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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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the modern era. this morning... the world mourns the death of florence henderson. it's black friday, but not everyone is focused on shopping. there is an ongoing campaign encouraging you to get out of the stores and into the great outdoors. and only on 12 today... a look at a s designed to get young girls interested in careers focused on math and science. adlib welcome
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morning.. florence henderson.. the actress best known for playing one of america's most beloved mothers in the brady bunch.. has passed away. she died last night at a hospital in los angeles.. after suffering heart failure. ms. henderson had been a broadway star for about two decades when the brady bunch premiered in 1969. the show was about a blended family living in los angeles. it aired original episodes for 6 years, but stood the test of time and returned to television in one form or another in the 70's, 80's ands. movie. and florence henderson was in them all. she is survived by her four children and five grandchildren. florence henderson was 82 and will be dearly missed. we have new information on breaking news we've been following all morning long. the eastbound lanes of interstate ten near the loop 303 are closed after a deadly crash. d-p-s tells us a woman was driving the wrong way and crashed
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on the scene. debris of what is left of her car... is spread all across the highway. authorities have identified her... but are not releasing her name at this time. on the greyhound bus.... there were about 35 passengers. several of them were taken to the hospital for a variety of injuries. none of them appear to be life-threatening. we're told a half dozen fire departments responded to this scene to help those victims. there is no time frame right now... for when the freeway will reopen. checking your hot headlines - the navy is looking into a data breach that could impact thousands of sailors. the names, social security numbers and other sensitive details of more than 134- thousand current and former sailors have been accessed from a contractor's laptop. investigators say an unknown person took the information, and the navy has begun notifying affected sailors. so far, there's no evidence the information has been misused. a firefighter is in critical condition
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there erupted into flames yesterday.. forcing neighbors to stay inside until crews got it under control. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. protests against the dakota access oil pipeline in north dakota are intensifying. total arrests since august have risen to more than 520. about 300 opponents of the pipeline demonstrated on thanksgiving where demonstrators have camped out for months to protest the construction of the four-state pipeline. the standing ro s strongly opposed to the pipeline. the turkey and pumpkin pie have been digested... and here comes the christmas shopping season. black friday may not be quite what it once was... but there are still tens of thousands of people across the valley looking for a great deal. team 12's nicoe zymek is joining the frenzy....
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deals... others will opt out, and instead, spend the day outdoors. for the second year in a row, instead of opening its doors today, r-e-i is closed and is encouraging americans to #optoutside and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. according to its website, more than two and a half million people have joined in on the idea. to make opting outside more attractive, some national and state
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waiving entry fees today. adlib weather a holiday festival in downtown mesa gets underway today. team 12's bryan west is checking out merry main street... in downtown mesa gets underway today. team 12's bryan west is checking out merry main
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here on 12 today we did our own way up and hands out.>>
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down like that right? >> one underneath and push.>> reporter: now i have the basic step. what are you looking forward to for tonight? >> i love performing in front of friends and family. it is also being outdoors. i cannot wait to show everyone. >> reporter: it is happening tonight in mess -- mesa the winter wonderland festival. let's get to some morning juice. we did a mannequin challenge a couple of weeks ago and it was posted online. >> brian's video has been
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she and her friends took time out from the thanksgiving celebration at the beach to take part in the viral trend. she posted the video on her instagram last night. her little brother is joined by friends. >> they make it look easy. but being a rockette is extremely difficult. a former dancer says the training is very difficult. they do for shows a day and 200 kicks in each show six days a week. that is nearly 5000 kicks in a week, but their legs are incredible. >> not just their legs. >> good stuff. the average person is going to do this an average of 150
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what is it? this is something you have to do if you ever want to have a relationship. >> fall in love? >> 150 times? >> apologize. say i am sorry honey. >> admit that you are wrong. >> that is more than 150. more like 150 million. coming up, story of a program dedicated to teaching girls about science, technology, engineering and
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it's an event full of girl power with more than 500 young girls attending where they learn lessons in engineering. >> we went to the east valley to find out more. >> reporter: for more than a
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girls spark their minds. >> we are harnessing girl power today.>> reporter: this was started by a collaboration of colleges. approximately 12 years ago. the intention is to reach out to disenfranchise girls in the community. girls who would not without intentional intervention be reached out to. despite academic performance, despite problems at home, despite peer pressure. we wanted girls who were not even know what an engineering degree would be. >> my sister enter this program and eighth grade and thought it was a great learning experience. she said it's a great opportunity to work with other people and learn how to do some activities. >> it is important to me because it shows me that i can go and learn more stuff and go
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activities. >> reporter: many of these young girls are not push for higher education at home, but this is designed to open their mina make them aware of how easy it is to solve problems or become engineers. >> when we look at the colleges and universities around the country, the number of women, young women who graduate from college in engineering for example has been don't ever think boys are better than you. just because they are bigger and stronger. because girls can do anything. >> reporter: girl power at its best. let's take a live look at main street out and mesa where brian west is snap chatting on the ice. let's hope he does not fall.
