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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 13, 2015 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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with time comes change. what matters in the end is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america"." rep porting from washington -- reporting from washington, i am katty kay. the amtrak train that crashed outside of washington was going twice the designated speed limit. chaos and burundi after a military general claims to have deposed the president. the white house calls on the parties to lay down their arms. in line for sainthood. it is not sitting well in california with some native americans.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. the passenger train which derailed killing seven people last night was traveling at more than twice the speed limit where the accident occurred. they braked moments before the derailment. the train started in washington and was going to new york and in all seven cars came off of the track outside of philadelphia. michelle has the latest. michelle: from the search for survivors to the search for answers, they combed through the debris. authorities don't know what caused the amtrak train to derail in the suburbs of philadelphia, but it was said to be going twice the speed limit before the accident.
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7 people were killed and 200 injured some critically. at a news conference, the philadelphia mayor, mayor nutter , said the black box had the recovered. >> it is being downloaded and analyzed. michelle: they had to work under the cover of darkness. passengers described a chaotic scene. >> the trains rolled. >> i could see the blood on people's faces. michelle: this video on social media shows survivors scrambling for freedom. former congressman patrick murphy was on board. >> putting pressure on where the blood was coming out so they would not bleed out. michelle: the train was traveling along the northeast four-door, which can next washington to new york city and boston. the tracks behind me silence.
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a short distance from here, the band for the crash occurred. as night fell, not everyone on board has yet been accounted for. michelle fleury, bbc news, philadelphia. katty: michelle joined me a short time ago. this investigation is ongoing but our people assuming that this 100 mile per hour double the speed limit, is why the train came off of the tracks? michelle: i think people are jumping on that particular fact at the moment. investigators were able to ascertain the speed of the train because they recovered the black box. to give you a bit of background, the train left the junction a bit further behind me. going into that speed is 50 miles per hour.
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as we heard from american transport regulators, the train was going at at least 100 miles per hour into the turn. that has led to questions about what safety measures should be introduced. the investigation is ongoing. there's a lot more they need to find out. katty: michelle, you and i take that train all the time. lots of people who travel to new york and washington -- is it common for trains to go at twice the speed limit? michelle: if you look at the recent headlines, you would be inclined to think it is more common that feels -- more common and feels comfortable. there was an accident in new orleans, another one outside of new york. people who travel this, one of the busiest routes in america might be a bit dangerous. the amtrak safety record in recent years has been improving
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but there are questions about how much money is being spent and whether the focus is on keeping trains on time, which passengers care a lot about, and if more money should be devoted to safety. one question in particular has to do with the control system that could've automatically slowed down the train and instances that it is going too fast. katty: michelle fleury in philadelphia. thank you for joining us. it is unclear who is in charge in behrendt he after an attempted coup in the central african country. while the president was abroad attending a conference to discuss the ongoing on rest, the attorney general announced that had taken over. the president's office insists that the uprising was unsuccessful. this report was sent in some of the images are disturbing. >> the moment they have been
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waiting for. thousands of people marched to the city center alongside the army. moments after the general announced he had taken power. weeks of demonstrations, the protesters believe, have paid off. >> it is the people's victory. in the end victory was ours. >> the police try to stop the movement. there were scenes of chaos. a senior army official has announced he no longer recognizes the authority of the president, and thousands are celebrating, heading to the city center. meanwhile, there are clashes with the army. you can hear the gunfire. two died, 18 have been killed in the protests so far.
