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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 31, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> accused of conspiring to commit to us, the dutch arrest two men, on their way into the united states. what began as on the escape tunnel to free the trapped miners. u.s. combat operations officially ended in iraq. coming up later, hope for the peace talks now, but four israelis are killed on the west bank. a new method that could save lives.
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>> serious questions are being asked about american security after two men were arrested in amsterdam on suspicion of terrorism. they boarded the flight from chicago even though a mobil found -- and mobile phone was found taped to a bottle of medicine and one of the man's luggage. >> they are confronted a board a united airlines flight to amsterdam. they're still being held on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. the fbi concludes their journey to amsterdam is not a dry run designed to test security. they have flown from chicago, ill., their baggage went without them. by extraordinary coincidence, but both missed their flights and they were rerouted to
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amsterdam. when customs officials discovered that the bags had been traveling without them, they open them to find mobile phones struck together and another taped to a plastic bottle. today, the dutch police were questioning the demand with close contact with the american authorities. -- they were questioning the men with close contact with the american authorities. >> they arrived on the flight from chicago which arrived in amsterdam. the arrest took place on the basis of information provided by the u.s. authorities. the two men are from yemen and they were supposed to be traveling to yemen. >> security is tight on the street. last year, a nigerian student was arrested on a flight traveling the other way from amsterdam to detroit. he was charged with attempting to detonate the bomb on board.
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on this occasion, there were two federal air marshals on the flight. the it team men were close to each other but they did not know each other. -- the two men were seated close to each other. there are some uncomfortable questions for airline security to answer. as regards to the content of those bags, secret officials say it is not unusual for mobile phones and washin -- for mobile phones to be taped together like this. >> drilling has begun on a rescue shaft to free the miners who are trapped in chile. they have been stuck for longer than any other miners in history. they had been investigating the mine for its safety record long before this disaster happened.
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>> workers set up the main drill above the minezbv7 had and they began to dig a shaft. the midst of the desert covered the whole top. it would take three or four months to complete horton. -- had to complete. they are having to dig at half a mile down. a cage will be lower to rescue the men one by one. the process could take several days. copper mining is how they make money in chile. the price has risen dramatically in recent years.
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mines in this region are being reopened. this mine was closed in 2007 because they had a bad safety record. they were allowed it to start again. >> this woman's father is the oldest of the minors. he used a teller that this mine was not safe. >> he said it was very dangerous and they have several fatalities and they reopened the mind >> the family members want answers from the miners' bosses. >> the trade unions representing public sector workers in south africa who have been on strike for nearly three weeks say that they're considering a new wage offer. the government has raised its offer to 7.5% after the president called for
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reconciliation. the former cuban president fidel castro has said that he was responsible for the persecution of gay men and women in the years after the resolution -- revolution in 1959. in a lengthy interview for a mexican newspaper, he said the prosecution had been a great injustice. he said he had too other problems to deal with. officials of pakistan have appealed for more helicopters to help those cut off by the floods. nearly a million people can only be supplied by air and the head of the u.n. food program said that only 4% were currently being reached. large parts remain under water. three people have been arrested here in london in connection with the alleged pakistani scam. three cricket players are
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unlikely to play again until the investigation is over. the country has reacted with anger and disappointment. the illegal betting industry is a multimillion-dollar business. >> cricket is not the only pass time going on in the streets. it might be legaillegal but secy there are gamblers and bookmakers. as soon as it gets dark, we go to meet some of the most notorious bookies. they are reluctant to show their faces. they explain how the system works, much of the big money comes from the gulf and india. you can never said that much here, this is like a drug.
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this is not to started now, this has been going on for years. the creek and the administrator is based here at the main stadium and they are determined to root out these scams. they have said this many times in the past. it is getting very pervasive. this affects many aspects of society. this is not just pakistan, the alleged match fixing has cast a shadow on the premier league season. there was no proof of cheating but there were many players who were approached by bookies. >> the players have said they have not succumb to this. they will not get into the temptation and the performance. >> must pakistan is recognize something drastic must be done now.
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they feel that the damage has been done to their country's reputation, not just in sporting terms. >> nato officials say five u.s. soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in eastern afghanistan. this comes as the top u.s. and nato commander in the country, david petraeus, says some taliban gains in the southern provinces have been reversed. he added that the militants still retain the initiative in some parts of the country. the economy has become the second fastest growing in the world. strong industrial and mining output have reduced the rate to 8.8%. only the chinese economy is growing faster. france has commented about unacceptable insults about the french president's wife. one called her "an italian
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prostitute who deserved to die." iraq has regained its independence, that is the message from the iraqi prime minister on the day that american forces officially end their combat mission. this is a key election pledge for the u.s. president barack obama. he has been in texas banking the troops. while politicians hailed the withdrawal, many boys said concerns over the timing. >> this is not yet a country at peace and it might not be for a long time to come. after seven years of violence, this is a country which feels itself to be free once again. the acting prime minister announced today that iraq was once more sovereign and independent. the point of the american
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involvement here supposedly was to liberate the iraqi people and perhaps to start a domino effect against other dictatorships. all that really happened as a result of the invasion in the short run was that saddam hussain was overthrown and the whole country was laid waste. there is nothing left out of the rule of saddam except vast monuments like these that he left behind. for most politicians here, the invasion was a disaster. >> this was a disaster, the worst disaster that we have had. >> worse than saddam himself? >> definitely. >> the operation was marked by carelessness and lack of planning. it just a few weeks before the
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invasion, president george w. bush seemed not to realize that the muslims were divided into sunni and shi'a. donald rumsfeld was given a nine header page document carefully prepared by the state department on how to run iraq after the invasion. he dropped it straight into his waistband. -- donald rumsfeld was given a 900 page document on how to run the invasion and he promptly threw it away. donald rumsfeld abolished the iraqi army without consulting anyone else. terrible violence followed and people were being killed at a rate of a hundred today. things only started to change in 2008 when the american tactics improve radically and the civil war began to burn itself out.
