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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 20, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news ."erica protesters flood the streets of brazil's major cities once again as the president cancels a foreign trip. and highflying controversy -- could the flags fluttering over the taliban and's new in qatar prevent any peace talks? with tony soprano revolutionizing american television, today, we remember the life and work of james gandalf feeney -- james gandolfini.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. tonight, huge demonstrations are taking place across brazil as the president announced she is canceling a trip to japan because of this unrest. government concessions on bus fares have not eased the tensions, and 80 separate road test are planned. -- 80 separate protests are planned. >> people in rio are waiting to see what impact the u-turn by the government will have on protests. a long-running row over the cost of transport has estimated into the biggest demonstrations the country has seen in the last 20 years. itsr taking on a life of
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own, people are wondering if the protest will now continue. >> the demonstration was inefficient, necessary, and showed result -- the demonstration was efficient, necessary, and showed results. >> the government should not have waited for the protest to lower the fares. >> the mass move has coincided with a cut, a dress rehearsal for next year's world cup. it hasn't fired people to take to streets. billions have been spent on football stadiums rather than essential services like health, education, and transport. those coming to the game were reassured that their safety is their priority. >> we are ready for contingencies. we are ready for other situations. we are relying on the local if the situation evolves. >> the roads surrounding the stadium have been closed, and
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security is pretty tight. some of the protesters have headedo march down here today's confederation cup match, but organizers on social media are urging people to stay further down the road. they are expecting tens of thousands of people. >> for the latest from rio, we who is on theulia street with protesters. how tends is it there in rio tonight? the demonstration has just .tarted people gathered here. earlier, the square was full of .eople they are now streaming along the center's main avenue towards rio .ity hall thousands and thousands of people -- difficult to say how
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many people were in here, but since the beginning of demonstration, it's been very peaceful. lots of people were here preparing banners with their demands. they're asking for more investment in schools and education here. >> why is it the decision of the authorities to revoke that hike in the bus fare has not satisfied the protesters? >> well, that decision thatssed the demand triggered these protests a few toks ago, so it was demand have the price is reduced that made people go out in the streets, but the movement gained so much momentum with other causes that were added and that made people come onto the streets and voice their concern, so it actually became
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something much broader than who for a longe time were dissatisfied with how things were going in the country are now out here saying they want things to be better, so it went a lot beyond that original demand, and now there's no telling what authorities can do to make the .ituation defused >> obviously some problems with our vision there, but do you think protesters are going to stick is one out? does it look like these are going to last, these protests? >> it's very difficult to say at this stage, but i think it is quite telling that today, despite these measures that itd yesterday stillthe movement is gaining momentum, not only here in rio, but across brazil.
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similar protests are being staged in more than 100 cities. it seems like they still will have to keep monitoring this very closely because developments will still keep coming, it seems. >> exactly as the brazilian government is doing, for sure. thanks very much for being with us. now to qatar where a row over openediban's newly office continues to undermine efforts to start afghan peace talks. -- the united nations is the office cannot be presented, but that is exactly what president hamid karzai says it looks like -- united nations says the office cannot be presented as an embassy, but that is exactly what president hamid karzai says it looks like. >> the controversial taliban flag still lying this afternoon -- flying this afternoon. it was supposed to have been taken down. the building was portrayed as a de facto rival embassy.
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kabul remains deeply suspicious. the u.s. and afghan governments have been scrambling to come up with a joint message today. >> afghanistan does not .ecognize such a thing raising the taliban flag on tuesday was just a reminder of the dark and bloody past from which our country still struggles to emerge. it underscores that the office must not be treated as or represent itself as an embassy or other office representing the afghan caliban as an emirate government or sovereign. >> it is in stark contrast to the ceremonial opening earlier this week. the caliban had a public address for negotiations. peace talksigh could find a way to end the war and afghanistan. the new taliban office that opened here with such a fanfare of publicity on tuesday is already looking a rather
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different place. most importantly, the plaque on the wall that so enraged the government has been taken down, is ahe diplomatic storm sign of how difficult these peace talks with the caliban are going to be. in afghanistan, the fighting goes on. america and the afghan government will be negotiating with an enemy still bent on killing them. >> america has underestimated the difficulties between the cap between the caliban and hamid karzai's government. i think they have not missed a fully how sensitive -- i think they have not understood fully how sensitive the issues are and how this undermines hamid karzai. >> the united nations secretary of state has been scrambling to reassure leadership that it has not been sidelined, that these peace talks remain the only way to end the conflict.
