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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 28, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this "bbworld news." funding for th prentation is me possible by the feman foundati of w york, swe, vermont,nd holulu. newman's own undaon. the johd. a catherine t. macartr fodation. and union bank.
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>> union bank haput i financial stngtho work for a de range of companies,rom small buness to major coorations. wh can we do for you? >> and n, "bbc new arica we e reportinfrom stmiter abbey inlond. t the wedng bells ring. are jushour away from the ddin of prince william a kate middl 10. >> i am so exted. >> reporting fromashiton, devastating d deay, atring stor among the mostear
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in u.s. histo rag across the south. thdeath tolls inhe hundds. inde ofhe revolution in yemen. the whe hse h a choice beeen the currentovernment atl qaeda. >> can any of you to image a scenario inhichl qaeda tes over yr village, yo are >>afr months of buiup, the royawelding is finay up us. -- the roy weddin isinally on u in jt few hours, prince william will marry kate mileton. the ar thousands already lini the streets camping out r theig night and mlions tchi on their television screens. if the bri and gro had any
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se ofast-minute jitrs, they didot show it. prince william surprised se of ose who were camped out. he came out and wished them well. ey have said thathey e very gratelor the support and affection at they have been swn. our royal correspondent h been followi allf the day's last minuteven. >> congratulations >> therowds are gathering. atuckinghamalace, at vantage pots, d outde westminster abbey ielf. itas to thebbey that the bride came forhat washe finarun rough.
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without prince willi thi me. thoffial program has bee published and cntains a message from william and katen which they say they are deeply touched by the aecti they ve bn shown. thisalso contns the order of rvic the vows t bride will te it wi omit the word "ey." it ss, i katherine elizath will ta wliamo be m huand. the bridend groom lleave e abbey as husnd and wife to e stngs of "crn imperial." they have chosen three hym -- hymns.
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tomoow, te middleton will jo a family whh in the pas has not be oply welcoming to newcomers. it is significaly b signifant at a member of thatamil has spoken in her support. is i the queen's cousin and one of her mostrusted confidants. >> she is a future queen. >> this is a od thing for the royal familys we. >> y. >> the bride lef the abbey after the final run through. she wasdelited by the trsformation of the interior and was feelingelaxed if a little undetandly nervous. in ldon,retty much evything is rea. the bandsave eir msic, the clergy their lines, the guests
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thei invitations - a couple of diplomatic absens. virtually erything is kwn except for t bde's secret, her dress. was ts a dss designer in disgse? wh knows. everhingill be inull ew of theorld as a future british king mary'his ide. mares his bride. >> it is noisy he at westminsr aby. i feel le i have tned out to a party. joining me tomorrow, i am joined the bbc news edit. you don't get peoe siing like this very ofn. >> people are dancing in the stree. pele from all ov the world, of all nationalities, all
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colors, races, creeds, allave co to stminster. thsemarble. >> we very rarel get this in britain. people are singinggod save the queen,"tull volume. >> who wou have ough that the btishonary would have this pero have them stay all night toet the bes vantage int? who uld have thought thatyou would have heardgodave the queen," in aamerican accent? they are certainlyovi this >> i aamaz at the interest in america. if anything,t is hired there than it is here. >> we saw prince wliamhis eving ming out withhat reay is street cheer, rlly cong ou a greeting the crowds.
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>> ihink it is. i was a lord recr wen william wa conducted. this was a 2t century pnts. his father was barely a20th century prints. is is very modern man and th is very mern ppel. this is tale of the changing composition of britai oyals beg to marry other royals. then they beg aing aristocrat w, ty are mari ordary pele. -- then they ban to mry ariscrat w, they arearryg ordinary people. is will be modn. th wille 21st century britain. eny the party tonight. yocan hear it, eryon i t
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be in theirorns. they are getting reyfor is weddg toght. >> sadly he in e u., they have had oer things on their mind tornadolleyas bn veryusy. the death toll fm dons of tornadoes wasow over 260. president obama wl travel to alabama whereome of the worst damage took place a 180 pple were kild. >>his is just one tornado. re tha 150 were recded in 24 hours. e stm systems stretchg from texo new yor ose who have lived thrgh it
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described apocalypc scenes. >> thank god. he's the arlife. thank him fettis out of the artment. >> ilaba, thereas devastatio this ishat reins of tuscaosa, a university town where carsere scattered and neighborods attened. manyf the dead were crushed by the rubble of the fliy hos. this girl survidheir veto >> d i don't know if i have ever seen anything as destrtive and as tragic as what has trspired. >> president obama has moved quicklyo pvide federal disaster relf. >> te loss of life has been hearreaking, especiay in alaba in a matter of hours, tre he been many tornaes, me of t worswe have seen in decades.
