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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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family. >> this women had to go through a complete remodel but business is back to normal since the opening. the trump family spencer thanksgiving in palm beach, florida at the -- at his estate. the president-elect took time to tweet that he is working hard even on thanksgiving, trying to get the carrier air- co indiana. earlier, the plant announced it would be moving to mexico, taking 1400 jobs with it. it is unavoidable every year. people shopping online while they are working on thanksgiving were black friday. according to career builder's annual survey, more than half of workers are going to spend at least some time shopping online while at work. this year, it is 53% of people, which is up 3% compared to last year. the survey also found 49% of people will use their personal phones or tablets to shop while
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the nation's biggest stores are going all out to try to get you a much -- in the shopping spirit. critic our companies are pushing deals as well to help you pay for it. the pros and cons of those offers. >> reporter: the best way to save on gifts this holiday season, it may be how you pay for them. credit card analysts say there has never been a better time to shop for a new card. in the credit card race business because people are spanning the great recession in the rearview mirror. a lot of people are feeling more comfortable. >> reporter: chase sapphire reserve, barclaycard, capital one all average $600 worth of rebates and travel plans. >> thanks feel more comfortable extending credit to consumers right now. that's why we're seeing all these deals out there. >> reporter: and because shoppers are already spending
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meeting higher requirements of the cards can be easier. for example, chase sapphire requires spending for thousand dollars in the first three months. annual fees can be expensive ranging from $95-$450 a year. paying off your balance every month is a must because interest rates are high. >> these rewards cards are a great thing for your personal finances if you know you can pay them off.>> reporter: retailers may also offer you a credit card w best to skip it if you don't pay it off monthly. average interest rates are 24% versus 15% for regular cards. whatever you choose, shop around. >> the first thing you should think about is how you want to use a card and what you want to get from it. if you're somebody who never travels anywhere, don't get yourself a miles card. >> reporter: in the season of giving, using credit wisely can stretch that holiday budget a little further.
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momtourage her name is sarah. she is a single mother of three who always puts everyone else before herself. we wanted to change all of that. here is sarah's story. >> there is no focus on sarah. >> i tell her, honey you have to live. mom i can't, i have three kids. >> she does everything for us. >> she takes us to chuck e. cheese and like the skate park. >> it's all about what she can do for kids, how she can make her kids lives better. >> we always remain focused. she never has time for herself. >> she has maintained a home by herself for all three kids for 13 years. >> she is one of my main role models. >> reporter: we knew something had to change.
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>> reporter: we've got some great nominations but we had to narrow it down to one. yes, sarah is her name. a single mom with three fantastic kids. she has no idea that we are on the way for the biggest surprise. sarah needs this day to herself. she deserves it. we are the 12news momtourage! >> thank you! >> reporter: sarah, you are coming with us. >> [ crying ] i'm trying. >> reporter: today, we are going to pamper you. >> thank you. >> reporter: when was the last time that you may be went out and had a girls weekend or anything like that? >> never. i don't ever take time for myself ever. but it's worth it.
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>> love it. >> reporter: we are almost to our destination. are you ready for your second surprise?>> okay, sarah. welcome to mitchell so long. >> it's good to meet you. i am your stylist and makeup artist.>> ? >> what do you want to do with your hair? do you want to take some length of? don't know. >> reporter: we're going to start with your eyes while we have the foil on. sarah has been at this one for about two hours getting all fixed up. we have not seen her at all so this will be the first time we see her. >> oh my god. >> you look hot. >> beautiful! >> surprise! >> ?
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now.>> reporter: don't cry. there is more. how do you feel now? >> sexy. when i get my haircut it's only at light cost cutters or supercuts. >> reporter: close your eyes because we have one final surprise for you. keep them closed. let's go. we are here. >> oh god, i'm scared. >> so excited.>> ? >> my beautiful daughter looking different. >> ? >> look how pretty she looks. [ crying ]. you look so pretty baby. >> i feel like i'm back. like there is no more sad sarah. there is no more feeling sorry for myself.
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now. >> it's just -- the kids just loved the transformation. you still look so beautiful. >> she made a promise to us. what was it, once a month? >> once a month i will do something for myself. thank you guys so much. thank you. [ crying ]. >> a special thanks to jessica and nicole at mitchell salon and kevin provider who helped make all of this possible. >> a fantastic story. >> we're counting down to the tonight show with jimmy fallon. just a few minutes left. tonight on an all-new jimmy fallon, kevin james and tim gunn, and musical guest the weekend. jimmy fallon will also do a special thanksgiving edition of thank you notes.
