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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 23, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. president obama makes the case for drone strikes in a broad national security address. has takenstates lethal targeted action against al qaeda al qaeda and its associated forces. including with remotely piloted aircraft commonly referred to as drones. >> in london, the soldier that was killed in yesterday's brutal
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attack is named emma but there are more questions about the two that carried out this assault. it all,ce that says after the tornado that struck oklahoma, these two neighbors found each other again the need to the rubble. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. president obama gave a spirited defense of his administration's counterterrorism policy. he defended the use of drone strikes and said once again that it is time to close guantánamo bay. our north america editor followed it all. here's his report. >> the president who scorned the idea of a war on terror has
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dramatically increased the use of drones. the president, who am us to close the prison at wonton them obey, has failed. -- you promised to close the prison at wonton them obey -- bay, has failed. he said that there should be fewer drone strikes. >> before any strike is taken, there must the near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. the highest standard we can set. >> there will only be drawn strikes against terrorists who cannot be captured and pose an imminent threat to the usa. there will be new rules for guantanamo bay. there will be a fresh attempt to send prisoners to trial. that was not enough for the
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hecklers. >> you are commander in chief. you can close it today. he could not, continue. >> history will cast a harsh judgment on this aspect of our fight on terrorism and those who failed to and it appeared imagine a future 10 or 20 years from now when the united states of america is still holding people who have been charged with no crime on a piece of land that is not part of our country. >> outside of the stage, protesters were hardly satisfied. >> i am very disappointed. i was a democrat for a long time and i wanted to vote for him this time around. when it comes to the perpetuation of this war and in obamag the cycle going, has done as much as he had. >> the republicans in congress have stopped him from closing guantanamo bay.
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for all of the speeches, there was no suggestion why the hard politics have changed him a white it is any easier now to make those promises become a reality. >> the tricky politics of all of this. for more on the speech, i am joined by p.j. crowley. but start with what the president said about drone strikes. do you think the way he addressed that will satisfy the critics of his policy in countries like pakistan and yemen? >> no. he established a solid context for why they are used. they are seen as an essential counterterrorism tool. compared to conventional military operations, these do have less of an impact around the world. the problem is given the sequence he, it does not mention where they are employed today, they won't not address the challenge where they see the
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drone operations as a violation of pakistani sovereignty. >> the issue that has caused so much disquiet around the world. the president has said it is time to close it. you think that america is closer to doing that? hashe obama administration not added to the problem. every terrorist arrested since 2009 has been put through the civilian justice system. resumewed that they will resettling detainees. naming a state department envoy, a defense department envoy to work on be settlements around the country, around the world including yemen. he took off the self imposed restriction. >> you would expect some of them to go home? >> it will make this smaller.
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while he did put wonton oh in a different context, this war will and. the legalremove foundation for the existence of wonton amo. being able to resettle those, to move those who cannot be resettled, that has to remain a formidable challenge. they are looking for a framework to have a more nuanced approach to the war on terrorism. >> the legal context will change. the challenge of terrorism will go on for a decade or more. ,t will still use these tools but it requires a different legal basis. >> what the president said is the this should not define country's war on terror.
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>> there are still work work to do to reverse a growing trend. many countries around the world see this as america's war. .his remains a global struggle >> p.j. crowley, thank you for coming in. do britain, authorities have lee rigby as the victim in the knife attack. the two men suspected of the killing are under armed guard in the hospital. they were known to the security services. drummer lee rigby, 22 years old. helmandr who survived but not hate street. he leaves behind a two-year-old son. tonight, his family paid this tribute.
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towas lovely, all he wanted do was to be in the army. he wanted to live life and enjoy himself. ,e was a loving son, husband father, brother, and uncle. he was a friend to many. the flag flew at half mast. his soldiers on standby to serve in afghanistan. >> he was a dedicated and professional soldier. he was proud to wear the badge of his regiment. he was a real character. he was at the heart of our corps of drums and had taken part in many ceremonies. he was also an accomplished in gunner who have served with the station in afghanistan, germany, and cyprus. >> route the day, a steady flow of flowers arrived at the barracks. the prime minister visited the barracks to show his solidarity.
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as anejects the attack attempt to stoke conflict. >> the people that did this were trying to divide us. they should know something like this will only bring us togetherstnger. are with theoughts victim and his family. they are grieving for their loved ones. we have lost a brave soldier. the defense staff said that this had only strengthened the armed forces. >> it is a very difficult balance. very proud of the uniform that we wear. we have huge support around the country. this is a completely isolated incident. we will wait to hear more on that. scene, police officers continued their forensic search.
