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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 28, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and persuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored
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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "abc world news america." president obama fights back against critics of his foreign-policy insisting that u.s. military action is not always the answer. >> just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail. election isian over. measure,turnout is a enthusiasm once in short supply. tonight we remember the life of my angelou. -- maya angelou.
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welcome to our viewers on public television here in america and also around the globe. graduation speeches are often visions for the future. president obama used his address at the u.s. military academy to speak about national security. theering his critics, president said that military intervention should not be the first option and stressed the need for diplomacy. the cream of the military crop. officers.newest elite they may have to fight in a war overseas. >> you are the first class to who may notce 9/11
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be sent into combat in iraq or afghanistan. [applause] >> he knows the country likes the idea, too. tired of old wars and wary of new ones. theyamericans believe that have a duty to shape the world in its image. >> in the 21st century, american isolationism is not an option. >> he said that america would fight for its core interests and allies but not against every danger and outrage. cannot military action be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance. bestbecause we have the hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.
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>> making an impact is not always mean military action. the president made a very spirited defense of his foreign-policy. it is something that he has already followed and there has been a fair degree of turmoil around the world. it will not be enough for critics to say that it is too little, too late. the speech that provoked this exuberance, the traditional display at this graduation. no one here would criticize the commander in chief. comments wereis interesting about using military power as primary power. he wants to use diplomatic and political power. >> relief and celebration and camaraderie mingle. for many, the president's speech
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was just a backdrop to the biggest day of their lives. thatr more on the vision resident obama has, we have richard house from the council on foreign relations. obama spoke for almost an hour on the issue of american foreign-policy, was there much that was new? it is essentially a statement of the importance of the united states staying involved in the world. not too involved. case thatmaking the you can have strength through multilateralism. was the fact that he had to make that case because the american people do not believe him? >> there are always tendencies in the american political debate.
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or is a string of american isolationism. there is always a bias towards unilateralism and our frustration that is essential to multilateralism. a lot of the speech was taking on critics and arguing for a realistic or reasonable central force. >> do you think he made a persuasive argument? >> i do not think this beach will have a lot of traction to people who are not already tuned into foreign-policy. what will get the most attention is what he spoke about yesterday which is the fact that the united states will completely withdraw from afghanistan by the .nd of 2016 the most newsworthy foreign-policy is the indication that the united states is probably prepared to do a bit more. exactly how much is not clear on behalf of some of the opponents of the regime in syria. >> we had some discussion about
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whether he would announce about what that might do about the position in syria. the white house is pushing back against being forced into a timetable. do you get a sense that this is urgent. they need to step up their position or not really? >> it is hard to argue that it is suddenly urgent. five or six months into 2014 when this situation had been going on for years. the opportunities for making a difference are certainly less than they were two or three years ago. is a case to be made for doing just this for jihadist opposition. >> you just came back from great written. do you think that america's allies that might be looking at the white house and thinking that the leadership might be
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weak or fragmented that this speech would reassure them? >> i wish i could say yes. i do not think there was a lot of reinsurance -- reassurance. he is still paying a price for what is seen as an decision on syria. they wonder about his commitment on trade. they also worry about the american political system, which builds in a large degree of uncertainty. youru are dependent on us, problem is not what the white house, but it is also with the other end of pennsylvania avenue and the congress. polls are officially closed in egypt after voters were given an extra day to choose their own president. turnoutct -- low voter was the cause of the extension.
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the man who succeeded morsi should easily cruise to a vick re-. -- victory. >> some supporters of the recent really tired field marshals brady at his big three area -- marshall celebrated his victory. soldiers were at the polling stations. he admits that he does not have a political program. been fattah al-sisi has presented as a national hero. his right to power legitimized by a big yes vote. the turnout was low. some followers might have stayed at home. during a third day of voting, polling stations were still quiet in cairo. opposite a polling
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stations, supporters said that some people had been brainwashed not to vote in the mosques. >> i voted for al-sisi. i want a strong leader. the country will not survive without a military man. >> business was so bad. you can see egypt's long-term economic problem's by looking around cairo. there are not enough jobs for a young, growing population. in the villages, the muslim brotherhood had strong support in the last election. so did their call for a boycott this time around. >> this presidential election is not legitimate at all. how can i vote?
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believer,s not a true i would poison myself. we are humiliated. i wish they would just round us up and kill us all. cairo, to hear square is a roundabout again. of2011, it was the center democratic hope. she was one of the organizers. in january of this year, he was arrested. >> during the interrogation by state security, i was tortured. i didn't stop. egypt ist feel as if going back to the time of mubarak? >> the old system is coming back.
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>> since field marshal sec -- coup, thousands of secularists have been detained. this has stripped the selection of any meaning. the economy is a fundamental problem. poverty and corruption cause clinical instability, anger, and sometimes violence. egypt has changed. a cult of personality is not enough. isi does not al-s make their lives better, egyptians will lose their patience with him, too. i would have al-sis huge challenges and not a lot of time to get things done. 55 people have been found guilty in a mass trial in the northwest
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province. 7000 people watched as a court in a stadium handed out the verdicts on charges of terrorism, and separatism. able were sentenced to death. talks to end south africa's longest strike have broken down. they are demanding better conditions. the government has been mediating between their union and the mining company. now pushing the country's economy towards recession. say atfrican police least one person has died in a shooting inside of a restaurant at cape town international airport. three others were wounded. a report said that a man shot a woman and then turned the gun on himself. the major faction of the has announcedban they are splitting from the larger organization.
