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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  May 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> rose: welcome to the program. tonight a very important conversation about the gulf region and the role of cutter. we talked to the former prime minister hamad bin jassim al thani also known as hbj >> i always say i have my own theory. every king or every emir or every ruler, he know the state more than the expresident anywhere else because he care about his family, he care about his monarchy, he wants his son to star in power and he wants his generation to stay in power so they are trying to communicate with the people more. are they doing everything right?
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no. are they doing everything excellent? no. they can do better? yes. they can do better. but if you compare what happened in countries like the jcc monarchies which they have the wealth and oil if you compare with countries in the middle east they have oil, agriculture, water, civilization, population. and you see where they are and where we are, you will see that we did it wisely. >> rose: hamad bin jassim al thani for the hour, next. >> there's a saying around here: you stand behind what you say. around here, we don't make excuses, we make commitments. and when you can't live up to
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them, you own up and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. but i know you'll still find it, when you know where to look. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: hamad bin jassim al thani is here. he was prime minister and foreign minister for qatar, the sovereign wealth a assets estimated at 130 and $200
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billion. he left his position in favor of his son tamim. he's seen as the key char for qatar's influence rebels in syria, method limb brotherhood and islamists. united arab imrates in protest against qatar's foreign policy. there have been ongoing conversations with foreign ministers of those countries about future relationship between the countries. i'm pleased to have hamad bin jassim al thani at this table to talk about how he sees politics in the gulf as well as what's happening in qatar. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> rose: i give you a chance to correct any part of that introduction if you'd like. >> no, thank you, i don't correct. >> rose: let me begin really with the fact that you were admired and powerful figure in
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qatar. in fact once said i don't run qatar, the prime minister runs qatar. all of that which has been said. then the emir abdicates. it was talked about for a year among the people i know. what happened. >> well, it's very simple. it's what says by the emir father is exactly what happened three, four years before the change happened he was thinking seriously to give more power to his son when he was the crown prince to take over as soon as possible. his highness believed that he has to transfer the power when the crown prince is ready. and at that time the prince he was capable and he did a good job during last four years when his father gave him a lot of responsibility he approved that he is up to the job and he can
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do it right. and this is why the change happened and it's been planned, it's not been done just like that. >> rose: again with respect, there's all kinds of speculation as you know. the nature of the region. >> this is conspiracy. conspiracy is the nature of the region. also don't forget we are not used to do it in that way in civilized way. it's been done usually either by death or by change in power by force. >> rose: yes. >> that's what the nature of the region. what happens in qatar, the power been moved to the son while the father is strong, he's healthy but he believes his son is capable and we believe so. so he take the position. and we could see after almost a year that he's doing a good job. >> rose: okay. i want to come back to that in terms of what changes may or may not be.
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he's in good health. it wasn't for health reasons. >> no, are definitely not. >> rose: it was not because of any conflict between you and others. >> that's part of the talks we call in the region which is not true. we have some differences to be very frank between not me and him but the others and they have differences with me. but that was healthy. the emir father he would like to have, he would like to listen to everybody and to see different opinion. we've been allowed in qatar to say our opinion freely to the emir before any decision. so when there's two different opinion, people say there is a clash because they are not used in the region for different opinion, they are used for one opinion come from the top and it happened. which is not healthy, i believe. >> rose: power. you have a lot of it. it must be hard to give up
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power. >> let me tell you one thing. and i am always frank. this is sometimes bring me some difficulties before. >> rose: you promised me this about a year ago. >> yes. i promised you one year ago. >> rose: the first interview you did would be here. >> exactly. and this is what i fulfill my promise. but i was thinking to take a one year of rest. if you want to call it as a rest from what happened. power is you become happy about power when you start having the power. and when you start claiming the power. but after a while, if you are reasonable, if you are wise enough, you have to know to give power or to step down from power or somebody will let you step down from power before the time. we cannot catch the peak, nobody can catch the peak but it's better not to catch the downturn.
