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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 25, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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bbc world news america reporting from washington. deal ns cheer a nuclear with reports of sanctions lifted israel is not happy calling this a historic mistake. thailand protestors storm buildings demanding from that step down and how on earth will they be ready in time. months to go until brazil hosts the world cup and stadium still e looks like.
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>> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and globe.the we cannot close the door on diplomacy. president obama's words today. nder the agreement iran has said it will curve its nuclear activity for six months in xchange for the easing of some sanctions. the israeli government says the eal is a major miss stkpae sending a team here to washington to speak with the u.s. about it. we'll hear from the white house but first our report. >> welcome home demonstrations international airport are never spontaneous. iranian reformists want to extracted a they deal that preserves their and leaves them
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less isolated and takes pressure off their pockets. ost sanctions imposed against iran were hitting the economy. to the release of some iranian assets. get nk everything will better. >> the foreign minister is using deal he madell the in geneva. the same word as his western counts counter parts commitments, reversible. in the u.s. president obama is sounding cautious but here's a tantalizing chance an agreement on the program could become something much bigger. iran seizes this opportunity and joins the away nity and we can chip at the mistrust that existed between our nations. uphill mericans have an
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job selling the deal to their allies in the middle east. on the other side, saudi arabia they're misleading. iny're in their own cold war sire i can't, the saudi's back back thes and iranians regi regime. it could block any agreement iran that doesn't dismantle the nuclear facilities. final end of the cannot be process only from producing nuclear to prevent the nuclearity of producing weapons. it sounds similar but it's different. >> for the british government this is an opportunity for all allies to end the
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process that is heading to war. >> those are compelling arguments for the agreement. discourage e would anybody in the world, including steps from taking any that would undermine this agreement and we'll make that confirmed. to all closed ok long hours in to reach this era geneva deal. for more on this deal, we mr. lincoln. the president referred to huge challenges. from the white house's point of view what are they? >> ate important to understand for the ave now is first time in a decade we stopped the advance of iran's program and rolling it back in some key respects and ave a monitoring inspections
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and access that we've never had before and all of this gives us the next unity over six months to see if we can come solution comprehensive wi in special way. we have to see if they can the severe limitations to make sure the program is for peaceful purposes. challenge.e a >> would iran have to give up the principal of its right to uranium. >> we do not accept the principal and we won't. the question is this, whether at there of this process can be some kind of very very ly limited and strictly inspected indigenous restriction. whether we can design and iran accept the severe limitation that's would be required the program is for peaceful
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purposes. deal anditics say this the while the house is being hood winked. say they'll revert to normal behavior and start up the program again. what are you going to say when israelis send their top advisors and say that isn't the case. >> this is not a matter of trust. is a matter of very strict verification. indeed one of the strong points the access that the nuclear inspectors are getting for the first time by a daily access to their most important facilities to their uranium mines and mills. o this is all about verification and very strict verification. second, did he end of the day, reach a unable to to the stat.o back tuesday. and look for new pressure sanctions. >> iranians are celebrating
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prospect of getting some sanctions lifted. their economy are crippled. if their economy improves aren't they going to lose the will to cooperate? >> right now you're exactly right. what brought them to the table s why we put the sanctions in place in the first place. it was designed to see if we can to them to come to the table negotiate. they depend on our partners around the world. all come to the point where iran has come to the table because of that pressure and that was the purpose of the sanctions. now we have to see if the potentially having sanctions lifted is enough to get iran to give up a program produce a be used to bomb. that would be a major and significant achievement for the nited states and for countries around the world. >> during the course of these the iations you have had closest -- america has had the closest contact its had in with the iranian regime. have er what insights you
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gotten and how broad the is. ident's base of support >> rohan 90 was elected on a do something about the iranian economy and iran's place in the world. the only wayd that to do something about iran's economy is to do something about sanctions and the only way to do something with the sanctions is to deal with the nuclear problem. the revolutionary guard behind him >> i think there are a lot of ifferent actors with different interests, for now, he seems have to some leeway to deal with problem. how great that leeway is and how know. lasts we don't >> thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. heels of those negotiations with high ran, oday the united nations announced a new round of peace talks in sierra. 22nd on tart on the january. andmonths the united states
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russia have been trying to have a follow-up. the yrian government and opposition will name delegates end of the year. the united states reiterated the leadership.nging new in thailand the prime minister invoked special powers. he was responding to a second demonstrations in the capital by tens of thousands of people calling for her to resign.the in response, the u.s. has called sides.traints on both we have this report. began a month ago here burst out into new areas of the ministries,argeting television stations and here the police headquarters. force the to government to resign. as too often in thailand's past, the police tried to avoid confrontation.
