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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 24, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> members of the somali parliament are among the 30 dead in an attack on a hotel in mogadishu. up plane in china burst into flames all trying to land. pakistan's prime minister says the threat of epidemics is as serious concern. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- how the british government and the catholic church covered up the priest's role in one of northern ireland's most notorious bombings. and celebrating the waiting game. 33 miners will be tracked until christmas. -- trapped until christmas. hello to you.
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it is viewed with increasing alarm by the united states, the african union, in neighboring ethiopia. insurgents stormed the hotel in mogadishu, killing more than 30 people. this included six members of parliament and 5 government troops. at least 70 have died in two days in some of the heaviest fighting in years. we have this report from neighboring kenya. >> even by the standards of somalia, it was shocking. a group of gunmen stormed a hotel in what was supposed be the safe zone for a transitional government troops. the hotel was close to the presidential palace. the brutal death toll is 32, said the deputy prime minister. that includes six members of parliament and five military.
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the assailants blew themselves up. the gunman -- it is claimed to be done and killed as many as 60. it is dramatically proved that there is no safety. the insurgents are trying to set up an islamist government. it is suggests they are growing -- it has been suggested they are growing and experience and confidence. it is said to be unlikely that the rebels will overthrew the government, as long as african troops remain there and there is a government mandate to protect it. if they go, and the government collapses, so does the mandate. bbc news, nairobi. >> chinese media report 43 have
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died in a passenger jet that burst into flames while landing at an airport in the northeast. chinese state television said the plane had 96 on board when it crashed in heilongjiang city. we have this. >> the plane carrying 91 passengers and five crew burst into flames when it tried to land in heavy fog. the head of the airlines jet, taking off from the capital -- the emergency services rushed to the scene, trying to rescue those on board. investigators are now looking for the flights recorder. because of the crash is not yet known. a similar air crash took place in 2004. it is one of an increasing number of airports in remote parts of china to boost economic development.
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bbc news. >> floodwaters sweeping in southern pakistan and the countries by minister is saying there is serious concern about the spread of epidemic diseases, and according to its president, it could take years for pakistan to recover from this year's monsoon floods. at least 87,000 people are still cut off from supplies, food, and water. chris morris reports. >> this part of pakistan, the caretaking matters into their own hands. waters are seeping through. these are efforts to stop it. tens of thousands have fled the city which lies across the sea. >> we are doing what we can to protect our houses. every little thing helps. >> they are ripping up the road,
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but will it be enough? all of this is part of the new geography of southern pakistan. the wall behind me is nearly 15 miles long. it is meant to protect the city. all across this region, similar structures are being constructed, to try to keep the flood waters back. we went out with fishermen who had been carrying out rescue missions, saving hundreds stranded by the floods. we did not have to go far before we came across this, balanced precariously on a tiny boat. >> we have been stuck for seven days, and we thought we could wait it out. the water kept rising. we have not eaten for two days. >> others are still out here, but others have fled. they are leaving behind their most precious possessions, even their livestock. the big question now -- will a wall made of mud, is down, and san prevent the flight from wreaking further -- mud and sand
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prevent the flood from reaching further havoc. >> it is said that the deadline for the withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq is encouraging. he says u.s. forces are still out there. he said it u.s. marines will still remain in canada are for a few years. police andy philippines have -- police in the philippines have admitted to of all gold -- a bungled assault team. they said that the operation was badly planned. in michael lea, seven members of a criminal gangs have been arrested. they were found in a garage in the capital.
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nuclear experts say the uranium could not have been used to make a bomb. official investigation into northern ireland has revealed the british government colluded with the catholic church to cover up the involvement of a priest in an ira bombing. nine people died in 1972 in an attack. the father was suspected of being an ira commander and is thought to have helped plan the bombing. we have this. >> father jim chesney leading as secret life as an ira bomber. one of his most famous plots was to kill with a bombing in 1972. but he was never arrested by the police, never questioned, and never charged. the revelations are contained in this report, published today.
