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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 26, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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what can we do for you -- ? "bbc world news america." washington.from new president has his work cut out. a bitter fight is taking place sck.he eastern city of donet >> the same gunfight here as jets and helicopters are thrown as if they aret, being hit by antiaircraft fire. the message of peace have any lasting impact? falleng america's
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foreign service members. one woman who is driven to help others. electionkraine's commission has confirmed poro inner ofs that w the election. fighting has flared up again today. k airport, a clash occurred. air at byult from the gunfire from below. ukrainian jets sent into the airport seized by rebels this morning.
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this prompted a long battle for control. machine guns boring as they were forced back. the same gunfight here as jets and helicopters are thrown into the airport as if it had been hit by antiaircraft fire. soon the impact of the firefight became clear. smoke consuming the airport. ev calls itt an -- ki an anti-terror operation. the airport had been blocked off since pro-russian separatist arrived overnight. the standoff inside was peaceful, negotiations underway when it seemed tf lost patience. kiev lost patience. seems to counteroffensive by
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rebels may be underway. the troops that just arrived. have cometist groups again and are trying to head back to the airport. the man who appears to have won the election, a stark reminder of what he faces. vowed a tough line for insurgents. >> they do not have to speak with nobody. ian same way like the mal pirates. nobody will have a negotiation with the terrorist. ndsds firm.nce >> more on the situation in ukraine.
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this person formerly served as director of european affairs at the white house national security council. roshenko going to be any more successful? the turn of the election seems positive in the sense that he got a significant majority, and if to avoid a runoff. he seems to have a mandate. he has a lot of work cut out for him. i have three things he should keep an eye on. one, the violence continues. he is not in full control of various militias on either side. we do not know what is going to happen in the coming days. the second is ukraine has never emerged on the soviet era with functioning institutions and a functioning economy. it is riddled with corruption. he needs to find some kind of geopolitical gray zone in
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between europe and russia. >> the relationship with russia -- how do you see that working out? >> is someone who has a track record of being able to allen's between europe and russia. his business interests in russia. putin has said he has already recognize the election. it is not clear exactly what oshenko canh por find. those in the east, who want to affiliate with russia. that russiaupplies supplies -- controls the ukraine. what are you seeing there? >> the last couple weeks putin seems to have backed off a little bit. the troops seem to be demobilizing. he said he is not going to try a foil ukraine's move to functioning state. before they said they were going to ramp up to --
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we do not know. that is: -- generally a good sign. happen?e make that >> i think that will happen. he has already said he will find some of the agreements. that is what voters want. those small parties opposed to affiliation with europe, many of them did not vote because they could not get to polling stations. going toink he is succeed moving ukraine toward europe, but not in a way that is a zero-sum game with russia. >> what does the white house think? >> i think washington is happy the election took
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oroshenko has a mandate. -- visited the most important site on the final day of his middle eastern tour. he went to a compound where he urged people of all religions to work together for justice and peace. he prayed at the western wall. whenking shoes on and off you visit an islamic building is a conventional sign of respect. when a pope does it at the dome of the rock, it is more than that. and every day he has made careful gestures to deliver that message. at the western wall, the holiest place in the world where jews can pray, he touched the stones and follow traditions by placing
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his own prayer between them. 24 hours earlier, the pope chose the same symbolic gesture -- as palestinians took that his silent condemnation of what he called -- next to a memorial to jews who died in an attack in argentina, netanyahu delivered his -- that a bearer is vital for security. >> if we completed the wall then, thousands of [indiscernible] we have saved thousands because [indiscernible] >> no terrorism anymore. >> than the pope reached outcome of the same gesture he used at the walls in jerusalem and bethlehem. memorial tosrael's
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the jews killed by the nazi s. francis said he was shamed by what man was capable of doing. is as important to his middle east peace initiative as the time he spent with the palestinian's. he did more than most to show the palestinians that he believes in their case for independence. now he has got to show the israelis he takes their concerns equally seriously, or his attempt at mediation will have no chance at all. the pope's invitation to come to rome to pray for peace has been accepted. gestures will not end the conflict. they can change the atmosphere which at the moment will be more than anyone else has done. symbolism from the pope.
