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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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batteries and now it is getting into the auto manufacturing business.>> the question now is, are they taking arizona for a ride? graham is verifying the story tonight. >> reporter: arizona is riding shotgun is this new electric cars being built. governor doug ducey liked what he saw today. even new mexico is along for the ride. can the lawn -- can the automaker there are only two of the cars on the street, but arizona could build tens of thousands of more. >> our appeal is the endless drive to be the best.>> reporter: lucid motors will spend $700 million on a plan that could employ people in the next years. >> -- >> reporter: claudia pavlovich of neighboring sonora, mexico
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how does president elect donald trump feel about sending jobs to mexico? >> donald trump was in favor of american jobs. these jobs are in arizona. >> reporter: the factory will get choose from tax payers. tax breaks that started $5 million and could hit $70 million. cassa grand has not disclosed. the total price tagged for arizona tax payers -- >> it's dif >> reporter: will lucid motors be able to play for the assembly lines? they concede they will have to raise money for the cassa grand plant .>> we have other fundraising rounds.>> the company says it does have enough money to build the car. hiring at casa grande could
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thank you. if you have something you would like us to verify, synthesis that -- send us an email at verify at another storm on twitter this morning. this is trump's tweet. he says nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there should be citizenship or a year in jail. >> the supreme court has already said that flight learning is constitutionally protected as a form of free speech. citizenship can only be given up voluntarily. what do you think? should burning the american flag be illegal? you can post your comment at and your voice. tom price has been named as health and human services secretary.
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repair -- repeal and replacement. and elaine chao is expected to take over the department of transportation. a one-year-old boy is in critical condition after being hit a car 21st avenue and broadway. the boy's parents were rushing him to a hospital when they were intercepted by police and wire crews. phoenix fire stepped in and transported him to a local hospital. investigators are investigating the collision. remembering the firefighters who died three years ago. memorial park is being open where the granite mountain hotshots loves their lives. the trail and memorial are a
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>> this is not an easy trail to hike by any means. it goes uphill for a couple of my nails before you get to the memorial site. the families of the hotshots say they would not like it -- want any other ways. >> travis parker. >> -- >> reporter: these were people with lives and stories who learned it all on the trail. >> for them to get to know the crew intimately and who these men were, that's amazing.>> there is a plaque dedicated to each of the 19 hotshots. eric marsh is first you are proud it is there and thankful and humble. >> reporter: they visited together. the spot where their loved ones made a final stand and where they will be remembered. >> it is hard to put words to it, but it kind of takes my breath away. >> reporter: a circle of stone marked with purple ribbons to show that in the end the perp -- that the hotshots stuck
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it was a special group. >> reporter: the park officially opens to the public on wednesday. 12 news fires are burning in parts of the great smoky mountains. flames have already destroyed a resort and forced thousands to evacuate . the flames have moved to the edge of the dollywood team park in tennessee. wind gusts are above 87 miles per hour and they have been spreading the fire. hundreds building including a 16 story hotel were damaged or destroyed. at least a dozen people have been taken to the hospital including some with burns. the national guard troops arrived today and nature is providing a little relief as the winds called and rain fell in some areas. though kester said that the rain would not be enough to bend the relentless drought that is spread across the south setting the stage for wildfires in tennessee, georgia and north
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now. the owners of the valley restaurant are taking heat after holding a fundraiser to support protesters for the dakota access pipeline near the standing rock sioux reservation. the facebook page was bombarded with negative reviews afterword started spreading about their efforts. they are not the only ones here in the valley looking for ways to show support. live from the newsroom with details of what people in the valley are doing to protesters.>> reporter: the protestercoda have been going on since august and have been divisive was strong opinions on both sides. one restaurant owner showed his choice at a valley investor. >> obviously you would -- we are going there and we are not bringing firearms. the intent is to be peaceful.
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to standing rock where tensions continue to rise. >> we are going to stand between in with the native americans. arm in arm and brother to brother and sister to sister. we are together in this.>> reporter: one of 75 arizona veterans leaving the valley to join the call to action. standing for standing rock about 2000 veterans are expected to make the journey. catherine stacy is a member of the crow tribe and she set up a gofundme page to collect donations. >> this is important for number of reasons. the biggest is that these are the treaty lands. we don't want the pipeline under there. they break all the time and contaminate the water. >> reporter: not everybody is in support of the protests. one man is receiving online backrest -- backlash after
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for something you get blowback. there is support that we have gotten and that we have been able to direct to north dakota. we have had a lot of people miss the event. when they saw what was going on, they said, how can i help out? >> reporter: critics of the protests say that the claims of being peaceful there are claims from local law enforcement on the ground that say they aren't agonizing officers. the veterans leaving the valley for standing rock will depart on friday. 12 news thank you. cyber monday is still king of the online sales , apparently, but just barely. according to adobe digital insights, the sales topped $3.4 billion yesterday which is the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. but, that barely edged online shopping sales on black friday
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shopping sales on black friday which came in at $3.3 billion. when you continue to donate to turkey tuesday through wednesday at any bashes or food city. you can donate online by visiting and go to turkey tuesday. helping to feed those who could use a helping hand this season. and education proposal for are they at -- from the arizona superintendent. are on the christmas wishes this year. looking at temperatures across the valley, it is chilly for us. it will get colder tonight. we will talk about how low the temperatures will drop coming
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welcome back everybody. time for hot headlines. the super intendant of public and -- superintendent of public instruction, diane douglas is proposing pay raises for teachers and new buses.>> the plan was unveiled today. it would give arizona public schools $680 million to pay for the improvements and changes.
