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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 28, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> more than a thousand troops into the ukraine and president obama blaming moscow for the violence. >> the separatists are trained by russia, armed by russia, funded by russia. state fighters are accused of further atrocities in syria or the white house makes iraqear that stabilizing is america's priority now.
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the sheep finally got a haircut but the coat was just short of the world record. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. president obama said that new images of russian tanks have entered ukraine and that moscow is responsible for the violence. a thousand russian troops are operating inside the country which russia denies. separatists have opened a new front in the southeast of the ukraine. >> a ukrainian soldier warns his colleagues a sniper threatened. they were pushing back against
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the separatists in eastern ukraine but the victory looks possible being forced out of some areas amid claims russia has sent massive reinforcements. with theian forces guerrilla, but it is quite difficult for us. >> nato has released aerial pictures that they say show russian armor inside the ukraine. only the tip of the iceberg says one nato general. in both the level and sophistication of russia's military interference in the ukraine. forcesine's government have been squeezing the rebels hard, shrinking the territory they control. it's almost two months since rebels were forced to flee from
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the regional capital. >> and you can see how the area has shrunk. another front in the fighting opened according to several reports. video that the ukrainians say is a russian tank recorded inside the ukraine. it could be another part of russian efforts to prevent effete, not just of the rebels but president clinton's strategy. >> russia is responsible for violence in the eastern ukraine. it is encouraged by russia, the separatists are trained by russia, they are armed by russia and funded by russia. russia has deliberately repeatedly violated the sovereignty of the ukraine. >> major powers warning of
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costs. russia is adamant. the ukrainian government torpedoed all agreements to resolve the conflict. >> the reckless policy of key of his conducting a war against its own people. controle battle for rages on, president clinton shows no signs of bowing to international sanctions or threats of further isolation. >> and president putin did say that russia will continue to provide humanitarian aid to civilians in the eastern ukraine. generalto the retired has served as nato's supreme allied commander for europe. intolerable is the word europeans are using. adoptedia seems to have
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the incursion into the ukraine. >> strong actions by not just the united states and britain , this is what we have been working for since 1949. now clear breach of international law. 28 nations will reach consensus. >> they meet next week. what does it mean to take action now? >> i don't want to get into security stuff i'm not privy to anymore but i believe you're going to see an increase in troop appointment. europe, we central
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have said before that the russians would not station troops there. send -- we are going to see pre-positioning stocks. an emergency, ukraine is not a member of nato. a condition that meets regularly. there is a strong russian population in those countries. there has to be a signal here and i hope that we can see that. speaking at obama the white house this afternoon, clearly putting the blame with moscow. they have isolated russia. nothing seems to have deterred president putin.
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>> i hate to say it that you need to have clear concrete actions. military as well as putting the strategy together, military, diplomatic and political strategy. the u.n. needs to get involved. it's a clear violation of international law. >> this seems to be people just like yourself infuriated by what they see russia doing. that they keep on taking advantage of the situation in the ukraine and nothing seems to happen that deters moscow. >> what has to happen now is that it's a clear violation. we have satellite pictures and proof of tanks and other equipment. and no one knows what was inside .
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initially, they were not. sending in forces to reinforce the rebel forces, all russian forces out of the ukraine, that is the clarity that is going to be needed. >> thanks very much for coming in. during the press conference, president obama addressed the fight against the islamic state. strikes in syria were imminent. making sure the military gains in iraq were hold back. they could function to do with the islamic state.
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secretaryrked with hagel and are joint chiefs of staff to prepare a range of options. i will be meeting with my security council this evening as we develop that strategy. i will continue to do so in the days ahead. net post by the islamic state, i spoke short time with dana benjamin. thank you for joining me. on the brink of military action. >> it does look that way. i think the president has it right. the most important element here is to stabilize iraq and make sure the iraqis are in the fight and build regional support for a concerted effort against isis.
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>> it can take quite a lot of time. all the time the islamic state is making gains rapidly. not making gains rapidly. it got pushed back from the kurdish zone. it has kind of come up against the barrier. been taken that have have caused damage and cause them to reevaluate their strategy. to refocus their efforts. i think this was recognized as an enormous regional threat. you will see the energy of the u.s. government going into this and you will see a very interlock in the middle east. >> what kind of leverage and pressure can america still use tact?
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e? >> i think that he is going to thata lot of eager leaders want to discuss with them what they can do. i think there is a recognition that there has to be a force on the ground. will be first for that job because this will separate them. it will be a desire to shore up againstfor an effort isis. will be a happiness and an eagerness to come in with both feet again because of the profound disruptive impact that would have. good you think it is a idea for the u.s. to not conduct military air strikes? this looks like it is where the islamic state militants are making their move.
