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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 27, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is baby sea world news america. reporting from washington. dramatic progress on two fronts for president obama. rouhanis to president as united nations works on chemical weapons. in a stunning report from climate scientists, who say that humans are the largest creator of global warming. >> climate change is the greatest concern of our time. >> and we go to albuquerque to visit the real places made famous in "breaking bad." ♪
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>> welcome to our viewers on public television and america. for the first time in three decades, the leaders of the united states and iran have spoken directly. president obama and president rouhani spoke over a phone call. the united nations security council is planning to vote tonight on a resolution about the chemical weapons -- serious and its chemical weapons program. we have this report. >> president obama did not manage a handshakeith uhani this week. but relations have been so troubled for 35 years that even the phone call counts as a breakthrough. >> i spoke with president rouhani of the islamic republic of iran and we spoke about our
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efforts to reach an agreement on the nuclear program. iran -- i reiterated what i said in new york. there are important obstacles to moving forward. believe that we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> with you when weapons inspectors back in damascus, the other welcome to breakthrough do the u.n. resolution to away with the arsenal of chemical weapons in syria. and more thanins 100,000 are dead and almost 7 million have lost their homes. the resolution on chemical weapons is not about any of that. it addresses the consequences of one horrific attack. and all the big powers can so far agree on it. turkey was outraged by the decision not to bomb and they
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have called for military action to provide safe sounds inside syria. >> we are begging, that the people -- that this is a humanitarian issue. >> do you think diplomatic energy is put into the wrong have, when so many people been killed by conventional weapons? >> everything is a process and i don't want to give this impression, but is this enough? no. >> the dominant rebel fighters are now islam is groups. they were fighting near hama earlier this week. they are not interested in acceptable to is the west. to the dismay of the so-called the syrian opposition. >> they are very disciplined and well supplied, with powerful arms.
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and our allies have been very slow in providing the support that we need to provide training -- those moderate forces. >> before he left new york, rouhani said that some of the bashar al-ting asaa assad are terrorists. all sides in to make sure that there is enough diplomatic bandwidth available to deal with these talks and the nuclear talks at the same time. >> i spoke to jeremy at the united nations just a short while ago. the rapidlytage in warming relations between the united states and the west by extension, and don't forget that this comes after all of those dysfunctional and violent years
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during the replica shrivel it in and the hostage crisis of the diplomats that followed in 1979. after the news of the conversation broke, the official account on twitter of rouhani released some details of the conversation. he said, have a nice day. barack obama said goodbye in persian, and expressed mutual respect for each other. has called america the great satan and now they say nice things about each other. president obama apologize for the traffic in new york city, and on matters of more substance, in regard to nuclear issues, where there is a will, there is a way to solve the matter. president obama made very positive comments about what he believes is the possibility of a breakthrough on this very serious issue, about
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the nuclear plans of iran, which has been a slow burning or what -- but very dangerous crisis on the international agenda for six or eight years. >> will the un security council resolution you expect on syria make any difference with the fighting on the ground in syria, where you reported from so recently? >> i don't think it will make a difference to that. the resolution they are expected to vote on whether on this evening, is all about disarming the stocks of chemical weapons. this is not about the hundred thousand dead, or the 7 million who have lost their homes, or the fact the country is in ruins. this is about one specific issue. the hope among president obama and the international diplomats is that this could be a springboard for a greater discussion in the course of the next month.
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but there is a military dynamic on the ground with very powerful forces that have been released in syria, and it may be that diplomacy is too little too late and those forces have to run their course, meaning more bloodshed. >> there is uncertainty about whether that un security council vote will take place tonight. the ambassador at the u.n. for great britain says that the chemical weapons meeting has been delayed in any further delay would put the security council vote in doubt. a landmark report on climate change says that scientists are more convinced than ever that humans are the dominant cause of global warming and have been since the 1950s. the evidence has grown and experts are 95% certain.
