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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 22, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation. and mufg. >> build a solid foundation and you can connect communities and commerce for centuries. that is the strength behind good banking relationships, too. that is why at mufg, we believe financial partnership should endure the test of time.
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with time comes change. what matters in the end is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i am katty kay. hundreds more migrants are rescued from the mediterranean on the even of the emergency summit of how to deal with the crisis. saudi led airstrikes continue to pound who the rebels in yemen even though they say this phase of the fighting is over. on the eve of what they believe is shakespeare's birthday we discover the bard's relationship with his female characters. >> something happened to him
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where he suddenly got it about women. katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. the italian coast guard rescued hundreds more people today trying to get to europe from north africa. so far 20,000 migrants have reached the italian coast so far. it is fewer than this time last year. the number of people who have died trying to make the crossing is much much higher. there will be an emergency summit on the crisis in brussels tomorrow. in rome, our editor has more. tourniquet -- >> bringing in a new country, a new reality. they arrived in the hundreds. the old, the very young, and the
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not even born. for them, a sense of relief and joy. they cheated death at sea and left persecution at home behind. thousands more are lining up to do the same. italy says this cannot go on. speaking before parliament at of tomorrow's emergency summit the italian prime minister demanded a comprehensive political and financial solution, not an emotional reaction. from europe and all its member states. the people of italy want to put the rest of europe under pressure. italians feel they are struggling to cope between a deep economic downturn and what they call the migrant invasion on the other. they want help. now. this rundown neighborhood just outside of rome is famous for social unrest.
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migrants are held in centers after arriving by boat. most end up in poor neighborhoods where tolerance is low. they arrived here recently. anti-immigration politicians here and elsewhere in europe are making significant gains. >> we are hosting migrants and hotels across italy. this one for million italians are unemployed. we've done our bit. europe needs to wake up. >> europe is becoming more aware. most migrants leave for richard countries quickly. unlike these afghan 15-year-olds. being looked after in rome. they asked not to film their faces. they hope to slip invisibly across the continent. >> wordy want to go? >> sweden. >> the u.k.. >> from here to paris, then
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england by getting into a car from a car into a ship, and across the water. >> they know the situation in italy is hard. it is an economic crisis. they think they could find a job . they just want to pass through italy and great other countries. germany, sweden, and the u.k. for example. >> the face of europe is changing. too fast for some. the recent surge of migrants arriving and dying in european waters demands action. it is decision time. and also a moment for soul-searching. bbc news, rome. katty: what more are you hearing about this land of going after the traffickers?
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>> that is what everyone wants to know. it could still change. what you're talking about concrete plans to target people traffickers. people who have been described why the italian interior minister as the most sinister agents in history. the eu will be looking for a military mandate in libya. no options are off the table. as of yet we have no details. we can expect those to be hammered out tomorrow. but if any concrete decisions come through, we won't know. katty: this is military action the europeans are considering? >> it is military action. so the europeans are considering that. what form that will take, we don't know.
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i spoke to the eu commissioner for migration and he called it civil military operations. there is speculation about this. the idea of europe taking military action in libya. everyone is waiting to find out what on that would take. it would need a mandate from the common foreign, policy chief in europe and also from the u.n. you will year leaders say tomorrow that they support all human efforts to create a stable government in libya. more than 90% of the migrants on italy sure, from boats leaving liberty. it is a priority and a security threat to europe coming from libya, and a number one priority for european leaders. katty: thank you very much. on top of driving migrants to flee en masse the instability in libya has attracted militants
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from the islamic state. clinton several went to -- clinton somerville went to search. clinton: the war with the united -- with the islamic state has never been closer. gaddafi's hometown is now dominated by an iass -- with an is flag. they respond. that is another mortar round that has just landed in the last three or four minutes. they are coming from over there. the islamic state are just beyond that hill.
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for five kilometers away. we are seeing the small clashes all around this area. this is how the battle is taking shape. you just heard another round. this is how this battle is taking shape. there's not been a big fight between them and the islamic state, yet, but they say it is coming. libya is divided. these men fight for the government in tripoli, but the world recognizes a rival leadership. all the two sides fight, isis has moved closer to europe. as tens of thousands of migrants have discovered, little lies between the libyan coast and italy. -- the libyan -- it could be their gateway to europe. we were given exclusive access to a secret libyan jail holding isis fighters.