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accept that ifto you're going to tackle this threat, you have to do it inside syria at some point. >> it is something that has eluded washington. alongirmishes in syria the sunni nation that wonder if they are going to fracture the relationships there and cause enormous damage. will beconsultation's
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the rush and overreaction. >> my pleasure. >> the united nations says 43 peacekeepers on entering the buffer zone between israel and syria have been detained by militants fighting the syrian army. seizedesday, rebels control of the border post from the syrian army. he is out as prime minister but they wereident, elevated to head of state after winning the country's first-ever popular vote. forays he wants more power what was a largely ceremonial position. critics say he is becoming more authoritarian. >> a triumphant moment for turkey's most powerful politician in a generation.
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inside, he took the of to turkey's sovereignty and integrity. booed by by many but the opposition that left the chamber in revolt. on show and ceremony for the head of state that promise to increase his powers by changing turkey's constitution. is the first-ever popularly elected president in this country's history. it was opposed previously, largely ceremonial. but they managed to change the rules and became elected two weeks ago. >> his critics say he strayed from turkey's secular principles. but speaking at the presidential palace, he had a conciliatory
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note. the elected president and government will work hand-in-hand in harmony and improve social welfare. his violent clampdown fueled the frames -- lanes. -- flames. he has given voice to turkey's conservative side. the challenge will be to unite the country. allies were absent. they will have to work with the new leader. a key ally in a region fraught with danger. >> he was prime minister and is now president. still to come on tonight's program, the fbi is
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investigating a possible cyber attack to jpmorgan chase. the hunt for missing flight in may 17 will focus on the southern part of the existing search zones. the deputy prime minister says new information says the jet may have turned south earlier than was not. australia, china and malaysia are to strengthen their search. it is the biggest mystery in modern aviation history. is expected toch start next month. ministers haveor again expressed their determination to find the missing airline. the deputy prime minister said he was cautiously optimistic.
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>> they are equipped with wide scan sonar. multibeam echo sounders, video cameras. the high-resolution search is a priority and expected to take about 12 months to complete. >> efforts to explain the disappearance of flight 370 is now focused on the southern part of the original search area. it was scoured by aircraft and ships. it will enter a mysterious deep-sea world far from the coast of the is trillion city. , aanalysis of recent work sound the parts of the indian ocean are up to 1.5 kilometers more than previously thought.
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239 passengers and crew. >> the fbi is investigating reports of russian hackers launching what appears to be a core dated attack on the computer networks of some american banks, including the countries largest bank, jpmorgan. with michelle in new york. i guess we shouldn't say one incident because they say this has been going on for five years. >> a spokesman for the company says the bank regularly gets hacked, to use a simple word.
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and apparently for financial institutions, this is an increasing issue. how to protect the information of their customers, something we are starting to see regulators in america pay closer attention to. >> do we know if foreign ?overnments are involved echo is a government or foreign actors involved. somehow, this is retaliation. it is very early at this point. we don't really know for sure whense it comes at a time you are in washington, with a groupncern of chinese hackers that they believe is associated with a government that targeted
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american companies. that is the suspicion the fbi allowed us to look into with russian actors. putting -- banks are putting a lot of money in trying to protect them selves. the globalng of economy back in 2009 lead to ways to make ends meet. they even headed for the california hill and tried their luck as 21st-century gold miners. they spent four years capturing the community which sprang up along river banks and national parks. 160 years after the original gold rush. in 2009, i was still recovering from the loss of my job so i wanted to go out west.
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applying to that artist residency i was looking at a project. 2009, ind in may of that year, the united states experienced that training. millions were laid off from that the savings of many retirees are wiped out. the value of the dollar went down. i happened to meet what i would call the protagonist, martin. butler than all the others withorked excessively these gigantic six-foot boulders out of the river just to try to
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find gold. she came out with her husband jeff to california. themshe is working with sifting material into a bucket. moses. duane and his dog dwayne basically came out in .011 or 2012 was up and down the river along the banks and managed to he couldh gold that bury his mother that passed away that year. yes, there is still a sense of gold fever that existed in the
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19th century of people going out out west. and there is also an interesting aspect in the modern age where i feel like there's a lot of people that want to abandon a cubicle lifestyle that don't want to work in theoretical ideas and really want to work with their hands. >> the new 49ers. it doesn't look like very much is changed. on sunday, a sheep that had never been shorn before was found in tasmania. now shorn, he looks a little different. of fleece butunds even that fell just short of the world record. serena has the hairy details for us. after years of living in the
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wild, this sheet has finally been shaved. as he has been nicknamed was found by farmers when he wandered onto their land. he is believed to have been living in the wild for the last x years. to see if they can break the world record for the woolly as to animals. his coat is tucked short. concentrate on making held, he the record is had 27 kilograms of gold taken off of his body. it weighed over 23 kilograms. the owners say the sheep has a lot to adjust to. but with the wool out of his
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eyes, his future looks bright. >> he looks so skinny and cold. that brings the program to a close. we will see you tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years. covert foundation, and union bank. unionler foundation, and bank. bank, ourn relationship managers use their
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