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now, things feel very different. there is still around 10 killings a day but by the recent standards, that is a huge improvement. slowly this country is making a new life for itself. >> you are watching bbc world news. >the maximum authorities have arrested one of the country's most wanted drug traffickers. -- the mexican authorities have arrested one of the country's most wanted drug traffickers. >> brought to his knees by the police, he was at the top of the wanted list.
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he had been trying to control the billion dollar empire of the drug trade. 8 $2 million down to was on his head. >> he is a highly dangerous criminal who led operations in the structure of hit men who worked in the criminal organization. his activity is associated with the distribution of sale and drugs as well as other illegal activities. >> for the federal police, the capture is a notable success. this follows the investigation that lasted over a year. the shows that they can make the headlines for the right reasons. the very same police force had just announced that 10% or 3002 wanted officers have been linked to criminals. >> the task of purging has begun and there is no set a pace for
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its end. this is a permanent and ongoing task. >> the latest breakthrough was even celebrated by the government on twitter but the fight against the drug cartels will go on. the the president lost his crackdown and nearly 30,000 lives have been lost. despite the rest of the kingpin, who is known for his violence, many more battles remain to be one. >> this is bbc world news coming to you from london, these are the top stories. dutch prosecutors are holding two officials hostage -- two people on suspicion of terrorism. work has begun to help the
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trapped miners. the military wing of hamas has claimed responsibility for shooting dead four israelis in the west bank. this area has been a flashpoint for violence in the past. two men and two women died in the attack. this comes as there are limning peace talks. there are fears that this could be a problem. mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu will need to in washington this wednesday. the president of hamas is not invited and they have said they would not attend anyway. we look now at the chances of success. >> 17 years ago in 1993 on the white house lawn in washington, d.c., the israeli prime minister
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and the palestinian leader shook hands in a deal. the plan was to change israeli- occupied land for a lasting peace. a few years later, the israeli prime minister had been assassinated. thousands of more people have been killed in the years since the first handshake and there have been thousands of hours of on off negotiations. this week, they're trying again. there's a modest memorial at the place where the prime minister was shot. the legacy of the past is very heavy and this is the reason why so many people think that the talks will fail. there is something else as well, it is not certain that either side is ready to pay the price
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and abandoned dreams, that would be necessary to make a lasting peace agreement. you can still have a good life in tel aviv. one israeli fears that the palestinians dream of destroying their state. >> when i was young, we would not have any armies. you don't go to the army. now, we don't say that. >> one fear is that israel still dreams of colonized much of the occupied toward deep. a freeze on building the settlements expires on september, 26. palestinian negotiators say they will walk away from the talks. the israeli government says this would be an excuse for dodging decisions. >> the time is running out. we need to make an end to the conflict. we need to take this seriously and negotiate seriously and put
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an end to the contact. >> yasser arafat cosgraves is in ramallah. the palestinians plan to bury him again in jerusalem if they get a capital there. it is believed that the peace process can be possible. >> is been 40 years -- it is more than 40 years since the occupation. i need this success. >> it is not just the future of jerusalem, palestinians want justice for the refugees and israel would like a confirmation that they are a separate state. >> if you were to go to see a doctor with a chess complaint,
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you could be using a telephone instead of a stethoscope. are people ready to take this step? >> when it comes listing to your heart beat, not much has changed. today, the procedure remains much the same. i'm about to have my heart checked out with a mobile phone. >> peter bentley is not a doctor but a computer scientist. this stone uses the microphone to give an accurate read out. this could be sent to a doctor. >> it might sound like a gimmick but the inventor says that this is being used by thousands of
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doctors. >> some people have to travel 80 or three hours to reach him. this is really beneficial. >> this is a bit of technology that has not changed much since the 1940's. until recently, mobile phones were banned for most hospitals. now it seems that doctors are finding them essential tools. there are some things they cannot do. >> many of the things we can pick up, there is not a substitute for. i don't see it replacing the doctor-patient relationship. >> it might be a while before the stethoscope those that fashion. >> there are a key cinema
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greats from italy. one of their joint masterpieces has been released. "the leopard," won the best film at cannes in the 1950's. we have been looking at a remarkable composer and his relationship with one of the best directors of our time. >> the meeting of two great masters of cinema in a great italian epic.
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>> what is extraordinary is to become the kind of music that the filmmakers wanted. even suggesting things they had not thought of. that is what i would have expected >> the theme music won an oscar. he wrote 150 scores. he also was the composer for several of fellini's productions. with fellini, he would often
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sit down at the piano with him. fellini would say, i want to use the famous circus music. then it would be a good idea. then they would play something else that was a bit like this and fellini would say, this is much better. >> this is a film that would
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have been found in the 19th century. the look of this film is very much based upon the painting of the same time. what is interesting is that it has a freshness and a newness that it would have had in the 19th century. >> one of the masterpieces of european cinema and the genius behind it now on screen again for today's generation. >> don't forget, you can't find that story and many more -- you can find that story and many more on
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