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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 14, 2015 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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>> this is bbc "world news america." >> funding of this presentation
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-- laura: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. 2 palestinians have been shot by police after a separate stabbing attack on israelis. it happened in jerusalem city, next to a bus station. 40 palestinians have died this month. the white house has deep concerns over the incident. fresh violence on the streets of jerusalem. the police say a woman was not badly hurt, her attacker was shot dead.
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authorities mounted a major security operation. hundreds of extra soldiers mobilized around the country. prime minister benjamin netanyahu struggles to end palestinian attacks. there are checkpoints in several of jerusalem's air of the neighborhoods. >> local residents can come in and out. the entrances have been blocked to prevent and respond to further terrorist attacks in jerusalem. that is our main aim at the moment. >> other measures are more drastic. attackersa legend their right to live in jerusalem israelisaws allowing to defend themselves. goalswill not achieve the . the only way to achieve the between peaceful living the israelis and palestinians is
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for a solution. their best tos do carry on with normal life. it is not easy. nor are myafraid, children. they want us to be afraid. we need to do the opposite. town, mourners gather outside her home, a 19-year-old palestinian shot dead after trying to stab a policeman. if ed on the wall urges palestinians to attack, saying the city's holiest mosque is in danger. reject islam, and protect our country. islam, and protect our country. this was the scene in the middle of the afternoon outside of the one of the main entrances to the old city. a palestinian that try to attack kniferity guard with a
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>> i think that the 2 states
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have the only viable option. many are critical. there is no peaceful alternative presented. laura: you say the 2 state the two state solution is viable. it does not look like that. it is less than one week before an agreement was reached. waspublic opinion poll published, 83% of the people in northern island agree that the no agreement was possible. yes that -- less than a week later an agreement was reached. in the middle east, it is more
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complicated and violent than northern island. that many lives are at stake. each round is more violent than the one that preceded it. you have new advances to weaponry. new ways of human ingenuity. while the need has expressed itself, people should say that there are no winners in the break of violence. laura: george mitchell, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. laura: a veteran of peace negotiations. militaries aren reaching -- 2 fighter jets flew within miles of each other. rush's prime minister says that assia has refused to have high level delegation on syria. with-- i spoke
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laura: the americans don't want that? >> with the air corps, they launched cruise missiles into russia from the
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caspian sea. thatis the sort of power is bringing it to fail. l. to vei there are other types of cord and. i did that in bosnia. able to work out a way that we had common interests. we had a common interest in syria. laura: what is the common interest? >> isis. we have an issue with a sod. ofsia, the entire underbelly russia in the trans caucuses is ripe for isis. they have as much, if not more, of a fear of isis than we do. arrangementork an with isis in syria as well.
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do you think the campaign is working? we don't have a strategy that i know i have -- where i know of where we have a democratic economic strategy. that includes allies and others who want to work with us. , because itave that looks like israel is going after syria. we have saudi arabia and others involved in syria. there has to be some overall strategy. hostile toington is mock scout because of what happened in crime area and ukraine -- hostile to moscow because of what happened in crimea and ukraine. do you think that could prevent cooperation in syria that could be helpful?
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>> it is covering how we are acting. >> i think it is how we are acting, and rightfully so. onn you have troops acting the ground, i think it is wise to focus -- to coordinate if you are focused on the same enemy, here in terms of prices. you have to be strategic enough to make that happen. >> general, thank you for joining us. in other news from around the world, a turkish official has confirmed to the bbc the names of the two suicide bombers the government said carried out last week's twin bomb. the attackers have spoken with islamic state, but it has yet to be confirmed.
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about 300 military personnel were sent to cameroon to combat boko haram militants. the soldiers will be conducting intelligence and surveillance. the fact-finding commission is willing to launch an investigation into the u.s. air attack on the hospital in the afghan city of kunduz earlier this month. they are already investigating strike that killed 22 people. asking for it -- an apology after recent scandals. the puppet said it did not refer to a corruption case.
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he was dismissed after announcing he was in a gay relationship. we will spin through the highlights. peoples of the donetsk bbc.lic has spoken to the tom has more. the russian authorities have held this event to honor the dead. clearly what the authorities now is to honor the soldiers that have died.
