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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 8, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc rld ws amera." down to t we for the government shudown just hours away. u.s. lawmake sti have not hammered out a dea the battleinesre drawn. >> w don't sena mocrats coulserious about cutting spending? gosh at leas23 peoe are killed when secityorces enediren antgovernment demonstrators. ree weeks too untilhe royal weddg. d for those trying to gt a famous photo, keep you diance.
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welcome to our viers on pbs in america and around the globe. thclock isicki. lawmakersave been working around the clock. the devil may be inhe dails. >> i washington, the clock is ticking. unless ty ca settl on a dget by midnight, much of the government machiny wi shut wn. th would mean natiol syols li the national - and the statue of libertyand tional rks osing. govementorkers will be sent homeithout pay. no deal. >> there are a few issues tha
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are outstandg. how they are dficult issues that are imptant to both sides. i am not yet ppare express ile timism. >> from publicans on friday morng, still no deal. >> wh wilsena democrats get serious abt cutting spending? a billhat alsoncludes a real spending cuts buturts job growth and sigls tt washington is not riou >> it would afect pretty much everyone here from the tousts, the momentand musms, to millions ofmerins whose tax turn is due to be procsed. ny of theare ang at the politicians. >> we elect officis to get thgs done ia timely fashion. et them not coming to an reement, it affects a t of people. >> it is selfish tt they c set up thereith eir high saries in and playuppe masterwithhe rest of u
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>>veryoneas tpay forheir desionand a lack of decisions. >>n th right t loust voic are those of tea party republicans whoserusa against governmenaste and grewo popular ithe dterm ectis. the democratsow accusehe tea rty pusng a social agenda by denying government funds to clinics offering adve to pregnanwome gosh and they are t biggest push, tyingo move had a social agenda, issu thahave noing do with fundg th government. it appearslearly to throw womeunder the bus, en iit meana shutdown othe gornme. >> anti-washington pasort legacy is cosedue to lacof funding. vots punhed congresonal
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republics raer than present clinton. o will americanslamehis ti? >> joining me now on the living shutdown is andr nor. put th in context for us. how much money a u. lawmakers aring er? thi is the incdible thing. what tey can't agree on represents1% of federa spending. in eope, countries like greece talking about cuts oup t30% ofheirudget, the u.k. is currently implenti cuts of almost0%. u. lawmakers are still squabbling over something that isin.s.erms, peanuts. it does not address the big issues. they're oy taing about the discretionary spendi. th'reot addressinthe really b soues.
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socia security, medicare,hese kinds ofssue ther is the continuing prlem of t natnal debt. theyan't even aee on this. >> what woulit mean for the u.s. diplomatic eorts around e glo in this time turmoil? >> in the u.s.overnment is ying that it will send home those worrs, people who are deemed nonessentia therwill be some governme funcons carrying on if t utdo actually do hapn. t it will considerablyurta what the ste dartment can . we heard senator krey congss saying that this wl makehe united states the laughingock the world. what will try to thi of is? chi thi of thi how is it loong on capitol hill?