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but experts say that temperatures have not risen -- opposing experts say the temperatures have not risen in 15 years. >> the language was clear. areatmosphere and oceans warming, and snow and ice have diminished as the sea level is are 95% certain that humans are the dominant cause. the findings were presented today after thousands of scientific reports were studied, presented with a warning. climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. >> the message will not be sent to the world's governments. the nature of the problem and the options for a dressing this. the heat is on and we must act. andhe climate is warming human beings are responsible. but one thing is president -- puzzling scientists.
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temperatures have not increased since 1998. does this mean that climate change has caused? >> there was a steady warming from the 1950s, but since 1998, an apparent pause. each decade is warmer than the one before, and the temperature is still rising in the long- term. >> looking at the surface temperatures, this does not tell us about how the climate system is changing. have continued to rise, ice is melting rapidly in the arctic and in glaciers, and climate change is continuing even though the surface temperature has not been rising. >> heat waves will be more common as temperatures rise by the end of the century. so will the floods that recently tore through colorado.
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and the sea level will rise as climate change affects even the united kingdom. >> the global patterns will bring changes in rainfall and temperatures, and in the weather that everyone will experience. the has implications for way that we use and consume energy in the united and him. supercomputers like these project that the gulf stream may be weaker, making great britain cooler. people skeptical about climate change do not trust the computer models. fundamental difficulty with climate science is that we cannot truly see the model until we have a time machine, a way to go 100 years in the future to say, did we get this right? but we a limitation -- can test the model on the last 100 years against what is happening now.
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>> protesters fear that the ice will continue to melt as politicians struggle to turn down the fossil fuels that are heating the climate. >> for more on this report i'm joined from new york by connie, the commissioner for climate action. a lot of world leaders try to reach a deal on curbing emissions but they did not get anywhere. will this be any different after this report? >> action isn't -- more necessary than ever and there are some trends where the big economies are moving more than they used to do, and the big financial institutions see this not just as an -- as an environmental challenge but as an economic challenge and there could be a new push together with this report. >> how do you persuade the
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to stopng countries when other countries were able to pollute at will. >> it goes without saying that the developed world has to do more than the developing world. but it also goes without saying no matter the historical responsibility for creating the problem, the planet will not be able to do what we need to do, unless a major economies of the world, all of them are committed. many developing countries understand if they replicate our way in the west to create our growth, they will be in big trouble as will the planet. a growing understanding that we have to grow in a smarter way. that is a safer message. and the leaders in china are coming to this conclusion as well.
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>> in the united states, fracking for natural gas is reducing pollution. can this be the answer worldwide? >> you have easy access to natural gas here. i come from denmark where we have heating oil that was replaced by gas. this could be an assigned technology. we should remember that gas is a fossil fuel. when we need to reduce buy the dimension we have to do it by the middle of this century. we need more energy efficiency. and we need more renewables. there is not some sort of one thing we can do. basically, we have the technologies. >> as investigations continue in kenya.
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the attack was aided by security breaches. of control handover by the police and the army. this was fraught with confusion that gave the extremists a chance to regroup. we have this exclusive report from nairobi. pictures revealing the aftermath of the siege. siege.westgate politicians have started the search for the truth, demanding answers for the insurgency. >> when this takes place, there is evidence of failure, at some point in the secure system. the leaves questions in minds of the public. after they are facing the security -- theecurity forces say that attackers had access to the building in the weeks leading up to the attack. they rented a shop inside the town -- complex, using fake ids.
