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tv   12 News Today Sunday  NBC  November 27, 2016 8:30am-9:00am MST

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good morning. welcome to 12 weekend. i will have been loving this weather j. temperatures dropping down to 40s in some locations. 28 degrees in flagstaff. the snow coming down there. right now that's mainly where the activity is. look oh toward central california. that's the storm happen is will make its way into our area later nor the afternoon. increasing rain
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60 percent chance of rain between that 6:00 and 9:00 hour. it is going be a stormy evening around the state. phoenix police are investigating after a -- hit a officer car. the driver of the car was injured. impairment is believed to have been a factor. >> well, this morning seven people, including five people are in the hospital.
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involved was heading north bound. three of the kids have life threatening injuried. a witness told us he saw people rush in to help. >> it was scary. there's life threatening injures of three of the children. obsl for the fest. and the driver of the truck stayed on scene and is said to be cooperating on the investigation. 20-year-old derek adams was the man shot and killed in a confrontation with officers yesterday morning.
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>> in havana many is responding to the death of fidel castro. >> in revolution square, in churches, preparation of more than a week of official morning. one woman overcomed with grief saying hee is not dead. he said i wanted to show him everything i achieved.
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achievement. he succumbed illness and gave up pow four his brother. >> one said this is the president we loved. the ladies in white who march every saturday. >> when me it isn't logical for anyone to set conditions for someone else. he was confident his cause would out live him. he once told me there be no problem if i die tomorrow because we have lots of
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for some it's a very emotional time and also a time to look to the future. >> castro betrayed the cubans by coming a republican. > >> reporter: those against say he surveillance pressed many -- suppressed many people. >> the construction of the railroad started in 1837 and my family was there to oversee it.
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thing. he's only been back to his home once. >> the building are falling apart and the number one business is prostitution. it's my hope does better. the cuban people are happy people and they've had it tough. >> he spent nearly three years in prison for plotting to kill her boyfriend. now he's out of jail and speaking out of jill
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contemplate the tun thinkable >> mark: we didn't have much at all. we wanted to get our house and start a family. >> reporter: 34-year-old carlos thought he had it all in his hometown of mesa, arizona. >> i thought falling in place. > >> reporter: police think carlos would be known tonight for murder. he went from family man to a suspect of accusing to kill his wife and her boyfriend,
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murder/suicide. tonight he said that was never the case. >> i was not even watching the news. i was living in my car at the time. he's sharing his story in hopes to keeping others from doing what he did. how you does arrest with a trunk full of tools planning to carry out murder. he said it all gene he and his wife separated and she started dating something new. it was carlos' best friend since childhood.
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angry, depressed. >> i didn't know where to turn to. i was just losing my mind. i just wanted to end all the strain i had. carlos told them and set himself on fire. >> i guess it was all a cry for help. >> they called police. the officer was able to arrest carlos as he went back to the car. >> there was a part of me
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>> why? it's not worth it. >> now free, carlos reflects on that plot. he said he would never have gone through with it. >> i doing. >> there's no denying the damage that was done. carlos' a ex-wife said she was left leaving in fear and having panic
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different kind of sentence. >> that one moment can change the rest of your life and impact everyone in your whole family. >> carlos said he wishes he would have got professional help. >> coming up, if you rant sur on your christmas list, we've got some of the hottest technology gifts available this season. brahm
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welcome back everyone. if you're looking for the hottest tech did its, we have some of the hottest top gifts. i feel like there's so much out there. >> it's so much fun. >> thing. what are we looking at here the exxono. you can -- cronno. you can wear your jewelry or whatever it is. it will send you notifications.
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>> the fit bit is not cool looking. it looks like a plastic bracelet. >> this is a subtle way to put it on the bam of your watch or whatever. we have the sky buds here? now it's ear buds. you can grab one of those, stick it in your area. the company is trying to figure out how you have maximum sound. you can manage your music, your calls.
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cancellation. you can be in a conference call or whatever. they're about 249. >> the one i've been looking at the ring. how does it work and does it really work. >> yes, it works. it's a fuel hd camera. vision. you can have a live view of what's going on. this is my house right now. these are very easy to install. you just put it on the edge of your garage and you have recording for a long time.
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you can pay for that service and save all your recordings. you can have a conversation with that perp or if you have kids you can monitor who comes in and out of your house. >> and this one you can put in your yard. >> you can put it anywhere you want. >> we ran a story where knock on your door to see if you're at home first. >> these are becoming more affordable. >> they're not. the functionality is is affordable as well. these are $99. this
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don't have to register it. these hillary clinton drones, you're going get 8 plus minutes out of it. you can record and stream live. you have a lot more fun because you can fly it a lot easier. it's >> i've seen a lot of people record their kids games. it's like a snapshot of the family.
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>> don't move. >> i'm under water. >> if you look down you can see where your feet are. >> hold on to him. >> vir wall reality is watching it. >> it's becoming for integrated with gaming, concerts. >> there's somethings you want to make sure, you don't want to look through the goggles without anything. it's dangerous.
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this information. we're going to look at the weather coming up. map
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well, are you ready, big changes coming to >> here's the current view in flagstaff. this camera located along the i 40. snow on the ground. use caution if you're traveling up there. 28 degrees out there. light snow is still falling at about eight mile answer hour. you can see the snow on radar.
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the afternoon hours. >> right now we're between two storm systems. the first one moved through last night. just between san francisco and alaska. we have -- los ange we have wind gusts upwards of 45 miles an hour and in the high country starting at noon a winter weather advisory is in effect. here's the future cast to show you the time line here. the storm system quickly moves
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things quickly clear out monday. if you live up to the north and east of the valley, you could see a quarter to a half inch of rain fall. the average temperature 2 next seven days we're rooking at temperatures in the mid 60s. coming up this year's new technology are packing
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if you're doing shopping for toys for kids, you might
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favorites. hot wheels and play dough. the app allows you to scan your creation and make it come to life on your smart phone and barbie's dream home is a smart home. an elevator and a toilet you more options of manipulating. >> wow. it allows building a drone out of a lego and hatch ables.
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i don't get the craz. >> you just rub it and it hatches and there's your pet. >> i don't know how long it takes. >> could you not take care of it right and it not hatch and you're stuck with an a e egg. >> what were those things when i like how play dough come up with a new way. there's an app for that. well, there's a good chance of rain coming in later this app, 60 percent chance and 60-degrees for the rest of the
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