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in tranquil qatar, the caliban have largely gone to ground -- the caliban have largely gone to ground. peace talks are due to start soon, but no one is expecting them to be easy. -- the taliban have largely gone to ground. >> they certainly have not been rolled out very well. each night on this program, we report on conflicts around the world. here are some of the staggering statistics on their impact. during 2012 alone, some seven point million people became newly displaced. internally within their own country or as refugees. that trans place rigid translates to one person every 1.4. atelina jolie was in jordan the largest camp for those fleeing syria. >> one of the conditions americans have put for talks with the caliban is that they respect the rights of women in
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afghanistan. do you think that is something the caliban is prepared to do -- taliban is-- the prepared to do? >> i think they have to. if i were them, i would limit the rights of women is no longer negotiable. it cannot be used as a bargaining chip toward anything, not just for moral reasons, but because afghanistan is doomed if women are not welcome in public life. >> do they understand that? whacks at think they have to. in the last 12 years, the country moved, and certain new moves have been established. >> i think they have to. young people in afghanistan carol about these things, and this is the future of their country. i hope that the people negotiating with the insurgents .ake a clear >> you've written a lot about the problems in your country, but you've also written about
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the progress you have seen while traveling there. what strikes you most about that? beenthink there's tremendous improvement in some sense -- effective education. illiteracy and afghanistan was a massive problem. literacy rates have now reached by 2025. close to 90% by 2040. millions of children in school are getting educated. tremendous progress in the field of healthcare. maternal mortality has dramatically dropped. under the age of five mortality, infant mortality -- those things have improved, so there is some foundation upon which to build. we are going to enter at some point into some form of negotiation with the insurgents, and again, these things have to be built upon. they could be easily lost. >> this is world refugee day. you write about it. it is very personal to you. what was it like for your family moving from a and a stand to america as refugees?
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>> i consider my family one of .he luckiest i wish all refugee families had the luck we did. i do give thanks for the chance i was given to come to the united states and build a life or myself, but milk -- millions of refugees around the world do not have the same luck that i did. 45 people now are displaced, 3 million people more than the year before. every four seconds -- every four seconds and 2012, somebody became newly displaced. it's a massive crisis, especially now for the syrian crisis that is showing no sign of slowing down. .> you talk about the rate why is the rate rising so fast of people being displaced? violence. and afghanistan, people are
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being displaced internally because of threats of violence, because of insurgency. also, there's a lot of economic migrants and a and a lack of resources. internale flocking to resources. >> the same pattern around the world? >> the same pattern around the world. rising food prices. a lot of things -- climate change, a lot of things are contributing to this unprecedented displacement crisis. for me, world refugee day is a chance to just acknowledge and to pay tribute to millions of people who have been uprooted through no fault of their own. nobody chose to be in this position. nobody chooses to be a refugee. i hope that we can all stand in solidarity around the world and operate from a place that even one family that is torn apart by war is too many and that we should all share responsibility of protecting the rights of refugees and assisting those nations, those host nations
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that have huge problems of their own who are at the fault line of the crisis. thanks very much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> now news from around the world -- the dow jones industrial average has plunged 350 three points over the day in trading. there was no let up in flight from stocks and bonds as traders reacted to news that the federal reserve could end its massive bond buying program next year, and us training manufacturing slowed. the dow has dropped over 500 points in today's, wiping out gains in may and june. a bigger rescue operation is underway in india to reach .urvivors of flash floods officials say 150 people are known to have died and more than 6000 people are stranded. the floods, which have been described by the state chief a simile and soon army. police in canada say to people have been in a massive explosion at it either works warehouse
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west of the city of montréal. could beloud of smoke seen kilometers away. in singapore today, people were urged to stay indoors because of unprecedented levels of pollution. inause -- forest fires neighboring indonesia where plantation owners are burning trees to clear the land. 'sw it is affecting people health. >> the choking smog is oppressive and smells of burnt wood ear it also hanging thick in the air for three days, it has now officially been declared hazardous. this is the worst pollution singapore has ever seen. the pollution index hitting a record 371 at midday. any reading of more than 200 is seen as unhealthy. ,> we are here to see the view but we are not able to.
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>> the smog is already hitting singapore's crucial tourism industry. many workers are doing what they can to minimize the impact of the dangerous fumes. this is singapore's central business district, the poor sink -- pulsing heart of singapore's economy, but today, you see the building stranded and smoke. there is a dry, accurate taste in the air. you can feel it in the back of your throat. -- there's a dry, accurate -- there's a dry, acrid taste in the air. his is where the fumes are coming from. hotspots on the indonesian island of sumatra where farmers use/and burn techniques to clear the land -- use slash and burn techniques to clear the land. >> ideally, we would like the fires to be put out.