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tight security here, but this is the image the pro-russian authority want the local population to see. it's a big tragedy, but all -- investigation has shown if it was shot down, that it was on ukrainian territory by ukrainian shoulders. -- soldiers. what about reports after image 17 crashed. >> that statement was probably a fake. what do you say to the
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relatives of the victims that you are playing politics with this issue? we are not playing any games. we said before and we are saying now we didn't shoot the plane down. ukraine is playing the political games. they were obliged to shut the airspace over the conflict zone. but they didn't do it. >> las vegas is no stranger to big-ticket fights and last night the democrats were in town trading blows in their fast of eight. they covered a range of issues, from gun control to american involvement in syria. hillary clinton was hoping to hold onto her frontrunner status and stem the growing support for senator bernie sanders. here is this report. >> for one night only, the city of sin became the city of
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sincerity as the five democratic party hopefuls debated in las vegas, though in reality it is a two horse race between hillary clinton who has been here before and the left-wing vermont senator bernie sanders, who hasn't. but he is riding high and now coming under intense scrutiny. insupported the sandinistas nicaragua. you honeymoon in -- you honeymooned with the soviet union. mr. sanders: do i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which wall street's greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? no, i don't. i believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of leaners. answeredy clinton questions about her e-mails while secretary of state will stop the questions have not gone
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away and have brought up issues honor ability. ms. clinton: what i did was allowed by the state department, but was not >> the best choice. but it was bernie sanders came to her rescue in characteristically blunt terms. american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> and on the topic of gun control and the nra, it was hillary clinton in the running. ms. clinton, it was time the entire country stood up against the nra. [applause] ms. clinton: the majority of the country supports background checks and even the majority of gun owners do. resist ahard to gambling metaphor when you are here on the las vegas strip. all of this leaves one
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interesting question. what about the man who is playing his cards very close to his chest? vice president joe biden has not thrown his hat into the ring, but has not ruled himself out either. though it is clear with ads like this would outcome his supporters want. which if it happened could be a game changer in this race. for more on last nights debate, i spoke a brief time ago with the democratic strategist peter sent to get his reaction on the stage and the decision everyone is still waiting for. enoughlary clinton do last night to scare off joe biden and stop him from entering the race? >> it is hard to predict what politicians will do, especially when running for president. definingay this is the moment in decision-making.
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if he's out the whole debate situation was horrendous -- if you thought the whole debate situation was arraigned if he might say, oh, i've got to move on this. have they managed to reassure those democrats who are very about their standing in the polls? >> because there has been so much talk and coverage about the e-mail business, and every time she would come out every week with a proposal on a substantive issue it would get harried. and here you have -- it would get buried. and here you have a debate where everyone talked issues. it was civil and substantive and areas. and it -- and serious. and it really is what political junkies want to watch. some of the republicans may like food fight and hollywood squares and all that, but i think you have a lot of people engaged in that debate.
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they were engaged with bernie sanders message and engaged with with the others. at this helped to elevate the debate. clinton do enough to stop the momentum of bernie sanders? i think so. it is hard to predict how these things will come together, but she looked more presidential. she was more of a pragmatist. i think there is a lot of concern about whether someone who is called a democratic socialist can win the president, someone who also has some promise with -- problems with a gun issue, which in a democratic primary will cost him. he had a very strong message, but ultimately you have to decide who the nominee of the party is going to be. isand yet a lot of money going to bernie sanders in the aftermath of that debate. >> absolutely, he was tweeting out messages to get more money
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hillaryter complimented -- well, not complement at her, but defended her. that bernienotion sanders is going to be a poor man going into these primary caucuses is not the case. , only $2 $26 million million less than hillary did last time. he has kept his resources. hillary is spending more than he is spending. he will have the money to compete. this will be about ideas and who can win in november. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> next republican debate will be at the end of the month, but you'll have to wait until they regroup in iowa. a familiar musical in filing which. the acclaimed musical about german teenagers in the 1890's,
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most of the lead actors are deaf. the result is getting rave reviews. we have caught up with the cast and crew in new york city. >> then other and is on track to have an impressive -- daniel durrant is on track to have an impressive youtube career. it is his latest role that might be most surprising, leading a broadway musical. movies in plays and theaters do not have captioning or signing. for us to put deaf actors on stage in a musical showing that deaf actors and hearing actors can work together to tell a wonderfulbeen a opportunity for death audiences to come in and see what we can do. >> working with death actors is
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a different challenge. there are no such things as counts or musical cues. that is what we have developed with actors chewing each other, or using cue lights to make sure they are signing in time together. >> the music world is becoming more open to death actors and theater goers. the attendance at broadway performances has increased the amount of shows they covered by 200% in the past five years. and it has been an increase in funding and interest. past four years we have produced one show, and now we have had more support in todraising and we can do productions in one year. it is easier,ity, because they are motivated and see their own language on stage. a deaf actress anna thomas at has been helping with
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interpretation for their shows. she sees a change in their community. >> the possibilities are available now more than ever in the past. you don't feel like, oh, here are the strange death people in the corner. it feels like we have branched out and i'll become a community. just like you are seeing more actors of color, it is a great shift in our culture. prime broadway, spring awakening is earning rave reviews from both the death and hearing community -- deaf and hearing community. >> you forget who is death and who is not. you are just watching -- who is deaf and was not. you are just watching performers onstage. >> it looks wonderful, doesn't it? that brings today's broadcast to a close. you can find all the days news at our website.
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and you can go to twitter. from all of us at world news america, thank you for watching and please tune in tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and sony pictures classics, now presenting "truth." >> ladies and gentlemen, dan rather. >> what is our next move? >> i might have something for the election. >> the president may have gone awol. >> he never even showed up. >> parts of this file were tossed into the waste basket. >> do you have these documents? >> tonight, we have new
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information. >> the memos can be re-created. >> they are going to start an investigation. >> this is bad. >> you've got to make your case. you have to fight. >> this isn't a trial. >> they did not get this for asking the questions. >> "truth" -- rated r. opens in new york and l.a. friday. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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