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it took mothe, fathers, ss, daughters, friends neighbo. weanno conol when or ere a portab -- a terrible storm may strike but we can corol how we control it. seven states have clared ergeies. th is nowhe deadlit sees of tornaes i40 years. a testf ith as the losses mount. >> in mocco today, a powerful bomblast ripped through a cafe in mrakech. it was teaming witvisitors. people werkill including any forgner this might he been the work of a suide bomber but no organatiohas claimed sponsibility. our security correspondent has the details. >> the cafen central maakec momentafte aeadlylast wenthrou it.
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official talked of anxploding gas canister bu now theres suggtionthat it could have been a suicide boer. mo of the dead areelieved to beoreiouris. one brit who runs a hotel heard the blast >> i heard a sound arod us ihought it was masry fling from the buildg. the first floor was gone. waits were trying to help those injured there was quite a few pools of bld. >> this was t caf before the blast, a popular spot f foreign tourists. 36200 briton site mocco in 2009, manheadg to marresh, and pticur this square in which theafe overlook. a grouplinked to qaeda was
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ported to have threatened morocco ju day ago. ther are fea that the group might have struck again. >> the syrian government crackdown on protesters has cost the british governmento witraw the invition to this hearing ambassor. he said wasnacceptable for m tottend whi his governme was busy attacking civilians. ere are reportsf coinued avyhooting. >> today athe border crossing closest to damascus, theas a steady stream traffomin out ofhe country. the people did nolook as thou they were fleei. those whwereilling topeak at only second-hd infortion. th man told us that the people are rising up. they are repressed, heaid.
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there a lotof problems in deraa. this dver said ty had sen nothg onhe road from the capital. there seem to be, as you mht expe, a lot of fear. everus that wmanage to sp on the way out of sia i refung tlet us on board. our pducehad st bn on board and ask if ere's anyone willing to taland ople are remaing silent. ere a lot of fear. >> this uld plain why the tanks a believed to be in e town of deraa, the cente of e uprising. people in the town are und curfew this cannobe vified. the united nions security council is still divided over whato sa about t cradown.
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e eupeanunion had statemt condemnin the violence russia,ndia, and china stoppe ort that. thsyri authorities say the crackdown is againstxtrests that have been thrteni civilis. it is clear that they want to ring an end to the protest tomorrow demonstrato plan day of rage. this will be a big test for both sides. >> and military cot in bahrain has ntenced four pro- mocracy prosters to death. they were found guiltyf killing a police offer. thether protesters were repoedly sentenced to lifen pron. it i misrata no air strikes are blamed fo kilng 12 rel fighrs. the docr believed that it w a mistake. natoenied there h bee any
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stris on the buildis in misrata. in yen, the u.s. has relied o presidential stngman sallah be thstro man against a qaeda. the.s. has told him that he shod transfer of powero th opposion. our corspondent reports, thcurrent uprisg rses seousuestions abo shington's policyowar men and the past. this is polical cartooni. this is why aid this year last year hisouse wastormed soldier. he was accused with linkso al eda. he was relead on condition that he would never dro caricares of -- draw
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caricatus oresident saleh >>fterresident obama became preside, weere optistic th the reality set i the were supportinghe se dictators. >> his cartoons areow part of e revolution. his storis an example of w so people have seen rression with the u.s. waon tror. priden saleh once that if he goes yemen cld fl into the hands of extmists. that is fding right io the ars thahashaped the u.s. policy in yemen. al qaeda mitan have shown that they are capable of launching attacks he west but is eay th america has blockeand at angers many here. e continued to giv millions dollars to the army of presiden saleh despite the use
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that i was misused. e miiles fired into yen killed more civilians tha yemen. these n cerom areas that have been hit. this i actually a ibal meing. this ian area whh the u.s. sa is one of theost daerous trouble areas. >> i kw people thatave joed a qaeda but they dot beuse they a poor, because ey hate th gernment, this tribesman td me >> canny ofou igine a enar in wch al qaeda takes er yr villageyourrea? the ite houseeclined our questor commt anso i asked the formermbassador if e strategy has been succesul. >> we have generally not succeeded in eminang al qaeda in in an peninsula --
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elimating al qae in the ninsula. >> this is ptly a rult of the u.s. policy yemen tt whater govnmen eventually erges frothetalemate is likely to be mo iamicnd less accommodang to the u. interests. washington is worried. the protesters say at they need to respect e choices ma bythe people he and thi would be the mostffecve way fight the warn teor. >> when it comes to fightin that war, no u.s. officials are more engage than that defse secrary d the cia chief. there is a majshufe in ose sts. the current cia director le panetta wille taken over from obert gates athe dense dertme. is j will be taken by general
