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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the media were the only ones making a big deal about his businesses. today he changed his mind. we verified several reasons of why he would want to get out of the businesses that bear his name. his businesses are still kind of fuzzy to voters.>> i have no idea. >>reporter: they agree on one thing. >> you follow the law and be an ex billionaire business night to -- tycoon should stick to one job, being president. it looks like he agrees. he tweeted wednesday that legal documents are being drawn up to remove him from his business operations. trump said it's a visually important not to have a conflict of interest. >> i think it will be a conflict of interest between him and the business but the family. >>reporter: those conflicts start down the street from the white house.
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experts say the least buyers trump as an elected official from profiting on the contract. worldwide, trump's name is on more than a dozen properties. hotspots like turkey, saudi arabia and india. his ties to developers there could raise questions about who's address trump is serving, his own of the countries. just nine days ago he rejected the idea that is businesses we this a problem, he said. a congressman call them out and said you criticized hillary for the clinton foundation, if you have contracts with foreign governments it's a big deal too. the congressman referring to the u.s. constitution which bars elected officials from receiving compensation from foreign governments. several governments are lenders tenets are partners in trump projects. the president-elect said he will reveal how to avoid those
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resnick.>> if you have something you would like us to verify send us an email at verify at new details emerging and how phoenix police tracked down the suspect into notorious cold case murders known as the canal murders. they were discovered within 10 monks of each other in the early 90's. at the arizona canal that runs through phoenix. brian patrick miller was arrested in the case and police at details about how they secured the evidence. they are now. dna science and g analogy played a role.>>reporter: for those of you who remember the crimes gripped the valley for 25 years. colleen fitzpatrick a longtime fred zik genealogist living california assisted phoenix detectives in zeroing in on a man whose name was on a list of possible suspects. police never had strong enough
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crimes.>> we are always striving to help people. >>reporter: you have seen the commercials, dna g analogy. customers submit dna. the trend has led to public dna databases in which customers post their profiles online hoping to make connections to long-lost relatives. as phoenix record show it turns out in 2014 cold case fitzpatrick with the dna -- profile of the suspect in the canal killings. she used a strategy to cross- reference the profile to those databases.>> it's like a bingo game. you have a string of 17 numbers and i look for a bingo match.>>reporter: the maps she found was connected to the surname miller.>> it provides the police with the lead that
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that's it. the police can run with that.>>reporter: the next detectives look that brian patrick miller, he was still living in phoenix, a man identified himself as a zombie hunter and often kept to himself. police independently collected dna and matched it to dna from the crime scene and made the arrest. miller has denied involvement in the killings. he is scheduled to go on trial in april if found guilty he could face e joe dana, 12 news. a major traffic backup in the east valley during the evening commute. sky 12 catching the long line of cars stopped on the loop 202. the southbound lanes were shut down at brown road for police activity. on the freeway, it is still closed you are being asked to avoid the area. a couple breathes a sigh of relief thanks to a family of good samaritans who received an
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cynthia lerma said her dad was outside their home at 60 9th avenue in highland when a woman carrying a car seat in a diaper bag appeared at the end of the driveway. she placed the seat on the sidewalk and took off saying call police. police say the 11-month-old baby was caught up in a wild scene after two thieves stilled the truck she was riding in.>> how could someone disappear and leave a baby. the baby inside to warm her up. my dad said no but the police come and handle it. >> phoenix pd said the baby was not hurt and quickly reunited with the family. two suspects got away, they are looking for a silver toyota tundra pickup with a plate number b.c.e. 2712. new developments in the plane crash in columbia. the associated press is reporting the pilot of the
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traffic controllers that he had run out of fuel. this according to a leaked recording from the final minutes of that fight. the crash killed all but six of the 77 people on board including most members of the bazillion professional soccer team. they were on the way to columbia for tournament.>> we spoke with sinners -- specialist at embry-riddle asking if there's a secret to surviving a plane crash. jen wahl joins us an update. jen. >>reporter: a horrific scene where dozens did not survive. one clue experts eight is would very important thing missing and it may explain what happened before the plane smashed into the ground. thing wreckage is scattered across hills in columbia among the twisted metal the last place several members of a brazilian soccer team will ever be together. they would never make it to one