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the one of the 15th annual national dog show was jia -- gia the greyhound. they were more than 2000 dogs are computed this year. it's thanksgiving which means a new top dog has been crowned. i always wish for the german shepherd but gia really did stand out. >> if only my dog could follow commands that way. >> seriously. it's fun to watch. next on 12news at 10:00, how a fourth-graders teacher turned into his mom. it's an emotional journey you won't want to miss for one
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only on 12news, from student his son. faith, circumstance and fourth grade bringing together a new family just in time for thanksgiving. >> joe dana has this
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>> oh buddy, high-fives. >> reporter: the kids in this classroom no to have a cheerleader on their side. >> i believe everybody can learn and you just do whatever it takes.>> reporter: her optimism a personal strength as well. jodi kacz suffers a heart condition. for years, she has known as she works to make an impact on these kids, she would never be able to have biological children of her own. >> i was okay with that but i that one day god would bring me a child and i always said maybe it will be a child from a classroom. >> reporter: in 2014, a hard- working english language learner named orlando was in her classroom. >> he tried very hard. he does not give up. i used to always tell my husband there is a kid at school. if i could adopt a kid it would
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>> reporter: during lunch hour, orlando's best friend gave her disturbing news. orlando was a foster child. >> i had no idea that this child i fell in love with, was going up for adoption. i went home and talked to my husband about it. >> reporter: originally born in the u.s., he spent time in mexico. >> he said every night he hopes that someone would get him out of the orphanage in mexico because he knew he didn't belong there because he was an american citizen. >> reporter: he returned to the u.s. to live with family who enrolled him in this school, where he was enrolled in this classroom. >> i was like this is meant to be. ifill this connection is from above. >> reporter: on national adoption day, her once times -- her one-time student became her son. >> he bought a pink tie, brand- new shoes, pants. >> reporter: the day, full of celebrations. the combination of a year of growing together as a family and getting to know orlando and
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that's him in a recent dance troupe recital. >> he has got a lot of charisma and drive. >> reporter: orlando and his mom made this story. >> the kind of teacher my mom was, she was really strict. >> how do you feel about having a new dad? >> i love drawing every night with him. when we have dad and son night. >> how do you feel about your mom? >> okay, this is awesome. this is an awesome question. she is really loving like she is really inspirational.>> do you remember when he started calling your mom? >> yes. he says it's awkward sometimes. >> reporter: orlando will have a parent for years to come. the high school he will eventually attend is where his new dad, scott, is also a teacher. jody used to volunteer in orphanages in texas -- in
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was a scheduled to go to before her medical condition prevented her from traveling. jody believes one way or another she was destined to meet her son. joe dana, 12news. >> just incredible. it was meant to be. it shows for sure that families are made up of all different connections. that's a perfect example of that. >> i love that, especially on a day like today. >> a go family. check out the high temperature for today. it was 77 degrees. keep in mind, the average for this time of year 71 degrees but the warmest thanksgiving ever was 87 degrees setback in 2014. the coolest thanksgiving ever, 54 degrees set in 1918. for tomorrow, actually warming up 10. 78 degrees out there after a really cool morning. you also see winds 10 to 15 miles per hour of there. that will cool right back off to 72 degrees by 6:00. the sun millstadt at 5:22 pm.
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not a whole lot going on across the entire desert southwest. check out this storm system in the pacific northwest. that is going to move into our area saturday and sunday. look at what was happening on futurecast. there is that storm. double-click willie -- quickly slide down the coast of california. saturday, we're going to see a fairly cloudy sky. mostly high clouds but by late saturday night, we could see show a show low backed down toward behind, you could see it city. the big system comes through late day sunday. you can see heavy snowfall up in flagstaff. some rain in the valley. this will all clear out by monday morning. certainly a very powerful storm system that we are tracking. here is the details. lemming timing for this is that late sunday into early monday morning. again, things should clear up by about noon. rain totals in the valley look like a 10th two a quarter inch
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with this last storm system. the snow level could be down to 4500 feet with 2 to for inches of snow possible. if you live in flagstaff, 3 to 6 inches and above 8000 feet, 8 to 12 inches of snow out of this storm system. it could be a big snow producer for the high country. it outside, enjoy these temperatures. 21 degrees in flagstaff, 21 degrees grand canyon. highs tomorrow just absolutely gorgeous around the entire state. 52 slowed show low -- show low and your forecast shows a cooling trend moving in. 66 degrees underfunded. there comes a chance of rain. 63 degrees very cool on monday before we move back to 67 degrees on your thursday. >> sounds good. don't go away just yet. join jimmy fallon right after 12news at 10:00 for a special edition of thanksgiving thank you notes. but first, you have a full
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perhaps the best game to watch is the matchup in 6 a for the high school state championship mount point chandler.