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>> he is doing a great job. i think he will be the designated ice-skating reporter for the rest of his career. as far as the weather, it was a beautiful thanksgiving. a very mild day. whether you were in the valley are up in the high country. right now you are waking up to low 50s. we will drop a few more degrees as the sun comes up this morning with clear skies. wind is calm right now. it will not be too bad across the state. there might be some windy conditions in the southwest part of arizona. but for the most part a gorgeous day. mid-20s right now and prescott. off to the east low 20s. high country potentially expecting some snow.
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few week. comfortable afternoons. high pressure lease by the end of the weekend. we welcome rain to the valley, snow up north. a look at the satellite radar. high pressure still in control. it is keep the clouds and rain to the north and west. northern california and northwest part of nevada. pacific northwest getting some rain and a little bit of snow. but here in phoenix, we're not getting any rain for the next couple of days. here is the game changer. low pressure system which is now bringing rain to the pacific northwest will continue to move down the coast and eventually make its way into central nevada, southern nevada and then by monday morning take a look at this. we are seeing rain around the valley, snow out to the east. down to about 4500 feet
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inches to 4 inches sunday night into monday morning. across the state today 70s. mid- 60s in sedona. lower 50s in flagstaff. all of these numbers will drop drastically by the start of next week. we are looking at low 60s in the forecast sunday and monday. rain sunday into monday. absolutely perfect with temperatures below average. next, we will talk about tonight's big territorial cup. many people regret things they have done in college, but wait until you hear what one woman did with a slice of pizza. coming
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good morning. welcome back. a live look at the big apple. just a few days. nothing says christmas and holidays like ac/dc right? >> that music works for me. that is how i feel when we are racing to enjoy the holiday season. this weekend is a huge one for college football. let's start with the territorial cup. not a good season for either
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it has been since 2003 since they have both gone into this game with losing records. does this game matter anymore? >> it always matters. when you talk about instant rivalries and bragging rights at the kitchen table for thanksgiving christmas time, this is the type of game no matter what the record is, people watch it. for both these teams it means a lot because when you are recruiting in stay, you want to say we won the last game. >> that's right. if asu wins hear my friends call me a [ indiscernible ] for the rest of my life. >> what is your pick? >> asu. they had the better record. >> okay. the north championship is on the line today. washington versus washington
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on the ground. >> washington really needs to win this game. they were knocked out of the top four. so this win will help them out getting back into that picture. i see them winning this game. washington state is a good team, but washington has been phenomenal this year. >> coach peterson phenomenal. such a nice guy. when i lived there i would see him at the grocery store and he >> tomorrow morning ohio state and michigan. who do you like in this one? >> i am liking michigan. >> really? >> they have a lot to prove. the team this year versus last year, he really wants this. i think they have a better running game in my opinion.
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national championship implications? does the loser drop out and not make the playoffs? >> i think they drop out. this helps washington as well. whoever loses this, washington moves up. that is why it is so important. when both teams lost, they left them there because they had to play each other. this is a because whoever loses will be out. >> you also have south carolina and clemson. that is tomorrow night. championship saturday is tomorrow. 10 teams fighting for five championship titles. friday night fever is moving to saturday night. we will have highlights the reaction from all of the championship games. catch the fever.
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good morning . we begin talking about black friday. >> if you want to avoid traffic today, don't go shopping. but i say personally get out there and enjoy it. nicole is on black friday patrol this morning. bring us back some goodies.>>
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-- will. here is a multitool. remember the line we saw outside? now it is inside. take a look at this line. it starts over there and goes all the way to the back of the store. one of the really popular toys this year is a drone. steve over here is going to show us how it rk >> reporter: this is a phantom three. it is a middle of the road unit. a great camera. fairly easy to fly. like anything else, the more time you spend, -- the more you spend the more toys on a. -- it.


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