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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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want to talk to us. >> go away. >> reporter: you can see there is a dog inside the kennel. they said it was having trouble walking because its nails were so long. no arrests have been made yet but the investigation is still ongoing. live in mesa, charly edsitty, 12 news. >> all right. thank you. the aunt of a one-year-old boy hit and killed by truck last night is speaking out. 12 news' william pitts spoke to the family and looked into ways to keep tragedies like this from happening. >> he was the light of their life. he completed their family. >> reporter: he was only a-year- old. wednesday night during a party he snuck out.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he saw the whole thing. [ speaking foreign language ] >> everybody was just celebrating, having a good time and, you know, sometimes things happen. and unfortunately it was one of those situations. >> reporter: police have not said if the truck had a back up camera. it could increase cone, about the size of a one- year-old. the cone is about 6 feet in back of the car right now. i can't see it at all. if i was to back up i wouldn't know anything was behind me. until it was too late. compare that to a newer car that has a backup camera. you can see up to the bumper.
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the family is dealing dealing with the loss as best they can. >> it was truly an accident. you have to do what you can the best you know how. the family is holding it together. >> reporter: william pitts, 12 news. now to the hot headlines at 5:00 p.m. the arizona department of public safety is sharing a story of survival this evening. these pictures from dps showing their rescue of a father and son who were out in the they spent the time 20 miles east of roosevelt lake after their truck slid down a kill and they couldn't get it out. on monday they used a helicopter to pull the two from the area. they had the necessary supplies to stay alive for days. police are searching for
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christine crable haven't been seen since 2015. investigators believe foul play was involved in her disappearance. if you have information that could help solve this case call police. phoenix police say a second man has died after being shot on the platform of a rail station. investigators say a man scene on surveillance video riding a bicycle the 37-year-old and 46-year-old have both died in the shooting. a house fire sending a woman to the hospital in critical condition today. rescue teams arriving to find this mobile home engulfed in flames and that is when they heard a woman inside. they were able to get her out and perform cpr. charges will not be filed against had police officer who
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motorists. today the district attorney announced that the officer will not be prosecuted for shooting keith lamont scott in september. both are african american. the shooting sparking days of protests, riots and demonstrations. prayers for rain have been answered in the areas that into experience historic wildfires in the great tennessee . much of the community has been destroyed. 200 firefighters continue to work around the clock to protect property. the area depends on tour example hoping to rebuild after the fires are put out. investigators now rule arson as a cause of some of the fires. and not just fires hitting the southeast hard.
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as severe thunderstorms swept across the state. there are no reports of injuries or widespread damage. five people were killed over night and a dozen injuries as tornadoes swept across tennessee and alabama. presidential elect donald trump is taking a victory lap tomorrow. going to indiana to celebrate a company's decision to keep jobs in the u.s. he vealed on twitter ahead of a here is brian mooar. >> reporter: in his twitter blast presidential elect donald trump announced he will hold a news conference in two weeks to outline plans to get out of his business and focus on running the country. >> can he do it? does he have it in him to do it? he is tweeting at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: he hasn't held a
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and his announcements have been revealed online. he says tax reform is priority number one. >> making sure we repatriot back to the united states, and the personal income tax. >> reporter: joining team trump always news sarah palin is angling for secretary of veterans affairs. trump tweeted plans for an indiana trip tomorrow to announce carrier air conditioning won't be moving a thousand jobs to mexico as it had planned. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the president elect's trip tomorrow includes a rally in cincinnati. that is his first stopane thank
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states. we will take you live for what you can experience at zoo lights this holiday season. >> and ready to rock around the christmas tree tonight? a preview of the big party right now at 30 rock in the heart of manhattan. you can see right here on 12 news this evening. >> and what is the drunkest city in arizona? we will reveal the answer ahead, 6:15 p.m.
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the holiday season is here and as soon as thanksgiving ends someone out there is going to start putting up christmas lights. >> sorry. am i guilty -- >> you were doing it before thanksgiving -- >> yeah.
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thanksgiving. sorry, i am that neighbor are holiday light displays annoying or festive? go to voice. >> i want to be like you. a light display at the phoenix zoo. 12 news' krystle henderson is live to show us around. >> reporter: live at the new for the zoo lights. super cool 3d light sculpture. butterflies, a dragon fly, an alligator. it is neat. you need to come check it out. they open at 5:30 p.m. till 10:30 p.m. through january 8. you see this tree? this is the skittles tree.