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reality. the governor's office of highway safety kicked off this year's dui enforcement campaign. they stress that lives will be saved because officers will be out making sure that everyone is safe. gun background checks hitting a new record on black friday. the fbi says that on that day that a processed almost 186,000 background checks for through the national instant criminal background check system. anybody who purchased a gun at a licensed firearm dealer is required to first fill out a 16 answer warm about their background, drug use and criminal history. still ahead on 12 news at 6:00, if you have not seen these three arizona spots, you are missing out . that is coming up on the social sound off. there is a chill in the air.
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is fast coming to a close. the sooner the better. it's been a miserable sports year for the valley teams. we will have that next. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place.
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going on a great vacation is something you will remember for a lifetime. msn recently released a list of 50 trips that everyone in america should take. several ana list. >> what you think they are? that is the social sound of question. first is the skywalk at the grand canyon. the glass bridge that you walk out over the canyon. also is our famous route 66 and hiking the wave, that beautiful rock formation located near the utah border. if you have been outside, you have felt it. there is a chill in the air. people are celebrating the winter weather.
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look at that, a pure winter wonderland. i don't know about you, but i love this winter weather. >> i am biased, but there are many places prettier than the high country with the snow. >> yes, very nice. 10 inches of snow picked up about 5 inches which is below average for them. there is making up to do when it comes to the storms. today in phoenix, 62 was the high and a chilly 44 was the low this morning. so, both categories below average. take a look at the temperatures right now. it is already 14 degrees at the grand canyon. flagstaff is well below freezing. it is 27 and show low. sky harbor at 56. if you step out for the evening, take a jacket with you.
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belmont at six belmont at 614 at flagstaff. -- belmont at 6 and 14 at flagstaff. we will see temperatures even colder tonight be well below average for afternoon highs. freeze warnings in effect for eastern maricopa county and portions of yuma county. these are areas that have not yet reached the freezing point. it is important that if you have sensitive vegetation that you cover it up and protect your pipes. of course bring in any pets that are used to the outdoor conditions. lots of teens and below zero temperatures in the high country. especially the rural areas not
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in prescott. low 60s in the lower deserts. across the valley tonight, we will be as cold as 34 degrees, especially in the outlying areas. it may not be a bad idea to cover up the plants anyway because you are getting close to the freezing point. 58-63 tomorrow and well below normal sunshine. another storm comes in on friday bring in a 10% chance of rain. by the weekend we will have temperatures near 70. now here is sports. >> same play as before and the same results. gabriel, touchdown. feeling good and coming off the bye looking for their seventh
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reporter: hey, there is at #on -- hashtag on twitter today. the valley sports team will be much more enjoyable in 2017 because this past year was in a word, miserable.[ music ] . >> a flip to fitzgerald and he scores. the cardinals when an game -- win an amazing game. >> reporter: the calendar year began with promise, but it got ugly quick with the blowout in the nfc championship game.>> the calendar line -- the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> reporter: getting crushed on opening day much like those hits off of zach frankie. miserable. the sons and coyotes missed the fifth straight season and have some of the worst records in
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football gave up against arizona and the rivalry game. >> it's going to be a touchdown for touchdown. >> reporter: you miserable. even teams that can win championships suffered heartbreaking losses in the playoffs. you miserable.>> reporter: add it all up, and i argued that phoenix had the worst yea country. san diego and oakland's may be on the verge of using theirs as well. philadelphia teams were equally rotten across the board. here in phoenix, we had higher hopes which led to bigger letdowns and the most miserable year of any major sports city.[ music ] in addition to
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i am so glad that you miserable has reached mainstream. you have been saying it for years and it is so fitting.>> the guys in the sports department are well aware.>> we can only go up from this point across-the-board. >> it can only get better. still coming up, country queen dolly parton is
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finally at 6:00, the tennessee wildfires are weighing heavily on dolly parton. dolly will get to performance on tonight's results episode of the voice. >> dolly will not be commenting on the fires during the show, but she released a statement saying she is heartbroken and praying for the the song, circle of love featuring dolly, jennifer nettles and those from the voice. >> that's when she always sings. that's it for us. thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00. remember you can always go to have a great evening and we will see you back here at 7:00
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brad pitt's thanksgiving alone on celebrity hideaway island. >> why he was thousands of miles from the kids now on ?"extra". "extra" ? "extra" ? ? ?"extra" "extra" ? brad pitt's lonely holiday weekend holed up in a $34,000 a night private villa. did angelina ban him from seeing the kids? the kelly ripa connection to his island escape. is kanye a danger to himself? kim by his side.
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shut down again. shannen doherty, how she's holding up in the fight of her life. donald trump, arnold in. >> i'm the new boss. >> your first look at schwarzenegger's reboot with boy george, kyle richards and snooki. >> i don't want to be a [ bleep ]. >> tracey has latchler and lauren. >> is the wedding on or off. >> fantastic and makeup-free in their 50s. miley's how she went from tween star to raunchy rebel to best music coach on tv. >> we're going to change the name of this show to miley's "the voice." >> "extra," hollywood's entertainment capital of l.a. ?"extra" "extra" ? >> everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, new videos of first selena gomez sightings since publicly revealing her breakdown


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