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tv   12 News Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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the arctic. >> beavers too. coming up on this half hour of 12 today. if fevers can get in the christmas spirit, everyone can. no scrooges out there. there's a live look at 5:31 on a friday. it's the weekend, congratulations to you it's a little chilly out there, jimmy q has the weather. >> it is cool. and a cool area that is going to move into our area. warmer, 40s across the downtown area. expect the temperatures in the 30s across most sections and taking until later on in the
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and we're going to have more cool in mericopa county. for the weekend, looking like it's going to be on the dry side. we could see some showers in the high country, flagstaff, that's where d trough starts to move back in. it's going to be mild before this system moves in. 58 to 63 today for your fy. >> thanks, jimmy. and jenn is on the road with your real time traffic. jenn? >> good morning to you guys. relatively delay-free around the valley this area. 17 southbound, closer to the 101 is a little slower this morning along with the ten eastbound. let's get to where you are live. made it to the 202 eastbound
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westbound lanes where there is a crash. and the p -- the driver reported no injuries, but will need extrication. we're going to continue to cruise by this. and traffic is already back up. typically not much to deal with on this part of the valley freeway and we'll have a little bit of a closer view for you in a few minutes and how things are expect to clear it. right now, don't have any idea on when that is expected to happen. this is the messiest around the area. looks like traffic is at a complete stop to our left, at least to mcqueen or cooper and beyond. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. we have some devastating news in peoria this morning as
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burning trailer. bryan west hypothesize more. . >>reporter: they are dubbing this a suspicious fire. the police and fire department are here, very active investigation here. here's what we know, this fire broke out about 2:00 a.m. and a neighbor called 911 -- two victims inside. a man and a early 40s. crews pulled them out and treated them on scene until they were transported to the hospital in critical condition. we are told they did die there. the fire is out and now it's under investigation. the area is going to be closed off for some time. 83 and cactus near 81th and roosevelt. this area is going to be shut
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it is suspicious. bryan west, 12 today. let's take your top headlines this morning. two tucson police officers are recovering after a shootout yesterday morning. the officers were trying to make an arrest which led to gun fire and the suspect was killed in the incident. the payout of an arizona business violating the do not call registry. thousand $50,000 in civil penalties and not be allowed to make any telemarketing calls as a result of the lawsuit. if you're out looking for holiday fun, why not the light rail? nicole is out there on the ride, good morning, nicole.
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closing, heading to mesa, actually where they have merry mesa, one of the holidays events you can take part in. and i'm here with a holiday elf, metro elf. what are you doing right now? >> showing our riders our appreciation, handing out some ornaments and showing appreciation of the er and everybody, getting them involved in the holiday spirit and i'm going to hand out a couple of more of these here. >> and if danielle could take a look at some of these, those were put together by a local business. >> seasonal solution rs, a family business, a woman and her mother, just love the holidays and the decorations
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and the snowmen, santa and his elves peeking out at you as you ride the metro valley rail. and two buses. >> a lot of places you can get. and here, we have a bunch of stops and a bunch of events here we were talking about earlier. >> and we put together a holiday fun guide. this is on our website, aps nutcracker, christmas carol. >> so many traditions. we're going to actually get off at mesa for merry mesa. and we will have more on what you can do throughout the morning show. live from the light rail, back to you guys. >> nicole, i over your left shoulder, i think that's santa claus. i think that's him.
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speaking of unique, in japan, pizza delivered by reindeer? maybe not. >> what happened to my pepperoni? >> president-elect donald trump dropped a surprise yesterday and has a lot of people in washington reacting. we'll be right back. discover card. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at,
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. welcome back, everyone to 12 today. as we give you a the nation's capitol in d.c. the time is 5:41 this morning. and an unexpected announcement from donald trump, saying there's going to be no more announcements for the cabinet. let one slip last week. tracy pots has more on who it is and why this confirmation
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>> good morning, tram mai. and -- announced that the retired marine general would be his choice for department of defense. that's the civilian job, that's the problem. need some democrats to go along with. >> we are going to appoint mad dog maddus defense. . but we're not announcing it until monday, so don't tell anybody. >> a surprise announcement during president-elect donald trump's evening rally in ohio. known as a hard liner, facing an uphill battle. needs a special civilian waiver
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three years. >> announcing the thousand carrier manufacturing jobs, not going to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. >> the 1300 carrier jobs are heading south of the border. >> saving ours also? >> been forgotten from the very beginning. >> after yesterday, today, back on the transition. the secretary of state announcement still unannounced. look at new campaign -- current and former ceos of exxon mobile. and narrowing down the choices for the u.s. supreme court for supreme court nominees, says he's got it down to about three or four people. >> thank you so much for that. >> brandon? an american pioneer, former
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in new seeland sooe -- aldrin is in new zealand after suffering health issues. had fluid in his lungs and responding well to antibiotics. stayed in the hospital overnight for observation, but is doing better. >> how scary. niagara falls is looking a a $4 million led lighting system which projects from ontario to new york into the falls. they are environmentally friendly, brighter and use half the power. see the power of led. >> right? beautiful sight up there. need to get up there and see that. those are cool lights. traffic lights, not so much. we don't like those. jen wahl is out there with your
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good morning, jen. >> the red of the bright lights, matching the stop and go. we'll talk about that. on the traffic, stop and go, yellow around the durango curve. 67th is in the yellow. everywhere else in the valley is pretty green. and live outside, definitely not the case here. on the 202 westbound between a crash reported around 5:00 a.m. and if i seem out, you can see the flashing lights, 2 right lanes are blocked and wall to wall traffic. dps telling us what happened, a car under a suv. and the driver reported no injuries, but does need extrication. and will have it blocked a
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the wb 202 san tan near alamo school. and you can use the 202 and side streets to the 101 and the 60 is another option depending on where you need to go. and that is another option other than the red mountain. this is a mess, going to approximate so for a half our or 45 minutes at least. avoid ou >> good thing there's no injuries. thanks, jen. time is 5:56. rainbows and reindeers. what's next? >> dominos is giving up on reindeer as delivery workers as expect fd. they were working on the reindeer having them deliver pizza during the holidays to the snowy parts o japan.
