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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 25, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> a wave of death and destruction across iraq. a series of bombs kill 50. flood waters threaten new areas of pakistan. the u.n. release is helicopters to help the stranded you can only be reached by air. carter in korea. the former u.s. president bids before the release of american prisoner. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the outer limits. astronomers' discover a new planetary system. >> ♪ >> and 40 years after the untimely death of jimi hendrix, a celebration of his life.
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hello to you. for more than two hours today, insurgent armies the wave of bloodshed across iraq. the targets included a police station in the capital. the timing is critical. this is the month that american combat missions in iraq come to an end. the tax for a coordinated -- the attacks were coordinated. this report -- we have this report. >> in northeast baghdad, the suicide attacker drove his vehicle into a parking lot next to a police station and detonated his bomb. many of the dead and injured -- at least 60 were hurt. >> as i walked into the
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reception room, there was an explosion. i saw my colleagues lying dead on the ground. then i passed out. >> in baghdad, another suicide bomber drove a car in steel a police compound. 10 people who died were policemen. at >> i do not know what is going on in this country. where is the protection that's where are the security forces? >> the bombs exploded less than 24 hours after the americans said their troop levels were below 50,000. that is the number permitted to stay here until next year. al-qaeda in iraq may have meant for these attacks to show that they still can. these are the third attacks on in more than a week. last tuesday, more than 30 young men were murdered by a suicide
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bomber here in the capital. bbc news, baghdad. >> mexican troops have found 72 bodies, 58 men and 14 women, in our ranch. they were found after a shootout with suspected drug cartel gunmen. they're believed to be illegal migrants from several countries. the chilean president has told the 33 miners trapped in the north of the country that every effort is being made still free them. he said that the whole of chile was with them. the miners have not been told it could take four months to rescue them. this is the scene in northwest afghanistan where a shooting at left four dead. there were clashes with security forces.
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reports suggest an afghan police recruiter opened fire and killed two spanish officers and their interpreter. most of the survivors from monday's fatal siege on manila have gone home to hong kong, with the bodies of eight dead tourists. weapons from the reagan have been -- weapons from the raid had been tested to confirm who shot first. flood waters in pakistan are threatening a new areas of the southern province. three-quarters of people can only be reached by air. the u.n. says they need 40 more helicopters to get supplies to people who are cut off. chris morris is there. >> in southern pakistan, some of the victims are getting desperate. this is a fight for clean drinking water and a little bit of food.
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united nations as 800,000 people are currently stranded. they can only be reached by air. among them, this man who lives on a small island. >> i want the water to go away and never come back again. i want an education. >> elsewhere, there are frantic efforts to prevent the water spewing further damage. volunteers are filling up sandbags and carrying them up the slope. this is one part of a huge, hastily-build network of defense says. >> as you can see, the side of the defensive wall is gradually being washed away by water. the critical question is, can these sandbags to hold back the floods? the bad news is within the last few hours of local people say the troubles have been rising.
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at the water's edge at the end of the road, people know their fate is not entirely in their own hands. across the water a few miles from here is a town newly- submerged. this was as far as we go. as the floods continued to surge toward the sea, diverted through different channels, safety for one community can mean trouble for others downstream. chris morris, bbc news. >> former u.s. president jimmy carter has returned to north korea to seek the release of an american prisoner. he was sentenced in april to eight years for walking illegally into north korea into china on a one-man peace mission. we have this. >> this is being described as a private and humanitarian visits, but it is arguably and other
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propaganda coup for north korea, the second time in the space of a year it has coaxed of former american president to pyongyang on behalf of u.s. citizens. bill clinton at's visit last year secure the release of two u.s. journalists -- bill clinton's visit last year secure the release of two u.s. journalists. this time, it is a 30-year-old american, reported to be a devout christian who walked across the same border on a one- man peace mission in january. he has spent time teaching in south korea where he is said to have become concerned about north korean human-rights violations. it is not yet known whether mr. carter will meet kim jong il. if he does, it will be another chance to assess firsthand the true state and help of the reportedly-ailing north korea leader. -- the true state and health of
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the reportedly-a rain north korean leader. there is another reason mr. carter has agreed to come in person. the former president is a rare voice in u.s. political circles, urging -- urging direct dialogue with the old enemy. bbc news, seoul. >> the former khmer rouge president and chief sentenced to 35 years in prison for crimes against humanity has injured the appeals process. he admitted to torturing thousands, but he has argued the tribunal he faced was set up to try it the senior khmer rouge leaders. he says he's does not fall into that category. prosecutors are calling for a longer sentence. eight children were hit by a train in south africa. the children were between eight and 11 and on their way to
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school when the driver drove around. four children are being treated in hospital. police in britain are investigating the murder of a man who worked for the spy agency mi-6. detectives said that garrett that williams could have been destroyed -- could have been killed -- gareth williams could happen this -- could have been killed two weeks ago. >> detectives and forensic teams attempted to establish how a 30- year-old mi-6 worker met his end. the body of gareth williams was discovered on monday. the street has been cordoned off ever cents. >> there are a huge amount of people and forensics out here. it is rather grim, really. >> he was obviously murdered in his flat.