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and i believe nobody can give all his life in same spirit and same capacity. and for that i feel now more happy by doing this. i know everybody -- >> rose: happy by doing this. what makes you happy? >> i will tell you one thing. i feel i'm more free. i can talk with you as a private citizen now more free. >> rose: you are censoring yourself because you have some trepidation about making people -- >> i'll try to be decent, but i will say what i think is right. because i talk about myself or on behalf of myself not on behalf of my government. but also i have to say after one year, you know when you leave power to be frank, you need six month or one year to adjust yourself because it's differently, different way of
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life. in the end after one year, i discover that i was almost slaves when i was in power, and now i'm not slave anymore. so my family have more time. myself have more time. my private business have more time. and i'm doing much better now. >> rose: well, you are enormously wealthy person. people talk about the business you have. where does the money come from? >> let me tell you one thing. people talk, sometimes they say that somebody have i don't know how many billion and actually the bank owe him and he doesn't have money and somebody they told he have little money and he have more money. yes, i'm not poor, i'm rich. but not as the people the tycoon which the people talk. yes, i'm rich enough to live a very good life, myself and my family. you have to go back from my
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family and my father, how he get his wealth. my father, he was a merchant. my mother, he was a landlord. he do a lot of business at his time. and i did a lot of business before i join and after i joined the government because at certain times it was legitimate. ten years ago i stopped any direct business in qatar or companies and decide all the rumors which it says that was what happened, and now i feel i can do better in my business because i can think enough, i can do things without thinking back that they will say he's working with the government. but the wealth which i have, like any qataris have, it is might be some of it legitimate. in your standard.
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some of it you will say it is a question. but in tower term in qatar it was legitimate, it's been done as legitimate business. >> rose: why are your neighbors in qatar so upset with you, the saudis and with the government when you were prime minister. what's the conflict between the saudis and the emirates and the bahrain. i mean, they worry that the policies of qatar, the country, are large. they even suggest qatar's fighting above its weight so to speak. >> let me tell you in a very frank way. to think if your weight is a hundred kilo or 200 kilo or 50 kilo, you have the right to think and to act according to
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what you think. so the weight of the country -- >> rose: you'd rather define yourself than have someone else define you and your role. >> exactly. so the weight of the country is yes we expect the big countries around us. we always always, and i know the same administration at the moment i think they always look to have a good relation with their neighborhoods especially with saudi arabia. that's no doubt about this. this is the principal in the relation or in the policy of qatar. the problem is the way how to think. we are, we should be more used to have different opinion in the region and to discuss it and to try to reach a solution. that's not the habit in the region. and what they say about the
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islamists. if you go where you want to go to iraq or to any one you know the islamists have a role which 20 years ago they was not having the same role. >> rose: i don't mean to interrupt. but clearly you supported the muslim brotherhood. clearly they are supporting general assisi. he's running for president and there's a very different approach to the future of egypt. >> let me go to this point, although i would like to explain it in a broad way but let me go to this point. i know you want me to go to the paint straightforward. if we support the brotherhood and the brotherhood support assisi. who will judge who is right. first of all we did not bring the islamic brotherhood of procedure to egypt. maybe elected by the egyptian people. at that time when we start
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announcing, qatar announced their help and aid to egypt, it was through when -- was there and when the prime minister announced for egypt. before islamic brotherhood come to power, way before. and we start doing that before the islamic brotherhood come. when they come we continue because they been elected by their own people. we have no problem by electing. some of our brothers they don't like or they disagree, let me put it with the islamic brother hoods. it's their right to do that. some of them think that assisi is legitimate. let me tell you what about assisi come to power which he according to come to power within a month or two month. >> rose: election's in june. >> yeah. and six months later we have
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like what they say two million or three million in tahrir square and they say we don't want anymore assisi, we need x or y. and we say well this is legitimate. now we have to change the president again and we have to change the persecution again. so we might have a case every one year. if people does not like their president they go and change their constitution and change their president and change the parliament. and this is what happened in egypt. i'm not supporting the islamic brotherhood of them or the others, to be frank here publicly not myself at least if i put it this way. but we have to respect what the people choose. we are not a full democratic country in qatar. let me put it this way, we are a monarchy and our people and us we i think accept to live