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if any of these fires were illegally started, then whoever is responsible for them to be brought to justice. for the long term, what we need to do is cooperate with the indonesians as we have been to work on developing sustainable agricultural practices. >> the cost of the smog is yet to be counted, but it could be in the billions. had economichaze costs estimated at more than $9 billion and reportedly made 20 million people ill across the region. looks ugly there in singapore. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come -- what do this british chancellor and this r&b singer have in common? according to barack obama, quite a lot. we'll be back to explain.
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a science class that's out of this world. children across china had their lesson taught by a teacher 300 kilometers above earth on board an orbiting space module. the astronaut demonstrates how a variety of objects floated in midair. she answered questions via video link, including whether she had seen spaced out. >> china eventually plans to turn it small orbiting space module into a fully fledged space station. today, though, it became a classroom. in a broadcast shown live to schools across the country, a lesson was given in .eightlessness she also demonstrated the properties of water. foriant hope -- gulp
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mankind. capability lags behind the u.s. and russia, it wants to catch up fast. so this was part science lesson and part propaganda. the nation's you've given a glimpse of the space program that china sees as a symbol of its rise in global stature. it plans to put the first chinese person on the moon .ithin the next two decades more than likely, it will be one of the 60 million children watching today. .> ok, that is quite cool also in china today, david beckham met the press and shanghai. he was there to speak about his role as ambassador of chinese football. following a series of match fixing scandals, beckham has been brought in to help fix the sport's image in the country.
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>> he was a genius -- that was the reaction of "the sopranos'" creator to the death of the show's star who died unexpectedly while on holiday in italy. today, the tributes are pouring in. he bbc looks back at gandolfini 's life -- the bbc looks back. " is recognizeds as one of the all-time great tv shows. james gandolfini was it star. he was known to millions as the new jersey mob boss juggling his criminal empire with the demands of family life. >> what about your mother? oh, our long-lost leader. >> it ran for six season, won
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him three emmys, and made him world famous. he had been on holiday in italy where he was due to attend a film festival when he had a suspected heart attack at his hotel. >> the hotel notified the emergency crews who responded, and first aid was administered before mr. gandolfini was taken to the hospital where he died of an apparent heart attack. our prayers and condolences go to mr. gandolfini's family and friends. >> james gandolfini's popularity and "the sopranos" did not just under line his status as a star, but the success of the show helped the show's network, hbo, become one of the most powerful and broadcasting. he was more than a tv performer, though, enjoying a successful film career. his breakthrough role was in cult hit "true romance."
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authorityen cast in roles. >> i'm about to go look the president in the eye. >> only this year, playing the cia director in the hunt for bin laden movie "zero dark arty -- thirty." >> the greatest thing about jim was he was a people person and then work. >> a consummate actor, and apart from that, and incredibly generous, good man. >> it was only last october that his wife gave earth -- gave birth to his second child. he will be remembered as a larger-than-life a gear who managed to bring sympathy and humanity to even the most violent of characters. >> remembering james gandolfini, and of course, tony soprano incredibly brutal and cruel, but gandolfini managed to make him curiously lovable at the same time.
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a curious case of mistaken identity. this week thomas president obama had a bit of a lapse. at the g-eight summit, he repeatedly called the british finance minister jeffrey osborne. in fact, his name was george. obama later apologized, saying he had mixed him up with one of his favorite soul singers. singer jeffrey osborne doing his thing. this is his 1980's hit "on the wings of love." ,nd this is george osborne doing his thing. fallen fromit has .1.2% of gdp >> firstly in the house of commons, and then last night in the city of london, and here, banging the drum for the british economy. at the g-8 summit this week, president obama met with the world beaters.
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he met george osborne, too, but got his name wrong at least twice. it's not as if the two men had not met before -- here they are in washington -- but it did not stop president obama from calling him jeffrey. .> i was completely flattered i never realized president obama was such a big fan of mine. maybe to smooth things over with the chancellor, the next time i come over there, maybe we will get together so we can do a duet together. that would be great. >> one of the chancellor's advisors even can down and sang to me earlier. mr. osborne has tweeted his , saying he even suggested a duet since he heard me sing. >> good for george osborne. that brings the show to a close.
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