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>> neier sean agreen what theroblems are. there is still hopethathey ca pull off a st-mute deal becaus lking back to the 1990's,he republicans kn that this cld ygainffec themery badly. they are worried abo that, buttheyan't fear the moment. >> if itll fls apart, they don't get the bme a the her party does? >>ou have hed th democrats all day making a lot o h out the republica focing on pannedarenood. the demoats e making sre th if there is stdow they wt to make su the republican get the blame. >> athe u.s.trieto get its fincial house in oer, in hungary, finance ministers went
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to talk out aefuge plan for portugal. p enomi ofcials said the country would need around $0 billion inesculoans. and portugal bemes thehird cotry afr ireland and greece toeed that finaial feline. om enomic turmoil, in syria,ne cy has been the focapoint of government protest. least 23 pele were killed by rio policesingive amniti. demonsatio broke out across e country areust week afr th psident coider some rormso stopshorof liing the emergency law. fr damascus, w ha the latest. >> mor violenc, secity
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foes klingnti-vernment protters. the cityas been a focusf unrest foreeks a security crackdo lefmany de. the govnment denied it was theiforces the fired day these picres from rian television shothe alleged gang firing. many resints o spoke tsay itas t security forces that shott them. [inaible] they have been calling for the same thing. freedom. demonstrators tned angry, these pictur are belved --
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nintelligible] the president hasn't en see much sce thenti-government protesters started. when he did make appranc parlment, he disapinte he plic by offering close nothing. he has made some conssions nse,ut they d't seem to be addrsingheir demands. the stres arfilled with anrnd hamas is being followed by hongrrests and vience. >> today inemenat least three people we killedouth ofhe cital. te of thousandsf p and anti-government otesrs. they are in a standoff about
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whether the presiden shod be forced to step down. today, theejected an ex plan propose by the stas. in the libn ci of benghazi, rebels kled an accidentalato air strike pson. meanwhile, theegimhas accused nato of mbing o facilities ctrold by rebe forces. a chae the international organization denies. the renu is seens vital to e rebel's efforts. >> a jewel in thrubb crown. -- reb cro. ch of it ces here.
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if t rebels control eugh theil they mayetermine the ture. the lo cru oil close to 70 million pounds that wil hp toeep the volution afloat. >> they pe tbegin rular oil exports. th areoyboutho their custers a and they are talking to three or four european countries they wil have least two tanks fillingp he every moh. theeven is urgentlyeeded payhe bills. inis fst television interview, theead the rubb oil mpany says the income as a liline the country's nds e froz. in t meantime, we have to fe our expens. in terms of people, in tes o
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supplying thmark. fueletc.. >> would be unie to buy? >> -- what do you need to buy it? >> i d't know if theyeed to y weons e not. i can'intohis question. >> to the lolist havestruck twice theast week. this aears to be th aftmath of an attac astopped prodtion at the oilfield. obtned this amateur ftage of the latest sabotas. oil workers say emoyee are too scared to return from wor this is a crude bb that failed to explode. the rebelsant nato to keep a close watch over the oifiel. >> is the interestsf
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everybody ing t off of the major supply in is area of the world. i don't think anybody wan that. neher untry's want it. >> many libyans have neve shed in their cntry's oil wealth. sanction mean thate c't ll aingle barrel. in libya oil as power and money. now, perhaps desty. >> in other news fm aund te world, on the eve o parliamentar elections reports are comg in that at least 10 people have been killed. several casualties weepoed in t blast, one personas killed in e noh. the vernment also kied at
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least four people. the dety pme minister has appeared before the international criminalourt, accused of organizing vigilanteroup during the007 pridenal election. six others also fa charges. the zero denied the algati. two lestinians have been killed by israeli shelling. the violence came hours aft hamas issd a cease fir one person has been killed and another seriouy injured in the shting of a british subrine . now to tvoryoast where offials said that more than 10bodies have been foundn
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the west othe untry. many of the vicms were burd alive, andt is believed that the killings are ethnicall motivated. it claimits ambassador com under avy apons fire and forces loyal to the incumben lead, a charge they deny. whawe found tse civilian [unintelligib] we have security, b we don' have water or athin to eat. thats our proem now.