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and they were able to stockpile weapons and ammunition that enabled them to resupply constantly during the course of the siege. the attackers arrived into cars. too gruesome to the front of the complex, spraying bullets into the main lobby. the second group approached from the side, killing security staff and demanding they be searched. one team shot their way up to the first floor, smashing security cameras along the way. we established they set up the near the supermarket, spanning two floors. the largest group of hostages were held here. cooking competition was in full swing. eyewitnesses say that at least
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15 people were killed here on the spot. the government stormed the supermarket. the shoppers were unable to escape. we still don't know how many survived. insideayle was trapped for six hours. the islamists and extremists had extraordinary capabilities to repel the security forces. >> we kept hearing these explosions. sporadic gunfire. it was coming from different parts of the building. much is known about the militants themselves. we have established they brought out heavier weapons later in the siege, exploiting the control of the rescue efforts, switching from the police and the military. each attacker was well trained. >> he had an arafat scarf around
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his neck and he was holding the gun constantly, shooting at everyone who came by. a spokesman for the extremist group said that they were not naming names. agonizing wait for answers could last for weeks. karen allen, bbc news, nairobi. >> you are watching bbc world news america. next, the fight to survive in mexico. villagers devastated i to hurricanes are in need of aid from the government. survivors have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in mumbai. but there are fears that more are trapped. the apartment block collapsed
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early on friday morning, taking down what that more than 20 families who call this place home. rescue officers have worked through the day to try to pull survivors from the debris. the families of those who lived here have gathered. some breaking down as they waited for news of their loved ones. >> rescue efforts continue in this crowded area, the updated happeningeded work is when most people are getting ready for the day ahead. >> the building was more than 30 years old. well aware that there were structural problems. >> the engineers had identified
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at this building was in need of repair, but it was not in fact that it needed to be evacuated. it crashed suddenly and we don't know why this happened. is just theapse latest in a long list of such incidences in mumbai. this building came crashing down killing over 70 people and there have been many more since. the unsafe structures are increasingly being demolished by authorities. bbc world news, mumbai. >> a fortnight after two powerful hurricanes struck many villagers are still isolated by floodwaters and damage.
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>> 10 days after hurricane man struck,uck, -- manuel any villagers are only reachable by air. more than 30,000 homes have been affected in many of them destroyed. in lapinstadahan this was a on mexican independence day. they were eating lunch on the day of celebration when the mountain moved. sadly, this is little more than a mass grave. the survivors of the tragedy are moved to a sports center, and the federal government is attending to them with food and medical equipment. the aid effort is continuing apace, and there is no one left
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areave, other villagers still dependent on them to bring them supplies. >> the entire villages here for the aid, and they criticized the government, saying that they have criticized the government for not providing fresh food and medicine. >> they try to distract the children from the horrors they have faced, including the loss of their friends or parents. many have months of uncertainty to return to. >> the survivors of this and other affected communities have the aptly called rebirth. people struggle to come to terms with the tragedy but they hope that they will make good on the promise to rebuild their village. >> a television show that has
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captivated american audiences has its finale this weekend. albuquerque, new mexico. we have gone there for a visit. ♪ >> new mexico. this is the landscape of bad. drug deals gone wrong. shootouts at twilight. >> this is just heart of -- bad," where aing man can lose himself. but there is another "breaking b ad," the carwash and the food joints, and these are the rather unlikely stars. >> this is banal. los pollos hermanos. chicken restaurant and crystal
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not center, in reality a too bad burrito joint. most dreary location is often a place for celebration. >> many of them are not decorated and they are what they are. quirkys that we have a side to this place that we call home, in the high desert southwest. >> and when locations are this good, why trust them up? -- dress them up? is a carwash, not just any carwash. this was also a vehicle for laundering drug money. now this is a stop on one of the many tours breaking out. y. this is crystal meth cand
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>> the media called it "blue meth." this will bring together to real world addictions. business is very good. >> you don't know if this is a it is not so much of the character as what they are developing. ofs is about the development the character. this is just a prop. >> this american tale may be on the myth of the west but this is grounded firmly in the reality of the city. >> jonny dymond as you have never seen them before, bringing the show to a close. you can find out much more on today's news.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the senate passed a federal spending plan, but it's unclear whether the house of representatives will act to avoid a government shutdown. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead, ray suarez looks at a major new scientific assessment of climate change. margaret warner reports on a busy week of diplomacy at the united nations, as president obama has an historic phone call with the president of iran. jeffrey brown has the story of the rebirth of a school that was once a crown jewel of african american education. >> first black general, first black graduate of the naval academy, second black of the naval academy, first black presidential cabinet member. what do they all have in comm


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