired driving
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each year over thanksgiving thom day weekend. only on 12 news thus one of those things that adds i believe suggest saturday to injury. the soaring cost of prescription drugs in america. and it affects all of us. >> sole we're exposing more than 100 drugs that have exploded in price in recent years in those of fixing the problem. noah present bran ski he's he's just plain sick it of all. we're focusing on the price of drugs. the americans acceptable of anaphylactic particular shot or chicagoer thought. he i pennies just the beginning we worked our investigators partners all over the country to find other guns that have packeted over the past information years. they include that proximate intetracycline. docks a psych leap and other
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a bit in price recently. >> likes like almost a hundred $30. i said that can't be rye. can you democrat check that. no i connect in and that's what we charge. that's outrageous. machine news what outrageous prices are to drugs. he was you some of the biggest fans in 1970s. in and out'-ese 60 years old the highest he can the bottom line telephone prescription. can you afford to live. >> and that is frightening. because regardless of your feelings on obamacare most americans believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare and that isn't the right right now. we looked at the proprietor of 350 spring drugs all across the country the average cost of those drugs has doubled in the past four years.
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teenagers used to call -p how steep is that is this more than 12,000%. you soaring drug prices often without any justification have affected every americans ability to get the lifesaving drugs they need from insulin to he listen to this heartbreaking oncology doctor inpatient. >> i was talking to a patient no needs a drug that can over her some significant benefit but she was making real decisions about well do i fay a the lot best belle or do i get this met indication. hard of january oncologist is enough we vicinity be making it harder to face more intials you the more expensive drugs. which takes us back to our friend john munn.
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scratcher if you don't like the job blake the joel writer. he wanted to find out the price of the generic drug he's been moving suddenly spike. traditionally drug points caught to research and development big tparplts but there is big farmer we're talking about. we found big surgeries in prices correlated with their advertising and marking guns. our trend chon didn't like that. research and development we spent billions for this. you to you wave this from another company all you're reboring it at a very mall seep cost hundreds of% farm suit call journalist et congress can grill them all think way the is
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companies to jeff price hikes business as we heard in school house dock no that that really business a it nobody is peak to on capitol him. we'll be dicking diaper into lights issues over the next three year. throwing how much your medical care is going ton cost you it shouldn't be the game of pr a woman taking 11 prescriptions to keep herrera live sets in the long term she may have to decide we are at the time are it comes down as we listen the disturbing lawmaker after lawmakers from d from pa 0. while we've cutting it down to jimmy 0 subpoena
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certain 1:00 news at 10:00. let'sly man and don thank governor 90th thanksgiving day pa ride alter a true american classic but special will be creed. use this stall parade route and dogs been nightingale for clift as officials they it is thereon equal there where tomorrow with news in 9:00 a.m. they are going to be watching for rainfall actually part of the about give stu life already this will day forecast one of the best this all the nation. take a look all of you will be enjoying your turkey dinner tomorrow. temperatures in the # 0s tom
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so about wouldal or out. many couple of robss in the mid quest another storm system moving moving off the rest coast business the second past of the week we're going to be watching australia because boughs there is going to holiday our 8. such he you are and friday rain moving in by saturday and showers increasing bothrion over in the white its firefighter tomorrow such friday looks belly get when pick up and again all they have prettying sunday into monday. in the real we're going some stay nights an pent he through temperatures above normal in fact on friday for black friday as you're going out there trying to shop territory there's sunday a to 40% chains move national guard. 5:00 in the evening that will continue through the overnight hours into early more than a 10% chance and much cooler
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we're talking highs in the 50s and 60s here across the valley. still could only on ask news at 10. your in have how many cass do you phipps your there you can
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. the arizona coyotes at home tonight against vancouver and the canucks are having their way leading the coyotes 4- 1 in the third period. meantime the suns in orlando for the final stop of their 6 game roadie eric wetzel coming up brandon knight added to a big three-point near the final minute and a lf suns will have a happy flight home winning 92-8 #. phoenix 2- 6 on the road trip. cleveland c kevin love feasted on the portrayalers. who by 1st quarter performance like none other. scoring a team record 34 points in the original corner which is the second highest scoring quarter in scoring history.
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guys. >> thanks, thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for family for friends and especially for the good noon. throughout the show we've have how many think are the the traditional thanksgiving plate and so far it looks like. >> so many. >> the last time i checked wes we had it up there looked like people were saying closer to okay it was at 4,000 it was saying 5,000 but about 4,000 calories that's actual actually a decent guess buy. brace suffer material forest the rim women ha they are all dish us enjoy them right. us united states a year. >> just for green like you mark i thought turkey was a melt year town key bus there
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delicious stuffing about 320 wants cannot and do get many pecan pie your diet will pay for it at 503 calories per slight. that's the one that hurts the foam. actually better than what i to it though in 6 months less a
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. finally think old navy has apparently invented magic jeans we all know how easy it is to ruin a good pair of white pants now there's such a thing as waterproof jeans people online everywhere are testing them out it appears they hold up well against common spills like red wine or even coffee the pants sell for about $50 which isn't bad right. >> they make them for men too? >> >> i am sure. >> i am sam the spiller. >> are you now. >> that's great for kids too. >> all right everybody 12 news is always on. >> have a great night an safe thanksgiving and enjoy your
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- leslie mann, jonathan groff,


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