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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 27, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news."
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>> low american growth figures from but fears of a double-dip recession. the fed warned it will step in if things get worse. i new constitution for kenya, but an old problem marred the celebration. the sudanese president, wanted for war crimes, adjoins the ceremony. standing strong, standing tall. 700 meters under the ground. the first pictures of the chilean miners. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the exodus goes on in pakistan. up to 1 million within 48 hours. there is the threat of fresh floods. and the prime minister of niger
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pleas for a fresh international aid. we have a report from the capital. hello. do you want the good news? that is here in britain. the bad news is global. fears that the global economy is indeed headed downhill. u.k. growth is up by more than anticipated in the spring. in the united states, it is well down, at the country's top banker is ready to step in if it gets worse. we have this from rhode island. >> it started with housing, and it is not getting better. millions of homes across the usa are abandoned and after weeks of travel -- terrible figures, america's top banker says growth is low, the labor market is
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disappointing, and he was surprised at the deterioration in the balance of trade. the economy remains vulnerable. rhode island is one of the first to plunge into recession. up president obama's stimulus money will go to buying houses cheaply. she says there are fewer repossessions of houses. >> there are very few buyers out there. interest rates are great. it is a good time to buy. there's a lot of uncertainty about jobs. >> that one and that one, around 60 in a small area. the pot -- the problem behind this is unemployment. it is consistently sticking at 9.6% throughout the united states. wendy knows all about that. she has been out of a job for
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five months and has four children to bring up on her round. no doubt redeye linda's average's worst and the nav -- no doubt rhode island's average is worse than the national average. >> you feel like you're putting your resume into space. how many other people are putting their resume out for the same job? >> when he starts and new job on monday. >> the lady called back. and you know, we are going to have me start. [laughter] >> this is where wendy will be working, like house financial services. government stimulus money will pay her wages. her new boss is doing the books for other companies, as a she, too, is well placed to judge how the economy is doing. >> a lot of my clients when out
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of business. a lot of people who had their own corporations are working at starbucks. it is going to turn around again. >> america's top banker says he will do all he can to make sure the recovery does continue. mark mardell, bbc news covered island. >> of jobs report by u.n. -- the jobs report by u.n. investigators say that crimes committed in the democratic republic of congo and not to genocide. they called them widespread and systematic attacks by the rwandan army. the american aijalon gomes, detained in north korea since january, has arrived home. ex-president jimmy carter negotiated for his release. he was serving eight years hard labour for illegally entering
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the country from china. and these pictures apparently show the north korean leader in china. the great images are from japanese tv. this is said to be his second visit to china in three months. there are reports it is related to his succession and his youngest son is with him. judges from the international criminal courts have reported kenya to the u.n. security council. omar al-bashir came to kenya to see the new constitution signed into law, but he is wanted for war crimes and genocide. as a matter international law, kenya should have arrested him. they were all caught up billion what the government called the biggest celebration in a generation. >> this was a day of historic occasion with military bands and
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traditional dances. there were celebrating the new constitution that dramatically changes the way kenya is governed. >> as president of this great republic, i attended my signature on the kenya's new constitution. >> the new constitution it introduces new limits on the president's powers and gives power to small regional administrations. it sets up a commission to tackle land reform, kenya's most emotive issue. violence followed the elections of 2008. there is concerned that the way it that the tribal politics influence politics had to change.
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it was the result of a process to prosecute those behind the violence. the document says it is committed to supporting the international criminal courts. but then at the sudanese president omar of this year turned up. he is wanted for war crimes. -- but then the sudanese president omar all this year turned up. the court has reported kenya to the u.n. security council, citing kenya's obligation to arrest omar al-bashir if he turns up. corruption, tribalism, and in kennedy are deeply ingrained, and it would take more than a piece of paper to change that. it will be hard for any politician to change. abc news, nairobi. >> security has been tightened after a grenade attack seriously injured a security guard.