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one victim of the bomb was an 8- year-old girl. her brother survived. today he and other relatives say they feel betrayed. >> i blame the government. they have not performed at all. they have totally washed their hands of that. >> the reason the priest was not arrested is there was a cover-up involving the church and the states. the documents uncovered by the police gives details of a meeting between the then- northern ireland secretary and catholic cardinal william conway after the bombing. the previously-secret document reveals that the cardinal was seen privately and the cardinal new the priest was a very bad man and would see what could be done. the cardinal mentioned the possibility of transferring him, and that is what happened. the priest was moved across the
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irish border to a parish in donnegal. >> i believe he did what he thought to be right in the situation. he was faced with an impossible situation. his primary consideration would be the prevention of any further acts of violence. >> from the government, there was an apology. >> i am sorry that this man who was allegedly involved in this atrocity did not go through the full process of law. i am very sorry for the families who have been waiting a long time for this report to come through. >> for many of those relatives, just saying sorry about the government cover-up is not good enough. >> i cannot understand what they did and what they did it. i do not know how they can make it right. it has been almost 40 years. >> father chesney is not dead.
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no one has been prosecuted in connection with the bombing here. and it is highly unlikely anybody ever will. bbc news. >> india's environment minister has rejected plans by a british company to mind in an eastern state. this is a project that became hugely controversial because the area is considered sacred by an indigenous tribes. the government concluded last year that allowing mining would infringe upon the rights of those who live in the hills. we have this report. >> their way of life has hardly changed in centuries. and now the indian government has stepped in to make sure that things stay that way. this is a tiny tribe, and they have ruled it does not have to share its, which a giant mining company.
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the u.k. company wanted to build a vast mine on the hillside, in a place where the people say they're gods reside and collect their food. the government found that any mining in the area would threaten their rights, and they found that there were already serious violations of the forestry law. earlier, a campaign to protect the family induced many shareholders, including the church of england, to sell their stock in the company. >> we would like to welcome the decision of the indian government to reject this project. there are national and local organizations that have been fighting for an campaigning against this. this has to be done in a
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responsible way. >> previously, the company says they had complied with the rules and regulations, that they would limit the environmental impact of the mine, and that it was bringing jobs and development to one of india's poorest regions. much of the country's mineral wealth lies in such remote areas, so other mining companies will be watching how it chooses to respond. bbc news, delhi. >> stay with us if you can on "bbc world news." still to come for you -- venezuela and the u.s. blocking research into a cure for heart defects. first though, 14 people died when their plane crashed near the capital of katmandu. they were forced to turn back from their intended destination near mount everest. our correspondent sent this report from katmandu. >> it was an anxious wait for
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the relatives and friends of the 14 passengers and crew aboard the airplane, and for the himalayan capital. it was a small, a german-made passenger plane, that left the airport in katmandu slightly -- shortly after 7:00 this morning. due to bad weather, it was forced to turn around. and then disappeared. residents in the south of katmandu reported they had seen the plane crash and it had broken up into small pieces. katmandu airport was closed, and officials worked out what had happened. >> according to the information we have received, none of the passengers or crew members have survived the crash. there was a total of 14 people on the plane. >> there have been accidents year before, but when a small plane crashed two years ago,
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all 18 on board died. it is one of the most difficult landing strips in the world. it is dangerous for trackers on their way up to address. emergency services coordinated rescue efforts at katmandu airport. rescue workers say they have recovered the remains of several bodies, and they are attempting to identify them. the government has launched an official investigation into because of the crash. bbc news, katmandu. >> the latest headlines for you on "bbc world news." and a deadly attack by islamist insurgents in the somali capital. six members of parliament are among the 30 people killed. 42 died in a plane crashed in
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northeastern china. the jet overshot the runway on landing. the eight agency oxfam has found that the country of niger is in a food crisis. our west africa correspondent had this. >> this was certainly not expected. they had not seen a drop of rain in months. no heavy rains have left more than 100,000 people homeless. -- now heavy rains have left more than 100,000 people homeless. >> we had about 15 plots for growing vegetables. they are all flooded. we have lost earnings. >> in the east, it be a severe food crisis had already hit hardest. thousands of animals have drowned. one of the few cows but
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survived -- the eight agencies were all ready -- aid agencies were already falling short of money. they are worried. >> [unintelligible] people have just lost everything they had. >> the drought has hit the entire country, causing acute malnutrition of the children. people here wonder what the weather will bring the next. bbc news. >> more details have emerged about the 33 miners trapped a half a mile underground in chile. they have revealed the have been surviving on the tuna and half a cup of milk every 48 hours. rescue workers are attempting to