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together in this way. but after 20 years a new idea will come to develop this relation between the monarchy and the people, we are doing this in 40 years. there is many development that happen in our region or in qatar let me put it in the monarchy within the next from the constitution, three -- there's constitution, there's parliament, there's many kind of election, trade election which people have no experience to do that before 20 years or 25 years. but in egypt if the people choose somebody and we support it and later they say why you support this guy well we did not choose him, he is choose by his own people. tomorrow it could happen to assisi. he might be good president. >> rose: it happened to
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mubarak. >> and assisi could face within a year somebody saying we don't want you, we will believe, sham we believe that is legitimate being elected? fine. let me say yes, he didn't elect legitimately. let me say the constitution is the new constitution within the two years constitution been changed. so there is a chaos in the region or there is a chaos in the region how to deal with the new error i call it after the -- >> rose: tunisia -- >> it changed completely. and it's going in some places to chaos. when you say libya, libya we've been partner with you and with the west to take because he was killing his people. he was not alone and he was not
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supporting islamic brotherhood in libya, he was supporting the people of libya that time. with the people side by side, with the european side by side. now there is a mistake happen and they want to blame qatar for another agenda. and i believe we should not have criticism among us more than to have a discussion about case, about situation with some evidence because all right now everybody's talking but there's no evidence for me to see. >> rose: why are they upset? >> i don't know but let me put it this way. i believe to be sped or not to be upset that's not the problem. the problem are you willing to sit at this critical time in the region to try to solve problem and to try to solve any fear you
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have or i have. i believe we have a lot of changes in our region. we was thinking about you to defend our region now we are on talk with iran which i support personally a lot and this will change a lot in the region. we need to think now as the jcc how to work together, how to defend ourself together politically, economically, you know. and that's the problem we have at the moment. >> rose: you mentioned the saudis and we must assume they have the same position in most of this as well as bahrain but not necessarily the issue. take iran. it is said the political dynamic in the region is the saudis who
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was sunni and iran which is shi'a and the competition and you are too close to too supportive of the iranians. >> let me say this in the beginning i want to say it. we are more close to saudi arabia and it is more vital in qatar and we would like to see saudi arabia strong because that help all the jcc. and i always call them that they are the main born in our body. that's true. >> rose: you say that because. >> i will tell you. not before, because let me put it this way. but always we believe that we have to have a good relation with iran. i think no use to have a bad relation with iran. we have 30 or 40 years of war in our region.
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it's more than enough. if we look at the development in our region, it's back. it's a rich region but we have a lot of people jobless. we have a lot of economic. we are almost, almost rely in our oil and gas in the region. is this a healthy after 50-60 years of oil we think we should have plan. you have plan now to take the shell gas and oil gas. >> rose: become energy independent. >> and we should have plan to avoid the problem when you and the others to be independent from us in energy. that is our plan. >> rose: what is your plan. >> that's something we have to ask all of us. we cannot do it in qatar or saudi arabia alone. all the jcc should have plan that with 10, 20 years they should know they could live
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without the oil and gas. >> rose: it is said that the reason for all the investments overseas and the investments in significantly in european and american companies is because you want to have income outside of energy. >> that's true. >> rose: that's your future plan. >> that's true. but if we can do it together. if our economy more joins in the jcc. if we can do kind of unity more than the jcc. and this is king abdullah by the way he would like to see the region more closer and we in qatar at the time support the idea. i believe this is a good genuine idea but it have to be done in a way that the people in the state could feel that there will be a difference when it happens. >> rose: let me ask you this. does the new emir represent anything different in foreign policy than his father or you.
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because he announced early on his inaugural speech that he wanted to turn inward. i assume that's economic development, i assume that's relationship with other countries. >> let me put it this way. i believe he is concentrating inside and he do a lot of development. and they are doing a lot of things which we could not able to do which we are happy for it. because in the end i am a qataris and i mean, if we are talking about the foreign policy and it will be the same or different, i believe the principle does not change. but if we did mistakes, he is the emir now and he is free to take the decision. and let me tell you one thing. he have hundred percent power. and he can do as emir and he can do what is the benefit of qatar.