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this is the third such blast in bangkok in at just over a month. the government says the reason for the attacks is unclear. landslides killed 11 in the northeast turkey. roads were flooded near the georgian border. landslides are common locally, but buildings are still being put up on unstable land. in and of development that could mean more productive crops, researchers in britain say they have decoded the genome of weeks. -- wheat. pakastani authorities have ordered more evacuations in the south as bridges in the banks of the indus threaten new flooding. the u.n. says that despite appeals, aid is trickling in it very slowly. tens of millions of dollars worth of food is urgently needed, but name -- but may not
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be available. chris morris is in islamabad. >> they have come down from the coastal regions of pakistan and the himalayas. and now this huge body of water is making high tide, pushing up from the arabian sea. it is putting enormous pressure on a system that is close to the breaking point. in many places, it is the water which is winning. hear, a breach in the levee, cutting people off. their only lifeline, a rescue boat. and when they can be scared, helicopters. the system is struggling to cope with the sheer weight of numbers. 9 million people are in need of emergency assistance. food, shelter, and medicine. many have lost houses, possessions, and in some cases, everything. >> we had to run to save our lives, leaving our valuables
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behind. the breach occurred late at night. there were no proper arrangements made by the government. we were taking our children and some luggage, leaving behind our houses and everything. >> there is now a mass evacuation. roads are clogged with trucks and people moving on the foot. new victims are claimed by malaria every day. people are seeking shelter wherever they can find it. here in this graveyard for muslim saints. there is fear, anger, and frustration. it is impossible to help everyone in need. elsewhere, people are starting to go back to houses that are damaged and destroyed in areas where the floods have receded. the scale of this disaster is
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posing an unprecedented challenge to the pakastani states and to everyone involved in the international effort to help this country in its hour of need. and he really bad news, potentially -- more rain is forecast in the coming days. chris morris, bbc news, is all about. >> and niger is seeking international help to deal with its own torrential floods. all this after a long-running drought which has left 15 million people, half the country, meeting the food aid. we have this report from the capital. >> the rains that millions had prayed for a few weeks ago has brought havoc here. thousands of homes have been destroyed and desperately-needed crops are washed away. the suffering it extends to the capital, where thousands have lost their homes and everything the hon. some families have been given
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refuge in a temporary shelters. the floods could not have come at a worse time. ever since the harvest failed last year, millions of people have had little to live on. some have had to survive on leaves and wild berries. aid agencies have since brought in to help from across the world. most of come in the form of grain, but many are now giving out money so people can buy their own food. the floods will make getting help to people in this, the poorest country on earth, even harder than ever. mark thompson, bbc news. >> stay with us if you can on "bbc world news." still to come, the rain has come in russia, but too late for many. we report from one of the worst affected areas.
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first though, military officers in britain and the prime minister to review his security arrangements. he narrowly avoided an attempt on his life and in a recent visit to afghanistan. david cameron's helicopter was averted when it was suggested the taliban was planning an attack. carol walker has this report. >> it was david cameron's first visit to afghanistan since becoming prime minister, an important opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to the afghan mission and its support for british troops. he looked relaxed as he was seen but some of them at the main operating base. but flying to a more remote patrol base in western helmand had to be hastily abandoned after learning of a plan to take down his helicopter. he has already held a high- profile meeting with the afghan
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president in kabul. it was broadcast on afghan television. thus, the insurgents new the prime minister was in the country and likely to be traveling south. intelligence was picked up, suggesting a possible attack. there is no confirmation from downing street, but it is clear they are taking this security warning seriously. there will make sure that media arrangements and future visits take better account of the dangers involved. the organization of the visit to afghanistan has to strike a balance -- the right coverage to ensure the political message reaches a wide audience, and the need to ensure the safety of a high-profile target in a dangerous place. it david cameron has already caused headaches for those in charge of his safety, and he may need to heed their advice rather more closely in the future.
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bbc news. >> the latest headlines for you this hour on "bbc world news." there are new concerns for the american economy. the growth estimates have been revised sharply downward. as kenya's celebrates and new constitution, the international criminal court criticizes as government for inviting the sudanese president who is wanted on war crimes charges. new pictures inside the san jose mine have been aired on chilean television. it is giving the first glance of the 33 men who were trapped underground for several more weeks. they seem to be in good spirits. gideon long has this report. >> the black-and-white images give the clearest indication yet of how the miners are coping after three weeks underground.