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demonstrations against the president's bid for a third term began peacefully two weeks ago but since than 50,000 civilians have fled as the violence escalated. the president, who spoke before the attempted coup, was defiant and blame the unrest on outside forces. >> the whole country, 90% is secure. we have peace, security, and when you go up country you can see that. there is no doubt we can organize successful elections in our country. >> earlier in the week protests turned violent. the crowds turned against the police who were trying to stop them. they dragged this policeman through the streets. he was eventually rescued by colleagues, but the anger had reached a boiling point. tonight, the picture is unclear, but whatever happens in baroody is a development that will send
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a message to other african leaders who may attempt to cling to power against the will of their people. katty: extraordinary pictures, and clearly a tense time in burundi. 40 people have the killed in a secretary and attack on a bus in -- on a secretary in attack on a bus in pakistan. many of the women and children -- many of those on the bus were women and children. the attack has been accredited to the islamic state. tackling the growing migrant crisis which has seen thousands of people drowned in the mediterranean. plans include immediate action to disrupt the activity of people smugglers. each u.n. country should take in a specified quota of the migrants. urging people to leave buildings in nepal that are in danger of
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falling down after the second earthquake in three weeks. the number that have died is expected to rise. then it epicenter of the quake was centered in several foothills of the malay is. justin has more. justin: just when nepal was beginning to get back to normal -- another huge earthquake has a reminded this country just how vulnerable it is. you can see a lot of shaved heads in nepal they are symbols of mourning. his family lost their home and their grandmother in the first earthquake. yesterday, they lost her son. a husband and a father. >> he was very hard-working. he was very happy. he was a good man. >> he had been married to his
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wife for 22 years. >> my world has been destroyed. i am like a house without a foundation. i don't think i will ever feel safe again. >> this place was badly damaged by the first earthquake and is now completely wrecked. vista was one of nine people who had died in the earthquake. yet come in on his motorbike for supplies. there was no delay getting aid and no shortage of helping hands. a fleet of helicopters brought the injured to kathmandu. when no one can help with is the fear. the fear that you are not safe.
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that another earthquake will strike. the scientists say there will be more earthquakes here. bbc news. katty: terrifying times for people in nepal. you are watching "bbc world news america"." iraq says a senior islamic state commander has been killed in an airstrike. the u.s. says they have not hit the target. north korea's defense minister has apparently been executed for disloyalty. he is said to have been shot after informants leaked about a military conference. his death comes after the reported execution of other officials. >> you don't get much closer.
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a word in the era of the supreme leader, the man with the power like the power to execute those who step out of line. last month the defense minister spoke for north korea at a security conference in moscow. now he is out. antiaircraft guns were used to obliterate him on a firing range of cording to the south korean spy agency. names of what is going on in north korea should always be treated with skepticism. in this case the south korean intelligence agency is unlikely to make a statement which could be proved to be untrue easily. if he is still alive, north korea would have him appear in public. if you does not, you have to assume that south korea has got it right.
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when kim jong-un's file or die -- father died, high people gathered around the coffin. since then there have all been either executed or banished. despite the shows of force, it seems kim jong-un feels insecure and is dangerous in that insecurity. stephen evans, soeul. katty: iraq pass defense ministry announced that an airstrike killed an islamic state commander and others in the city of muscle. the pentagon denies these claims saying they had no information to cooperate the report. the government of the province which includes most -- which
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includes mosul argues there's more to be done. the governor joined us a short time ago. katty: we are getting next reports whether the number two of the islamic state was killed and a coalition airstrike. the iraqis are saying yes, the americans are saying they don't know. >> he was -- he had a meeting there with some of the isis leaders. he was killed in that attack, and -- from algeria. katty: the iraqis say he was in a mosque that was hit by a coalition airstrike. >> is in the mosque, but they
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used that as a meeting place. katty: the americans are saying they did not hit a mosque. >> maybe they do not like to say it, but i can affirm that they were inside the mosque. there were not any civilians in the mosque, just those isis leaders. katty: and you're sure the mosque was hit by coalition airstrikes. >> i'm sure. katty: you are in washington d -- washington, d.c. to get more help. how willing are the sunnis to fight against sunnis when they are feeling threatened? >> the message i want to say in washington is that you must encourage the sunnis to fight. the sunni want to fight isis
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but they want to get weapons they want anyone to support them. now, they do not have any tools to fight. we are sure that no one can fight isis without the sunnis themselves. isis is using the extremist ideology from the sunni religion. the sunni can fight isis' military. however, they need the support and weapons. katty: to the sunnis in your area feel that the new iraqi prime minister a body -- prime minister abadi has been inclusive enough to make them want to help the government? >> the sunni once prime minister
