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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 30, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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york, stowe, vt., and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and the macarthur foundation. >> fundamental reforms. drilling work is due to begin on an escape tunnel as to attract workers talk to their families for the first time in a month. eight agencies in pakistan struggle to reach the victims of the floods. coming up later for you, authorities tried to limit damage after allegations hit the theme from pakistan >> if it is true, it is probably the biggest blow. >> the environmentally friendly sheep, cleaning up the scrub
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land, but before you go out and buy one, remember that problem. they are difficult to catch. a review of the united nations panel on climate change says it needs to fundamentally reform to handle complex scientific assessment. it follows the controversial handling of a landmark study on global warming in 2007 and calls into question the role of the current chief. >> is extreme weather really on the increase? that is the sort of question the intergovernmental panel was set up to answer. it has been influential, but it is under-reviewed according to
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some. the top panels gave their verdict on the panel. >> trust is something you have to build up every year. there is no question. we think what we have recommended will help. >> there were several reasons why they launched their review. first, the authoritative panel modeled the dates. the and the sourcing of some reports is called into question. some say it was not clear enough. critics accused the panel of not being open enough. not making space for people skeptical. today's report says they should be clear on uncertainties. some say they should go further.
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>> we need more. we need other assessments playing a much bigger part than simply the scientific experts. >> the panel who accepted it -\/ -- the nobel peace prize. today he is fighting back. >> the more scientific information we have, the better we can design our actions. >> the panel will continue as long as governments feel it is changing the climate. >> engineers are due to begin drilling to rescue the miners trapped in chile. last night they were able to speak to relatives.
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>> the final piece of the drill has not arrived. by this afternoon, we saw plenty of activity. engineers are getting ready to start thinking. the miners are trapped almost half a mile between -- and if this hill. this is why the rescue may take such a long time. the current plan is to dig straight down. that means cutting a hole 26 inches wide. engineers hope they can drill as much as 66 feet per day, but the drill will have to stop for maintenance, and the government warns it may take three or four months to reach the miners. here the men in their refuge.
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the miners cent of the first video after they have the conversations with their relatives. you can see what just 60 seconds on the phone has done for each man underground. she says she spoke to her 27- year-old son. she is a widow. her son is the center of her life. >> it was a short conversation. i was able to have -- ask him how he was. >> the pastor believes the survival is a miracle, so he sent 33 bibles to the refuge. >> i asked the mining minister if i did send of the bibles. he said yes, so long as they were smaller than seven and a half centimeters. >> the family sits quietly outside the mine. they promised to stay here until
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the last man comes out of the ground. >> the united states has imposed a series of new sanctions against north korea by freezing the assets of individuals and organizations allegedly linked to support for the nuclear program. the move is linked to the sinking of the south korean ship in march. john e. yang has denied responsibility for the incident. the mexican federal police force has sacked more than 3000 -- p'yongyang has denied responsibility for the incident. the mexican federal police force has sent more than 3000. they said they either failed to do their job correctly or they were into corruption and settling the claims of defrauding the u.s. government. the justice disbared man -- department says actions will be
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taken. talks have resumed between the south african government. the president instructed his ministers to negotiate with unions representing more than 1 million workers. we will get on to cricket in just a second. the sport is far from people's minds. local people are claiming the construction has hardly begun. >> this was one month ago. >> please save our souls. >> he issued a heartfelt plea when the flood hit his town.
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now the debris is strewn all around. nearly 20 feet of water came through here. the room is still filled with mud. normal life is still on hold, so people remain angry, wanting more. >> we lost everything. we lost our job. we lost our infrastructure. the difficulties are the bureaucracy of this country. >> not doing enough? >> not doing enough. >> local people say they rose about a foot every five minutes, and then they took a week to subside. you can see the enormous amount of damage that is done. now people get food cooked by
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private charities. precious little else has happened. >> just down the road, a small crowd has fallen the administrator. people are still trying to clean up the mess. at the crossroads, people are frustrated. why is it taking so long. he says he understands why people are so upset. >> the government is doing its job, and hopefully, you will see that. >> what do you need in terms of increasing your rehabilitation efforts barrier -- efforts? >> for now, local residents use whatever is at hand to move things around, but the real task of rebuilding infrastructure has hardly begun.
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the government says it will take years to complete, and people will have to be patient. >> the president of the ruling body says it will take ruthless action if any player is found guilty of cheating. he was referring to allegations of abetting scam involving members of the pakistani national team currently touring england. they say the damage to the national team could be immense. and >> in the work could be a cricket pitch in pakistan, in the park, and a street corner. any stain on the team could beat a stain on the nation. plenty of talk about the match- fixing allegations in a country already reeling from the flood.
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this is another body blow. cricket has always been something for people to cling to. it gives people a sense of national identity, but the feeling is one of collective shame. they tell us they feel angry and betrayed. >> they betrayed the country. they should get the maximum sentence, 25 years. >> we found others calling for far more than jail time. >> both the cricket board and the team should be shocked. they are a shame on the country. >> some said the players were victims of entrapment, but no one said they were innocent.
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they say there would have to be a punishment to match. >> there should be punishment so future generations should think crime does not pay. >> you have to go 14 years to the last time they won a test series in england. those glory these -- days seem very distant from now. they have promised a life ban on anyone found guilty. >> 7 american soldiers have been found in separate roadside bomb attacks. i witnesses reportedly saw an army vehicle being hit by a roadside bomb. that brings the number killed 214.