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>> rose: notwithstanding with great respect again, there are those who say the emir, his father's still in control. >> that's not true. as i told you, he's hundred percent in power and hundred percent do what he want. if he want to consult his father or consult any other guide, he's also free and that's wise to consult others. >> rose: do you believe at all that qatar overreached at any point in terms of its foreign policy and its ambition to be a principal player in its ambition to have influence. >> let me tell you one thing. we have ambitions to have the name of qatar in a level that everybody can see. and i think this is our right. you have to defend your country, it's my right to have my country look the most important country. but we know our size, we know
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our capability. but the problem at the time there is big arab countries which they would not play their role enough. and when we played the role the people think that we are taking over that role. no. >> rose: whose role are you talking about. >> i don't want to mention country. let me mention one, egypt. they think we take their role. that's not true. we know the size of egypt, we know the capability of egypt. but tell me, egypt what they did internal policy. i'm not talking about the new guys because the new guys tell the news that egypt in term oil. i hope after the election we can see better policy, better result which i truly think egypt, stable egypt is important for all the middle east. and i believe at the time when
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it was playing some roles we have no alternative. we have our opinion and we could see the opinion of most of the arabs. but many policies being done for no reason. and in the end we find ourself that taking a role which we don't want to take it but we thought about the principal. the principal is to take that role. it is said you harsh within the protection there are some people who are the most radical in terms of islamist power and rhetoric. >> as i told you, there is a lot of talk in the region. and if we hate somebody, we throw excuse me for this all the garbage to him. no. if we have somebody, it's publicly known. we don't have a secret guys live
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in qatar which they are dangerous or they are not allowed to live or they are let me put it this way threat >> rose: some of them are enemies of the united states in their threats against the united states. >> stlets, no i don't believe that. i believe yes they have different opinion with the united states, they don't agree with all your policy here which is right. we should follow your policy. here you can accuse your president and you can accuse everybody here and nobody can ask you why you did that. so i believe there are people there trying to say what they need to say about what happened especially in our region which they think that the united states is more effective and they can do better. for example look what happened in syria. >> rose: that's exactly where i wanted to focus. what's going on in syria. what happened in syria.
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>> unfortunately in syria today or yesterday in the bahrain resigned and i admired the guy and he should resign one year ago because i know that the regem in syria going to play with everybody and they will not give power. and we know six or eight months after the revolution there was a solution to build the new syria. >> rose: when was there an opportunity. >> six or eight months after the revolution. >> rose: why didn't it happen? >> why didn't happen? you put red lines and we crossed the syrian government cross it in chemicals. you put a red line and they cross it. you tell them not to use the airlines, the planes the war planes they used the helicopter they used the plane and they fire their people. there is other help and we cannot get the right help from the united states. >> rose: so in other words you're saying the reason there's
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been a change in the near term prospect in syria is because the united states did not step forward. >> did not step forward and they did many promises. >> rose: allowed them to cross the red line. >> yes. and i believe now if we are talking about radical inside syria yes. >> rose: but you're supporting those radical insurgencents. >> no, that's not true. >> rose: some of them were very very extreme. >> my, what i know. i don't know anything what i know. and you know i always say what i know. if i want to say it. we work side by side with your governments in syria from day one and we did not support any radical. maybe one or two mistakes happened, maybe without knowing
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like what happened in libya. but for us al-qaeda is dangerous for us more than you because you are a big country you can defend yourself. al-qaeda and the radical who to bring them to syria. who all the nationalities now came to syria because of what. >> rose: you tell me. >> because we've been to help the syrian -- >> rose: the pre/syrian army if you supported it would be history. because they didn't cross the red line and because they didn't provide the support you're saying there came a flood of radical islamists and extremes it's and they were ready to pounce going and taking advantage of the opportunity to come to syria. >> unfortunately that's the case. >> rose: and you bear no responsibility for that? >> no. but you are the major country in