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there are differences over the leadership. it is the first major rift in pakistan taliban ranks since 27 -- 2007. it is seen as a significant blow to the organization. a young pregnant woman was buried in pakistan today. a young pregnant woman was beaten to death by her family for marrying the man that she loved. her father has been arrested. the other men escaped. she has gone to court to defend her decision to marry for love. her family had accused her husband of of production. she wanted justice. it ended in blood very her relatives were waiting there. they tried to take her away. she resisted. they dragged her to the floor and bludgeoned her to death with >>. -- bricks.
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this is a community in mourning after a brutal murder. there is no grief here, just anger. >> what happened is very bad. the police were watching. they were shouting for help. nobody listened. they watched her being killed and did not do anything. it is shameful. it is inhuman. >> this is a -- they were afraid that the family would snatch her body. she was 25 years old and three months pregnant. in a deeply conservative society, the reaction is divided. >> it is all about honor. her family, she disgraced them. she deserved to die. >> it is a crime, not just against the woman, but against
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all of society. it is embarrassing for pakistan. lots of people here often say that in this country human life has no value. it is even harder for women. is supposed to protect them when it comes to honor killings. in practice, it is very different. in the past, their killers have gone unpunished. it's people being murdered in broad daylight in cold blood. it has nothing to do with honor. the people are criminals. that he hadr said no regrets about killing his own daughter. he is now in custody. the other attackers are now free. honor andry debating a murder as well in pakistan. still to come on tonight's program, could this be the car of the future? google is rolling
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out a vehicle with no driver required. thailand the army says that it has now released 124 leading politicians, and activists that were taken to custody after last week's coup. most were from the red shirt movement that supported the ousted government. rulersland's military have been losing the propaganda war. we have been showing video evidence. thee are from pro-government red shirt movement in captivity. now they have been freed. these are the activists with the ability to mobilize opponents of the military kerry and they have been able to speak publicly about their detention. it is not clear what conditions
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have been imposed on their release. the former education minister was arrested yesterday. he has been prosecuted for failing to hand himself over to the new authority. he faces two years in prison. the military is tightening its censorship. hundreds of websites have disappeared from thai screesn. the ministry in charge of regulating the internet says that much harsher charges could follow. are two issues. anything that portray's the monarchy in a bad light. anything that threatens unity and stability. >> there are times where they have welcomed the military intervention. the army will be grateful for these supportive images. in reality, they have thrown this country into uncertainty.
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is hard to the coup gauge, but it could be high. >> how safe would you feel traveling in a car with no driver? it sounds like madness. the smart people at google insists that it could be a reality. the company that can help you find almost anything in the world is hoping to take over the driving experience i removing you from the equation. our technology correspondent is giving us a look. plat -- pedal,or not even a break. this could be the future of motoring. yous a button and it is off go. maximum speed is 25 miles per hour. sensors and software detect other vehicles. software materials should make it safer. 100 of the self
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driving vehicles in a hugely ambitious project that involves adapting existing cars. bringort of vehicle will increased mobility to all sorts of people and will bring an end to road accidents caused by human error. this helps you keep in the lane. when it comes to reversing into a tight spot, the car can take over. world's best parker. when you put your hands on the steering wheel, that is fine by me. it can also take over this. the key is safety. giving hundreds of thousands of miles without an accident. watching this example where
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the cyclist is holding up his arm, we detect the movement into our lane. >> this idea would involve big spending and a radical change in our attitudes for motorists. costs.straints are the you have to have individual lanes for these cars. are we as human beings ready for that moment when you take away all control and you are sitting in the box and off you go? google lands to run a pilot program here at headquarters in the next couple of years. it will be a long time before most city streets are ready for motoring without drivers. >> call me old-fashioned, but i still think that -- i want that steering wheel in my car. the owner of manchester united and the tampa bay buccaneers has died. he was 85 years old.
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the self-made alien air bought 2005.ster united back in here in america he bought the tampa bay buccaneers into a leading nfl franchise. at --was little that my maya angelou did not do in her life. she died at the age of 86 in north carolina. with her majestic voice and powerful pen, she overcame extraordinary odds to touch millions of people around the world. an, but it ain't heav sure ain't hell. i am not on top, but it is swell i have the luck to be black on a saturday night >> maya angelou performing one
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of her poems. >> the floors to mop, he flew to shop. >> she was charismatic and a show thee that experience of being black in america. >> and the cotton to pick sunshine. the deepd grown up in south, raised by her grandmother in the segregation and poverty. when she was seven, she was raped by her mother's boyfriend. as a teenager, she became the first black female cable car conductor. she had an extraordinary career including acting as a nightclub dancer. she acted on broadway. she traveled to africa, where she became a journalist and academic. for a time, she worked with the
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civil rights leader martin luther king. she also worked with malcolm x. both men were killed. it was her autobiography that made her name, "i know where the caged or in." it was about her childhood. >> white folks could not be people. their feet were too small. their skin was too white. and see throughy. >> throughout her life, she was a superb phrase maker. ment admits to finger snapping, toetapping, hit throwing, rest grasping, eye flashing, good and god and life. >> bill clinton acknowledged her
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status when he asked her to read a poll at his and not duration. >> history cannot be unlived. it's face with courage need not be lived again. memartin luther king told that he thought there would be a black president in 40 years. i did not. i thought that i would be long dead before that happens. documentaries about the black experience at home and abroad. >> the excitement is not just to survive, but to thrive. and to thrive with some passion, compassion, humor, and some style. elou said that we will all be remembered for how well we loved. she had a big heart area did you
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can find out much more about maya angelou on our website. take so much for watching. so much for watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in. working to nurture new ventures
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