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thes soiers aretill sieg. but they are consolidating their hold. it has changed dramatically in the last 24 hos. iteelslikearts of theity are slowly coming bk ale. the police chief saiit is still too dangerous. wequickly fou out why. a commander that to his men to stop looting are urginthem to op dhering. and so while theoldiers head t totrik local ridents
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nd tmselves back in a familiar prediment it was supposedly stle. weeard mortar fire andhe position is under tack a reminder of y and how difficultts totabilize the tuation. ere is certainl ogre here. that the sie and the irmishes drag on. >> you are watingbbc rld ne ameca." she is no strger to the otlight when it comes photograph in kat middleton, it is a picturehatan can't wait to cash in on. it ha been nearly two mons since the pula protests ove the psident from power. ousas gathered in the square gatheringhat he and his fami be put on talor
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algatis o cruption. he unified the protesters fr the srt. the hu ofultul activity th became a rallying pla wehave first-person account. >> iave the curat of coemporary art. since 209, have been wking in the gallery it i also fullledged ltur center. the revoluon iaking a lot
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writers. everybody an tist. you hava li of the gunn ldinup these poster banners, some of which were factl. some of whichere funny. ther inothg more to say. it isomptely out conol. every singleuman being has be of rt of that. i think my parentsre more eative now. i was on line lot as i always am. like threstf the
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professional wld, i automatically bame a eep er ont h f on the front line. twper, i really like that word. i'm a tweep. i ha alwayselt at there has been no public spa, an this i why there has been no public discourse. everybody inks of himlf aa spector. uon't participate andou don't paicipe - and youit there, you don't paicipate. it is a chr in which gro of peopl with no previous experience orqualications come tethe
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and th cantart brainstorming home and putng their everayomplaints, whever they may be. when w started the firsthoir, h never met her before. in recent events, sheost r life sh was attacked by a gro of thugs yesterday. it will continue wh thewere dog. i ver scared about cllin it a fl revolution becau i don't ow iit is compte o succesul.
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>>he curator wher first- peon account of ept's revotion. the weddinthat will beatch around the worl countles media organizations wi be hand. whil she is already on of th most ptogrhed women, those wielding the camas he been warned to behave in a responsible fashion. >>he is not yet an ico but it is cong. erytng is about to change midnight, london's st a. it is the bride to be at really pays. >> inow that i will get sale
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all-around south america, asia, all ofhoseountries. >> prie hay was rumoredo be out her >> no sign of prince har. they can'rely on the glov from close friendsf t young yals if ty are lucky, they'll get a nudge from somebody wking in a club or restaurant. >> they ar not suddenly goi to have other friends spinni the secrets. there is an land of -- element of where it is cing from. >> intrusion remains aeal coern. on t engagement day, the pares we carefully cheographed. theress commission ward otographers over a registe -- alleged harassmt. they haveeen rned before.
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scenes remiscent of those that rrounded diana. williahas verorgiven the press for how they treated as his mother. they will take a hard le o anyone aggressively pursuinghe newlywed he things have chaed. >> tre will bno me late- night car chases. what happens torincess diana, if we ever learn less fro at, unless we e stupid. >> she h had years to epar sh will be inde t family. dian by the end, was not. she ll bore protected princess. >> to nd mh mor on the upming royal wedding, go t our web site wre y'll find
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complete coragen how the cole coped with the media glare. in fit on the tonht, eaier is wee we had a sty on a project t hp locate thousands ochilen who rvived world war two. buwere separated fr the famili. a sies of photographsave w beenut o line. watching the brocastas a gun dealer that contactethe seum toay iwas his fatr o has led happy life d now side in cana. that does it fo tonight's broadcast. you can see what we arlookg on -- and wt w're worng o on ouracebk page. thank you for watching and hav a gooweekd.
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> hello and welcome. >> see theews fold, get t top ories from around t gle anclick-to-play video reports. goo bbcom/news to expienc the inepthexperteporng "bbworld news" online. funding was made possley thfreen foundation o new york, stowe,ermo, and nolu. newman's n fodation. thjohn. and catherine. macarthur undaon. and unn ba. and roadside attractions esenting "the conspirator," directed by robert rford >> linln's been shot. >> you are charged with consracy to kill abraham lincoln. 150 years after the cil wa began >> i am no asssin. >> comeshe sry of what reallyapped when it was over. my mother is innocent >> from directoroberredford. >> she must be bied and forgotten. you liar! >> bed on actual events. >> tre is no limit to how far the osecution is willing to go.
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>> "the conspirar," ted pg- 13, starts april 15. >> "c wod news america" was presented kce los angeles. is program
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