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the world. you and our allay in europe. you did not act when you need to act from your side. security council we are blocked. and you know, we cannot do anything. but when you did not, many times united states act without the security council. when i say act we don't need an army, we don't need a big power there. it was just to help with few things. >> rose: do you think the russians would have allowed that to happened. >> did they take permission from you if they are helping the syrian now? >> rose: no. so they wouldn't have looked for permission from us. do you think it was to make the deal with the russians to eliminate the chemical weapons, they should not have done that and if the united states once they crossed the red line with respect to chemical weapons if
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the united states had attacked syria as many people wanted it to do and it has been threatened and was before the congress of the united states asking for power to do that, if that had happened it would have changed what? >> it will not allow the radical to come to syria in this amount. maybe there was little but there are more now, you know. you did what you did in iraq and you see where is iraq now with the radical. it's part of it we have to blame our friends in the united states our allay in the united states. because you need to consult with the region more. sometimes you consult later but you are a big country you have to make your decisions but you are ally with you for several years. >> rose: do you mean saudi
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arabia. >> saudi arabia, qatar. al other countries in the region. i think it should be more consultant and more discussion. >> rose: is it arrogance by the united states. >> it's not arrogance but i think we need more understanding. and also both sides should be more reasonable for their demand, both sides. not only united states but also the jcc and also you cannot in the united states act in our behalf every time. you cannot defend us in the united states every time. we have also to do something and i think this is part of your anxiety an sigh here. >> rose: you can shut this down. qatar is prepared to support extreme islamists. >> that's not true. >> rose: and we wouldn't do that because we fear them coming to try to overthrow the royal
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family in qatar. >> no, not only that. let me tell you, qatar is a country in the united nations and will respect any resolution from the united nations. we know there's al-qaeda and many radical group is not let me put it this way, is not allowed to act in any politic or any action through united nations. also there is some less from the united states which we are respecting it and we believe that if something happened to you, it will be minus for us. we believe we are in a partnership but it has to be respectable partnership. it have to be long review partnership. it has to be that we don't use you and you don't use us. we have to work together. first of all we have to put our,
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the priority for our people in the region. like you put your priority for the american. and you have to respect -- >> rose: you expect them to act in their own interest and that's one of the principles of state governance. you must know this that there is a great concern in the united states government at the state department and at c.i.a. and in the whitehouse about qatar is expressing its power in terms of who it sports. there is some concern about that. they've had to express that to you the prime minister. >> well, let me tell you one thing, i cannot talk about when i was in job if somebody told me something or not. but what i can tell you right now that the relation with the united states is let me put it like this, it's a good relation. and there is always consultants as far as i know, we consult
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each others. in integrity and not interfering and quality. quality is we know the size of the united states. but i believe qatar wise enough not to do something would harm united states. i'm sure that in many cases during our time let me put it, we inform united states about important things important information, let me put it this way. it's a not in our favor to see anything, this is my own position, it's not in our favor to see you in a problem. >> rose: having the base in qatar works out just fine for everybody. >> it has been done at the time where inside respect and there's an agreement and this agreement rule your presence in qatar. and i believe that qataris
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people is happy. i cannot say all the qataris people but i can say big majority, majority of the qataris have no problem with this. >> rose: the world cup in 2022 is qatar everything tell e how you got that, tell me everything in qatar how you will be prepared for that. and all these questions about, this is beyond your responsibility now, about foreign workers and all of these issues that had brought the world cup to qatar. >> these events should happen everywhere. in africa, in asia, in america and europe, in my opinion of the world cup. i believe that there is maybe some mistakes. but i can tell you, during our time and now especially the
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government is working hard to do what is needed to be done necessary to have a good standard. and let me tell you, if they say that it is late that's not true because i can, i know from three our years there is a law if somebody does not pay, the guy which you work with and the worker, he will be in jail same day. >> rose: you put him in jail. >> that was the law. and there was no excuse in this. and usually the companies pay. what you can say the safety in the side is being improved a lot of and it is as good as it is over where. if you are talking about where they live, the labor, the standard is picking up and yes, there is some mistakes which happened but it's not been done these mistakes deliberately, it's like that.