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final moments? ronald carr an associate professor at embry-riddle ways in.>> most times when something happens like this the first thing that pops in, was a mechanical or pilot error.>>reporter: the time it will take to sift through the wreckage shows the biggest lead is that there is no sign of fire. >> there's a good debate -- but the fuel tanks are empty. wo and get to a destination without stopping, if you have headwinds that will shorten the range of the aircraft and they may not make it. >>reporter: half-dozen passengers survived. getting out alive depends on where you were sitting at the moment of impact.>> you can be in the nose and survive, the rest of the plane might not be survival. you could be in the tail and the airplane could break off at
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survive that, the rest of the aircraft would not survive. you are coming in vertically, there won't be much chance for any survival. >>reporter: as investigators were to determine a cause the country remains in morning. jen wahl 12news. right now, you are looking at live pictures of a plane that has skidded off the runway at scottsdale airport. scottsdale fire is responding it looks like everything is okay. the plane seems to be intact. injuries. coming up on 12news at 6, we will tell you about the case of potential animal abuse happening early today in maricopa county. we are live the phoenix zoo for the zoo lights. an old favorite is back. we will take a ride on the
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here is a look at your hot headlines, the 43 mile long highway that runs to the north rim of the grand canyon closes thursday for winter. the arizona department of transportation says state route 67 will close half mile south of its junction with us 80 9 am jacob lake. most visitor facilities are already closed for winter. the highway will we open in mid-
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cabins and other amenities. dozens of animals rescued from an east valley home. investigators found floors covered in feces and animals left without water. maricopa county sheriff's investigators say at least three adults could be facing animal cruelty charges animals were recovered including dogs, parrots, snakes and a hedgehog. the numbers are in, law enforcement officers made 333 dui arrests over thanksgiving weekend around arizona. that compares to 317 a year ago. the arizona governor's office says 86 of those drivers are suspected of extreme dui. still ahead on 12 news at 6, what arizona city do you think was named the drunkest? we had to the zoo to checkout those colorful lights. what does carson palmer
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speak as earl what -- earl
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12 sports is sponsored by a valley toyota dealers. thank you arizona for making us number one and letting us share your story sandra lives. we share our success with all
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12news, arizona's number one team. what is the drunkest city in each state, msn has come out with its list and we were curious to find out what the drunkest city in arizona is. that's our social sound off question.>> you may say scottsdale or tempe, it turns out it's flagstaff. in the flagstaff metro area just over 19% that they have unhealthy drinking habits. that is the highest share of any metro area in all of the state. it is certainly sent -- starting to look like christmas. tune in tonight at 7:00 for the "rockefeller this was tree lighting ceremony" musical import princes include garth brooks and tony minute --
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parton's christmas" speaking of holiday festivities, we are wondering are holiday light displays annoying or festive? let us know your answer by going to tran13/your voice. who could find them annoying.>> 60% of people say it's annoying.>> i don't get that. i want reasons why.>> maybe they put them up and that's why they are annoyed. they had to put they have to take them down after christmas. one of the most elaborate displays is at the phoenix zoo. krystle henderson is live to show us what's going on.>>reporter: hey there. we are getting a unique perspective of zoo lights here at the phoenix zoo. 25 feet in the air on the polar slide. it's the 25th year for zoo lights and they are famous for their millions of twinkling lights, hundreds of light
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share it with some added 3-d features. they are open 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm through january 8. if you check this out in years past you know how much fun it is. i'm about to do a live. this is the polar slide, it's 25 feet up. it's 200 feet long and it's at a 45 degree drop. it's the largest virtual drop of artificial snow in the country. it's made in italy and it's made up of olympic athletes use to train in the off-season, it mimics natural snow. it's super cool. it's four dollars for a ticket, three dollars for those of you who remember to check at the front gate for special discounts. i'm nervous. you might want to be up to my microphone. i am holding on. i'm ready. here we go.