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again, the hood in thailand is heated and unpredictable. hey're trying to disrupt the government's world as much as possible. this was the foreign ministry and later it day was stormed and occupied. first department fall was one, the finance ministry. here the police were conspicuous by their absence. hostility it was just as intense as elsewhere. out. have to get they do nothing to the little people. acknowledgement here that the general popularity that the enjoys -- the man leading he movement is a former
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opposition m.p. and traditional tore broker and no strange corruption scandals himself and parliament. rise up so that the tax and anymore. n't work here >> for the first time we're government officers occupying and there is no end to his long running political crisis because so many people have lost faith in their and their systems of democracisy. end is his will anybody's guess. > let's get a quick look at other news. indonesia, one of the world's
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active volcanos is sending hot gas down its slopes and 5,000 people are being evacuated. the volcano has been erupting since september after being for three years. pope francis has held vatican alks at the with russian president vladimir putin. media say the the talks talk about what's going on in syria. years after colonel it's fi has been released been deadly. they're trying to get control of the country. up to 1,700 militia it's an uphill fight. militants clash with government orces in the eastern city of benghazi leaving nine people
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50 wounded. we spoke a long time ago with returned from t libya. >> how concerned are you about outbreaks that we're seeing in the eastern part of the country? it is very disconcerting. but at one level it's encouraging. shows that the government is finally taking a stand against these militias. segal special forces in benghazi rule them out. >> they're going into those an s who were behind the attack on the american embassy. might something they have avoided before? of met with the commander military in benghazi. compound.ed the they've kicked them out of their compound. >> you just come back as we said
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the region. is the libyan military today. you've mentioned they managed to get into some of these areas. stay there? can they sustain this level have activity? >> that's the big question mark. two fridays ago in response to of ests and the massacre poly, we saw rip them take over the compounds to citizen applause of the seve sevens of libya. the question is, do they have staring power. the militia has withdrawn and is this a asking tactical retreat. if you look at number of arms and number of men, the pha outgun the military. it's still very weak. size of the f the population you mentioned the population of libya was happy military takes control. the perception from outside that borderline failed
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state at the moment and the militia is in control. perception? wrong >> it's an interesting situation. polyfelt dents of trip from ere being okccupied outside the capital. enjoy popularity among the towns >> benghazi? some. you're seeing a ground swell of intolerance. you see placards and signs everywhere. take t the lawful army to their place. >> you're watching bbc world news. he captured one of the most famous photographs in his histohi history. man who e talk to the caught jack ruby shooting lee
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film. oswald on >> protestors outside government capital key ef. bbc has sent us this report. again the anger in the ukrainian capital spilled over scuffles and minor violence. the protestors feel they're ighting for the future of the country, a european tpaoutd skpeur not a russian one. shock into action by their government's decision to postpone an agreement to ties with the european union. >> we came to the streets to we're not afraid and this y don't do something will be a catastrophe for this government. eventually will get signed president or the next president. want. get what we >> the country is divided on whether ukraine's future should european union or
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russia. but those who favor europe like heavyweight boxing chapian turned politician are certainly vocal at the moment. yesterday's much bigger rally clashes between police.ors and the swelled int the crowd to 100,000. demonstrators started setting up perpl informant encampment in the center in an hold for the foot days ahead. but no one knows if the people energy kraine have the or desire to rise up again. news, moscow. >>
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cup is a the world prize that counties fight over. brazil the struggle is getting the stayed kwruplt ready in time. there is will be no compromise for the december deadline. building problems and public protests have delayed the preparations. has been to the construction sites of two arenas ready ook very far from for the fans. we have the story. it's the rainy season in the mazon and they're up against the clock trying to finish this seat arena before fif a's strict december deadline. still isn't finished and nearly half the seats have when the sky and is open almost everything comes stand still.
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it's being builted with 2 hundred million pounds of public money even though the local team rarely attracts more than 3,000 fans. officialss ate expense is justifi justified. the opportunity that the world cup brings us the modernization and more momentum make more investments and so we can look back at the many had. enges that we've >> it's that confidence of just 1,000 aking it more than miles to the south, the much more months time, ven led upland team could be these steps. but then again they might not be because there is a lot of doubt stadium in this particular will be ready. still, a huge building sites public arena built with
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money but there's no pitch, no seats and no roof. to use the world cup may have backfired. admit to the bbc they won't make the deadline. be finished between january, nd 20th of the local official in charge of the stadium. casually adds there won't be enough hotel rooms for the fans the city will manage. >> there won't be a world cup is the cry from the streets amid increasing anger at so much spent on new eing stadiums. the money from the work is being handled here's a lot of corruption there so there's no legacy for i stkeul resorted to ave
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violence, organizers say the demonstrations will continue the world cup. brazilians still love their football. the country needs the investment and the new stadiums. fifa has some tough decisions to make. bbc news, brazil. out t's help they can sort all the problems on time. friday, americans stopped to think about the ssassination of president kennedy. 1963 lee harvey oswald was shot dead. of the most one amous of the 20th century and taken by dallas times herred photographer bob jackson and he us about the shot of a
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lifetime. said we're gonna bring him down. you got about five minutes to position. >> i pre-focused my camera. they're step into the opening. all of a sudden someone comes out to my right quickly two steps real fast. oswald and the police stepped way, fired.ent that the s almost 2 o'clock by time i got back to the paper and they called me over and they as , do you have anything good as this? it was jack's picture which was the wire. jack always liked to get up high. this little ng on concrete wall behind us and i really think that's why he fired camera when he did because he saw it happening first. went in and ran my film, chief photographer's right i remember door and letting out some sort of a yell realizeds were when we
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we beat our competition. had pre arranged for me to my cameras and toss the film out to a reporter who was waiting. we turned the corner from houston we heard the first shot. >> it appears something has motorcade route. >> after the first shot, there closer together. i looked right up there at the book depository. two men looking up above resting here's a rifle on the ledge and he drew it in. i just thought, i missed the picture, i missed the picture there and it was pretty depressing. film in the had camera, i don't think i could focused and up,
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shot fast enough. after the assassination, of i continued on as a news photographer. i always had dreams i guess working for a big magazine and covering world events. ut at the time of the assassination, i was married with one child and one on the way. time happy working at the and it put pressure on me to always strive to do the best or could on any assignment how small it was. about the to us photograph of his career. that brings the program to a close but you can carry on bbc world news and constant updates f you look at listings you'll find
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our channel there. twitter.find us on from all of us here, thanks so much for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow.
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