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the voting in presidential elections is underway, and it is expected that a former army chief will come to power. removed morsih or after massive public poo rotests. opponents say he will bring back authoritarian rule. >> in downtown cairo voters queued for early morning. eager to choose a new pharoah after years of turmoil. for many here, the key issue is stability, since they are looking to one man to deliver that. and his hero sis voted across
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town making his first public appearance in standing for election. the state-favored candidate did not need to campaign. his only rival has been calling for democracy and social justice. he has been struggling to be heard. the result will not be a [indiscernible] a steady stream of voters coming through here now, but this election is a formality. sisi looks guaranteed an easy win. the question is how many people come out to vote. the scale of the turnout will have an impact on his legitimacy. after months of protests and brutal repression, supporters of of the band muslim brotherhood will not vote. they accuse sisi of staging a
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coup last july. liberal activists from the leading movements are not voting either. they fear the future will be a rerun of the past of mubarak. i see a military regime, a crackdown on opposition, and no freedom of expression, no , legalizingrotest all oppression by the police. that is how i see it. >> you think this is mubarak over again? >> yes, it is mubarak over again. >> while opponents to the return of a military strongman, many egyptians are [indiscernible] for just that. nigeria's chief of defense
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says the location more than 200 schoolgirls that have been kidnapped have been identified. they say the military will not use force to rescue the gross. university of california santa barbara says it will have a day of mourning on tuesday to honor killed on victims saturday night. all classes will be canc el. rodger stabbediot 3 roommates. a clear message and parliamentary elections. in france, the national front topped the polls. in greece, a socialist party won. a report now on the night the top people protest against the
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established european order. >> for the far right, it was a night of clinking glasses. and celebrations. afterwards, party leader went to a bar with family and friends. her victory left france and much of europe in shock. after holding a crisis meeting ndeh his ministers, holla addressed the french people tonight and said europe had he come to remote. rope must be single, clear. >> the victory has left france divided. polled 25%, that means there is a need. let's give her a chance. that is attributed to europe,
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so it is necessarily needing that people to vote for the extremes. >> it was not just in here that antiestablishment parties top of polls. it happened in greece, but they're the party came from the radical left, and the issue, five years of austerity. to aeece, victory belonged radical left party, which opposed cuts made in exchange for bailout. the whole ofid europe was watching greece, because it had resisted austerity. in spain, the two mainstream 1/3 of their voters. protests against cuts and inequality. the main message i want to send to europe is we do not want to be a german colony, a colony of the european troika.
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we do not want to provide cheap labor. we do not want the hand over our country's industry. >> across europe it is mainly the antiestablishment in the urosceptic parties that have made gains. performance of these parties is remarkable and regrettable, but now it is about winning back voters. that is true for france. >> she had shaken french and european politics, but a majority of members of the european parliament will come from mainstream parties that back further european integration. you're watching "bbc world news america h."
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the king of thailand has and doors the man who was responsible for the military coup. >> he had to wait four days for it, but this morning the new d the all-important alliterative endorsement from the king. no coup has succeeded without it. the aging monarch was not present at the ceremony, nor has he made any comment. the leaders want to keep the palace untainted by their takeover. the general's next move will be and name aabinet prime minister. the economy is in dire need of management. he will be challenged by opposition rule.
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today he had a blunt message for those behind recent protests in bangkok -- seen,se protests we have do they want to go back to the way we were before? if you want that, then i will have to enforce the law. it is the soldiers who are striking the deal with angry crowds. sooner or later, the army may use force. easy toll not find thit run the country. >> in south korea at least six people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire at a shopping complex north of seoul. reporters say it started in a food court area.
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today thousands turned out in india's capital to see the new prime minister take the oath of office. pakistan's prime minister received the most attention. he is seen as a possible opening for better relations between the two countries. a witness of change of guard. setting for a spectacular ceremony. moment, who swept
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to power with an historic victory and is now sitting on a majority stage. with these words coming he was sworn in as the 15th prime minister of india. unveiled his new cabinet, smaller, younger, more women. he has pledged to streamline government and make it more dynamic. there was also a special guest, the pakistani prime minister, a surprise invitee. many are hoping it will pave the way for a new beginning. ahead of his arrival, he ordered fishermen150 released. a goodwill gesture. it is a proud moment for modi
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who is now prime minister of the world's largest democracy. now the real business begins. new has pledged to bring a approach to government. india and the world will watch. he has a mandate to become one of the most powerful leaders. now it is his show. in the u.s. today, president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. decades,ast two families of the fallen have gathered near washington for a conference to help the families of those who have lost a loved one. this is one of the counselors in theird children
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grief. tonight she sheds her story with us. >> this weekend is our 20th annual military survival -- >> this is your husband. >> yeah. >> how long has it been? >> eight months. we come together to take care of each other. died of a husband suicide. he was an active duty marine. iraq combat missions. he did not want to bring all of that home. he thought it was a part of him now, but he did not want to bring it into the house. anyway he thought he was broken. my kids and ih, struggle to figure out how we were going to go forward after his death. the first thing was try to
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figure out how to tell the kids. their dad was their hero, coach, mentor, and he had come back from a combat zone. ♪ these families are our future, and they are special families. their families who have served and sacrificed. they said i will protect the country. they are at risk themselves. the children, the parents. come.ed my kids to they did not want to come. when it got here, i was greeted with [indiscernible] and as they were filling out registration, my little voice, the youngest one, was sitting under the the table with another little boy who was dressed fully in marine corps garb.
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i heard the little boy sick to my son, my dad died, and then i heard my son say, my dad died, two. a perfect example of families who are amazing families. they have taken this loss and got meaning out of it. >> i was freefalling. i was able to dangle on a string for a while until i found there were other people like us. they used call and visible injuries, which i now call look harder for me. they're there. >> i want to embrace the veterans coming back and wrap our arms around them. on how things families deal with loss on this memorial day. today's program to a
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