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it is awful. that does not normally happen. >> although the body was recovered two days ago, it is possible it had been in the flight -- in the flat up to a fortnight. he was a mathematics graduate and described as talented, but unassuming. >> i knew he was working in london. he would never talk about his work. the family knew not to ask, really. >> mr. williams had a substantive job in chelsea, but he was a convert to mi-6 headquarters in london. colleagues reported him missing after several days. a priority for the investigation is to establish whether national security has been compromised. >> special branch will be keeping an eye on the police investigation. mi-5 will be looking through all the information that is
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available, to see who is active. meanwhile, mi-6 will be looking at the operations he was involved in, see if those reveal a clip. >> it is unwelcome publicity for an organization synonymous with secrecy. the organization of the death of one employee does not have wider implications. >> you are watching "bbc world news." good to have you with us. stay with us, if you can. still to come -- an operation to save of french village being swallowed by waters. first though, an investigation is underway in northeast china were a passenger jet crashed with 42 people. it happened late tuesday. >> a chinese television viewers will get to a scene they have not seen for six years, the wreckage of a downed passenger
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plane, strewn across farmland near a runway at best. remarkably, some passengers had been able to escape. dozens more were trapped inside. those who survived were treated at nearby hospitals. they spoke of five or six strong jolts before the crash. on the ground, it was cleared the plane was burning. -- it was clear the plane was burning. >> we stayed, in the beginning. then the smoke choked as. i panicked, knowing something was really bomb. we rushed to the front of the plane. we escaped through holes. safety record has improved in recent years. there has not been a major
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incident here since 2004. many companies have bought new airplanes to meet a huge expansion of demand for air travel, as more and more chinese can afford to fly. some reports say chinese airlines have raised concerns and in recent months about the design of the planes. the jet from the brazilian company. the company's own investigators will join chinese officials working at the site. the black box flight recorder has been secured. the plane's captain and will reject the plane's captain will offer crucial testimony. bbc news, beijing. >> the latest headlines this hour on "bbc world news." a series of bombs have targeted iraqi security forces. at least 50 are dead. more than 200 are winded. floodwaters are threatening in new areas of pakistan.
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the u.n. has cents helicopters to help those stranded. >> in australia, the horse trading is going on after the inconclusive general election last saturday. members of both political parties have had their first round of talks with three independence. prime minister julia gillard and the opposition leader tony abbott are both trying to form a coalition. we have this from sydney. >> they have been dubbed the three amigos. they hold the balance of power after the inconclusive election. >> we admit we have developed a request for information, call for papers or information in seven key areas which we think are important for us to consider. >> it is not good well -- good
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will to slide by their party members. if they cannot look at the future in terms of longevity in terms of the power itself, from one government or another, there is a third option. we will establish very quickly whether they are serious about governing for the next three years or governing until the polls -- until the polls indicate they can govern by dissolving the house. >> there has been certain -- something madcap about this campaign. >> he was very popular. >> news of another australian death in afghanistan. >> the mission in afghanistan continues. the loss of 21 soldiers. it goes without saying, it is dangerous and difficult work. dangerous and difficult work, but it is also vital work.