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but now because qatar have the 2022, and because let me tell you one thing, a lot of people or let me put it this way, i don't want to say jealousy or that. there is the focus, and this focus, i don't know. i am not in government but i don't know if this is being politically or it is for a case by itself. i think there is something politically going. if you make a scan in the region and you can see the labors, i think qatar will be maybe the best standard at the moment. but why the focus in qatar. that's a big question. >> rose: i wanted to come back to iran in a minute but let me stay with that and the economy. you worry about natural gas and you know you've made a, fallen
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gas prices. and you're making these investments in order to give you other revenue base beyond natural gas. is there a race there between how fast you can make investments and how fast prices decline and competition rises. >> i wish we know when the prices will decline and how it will decline because there's many instrument to avoid that if we know it. but we don't know that. i believe there's not a race but there's a challenge and i know his highness is taking this challenge to try to let qatar to be independent from the oil and gas as the father emir was also have this policy. >> rose: how long will that take. >> that's the challenge. this is all frankly depends and what is the oil price for the next ten years. if it is in this range, i think it could be 10, 15 years. if the prices dropped it could
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be longer. but i know that his highness the emir from what i read in the newspaper and what i see, that he's keen to do that. >> rose: are you close to him. >> yes, we are. of course i'm close with him. we work together. >> rose: are you cousins? >> we are from the same family but not cousins but we are from the same family. >> rose: tell me about him. what is it about him that says to you that he's the right person other than the fact that his father selected him. >> i believe first of all, he's a serious guy. he's clever. >> rose: not a play boy you mean. >> not a play boy. he's been trained by his father and he's been given last four years a lot of missions which he did extremely well. and we, i believe as a citizen
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it's a good choice. of course everybody when he talk about his leader in our region he have to say everything is good and right. it's not like here. but i meant what i said and i think that qatar in the leadership shift will take another step. you know, qatarñh&ince 18 or 19 years when the emir father take qatar, there was nothing. but with hard work. >> rose: what's the vision. >> the vision is to bring qatar wealthy, to make qatar wealthy, education, health. >> rose: culture. >> culture. and culture, he did a lot for culture. and he is doing the same with a big momentum. young. coming. he is going, i am sure to put
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qatar in a another highest. >> rose: his father will stay play a role. >> he have a lot of respect in qatar and his father and he have a lot of respect as a father. but all the responsibility is hundred percent shift him and that's true. and also let me tell you, his father, if he have any role, he wants him to have a role. if he does not want him to have a role he's free to do that. >> rose: he has that kind of power. >> exactly. >> rose: saudi arabia. the king abdullah is 90 something. >> i don't know exactly his age. >> rose: there is this factor. as you know the revolution that took place in the middle east
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overthrow in tunisia, overthrow libya, overthrow in egypt. some think it's become, gone from the spring to the winter it is said in some places. but how secure are monarchies in the middle east? >> i will tell you one thing. monarchy is not hundred percent secure. but i always say i have my own theory. every king or every emir or every ruler, he know the problems of the state more than the expresident or anyone else because he care about his family, he care about his monarchy, he wants his son to stay in power and he wants his generation to stay in power. so they are trying to communicate with the people more. as do, are they doing everything right? no. are they doing everything slept?
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no. they can do better? yes, they can do better. but if you compare what happened in countries like the jcc the monarchies which they have the wealth and oil. if you compare it against other countries in the middle east they have oil, agriculture, water, civilization, population. and you see where they are and where we are, you will see that wisely. i cannot see all the money being spent wisely. i cannot see that there is no mistakes. but i think we been more successful than i want to compare oil with oil countries. i don't want to compare country with oil with a poor arab country. >> rose: on the other hand there's israel which they have no oil. and you know has sort of led the technology of revolution in the middle east. >> they have technology and they have the united states. >> rose: they have the united states, that's true. let me finally get your feelings
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about iran and whether you think -- do you view him as a true moderate and reformer. >> i think he is. i don't know the person, i met him once in my life before when he was responsible. i think he look that he is thinking to change policy. is it all in his hand part of it in his hand and part of it in other hands and iran, that's another question. i believe if he's a moderate. that means there's a decision that this is the new way in iran to be taken. >> rose: meaning if he's moderate the supreme leader has approved that, the direction to go. >> exactly. if he does not approve the direction, i think he will have a lot of difficulties to do what he should do. >> rose: do you think the
12:47 pm
supreme leader's giving him a chance so to speak since he was elected. >> maybe, maybe. but also anyone elected have to be accepted by the leader in iran which that's their system and you have to respect it. but let me put it this i with a, i'm very happy to see between iran and the best there's an understanding to solve the problem peacefully. >> rose: because they're meeting in vienna next week. >> i am hopeful. i have to be hopeful because the other solution is devastating. and i believe our region cannot take any more tension. and it is tension being used by the short vision people or leader some of them in our region, which they should not do so. i believe iran is a neighbor and they should be part of our
12:48 pm
cooperation in the region. i don't mean in the imroi so nobody make mistake what i said but we need a good operation economically and politically with iran. and we hope the problem with iran and the west be solved because i think in the look term that will be in our favor. maybe if we make tactic maybe not in our feron for a while but we should look for long vision. >> rose: it should be a disaster if they had a nuclear weapon only because what they may do but because everybody else would immediately have their own program and proliferation would grow. >> it will explode in our region if it happens. >> rose: because you are close and you support hamas. >> me? >> rose: well your government. >> i cannot talk in behalf of the government. >> rose: they did support, they do support, am i clear. >> we are not again hamas. let me put it this way.