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nine people have been killed after a fire at a russian nursing home. that began after a man set himself on fire. evacuation began in the building, north of moscow. china has confirmed the north korean leader has held talks. when he was there, and armored train carriage was seen going back into north korean, fuelling expectations kim jong il was seeking support for his younger son. still to come, the new invention being called one of the most important life-saving discoveries of recent times. he is a french climber, known as spider-man, and he has been arrested after scaling a 57- story building in australia. he was arrested when he climbed the building in sydney without any safety equipment.
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he has called some of the talk -- climbed some of the tallest buildings. his climbing is aimed at raising awareness of climate change. >> he calls himself the real spider-man. this is no movie. those special effects are needed here. he takes to the building without safety equipment -- just his bare hands and a bag of how compounder to dry his sweaty palms. such as sun soon draws attention below. >> it is kind of scary. i would not do it myself. >> it is pretty extraordinary stuff. the fact he is climbing without any ropes or safety gear. >> not everyone is so impressed. alan scales the building in less than half an hour, welcoming -- with a welcoming party at the top including police.
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it has obviously been a tremendous impact on the people of sydney. we will be prosecuting him to the full extent of the law. last year declined the royal bank of scotland building. he has climbed 78 buildings around the world, including in kuala lumpur end in new york. there seems to be no stopping the french man, this latest feat to raise awareness about climate change. >> these are the top stories. the euan cost review of climate change has recommended it change the way the organization operates, and drilling work is beginning on an escape tunnel to
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drop -- to rescue the trapped miners. they have shot down people believe to be members of the same family before turning the gun on himself. a victim died later in hospital. the motive of the killings is unknown, but there are rumors the family is from the gypsy community, and the gunman is a former policeman or soldier. >> please respond to reports -- police in response to reports. i witnesses saw a man armed with an assault rifle and firing wildly. the man turned the gun on himself after being surrounded, and his identity remains unknown, but this picture appeared shortly afterwards, apparently taken through an
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apartment window. they later confirmed they found the buildings -- the bodies of five people nearby. a seventh woman who, apparently a passer-by. police refused to speculate on the motive, but witnesses confirmed the family was from the gypsy minority. according to unconfirmed reports, the gunman was a former policeman or soldier who lived in the same building, possibly in the flat above. >> scientists at the university in greenwich have been placed in one of the most important life- saving discoveries. their intention of an artificial cow has been ranked alongside the discovery of dna because of its use in fighting sleeping
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sickness we have seen the work in practice in uganda. >> they are treating people suffering from sleeping sickness. it is a disease that only affects africa, but it kills tens of thousands of people each year. >> they normally died. >> scientists at the university of greenwich have developed a weapon against sleeping sickness -- the artificial cow. they do not look like cows, but they smell like it to the cc flyer -- tse-tse fly. it is considered among one of the best lifesaving discoveries of modern times. >> it ranks among dna, fingerprinting, and this is an
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african problem. >> sleeping sickness kills 3 million head of cattle each year. >> it is one of africa's greatest constraints. it is a very important strategic use. >> whole communities are being screened. it is hoped with the right treatment, it could even be eradicate it. medics say the work done has been invaluable. >> it gives us the motivation to know, and it helps appreciate the fact they are looking at people, but the insects are eradicated >> the artificial cow
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is giving hope to millions of people in africa. >> santiago in spain has been a source of the pilgrimage for years, but in recent times, the number of people has soared. 2010 is a significant year. >> preparing for the last leg of a long walk, they are heading for santiago, and they have nearly made it. this year, more than 130,000 pilgrims are brought the way of saying james, for at least 100 kilometers. -- the way of saint james, for at least 100 kilometers. he tells me the last few kilometers each day are the hardest. the destination is santiago cathedral. it is filled were the remains of
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st. james r. discovered. -- were discovered. for the pilgrims who made it here, the fact it is a wholly year made insignificant. this is also a huge commercial opportunity. there have been record-breaking crowds this year, giving the economy a boost. muse and the pet shop boys are playing, too. >> this is the main unique product, but we promote spirituality, nature, and astronomy. we use this as the heart of our
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campaign, but it has a far wider reach now. >> they get the stamp of approval for their efforts. the church is pragmatic. >> it is the pilgrimage, and lots of the motions come. >> the a moment -- the moment arriving is a moment of joy. they are embracing the opportunity, because there will not be another year until 2021. >> abandoned land is often
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neglected, and it could soon become a no go area for city residents. the council in southern france has found a novel way of controlling the events of nature. >> how you tackle the wilderness like this? you could probably put chemicals or weed killer all over it. for most, this would be mission impossible. that is of course if you -- unless you have a very peculiar team of specialists. like every sizable city, they have plenty of these plots, not
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so attractive to residents. they go anywhere, he says, into the most difficult terrain, and they eat practically anything. they are the direct descendant of domesticated sheep. they're extremely agile. you are earning your money. sometimes too agile. european farmers gave up on this. they do have a voracious appetite. this is the field a month ago.
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>> we are protecting this space. we bring nature inside the city o, and that is it. it is cheaper, obviously. >> they eat, but they do not destroy it. >they have found a niche market and a nice burning. they are booked until the end of the year, but before you go out and buy one of these sheep, remember, they are difficult to catch. >> the report into the controversy surrounding the climate change panel says the organization needs fundamental
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change and stronger leadership. >> get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. >> funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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