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omar is from a neighboring country. he was captured. >> isis ones to bring down arab governments in order to establish a cell if it. -- from a cellophane. from there, the u.s. is next. they say those regimes need to change, then they will move into spain, italy, and so on. iis has launched a wave of suicide attacks. already the islamic state on the mediterranean is a threat that libya alone cannot contain. quentin somerville. katty: there's a lot of confusion in yemen tonight. airstrikes relaunched a day after it was announced the campaign has ended. the houthis continued their assault's attacking the headquarters of an army brigade loyal to the government in the southern city.
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i spoke a short time ago with the commanding officer on the uss cole in 2000 when it was attacked by al qaeda in the port of yemen. how worried are you given what you went through about what is happening at the moment? >> i'm concerned on eight strategic scale. what has become a regional problem within the country has grown much larger. you have saudi arabia on one side. it ran on the other. iran has been arming the rebels for years. the codes of the internal government dynamics that you have in yemen it cause them to rise up and take over. saudi arabia is unwilling to let that happen and is engaging on a larger scale. they have done the air campaign. they say they've ended it, but our continuing strikes because they continue to see a threat. the houthis will continue moving
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forward. katty: the two big regional powers, saudi arabia and iran, are focused on the houthi rebels. you are attacked by al qaeda in 2000. are they taking and -- taking advantage of this power vacuum? >> absolutely. they will try to gain territory where neither the government and a style or the forces with the president can regain control. versus the houthis who removed and barred are in a weak position because they are concentrating around the capital driving south to the port of aden, where i was attacked. you will see them leverage that to their advantage. katty: are you concerned as the saudis washington, we have taken our eye off the ball. >> to a degree.
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that is an asset not available to go after isis. we're taking our eye off of the isis ball to deal with a problem further south. the potential for miscalculation increases with the number of vessels. the u.s. should the disengaged but provide reconnaissance and intelligence to the saudi so that if they decide they want to intercept the iranian vessels which my sources say carry a great number of weapons including surface to surface missiles and minds that can be used on the ceilings of communication, that is a threat the united states is worried about. katty: it seems you are suggesting that the threat of the iranian backed who the rebels, with the big supply of weaponry potentially on the way is it more of a problem for the international community than al qaeda in the financial a
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right now? >> it could be. if the houthis get yemen that gives them the potential control over to checkpoints. the straight that the international community has been worried about, but the straight at the end of the south sea. the international community cannot afford that. with the instability that is going on in somalia in that region, we don't need more going on. we should get yemen stabilized as soon as possible. katty: thank you for coming in. it was known as the flash crash when the dow jones industrial average plunged 600 points in five minutes. no vendor seeing in london is the financial trader of -- the vendor saying -- no -- navinder singh is the financial
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trader accused. >> the headquarters of an international criminal operation. the allegation is that one man in this modest family home, was able to manipulate markets thousands of miles away and cause an international financial panic and make 27 million pounds. this is the man the u.s. authorities want. today his father was keen to avoid the media. >> who knows what people do on their computers. it is frustrating. >> i want to bring you up-to-date on a stomach turning day on wall street. >> u.s. shares lost more than 500 billion pounds of value in five minutes before bouncing back up. the so-called flash crash. >> the authorities are
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evaluating this closely with concern of protecting investors and preventing this from happening again. >> his trading on markets played a role in that crash. i placing a series of fake orders to sell shares he can beat the sale price down. other traders think they have the sale before the price drops and it falls. then the trader places a real order and cancels the fake orders. the price bounces back up and may have made a profit. the selling and buying can be lightning quick repeated thousands of times small gains turn into millions. >> it is illegal to put in traits that you are not trying to execute. that is a crime. imagine if everyone did that.
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you could spook the market the whole time and no one would know what was truth and what was fiction. >> before leaving the westminster magistrate court navinder singh sarao was put on bell with the condition of 5 million pounds for security. he said he would fight the attempt to extradite him. bbc news. katty: you are watching "bbc world news america". still to come on the program the garment factory in bangladesh two years after the accident bbc news is investigating if anything changed. the first images have been released of a vault in the georgia state -- vault and the jewelry district that was broken into over holiday weekend. the security boxes stolen contained jewelry and diamonds worth millions. the vault was covered with debris and string with power tools.
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>> this is the hole drilled through half a meter of concrete that the jewel thieves made to enter the vault. it was next to the huge metal security door. simply by passing it. allowing them to take millions of pounds of diamonds jewelry and cash. detectives believe the thieves entered the building through the side door. made their way to the second floor where they disabled the lift and climbed to the basement where the safe deposit company is based. then they cut through bars, and drilled their way into the vault itself. emptying 72 of the 999 boxes. this was the scene that confronted police when they were called more than what he eight hours after the burglars left.