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oh my gosh!>> [ laughter ] that was great. >> good job!>> great weather for doing that kind of thing. take a look at these guys right now across downtown phoenix, you can see the hyatt hotel. ni all last month, this month i should say it was very warm. it was the fifth warmest november on record for phoenix. look at these temperatures that we had this morning at 6:00 a.m. at san tan valley the temperature was 32 degrees. we had freezing temperatures in carefree, glen dale 39 and 42 at phoenix sky harbor.
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much in the high country at this hour we are at 29 for greer and flagstaff 27. coal 39 degrees. we still have freeze warnings left tonight primarily pennell and pima county. cover up. pipes and bring in the plants -- and pets. the system is different from the last one in that we it won't have a lot of moisture. we may see and increasing clouds. winds will be the factor especially in southern california and along the colorado river. wind advisory for friday gusting up to 50 miles an hour. that could lead to reduced visibility with blowing dust. 34 to 41 tonight, another chilly night. clear skies. ken amaro we will see clouds move in, 59 to 64. as i mentioned, friday the system moving in but not
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weekend looks good as we warm up to near 70 by sunday. next week we will see a significant cool down, down to 59 by next wednesday. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. thanks a lot, bruce arians calling out certain unnamed players for planks officially this week leading up to the redskins game. we heard from carson for the first time since the areas comments and carson degrees. >> when you play well he addresses it and says so-and-so is playing well and when you don't he addresses it. it's a professional sport. i don't know if i would recognize it on other teams. we are all big boys if you
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called out. that's probably how it is in most professional sports teams. our accountability sheet is up every day after practice and games. if you don't like it that stop. that's the game. that's how it works here. it's not that guys don't want to be accountable or don't care. we are always stressing on being accountable and doing our job. we haven'tee happens in all three phases of the game. we have yet to execute, like we did the majority of last year. we are all big boys and professionals we have to do with it.>> now to the court report, the suns host dwight howard and the atlanta hawks. they have five wins and 13
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in the west. it's starting to wear down the team. the suns have lost four of their last five. it's not for lack of trying on the behalf of devontae booker. when earl watson has asked what booker needs to do to improve, coach took exception to that question.>> i can only say this once. i'm disappod expectations. there are questions of what he doesn't do. i was with kevin durant when he and the worst plus minus in the nba and not one time did he say what he could not do. i won't focus on the things that he can't do, for just turning 20 that's amazing. over the last six games he shot over 40 from the 3. we know that we can't ever speed up
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from a physical aspect or mental aspect, i'm not discussing anything negative about devin booker.>> i 100% agree. this kid is 20 years old it's a second year out of college in the nba. let's celebrate the things he is doing well. this is a development process, a growing process. protecting his players. caught on camera and you don't to miss this. why is arizonan and world champion log roller katie hoeschler coming into casino arizona with her log? because that's how she rolls. arizona winners choose casino arizona... where locals rule.
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police in kansas city got a surprise when they checked cameras on a trail to check for mountain lies. this wolf in high heels and two gorillas frolicking in front of the camera. it gave officers a good laugh and gardner police thanked the community for their sense of humor. >> that is creepy. see you
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it's on. sexy new photos of mariah carey all over her backup dancer. >> does this confirm they're officially a couple? now on "extra." ? ? kissing, hugging, frolicking in the waves. racy new photos of mariah and dancer bryan tanaka going public with their rumored relationship. hillary clinton's big surprise for katy perry. our new interview with katy. >> hi, again. >> a day after she was spotted wearing a possible engagement ring from orlando bloom. >> to have orlando come out and support you -- >> president-elect trump
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romney. >> lamb chops, frog legs inside their dinner at the new york hot spot, jean georges. >> reports the kardashians haven't viced kanye. >> and demi lovato opening up about her disorder. >> i take it one day at a time. >> the ufc star boyfriend helping her find happiness. >> oh, thanks. >> plus, bonjoura from paris as we have access to the sexiest show on earth. >> hello, i'm gigi hadid, back stage at paris show. >> and at the entertainment capital in l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." khloe kardashianes a tour inside her denim factory, the big


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