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disaster. they're giving up because the reindeer are too difficult to control. so what happens if the reindeer go off the track or eat the pizza. >> they want to fly. >> yeah. they like to work for santa claus, not dominos. >> delivering toys, not pizza. humbug. ransacking a dollar store in maryland. animal control arrived and relocated it away from the big life of the holiday displays. >> he's mad. look at him. >> bigger than what you think. >> yeah. going for the tree. i think he wanted to bite his way through the tree. >> he is. >> first stage. >> so cute. harmless. >> until he finds you.
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question and the answer. remember this, for some, ended with a high and others, in disappointment. >> if there were fireworks. >> yeah. >> the five-year-old kiss, jay? >> it was an explosion. what about bumping your teeth? >> yeah. >> and an awkward -- >> so nervous that you go in too hot, too fast and hit and so what is it? >> yes. spin the bottle. >> finally got it. >> never played that. >> never brave enough. just seen it in the movies. we never played spin the bottle. >> we did. >> maybe five years old. >> too scared. time for the second juicy question of the morning. and 40% of people have this on the kriments wish list though
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what is this christmas wish? >> yesterday, we were talking about the holey socks. have to admit -- >> a board game or some kind of a childhood toy. something. >> you don't want to admit it. that you want it. >> jay, what you think? >> i usually don't want anything come the holidays. i'm not that type of person. >> world pee. world peace and a powerball ticket that wins. if i had to ask, something that your significant other normally wouldn't buy for you. >> we'll wait for your hint. see what that is. >> talking christmas trees all morning long. they're at the white house, talking about the big tree -lighting ceremony there. dramatic scenes from
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down. we'll have more on that. powerful video there. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs
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. welcome back, everyone to 12 today. the time now is 5:54. let's check our hot headlines this morning. new video of the tornado that hit the atlanta area this week. actually we're going to talk about the stack market, brandon. >> the stocks are always a hot topic here. wall street could start the day in the red. waiting for the big news. the november jobs report out this morning, experimenting to show employers boosting hiring last no and making it almost certain that the fed will hike the interest rate. yesterday, dow up to a new record high. nasdaq falling 52 points to 5251. checking the headlines, what's happening, the new video of the tornado that hit
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dekalb county, georgia, just northwest of the city. take a look at that. the powerful winds just sweeping through the area, and crashing down on the campground there and they're investigating four other possible tornados that hit wednesday afternoon. another death in the wildfires in tennessee, bringing the total number of deaths to 11. we toured on -- a reporter toured on thursday to get a look at the damage there. hundreds of residents and tourists had to evacuate since sunday night. 18,000 acres have burned, destroying dozens of homes and business. a somber anniversary in california. a year ago today, a married couple opened fire in a holiday
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killing fond sfrook they were killed in a shootout after the attack. president and michelle obama lit their final christmas tree. the 94th annual one took place near the white house. kelly clarkson and others performed before the first lady read 'twas the night before christmas to the crowd. we have more on this developing story coming up at 6:00. changes in store for the tempe block party. we'll tell you what they are, coming up. .
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the 202 westbound. it is slowing down traffic, miraculously, the driver, okay this morning. we'll give you the details coming up after the break. stay with us, everyone. you're watching 12 today.
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. abels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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. good morning, everyone. right now on 12 today, the new year's eve block party in tempe could look a whole lot different when the valley rings in 2017. the university of arizona make fighting fire safer? what they have been asked to do. >> watching an nfl game for the same price as a footlong from subway. . it's friday. it's early. still have to work today. but we're almost to the weekend. just about 6:00 on this chilly friday morning. live from the 12 news studios
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all of those stories and more coming up on two today. good morning -- on 12 today. hoping jimmy doesn't shoot his eye out. you know. >> always up to something. talking about a christmas story, a classic. >> we have all grown up with this. and now it's aging us. now it is a classic. the first time i ever saw it, thought i was going to see conan the barbarian and i thought it was a kid's movie. but me and my brother stayed and we laughed all the way. this place here in the west flee, this place is so cool. talking about a christmas story, their production of a christmas story.


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