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>> this is obviously a very difficult and dangerous time in afghanistan. it is a mission that is vital for the security of our country and the wider world, and now sometimes you waver in our commitment to australian -- and now is not the time to waver in our commitment to australian forces. >> they have met face-to-face with the three independent leaders, with julia gillard listing with the labor government has achieved in their electorates. pictures are being made. the independents are being charged. but all three have indicated they will not make decisions until next week and will possibly deliberate longer. bbc news, sydney. >> montblanc is one of the highest points of europe and one of the most iconic images. floods are threatening those who
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live below. it has happened before. our christian fraser and has the story. >> europe's highest mountain, towering some 500 meters above sea level. it towers over a village that is home to 3000 people and a popular site for hikers and climbers. between the summit in the valley floor is a hidden like. these three images show water traps -- show trapped water. it is the equivalent of 26 of the big swimming pools, and enough to produce of flash flood in 15 minutes. and that has happened before, in july 1892, when 175 people were drowned. today, engineers will began sinking into the glacier to withdraw the first pocket of water. >> 200 meters high.
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there is no road. there is no helicopter. it is an area that is prone to avalanches. we cannot have much time. we do not know if the weather will be ok after october. >> if the water is released, it could crash down the valley, creating a chart that is eight times bigger than the original volume up -- creating a torrent that is eight times bigger than the original volume of water. they still do not know what will happen once the water is removed. there is an evacuation plan in place. christian fraser, bbc news, paris. >> the former wife of tiger woods has dismissed as ridiculous speculation that she tried to hit him with a golf club last year. elin nordegren has said that there was never violence outside or inside their home. europe's no. 1 golfer has been
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speaking to the press for the first time since their divorce. he says there focuses on helping their children readjust. >> i wish her the best in everything. it is a sad time in our lives. we are looking forward, in our lives, and how we can help our kids the best we possibly can. that is the most important thing. that is the most important thing. >> do you think this could be your chance to get your game back together? there's as lot of speculation need to focus more on gulf -- there is a lot of speculation need to focus more on golf. >> is one of those things where it is as sad time and we are going through it right now. as far as my game and practicing, that has been secondary. we are trying to get our kids is situated in new living conditions. but that is where our focus is
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right now. >> tiger woods, of course. astronomers have discovered an entire planetary system securely -- eerily similar to our town. it has over 500 plants. and scientists say some planets look alike met him and they are made of rock and ice. we have this report. >> this start is 127 light years away and it is -- this start is 127 light years away and it is similar to our own sun. this star. these planets are huge. one of them may be similar in size to our own moral. >> we have discovered a planet that is 1.5 times the mass of the earth. that is the holy grail of astronomy. b-1 to determine whether it is a
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freeport -- we want to determine whether it is a freak or a common manifestation in the universe. >> the telescopes are powerful enough to detect planets in orbit around other stars. all of them so far have been too hot or otherwise to support life. but scientists expect to find many more planets the size of our own birth. the hope is that one of these might be just the right distance to have a liquid water and so to support life. if that is the case, there is a chance we are not alone in the universe. bbc news. >> talking of stars, he is number one on most people's lists in the rock-and-roll hall of fame. now jimmy hendrix is getting a memorial in london where he began make his name in a 1960's.
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the site is a flat where he lived. our correspondent went to take a look. ♪ >> american musicians usually come to britain after they have conquered their home turf. that is not the case with jimi hendrix. he came to london in 1966 with the sole intention of becoming a star. he is the stuff of legend. ascentndrix's creative was achieved in four years. his debut album was released a
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year after his london arrival, and it showed unique confidence and versatility. >> i met him a few weeks after "hey joe" came out. i met him and we recorded the solos for "ice and fire." that was like the beginning of the psychedelic music. when we came back to the flat, we knew what we could do. ♪ >> hendricks reveled in marion's studio sound effects like -- hendrix reveled in it and marion studio sound effects and with music.
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by the time he moved into brook street in 1968, and his band's three albums had forever altered the landscape of british rock. >> there was a discussion between pete townshend and jimi. basically about which one would go on first. he was like "i am not let the following year." jimi might have wanted to go so he could leave first. he was not worried about liking. ♪ >> the 40th anniversary of his death. in tribute, we're opening the flat where he resided.
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>> they would drop to their knees and that kind of things. they were dedicated, dedicated. not too many fans do that, though. >> ♪ angel came down yesterday and she stayed just long enough ♪ ♪> >> 200 years apart, but still the greatest musical talents of a generation. bbc news. >> what a sound. it worked pretty well. you will find that and much more of all the international news online at you can get in touch with me and led the team on twitter. i'm @bbcmikeembley. we are on facebook, too.
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