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carve an escape tunnel, but the miners have not yet been told it will take up to four months to get them out. james robbins reports. >> g-8's mining minister -- chile's mining minister. the first telephone contact finally found the 33 miners, 70 days after they were lost behind a catastrophic rockfall. it is there life line, of course. there are rehydration tablets and medicine that have already been sent down. high protein, high calorie foods like those four astronauts will be next. this image of a minor pressing his face to the lens of a camera spread joy throughout chile. eventually the news will have to be broken to demand that it
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could take four months to get them out. they are trapped almost half a month -- half a mile underground. the collapse cut them off from escape, leaving the only option this shelter with a small supply of oxygen, water, emergency food. they have survived on two teaspoonfuls of food and a half a cup of milk every 48 hours for 17 days until contact was made with the service. now that medicine -- none of sindh -- now medicine can be given to them. now the task of drilling an escape shaft. it is likely to be december before that will be completed. the escape shaft drilling equipment is arriving at the mine, while engineers calculate the quickest and safest way to get in and out. after an initial euphoria, they
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are trying to keep their health and spirits up over the long weeks ahead. james robbins, bbc news. >> debate is raging in the u.s. over plans for an islamic center near the ground zero site. one of blogger gave bbc news a tour of the area. >> this area is surrounded by a fence. the proposed islamic center is in every league dense is nick -- really dance is nick district. -- really dance business district. it is like lots of areas. it had no connection to the site whatsoever. there is a much history here. things are pouring down and being built on top of that. it is a patchwork quilt.
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and today with my camera, took a couple hours and took pictures of these buildings and put them up on my block without a lot of commentary. just to show people, here are some things you that maybe you do not know about this project. across the street from the world trade center site is this plaza. it has vendors selling t-shirts. construction workers eating lunch. it is busy. it is bustling. tourists. new york obviously has not forgotten about 9/11. those who walk past the construction fence every day still feel tremendous grief. but life continues. this is a busy, busy part of the city. it is filled with people going to work every day and doing their jobs. it is not a place where everyone is boiling angry. it is not a place where everybody is talking about september 11.
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you walk past the world trade center site, and you see a whole bunch of different stores. some opened. some clothes. they are on top of old stores that used to be there. it is a dynamic, nessie part of the city. it is much like every other neighborhood. -- is that dynamic, messy part of the city. it is just like the rest of new york, really. this is where the islamic center is really supposed to go. it is going to be in this former burlington coat factory store. you go by a blank space on the street. there are a lot of different storefronts' down here. anything opening that brings more like to the neighborhood, that is a plus. alan distress it does not matter whether it is -- i want to stress it does not matter whether it is an asset to the
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neighborhood or not. if you have a permit, you build. we do not ask you, what is your religion? fundamentallys wrong if we discriminate. it does not matter to me whether the building is insensitive or in good taste. >> of venezuela has been at the center of of pioneering medical research. americans are trying to work out -- medical teams are finding their work blocked by a tense relationship between washington and caracas. will grant has this. >> it is unique. the small fishing community has the highest incidence of sufferers and in the world. it is one onion 10 instead of one in 10,000.
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they gradually lose control of their muscles and but, thin and frail. it is and curable. this doctor was diagnosed with huntington's and 1978. for the past 30 years, the american scientists has been searching for the care. >> my mother died of huntington's coming and she was a scientist. my father was a scientist. he would still say, he cannot get up in the morning without confidence that the cure will be found. >> when she was diagnosed, she found the first living aboard sorry for her research. -- the first living laboratory for research. >> he had huntington's. there were four children. 10 of 14 children had huntington's. >> she went to new york's
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columbia university. they found the genetic abnormality responsible for the disease. since then, research for the cure has stalled. relations with the u.s. have been at an all-time low. the doctor has only been able to visit the village onetime cents. and in this visit, nancy hopes to reach an agreement with the government concerning her research. a representative came to meet her. >> she turned out hurt investigation's unilaterally. we're hoping to sit down with all the necessary paperwork to move forward with a joint project. >> they want two things. one, a regular source of income. and secondly, the commission
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that nancy wexler enter international team of researchers will return to the village and in search of a cure. the lives of the people of the lake maracaibo have been devastated. will grant, bbc news. >> finally, we have to share this with you. according to police, a man who was shot in the head failed to notice for several years because he was drunk at the time it happened. when the polish man wins you have of a lump on the back of his head -- went to have a lump on the back of his head treated, doctors found a bullet. it may have been as stray bullet fired during a celebration. much more on that and all the international news anytime you want it at you can get in touch with me and to the team on twitter.
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