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>> the gang entered the building on thursday night just before the easter bank holiday weekend. they left the next morning, but returned on saturday night to finish the job. in total they spent less than 20 hours inside the building. these images from a security camera are the only ones showing the jewel thieves at work on those two nights before escaping in a white fan. detectives have finished the forensic examination of the scene. for the first time, customers whose boxes were not broken into were able to collect their diamonds and cash. katty: two years ago in bangladesh, a garment factory collapsed killing more than a thousand people working inside. at the time the tragedy was a global outcry highlighting the poor conditions. according to human rights,
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little has changed. >> no one should've died. cracks appeared the day before it collapsed. the building was evacuated. the next morning, managers at the garment factory demanded the workers go back inside. that is why one of the key recommendations in the wake of the tragedy was that it is easier to set up unions to give workers the collective voice allowing them to refuse to go back inside. bangladesh has changed a lot to give workers more rights but it can still be a battle to get unions recognized. this cctv footage shows a member of a union being attacked outside of factory owned by a factory making clothing for among other international brands, north face, timberland and vans.
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in another incident owned by the same company a union leader was beaten with an iron rod. >> we put the factory owner on notice that certain things had to happen by a certain date, or we would withdraw our orders from their company in total. >> the company that owns the factories insists it had no involvement in either incident but confirms it has worked to address concerns and recognizes the union. many cases do not get resolved. this worker does not want to show his face. he received repeated threats because he is a union official. >> i was told you may be adopted or go missing. someone could shoot at you. ask yourself, if something happens to me, what will happen to my family. >> accusations are commonplace
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for union activists. >> the workers come to us. every day you will get one or two complaints from factory workers that they are trying to organize and are facing harassment and intimidation. >> fewer than 10% of bangladesh's garment factories have unions. freedom of association, the right to set up unions, is a basic human right. intimidation the nice that right and as rana plaza shows, that can have devastating consequences. abc news. katty: another anniversary. 400 51 years ago tomorrow, scholars believe william shakespeare was born and literary history changed forever. we have celebrated it i highlighting the women in shakespeare's plays. that is the focus of "women of will."
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it shows how shakespeare's depiction of women involved. -- evolved. >> what satisfaction cans't thou have tonight? >> juliet is no lovelorn teenager but a feisty rebel who knows exactly what she wants from romeo. >> she is the first full embodiment. she is writing from the inside of her, not from the outside. she is a fully fleshed whole human being. she is able to have the courage to do the things she things are right and stand by them and work for them. in exactly the same way the men do. >> do you think shakespeare understood women? >> not in the beginning. something happened. somewhere around the early
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history plays going into romeo and juliet, either he fell in love or grew up. something happened to him where he suddenly got it about women. there was a profound shift. >> how did the role of women change? >> after he has written the full-blooded juliet and the indoor mostly alive character the women start taking on the truth more and more. they start becoming the characters in the plays that are telling the truth about what is going on. >> the state shall explores a number of shakespeare's women. from margaret of york to kate in the taming of the shrew. >> thy husband is thy lord. >> it was a horrid way of taming her.
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taking her clothing away. not allowing her to say what she thinks or feels. you cannot be a whole person if someone is beating you up in that way. all of the directors who say she is in love, i don't think shakespeare thought that when he was so young. he thought, we will tame the shrew. that is a good plot. >> perhaps the hardest question for you, who is your favorite woman in shakespeare? >> it is always the one i'm working on. katty: reporting for us on shakespeare. and his women. gripping. that brings today's program to a close. it is earth day and we wanted to leave you with extraordinary images of our planet thanks to our friends at nasa. you can see more of these images and catch the rest of today's views on our website.
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you can find the bbc news on twitter. from all of us on "bbc world news america" on earth day, thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation. and mufg. >> they say the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. at mufg we have believed in nurturing banking relationships for centuries, because strong
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: war planes strike again in yemen. a halt in saudi bombings lasts only hours. the violent fight for power clouds calls for peace and aid. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. gwen ifill is away. also ahead this wednesday: shaky ground. how a boom in energy production is likely linked to a rise in earthquakes. plus, upholding the law in the city of brotherly love. a history of excessive force, intimidation and secrecy deepens mistrust between police and residents of philadelphia. >> we have created a system where the police officers are above the law. >> woodruff: and...


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