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the pictures show one of the men giving a rousing speech, praising the strength and dignity of his profession. when he finishes, the other workers, gathered around him in the dark, break into applause. perhaps the most moving footage is of the miners singing a rendition of the chilean national anthem. the images have been shown to relatives who have previously had to make do with a written communication from their loved ones. this is the pipe being used to drop food, water, and medicine to the miners as they wait to be bested. the supplies are dropped 700 meters into the cramped shelter that will be their home for the next few months. meanwhile, work continues on the giant drill that will dig the escape shaft for the men. the relatives are following
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every move of the rescue operation. they have received replies from their loved ones in response to messages. this camp, called camp hope, is beginning to take on an air of permanence. many relatives say they will stay here as long as it takes. the miners have been trapped underground for exactly three weeks. help is here and more is on the way, but it will be many more weeks before the ordeal is over for these 33 men. they are crammed into less than one square meter, connected to the outside world by two boreholes. but it is hot and all of them have lost weight. they are being advised to start an exercise regime, and not only for their mental health. they will need to dig an escape tunnel the diameter of of bicycle wheel.
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gideon long, bbc news, chile. >> and we will certainly be coming back to that one. france has rejected a u.n. report calling for the end of what it describes as the collective deportations of roma people. the united nations is concerned that the hundreds deported were not fully informed of their rights or debate -- nor did they fully consent to leave. france says it is respecting its international obligations. >> sending these, home as one group without assessing their individual needs looks, the united states -- the united nations says, like racial targeting. the u.n. wants france to avoid mass deportation like this and make sure each person's human rights are respected. >> we understand estate has a
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responsibility to deal with security issues and issues of illegal immigration. but our view is, when you are doing so, it should not be on a collective basis. you should not be targeting a group as all. >> at the u.n. committee also politicalfrance's leaders need to tone down their rhetoric. they say this contributes to discrimination. french politicians should instead try harder, the u.n. believes, to promote tolerance and understanding. but the experts in geneva also made it clear france is not the only concern. the problem is a europe-wide. among six european countries just reviewed, as well as france, denmark, estonia, bosnia herzegovina -- all had issues
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against their -- issues of discrimination against roma populations. bbc news. >> a recent heat wave had a huge impact on russia of course, in the world may be paying the price. global wheat prices have skyrocketed since the worst droughts on record. in the simpson reports. >> this is a country where there is no shortage of land, but not always the perfect climate. they call this the black earth. and in normal times, this is an incredibly rich, fertile soil. farmers would die to get their hands on it. but look at it. it is absolutely dry. you needed wheels to get around this mega-farm. it is owned by one of the
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biggest agricultural firms in russia. >and they are counting the cost of the drought. it has been a terrible harvest. he showed me how the crops have been damaged. wheat grain shriveled. >> be planted this field with seeds an expected 4.5 tons of wheat. we only got a 10th of that, some 450 kilos. >> and the nearby village, all the can do is wait for rain, whilst keeping the animals fed. they usually have five times as much hay as they do right now. >> prices will go up, and i'm afraid our salaries will not affect the cost of debt.
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>> it is quite a change in russia's fortunes. bumper harvests in recent years have allowed the country to become the world's third largest wheat exporter. egypt and asia are its biggest customers. this year, exports are expected to be low because the government has put a ban on the sale of crops and abroad. >> our buyers would prefer to pay competitors rather than buy our grain with the brush and breast. we will have to repair our reputation, and it will take a long time to get it back. >> here, they are plowing the soil, ready for winter crops. the big question is, while the rain come in time for all the planting to be done?
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>> now to find work or unscrew? it is a great debate among wine lovers. experts in france and portugal and spain have launched a campaign to save the court, appealing to wine lovers to -- to save the cork, appealing to one lovers and you shaun of the cap. >> with out the cork, would champagne had the same pop? corks can turn my nasty, a problem that could be avoided by using screw tops. in this shop in paris, there are relatively few bottles with a screw tops like this one. they are becoming more common, even here where traditions die hard. most of the world wine experts
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agreed screw tops are the way forward. >> there will always be a market for wind whipped up court -- wine with a cork. you want the cork to allow that little bit of air in there, to allow them to age. we firmly believe screw caps are the way to go for fresh, drinking wines. >> but many wine experts are sticking to their corks. >> definitely in terms of sensation of the wind, i think the -- wine, i think the cork is preferable to the twist top or the glass. >> the cork industry may soon
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face drastic cuts. bbc news, paris. >> it just finally for you, authorities at bangkok's international airport got a surprise when they found drugs hidden in a suitcase. it was found in the luggage of old woman. but toy tiger had been packed in the bag. the woman was arrested before she boarded her flight. the tiger has gone to a wildlife conservation center in bangkok. the u.s. federal reserve is saying it is ready to take further action to boost u.s. economic growth. the economy grew at our rate of 1.6%, almost 1% lower than the government's estimates. much more the international news anytime you want it on
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