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vid petraeus. wh do these chaes mean for e arica commitment ound e globe? joining us with his pspecve is jack kane. the are so manyhangesn this maj reshuffle parent the most snifintne was robert gates. ho big i that in tes of the mitary commitment? i tnkhat pret signifant. secrary tes has been the most effective secretaryf defense iave known in my litime he has madan eraordinary contbuti. thos are real bishoeto fill andnyon sppininto those shoesould have tou time. >> he sved both the republican and democratic president. whdo y think th he was so fecte? >>e is so experienced. he h worked f sixf seven
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presents. clearly kno the waf washgton and extremel thoughtful coemplated. he is a tough infighter dner with a large apratu of the u.s. government at the end o the day, it is is judgment >>ou have aeneral going to theia a you have a dipmat getting the top job in afghanistan he will r the war as a civilian. at does that signify aut t way this war in afghastan is going? >> ryan crockerhe was u. ambaadorn iraq durin t surgehen general petrae was leading the military eort. we do not succeed like weid i iraq withoutmbassador crocker. hes the most effecte u.s. diomat we he that has ever
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operated in tt region in recent htory. from the day hhitshe gund and start toake coribuon, am really encouraged by h exct in this po and goi io afanistan. we havead a snificant vd there and will more than fill it. >> now there is a general chargef th cia, is tha fuher blur the lines between military commitment a intelligencehichas been urred for many years. >> no, i don't think . we haveaid nerals in crge of the central intelligce agency in e past and we ve had n inlligce people running th inlligence agency. leon panta ione of the and george tenet bore m was one of those. whateneraletras brings to e table is that he has obouslyeen invved ghting radicalslam the cia's priipal job is defeat it.
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d general petras understands a lot abt that and will mak theight contribution. thank you vy mu for ominin. > glad to be here. >>the u.s. economi grth slow shaly athe start of this year. annual growate of only 1.8% compared to 3.1% economis are bmingad weatheras dayedonstruction ojects and rising fuelrice whichuts into nsum spendi. exxonnnoued its fst arter earnings came i at nrly $11 billion in a arte is ilikely to fl the debate overisi prices at te pump in jap, instrial poducon in march pngedfter ctories were forc to shut
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down folwinghe deadly tsunam 15.3% in marc cpared to february. th bigst o monthecli on rerd. the cal productn is dn % from year earlier. t's return to the ral weddinwhicwill be getting unrway inondo. themedia and the public he descended the scene en masse. we sawhismazing picture. prince wliam is ing somethinhat hisrandmother orather would not haveone whh is to say hlo to the public, to shakthei hands and agr to them just beforis ddin what doethat tell you abou the monarchy >> i think at this ishe part
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of the reason why soanyeopl around me areampedutnhe streets. thiss really about this young cole. evyone i spoke to, people kno kate middleton, pele w are gog tohe wedding tomorw say tthe a he haareal huge amount of affection among thbritish public. theyare enas young, ver levelhead, vy in tch wh the people, wanting to do things like we saw prie wliam t and ki of ry normal. we sw kate middlet arre at the hotel down the seet ere she and h family arepending the eveng. her st nights an unmarried woman. i think at that nd o levelheaded ss, at down to eth natur is y people are excited. th will gi the brish
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monchy new lease o life. these weddin havbeen going onehinde for centuries. this s a nse of modernity about it. youo back to britain oe or twice aear,hat struck you most? i think it theevel of excitement. we he seen a pls ttnlya third of btainille atchg this. i think a did cameras said, pple wantome good news this isnaduerated good news and this is the couny tt i very hpy to sre ihis wedding- in its wording to mar. you are looking sendi forompleteoverage, be sure to visit oureb site. the yowill find l th lest ns an analys including look ahe detailed hedule for tomorrow.
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when theremony does finally began, that is a6:00.m. eaern time, th bbc wilhave allor you livonline on teevision, on the rdio. please jn us roughout the y. we will be back tomorrow wh all of theighlhts. thank you very much f watching "bbc world news america." >> hlo and welcome. seehe news unfold, get the p sties from around the globe and click--plavideo port go to to experienc the in-depthexpeeporting ofbbc world news" online funding was made possley e freeman foundation o new york, stowe, vermo, an honolu. newman'own undation. the john d. and caerin t. macarthur fountion and union ba.
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>> uon bank has put its global pertise to work for wide range of compaes. what can we door y? >> "bbc rld ws america"as prested kcet los angeles.
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