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championship saturday will feature five states the ball games. the last one is probably the best, mount point-chandler. they are loaded with players you will see at major division 1 colleges. the pride have an undefeated
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revenge. the godfather of friday night fever, bruce cooper with the story. >> reporter: it's the rematch we can't wait to see. >> it definitely helps boost our morale but it has been a long season. they've gotten better and so has our team. >> it's a different game. we are a better team. we have matured a lot since then and we have just been working hard. we are focused. mountain point delivered a crushing blow to chandler beating them 52-7 which has proven to be the turning point. >> we were embarrassed so we reevaluated from 18 standpoint, a coaching standpoint after that game. i think it has worked so far because we played pretty good football for nine games. >> the play as a family. we trust each other a lot. we are focused now.
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rolling big-time. mountain point knows they need to be on top of their game. >> their speed. once again around the edge, they are gone. the defense really has to come with bad intentions. >> reporter: what is going to be the difference in this title game? >> we can turn the ball over. both teams at times were explosive and it seems like lately they have been explosive all the time. >> reporter: mountain pointe high to chandler for the 6 a title. battle. straight ahead, the matchup between up and, send the ones who have been there and done that. a look at the 5a state championship game. williamsville against centennial.
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??? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting. always on.
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. >> welcome back to 12news at 10:00. back in 2014, the centennial coyotes won the division 2 title and plaster moved up to division 1 and captured the championship. another division change and another championship game, this time in 5 a but williams field is standing between them and a third straight championship. robbie baker sets the stage. >> there is a couple programs you're going to measure
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and say you are at. we get to play one of those teams this week. >> the state championship game last year, i said let's take some time off and we will get together later in the month. i walked past the weight room. there was 25 kids asking to get in. i said okay, let's go. >> what a matchup we have for the 5a title, undefeated williams field against centennial coyotes. the coyotes looking for their third straight championship. something has to give. >> the kids are fu say play football standing on your head, that will help us win, if they get on their heads and do it, that's when you got something going. >> reporter: the blackhawks are all in and yet to lose again this year. centennial has been able to balance their youth and experience to lead them to another title game. >> this is another day that thomas has really responded along with other underclassmen and all the underclassmen want to see the seniors go out on top.
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huge matchup like this, it's all about keeping it simple and sticking with what has worked.>> we talked about that throughout the season. we want our mentality, our mindset, whether we are playing a team that we should be pretty handily or we are be a team -- playing a great football team, or approach should be the same. we're focused on williams field, not our opponent. >> reporter: candling filled cap of the perfect season or will centennial make it three in a row? robbie bake the annual state championship this week. we got to talk a 4a state title game. they are no stranger to this event. the saber cats are going for their fourth consecutive state title. they are 9th inning 11 years facing catalina on saturday. this is a rematch from week 2. they are undefeated, outscoring
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>> it's all about finishing. this team has been hungry deep -- dating back to last january. >> it's a transition here. we have been doing it since my freshman year. we are going to bring that gold ball home. >> they are so, so good. all of the state championship games are on saturday so friday night fever is on saturday. right after 12news at 10:00. cooper and i will have the highlights and postgame reaction from all five state championship games. >> friday night fever on saturday. coming up, we have seen the lines and the crowds but what is the one item people in
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as everybody scopes out those tech deals, what is it that people here in looking for? according to a google trend data search, people here are on the lookout for iphone deals. this is different from the majority of other states for the hot list items are an xbox or a playstation for. >> it's interesting how different states are looking for different things. >> are you looking for an iphone 4? >> i need a new iphone. i've had this one for about four years. >> is that a 4?
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>> it's a 4 f. >> i'm thinking about getting out there tomorrow morning. >> we were wondering, do you shop online or do you shop in the store? two of us were online. >> i am all of the above. i'm online and in the stores. thanksgiving is about family, chilling and enjoying the day. >> i shop with my family. >> i shop with my family on internet.>> you see what's going on here everybody? thanks for joining us. 12news is always on. have a great night. thanks for watching and happy thanksgiving. happy black friday. >> i've got to go shop.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james --


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