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abadi to do that. katty: is he doing that? >> did he succeed? is he successful? it is not easy to say that. the influence of the shiite in baghdad, in the government -- it is not easy to do this job. katty: re: m -- are you more concerned about the influence of iran or isis? >> it is a bad choice between these two alternatives. the people in our area, if they do not see another vision, they will know they have a dark future. they need to have another alternative, which is the future that they can control themselves. katty: thank you for coming in. >>-- let's get more on the train
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crash out of philadelphia. it was responsible for at least 7 deaths. i am joined by a congressman on the house infrastructure committee. congressman, we are getting confirmation the train was traveling at twice the designated speed limit through that section of the track. how can that happen? >> in a number of ways. congressman dated a few years ago that something called positive train control the installed by the end of 2015. most of the cars have that, that train did not. if a train was going to fast, positive train control would automatically slow it down or stop it. in that section they had automated train control its give a warning to the engineer that they are going to fast. we don't know what happened there, but we know he hit the brakes for seconds before
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the crash. we don't know why they were going so fast. katty: we understand the investigators will be there for another week. this crash is put a spotlight on the failing infrastructure of america. why is it so bad in this country? >> we haven't spent enough on maintaining infant structure -- maintaining infrastructure. we are spending 1.7% of the total economy on the infrastructure. china is spending 9%. reagan used to spend 4.5%. we have politics in this country that does not want to invest the money, particularly in real. we are spending less than 2% of the transportation money on rail. compared to 16 billion on bridges. katty: the structure in those countries is light years ahead.
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>> the infrastructure is newer. our infrastructure is aging, and they are investing more in installing it. we should be modernizing and maintaining. that is a question of political will. unfortunately, one large political party, the republicans in general, want to spend less money on if the structure rather than more. katty: every time there is a crash people start talking about infrastructure spending and nothing changes. do you think it might this time? >> i am pessimistic. the appropriations committee in a partyline vote, cut the amtrak appropriation. after the news of what happened yesterday. katty: is it just money or the way the money is spent. the republicans would say that the answer by the democrats
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is always spend, spend, spend. what we need to do is spend the money appropriately. >> you have to spend the money. we used to spend 4.5%, europe is spending 5%, we are now spending 1.7%. we have a $20 billion backlog on amtrak maintenance alone. katty: thank you for joining me. between the vatican and native americans, there's a fight over the pope's intention to canonize an 18th century missionary. father junipero serra. it has angered the descendents of native people whose ancestors were killed when the spanish missions were established. >> a native american blessing to
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remember the thousands of tribespeople buried here in the roman catholic mission. 20 one of the spanish missions were built at the end of the 18th century to bring christianity and colonialism to what is now california. its founder junipero serra is remember two different ways. >> their thousands of indigenous people under the ground. >> she's taken the name of one of the first indigenous activists. >> the canada nation of them is a celebration of genocide. 90% of the people he came here to canonize perished under sub human conditions. we don't think that person deserves a place in heaven with the other saints. >> organized agriculture and
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hard labor was brought to the indigenous people who junipero serra tried to bring. >> they were recognized in spanish law. the idea of enslavement -- it did not happen. there were rules. >> this is 1783, the last year of junipero serra's life. it has a signature on it. >> what are the impacts of his missionary work? >> his thought that he was a protector of indigenous people runs counter to the fact that he tried to eradicate parts of their culture. on the other side, it pushes his own involvement in the population decline of indians. the statue in the heart of
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historic los angeles is a counterpart to the one in washington dc. the other one is ronald reagan. the pope is planning to canonize father junipero serra has a fear that the statue will be replaced with one of america's first female astronauts. to many here, his role in history will remain in question. bbc news, los angeles. katty: father junipero serra and what is still a controversial time in america and the relationship between the church and native americans. the train crash outside of philadelphia, the news coming in from transport investigators. the train was traveling at twice the designated speed for that section of the track before it derailed. the engineer slammed on the brakes and tried to slow down the train, but did not manage to
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get it slow enough. all seven carriages jumped the tracks. seven people have died, and hundreds more were injured. you can see the extraordinary pictures. that brings this program to a close. i am katty: -- i am katty kay. thank you for joining us. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, and mufg. >> they say the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. at mufg, we have believed in nurturing banking relationships for centuries, because strong
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