12:49 pm
hamas is part of the palestinian. >> rose: do you see hamas and qatar coming together -- >> i hope they do. >> rose: they might change as a result of coming together. >> i hope they work together and that's the only way for them that they have to work together. don't forget that in one day hamas being elected and nobody accepted hamas when they've been elected. and for that -- >> rose: gaza. >> they've been elected as a government. let me put it this way. if we need the moderate islam, we should be push them to the war. we need to fight the people, the islamic or any christian or jew they have attention or they want to do something to harm the others. or to do things by force. but if there is moderate people they should have their chance if
12:50 pm
they are a dramatic country why avoid them to be an election. >> rose: with respect to all governments, define for me the threat today to peace of radical extreme islamists as you see it. >> radicals, they want no peace. they want to do it in different way. all the rad comes and al-qaeda, they always happy when there is problem and they go and they try to make problem from problem and escalate it. because they live in that kind of environment. this is in our hand. if we need peace, there is a price for the peace. i cannot understand when we hear that the price should be paid by both sides. i think the palestinian already paid the price. now the israeli have to pay or to give what they promise.
12:51 pm
this is from a united nations or from security council the resolution not being done. >> rose: john kerry's tried hard. >> he tried hard. i know that you were caught in this but it needs more than that. >> rose: but my argument, my point is not so much in israel. my point generally, whether it's africa, where you look what boca harem is doing. >> that's not africa. >> rose: how big a threat of it -- >> it's growing -- >> rose: what is it feeding off of. how is it growing. >> i think the feeding first of all lack of good education. lack of democracy. also they, the palestinian israeli issue it's a big reason for everybody to believe there's one way to do things with the
12:52 pm
west, there's no other way. and i believe also they are looking frankly for power in the end. they want the power. they need to gain power. i don't believe they are working for the islams just for islam purely islam. there is people working for islam and i respect them but not these people which they use gun and they use bomb and they kill children. >> rose: power not religion it's about power not allah. >> i'm muslim and i'm proud to be muslim and there's many moderate muslim but unfortunately we're fighting not -- >> rose: are you hopeful. >> i'm a little bit cautious to say hope f. i believe our region will have
12:53 pm
five to ten years, it will be very helpful. ten years is a lot of turmoil and a lot of down, upside down. i hope that this will end and we'll have a normal let us say not normal life but normal countries which they respect the rule flow and they take care about their people and they can use their wealth to help their people directly and to create jobs, to create more kind of civilized. >> rose: and democracy you say. >> and democracy, yes. that doesn't mean, i know what you are thinking. i know what you are thinking charlie. it doesn't mean when i say democracy, that we don't want to see qatar as a democracy. it is going in that direction.
12:54 pm
the constitution is a big move and there will be elected parliament time when it will happen but all other acts being done in that direction. and i believe the people, if you truly, if you make it in qatar now they don't want a parliament now. they are happy like this. >> rose: how many people are there in qatar. >> there are less than 300. >> rose: 300,000. >> they're not only happy happy but they believe in their leaders or they believe that he will do his best for the country. he will do mistakes. all of us do mistakes but they believe in their leadership. and i hope it stays like this. doesn't mean everything going to stay like what it is. but i believe the people would like it to stay like this because they saw bad examples. >> rose: thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. >> rose: it was a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you. >> rose: i look in order to doing this again. >> thank you very much, charlie.
12:55 pm
>> rose: thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
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