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as video emerged tonight for the first time am a there was a chaotic scene. the response team moving injured the attackers but left them alive. the tribute continued to the life cut short. >> more details are emerging about the murder suspect. both were born in britain and were of nigerian dissent. it has been identified. one of them converted from christianity to islam. >> evidence has emerged that one of two suspects in the murder
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has a documented history of radical activism. there he is in 2007 at a rally held by a banned group, filmed by the bbc. >> because of the injustice and the suspect can be seen on the left. attack activities of the organization over the years. you could say the same for tens of thousands of individuals. we have had so many demonstrations and processions. >> both are under arrest. held under armed guard and indifferent hospitals. the counterterrorism is leading the investigation and searching for evidence. one of therged that
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suspects was born into a christian family and then became a convert to islam. >> i remember him as a very person. he was a very gentle and humble person. he was well spoken and intelligent. andas a genuine concern love for the people around him. the activities came to the attentions of the security service and my five some time ago. clearly as of yesterday, he was wrongly assessed as not being a serious threat. what are the key questions? plot go unnoticed? when was it planned? is the evidence from the scene and elsewhere, and of course whatever statements they give to investigators. then it is a question of who
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might have been involved or knew about the plot. today's revelation that wrote the murder suspects were known is on the one hand reassuring. on the other hand, it is highly embarrassing for them because at some stage, that turned to mi-5 missedon and it. maybe not enough, maybe not significant enough to have investigated further. >> parliament, intelligent security committee has started their own investigation into exactly what was known about these men and whether this attack could have been prevented. >> a short time ago, i spoke to
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our reporter who was at the scene of the attack. what was the atmosphere like where you are today? >> well, the police had finished their forensic work at the actual crime scene which is in fact exactly where i am standing. side of the actual barracks where drummer lee rigby had emerged from. this is where he was murdered. look off to the side in fact and this is exactly the spot where he was killed. deliberately and high visibility jackets. the police have made the point that they have 1200 extra officers. they're looking to give people reassurance. the attack could fracture relations between the balance of
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the committee. there is no sign of that happening, of the attackers getting what they wanted. >> what's more do we know about the suspects and what their motives may have been. what were they trying to achieve? they are known to the british intelligence forces, to the domestic agency. in particular, the one who has , is ofmed publicly nigerian origin. he spoke in the videos in a london accent. one thing that is very clear over the last 24 hours is that it seems that they have deliberately played to the gallery. we estimate that it is about 15 minutes that they had lingering right here at this crime scene,
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inviting people to film them and photograph that appears that was part of it. experts believe that was a plan of their operation. getting not so much onto conventional media but getting onto social media. the reactions been of the local muslim community? have we had a response from them? very shortly after the attack happened, they have repeatedly come out. toy are giving their support the british military as well. there are people back out on the streets again, but a tense evening in south london. let's get some other news now from around the world. there has been riots that have
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seen unrest spread. fierce unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers. police say three police officers were hurt as officers threw stones at emergency service workers. a leading figure in the searing opposition has offered a plan for president aside in his family to be given a safe exit. you are watching "bbc world news why was king edward the eighth phone bugged by the government? -- you are watching "bbc world is america." the eighth'sedward phone bugged by the government? christine lagarde is in court
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paymentsnts -- over when she was the finance minister appeared quite she has been voted the most powerful woman in the world, but she was summoned to court. the opposition weakened by the inquiry into corruption. the case stems from 1993 when this man sold his stake in a sports company. fromycoon made a fortune or the deal. for over 15 years, the legal hason has back in josh recused -- the legal action has ricocheted back and forth. the case to moved private arbitration. there was a huge payout of 100 million euros.
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was deny that arbitration payback for political support. about thise concerns affair. questions of these verified. i have every confidence in the procedure, not least because my conscience is clear. she has insisted that she has nothing to hide here she sat in front of a marathon session. dominique strauss has heaped his scorn on the organization. today, christine lagarde has the full support of her countrymen, and possibly the board. >> it was hardly what the
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residents of moore, oklahoma needed, but the today they were battered by thunderstorms which made the cleanup operations harder. the first funerals were held for the people killed in monday's twister. continuesurvivors, we to hear extraordinary accounts. one man's young son was hiding a school which took a direct hit. >> how does that work, when they sounded the alarms for their tornado warning in our area? i was stuck in between, do i have enough time to rescue both of my kids, which were both in the path of the tornado. there was no way i could make it. and i went tolter the restroom and i prayed and i
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.rayed and i got in my truck i called my wife and the school was hit. that is where my son was added. she said that it is wiped out, it is gone. we got into a different mindset, then it was rescue mode. we have got to get to the school. wanted to find my son so bad but there was so much to grieve. i started calling his name. she was in a field. her, so i i see started going towards her.
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she said, your neighbor has got him. >> the teachers has students, he ran to me and they stayed there with him. >> my son looks to him as a grandfather. that was his buddy. that, i had not even found him yet because i knew that he was in good hands. shei'm looking around and says she has him. . run i don't wish this on any parent, to have this experience. that is the worst experience i have felt in my life. >> he is safely reignited with his son. thanks to his neighbor who spoke
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to us on the program. the national archives in britain have secret file showing to the telephone line of king edward was bugged in the days leading up to his abdication. he was trying to decide whether to give up their british throne in order to marry the woman that he loved. >> he was the king emperor, she an american d4 c. her -- she was an american divorcee. >> he was under enormous stress and strain and therefore was acting in a very strange way. his mother was totally unhinged during this.
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nearly 600 files are released. they relate to british .ntelligence they offer a rare glimpse of a secret world. >> the sands of time are running out for spain's little caesar. >> there is this by posing as a journalist. told to keep a low profile, dudley clark was arrested him and trade dressed as a woman. there is an extraordinary account of the late-night drinking session in moscow with .tarlin -- with stalin they stayed up until 3 a.m. and were as merry as a marriage bell. a variable resource for historians, many are made available online.
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>> the next time you are thinking of abdicating from the british throne, keep the nine your phone because somebody might be listening in. you can carry on watching "bbc world news" for constant updates online. i am katty kay, for all of us here, thank you for watching. do tune in tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank, and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your retirement plan, rethink how you are invested and refocus as your career moves forward.
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