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of the sort here at the zoo to be lit. the first project. and they started in july. so there is a team of 5 people who work around the clock, year round, on zoo lights and they are in charge of the displays. it takes them till march to take it down. you have to come down and enjoy their work. there are other new things at a three story holiday tree and every night at 7:00 p.m. snow falls by the tree. it is really, really cool. and you have all the unusual favorites, the lake over here. and you know how they sync the lights to the music? that is fun. if you have been here time and time again, which is something i do every year, it is going to look and feel different because of all the cool stuff they added. prices vary depending on the
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save $2. 300,000 people visit zoo light said each year. it is -- lights each year. it is something you will want to come check out. this is the phoenix zoo, a non- profit, this is one of their biggest fundraiser. live that phoenix zoo, back to you in the studio. >> did you check out the talking giraffe by any chance? [ laughter ] i was riding the camel. >> okay. okay. there is a talking giraffe. a highlight for the kids. >> all right. thank you very much. tune in at 7:00 p.m. tonight for christmas tree lighting ceremony on 12 news. musical performances, include garth brooks and trisha yearwood and tony bennett and cast your vote, our holiday light displays, are they
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festive, 82%. that is winning. mark? >> i like them. i am all about that. >> surprising. >> oh, please. [ laughter ] >> all right. 8:00 p.m. dolly parton christmas of many colors, we even got a chance to speak with her. tonight at 10:00 p.m. you will meet the little girl who took on time playing the young dolly parton in that movie. i hope you don't echo what she just said -- >> you sounded so thrilled about christmas -- >> i like them. what do you want me to do? black flips? i like them -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am not a scrouge. [ laughter ] if you are heading outside this evening to check out any of those light displays you
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there. especially now that the sun is going down. this morning, take a look at the temperatures around the valley. san tan valley 32 degrees this morning at 6:00. care free also freezing. mesa at 36. glendale this morning 6:00 a.m., stepping out the door, it was 39 degrees there and phoenix sky harbor 42 degrees. now, 60 at phoenix sky harbor. cool. below the normal for us. right now freg and 28 degrees right now at the grabbing. we have a -- grand canyon. we have a couple locations for freeze warnings, pinal and pima county, midnight tonight till wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in the morning merchandise once again last night if you covered up the pipes and brought in the pets, do that again tonight. here is what we have coming up over the next few days. another area of low pressure
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moving over land, it won't bring that much moisture. we are not anticipate with this but anticipating wind. advisories along the colorado river and south eastern california. if you are heading out of town a the west, into california, on friday, i would be advised you could see blowing dust there along i-10. tonight 41. clear skies. 64 degrees. clouds moving in. but that is it. friday 62. over the weekend we warm up a little bit and another cool down next week, high of 59 degrees by next wednesday. that is your weather. here is sports. all right. thank you. ba called out the team on wednesday, he was critical, what do the players think? let's go inside the huddle. >> that is why we love him.
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i "like" to be criticized. i like to be coached. i will do my part to get everybody fired up. >> no finger pointing for cardinals players. they know ba is keeping it real. on monday he had his team lacks toughness, accountability and leadership and he is not backing down from his comments and the players get it. carson palmer said it best, we are all big boys. if you get called out. is there another receiver on the team that could or will step up and make plays? don't count on john brown. he continues to battle. he had to come out of last week's game because of muscle cramps. when will brown be healthy again? >> your guess is as good as mine. saw every specialist that we could see, he was fine and then
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>> it is a scary disease to have. been a difficult year. he handled it flaw lessly. he is in a learning process. pray for him and be there for him. >> the cardinals host the redskins at home sunday at 2:25 p.m. >> 'tis the season. cardinals pro bowl corner agreeing to restructure his contract freeing up $3 million in cap space. the money to help sign a linebacker. jones will become a free agent at season's end. >> straight ahead, we are talking fantasy football and why the most polarizing figure in the nfl may be the right player to help you win your
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before we goate sports, breaking news fro valley. live pictures from sky 12. this is on the 202 and brown. southbound lanes are closed right now because of a police situation. you will want to avoid that area. we are working on getting you more information and we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. all right. week 13, nfl fantasy football means the last week of the regular season but the last week of byes in the nfl and
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bye the titans who are led by marcus mariota. if you have marcus mariota as your quarterback considering san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who is available in most leagues as a replacement. last week colin kaepernick passed for 300-yard and three touchdowns while rushing for 100-yard. colin kaepernick looked more like the quarterback who guided the 49ers to a super bowl a few years ago and love him or hate him, his picking up and starting this weekend. a sleeper pick of the week. no surprise to cardinals fan. two touchdowns last sunday, he scored 5 touchdowns in the last four games for the falcons. his speed has made him a favorite target of matt ryan.
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what do you think of that? >> that dude is fast. >> he is electric. he was with the browns. i don't know why they let him go but the falcons picked him up and they are speeding ahead. last i checked the browns have how many wins -- zero? yeah. not too good. >> thank you. why were hundreds of kids morning? our omg video next on 12 news
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coming up on 12 news at 6:00 p.m. presidential elect donald trump has businesses all around the world and tonight we are verifying why he needs split from them once he becomes cheech. >> on 12 news at -- commander in chief. >> on 12 news a korean war veteran makes his way home with full military honors and we are there as friends and family gave him a is allowed. avondale middle school, students gathered this morning to try to break a world record for the longest high five chain and they were joined by volunteers. a judge was on site to monitor
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happy to report the longest continuous high five chain record was broken. 3,743, the old record was 2,711. congratulations to them. >> that is kind of cool. >> it is. especially since it was cold in the morning. -- [ talking at the same time ]
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tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. no charges in a fatal police shooting that sparked days of protests. why prosecutors say the officer in using deadly force. frantic final words from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier, from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it work -- the big american company where every day is take your child to work day.


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