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"bbc world news america." president obama endorses hillary clinton in the race to succeed him. shortly after meeting with her rival bernie sanders, he says it is time to unite. president obama: i know how hard this job can be. that is why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold his office. hometown ofad ali's louisville, kentucky, gets ready for the funeral of a champion. we'll go to the scene. and soldiers are no strangers to exhaustion but you may be surprised to learn what scientists are doing to overcome them.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the world. the endorsement everyone was waiting for paired today president obama threw his support behind hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. video he touted her qualifications and then reached out to bernie sanders supporters just a short time after senator sanders paid a visit to the white house and said he was not dropping out of the race just yet but would do anything to defeat donald trump. gary o'donoghue reports. ga>> when are you going to endorse hillary clinton? gary: that was yesterday. this was today. president obama: i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning to be the first to know that i am with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. gary: on twitter, hillary clinton's delight was immediate and clear. she said, " honor to have you
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with me. i'm fired up and ready to go." equally swift was the republican nominee donald trump. he said "obama endorsed quoted hillary. -- crooked hillary." that prompted a cyber rebuttal from hillary clinton suggesting donald trump should believe his. all smiles for hillary clinton's other opponent. not everyone gets to walk from the residence to the oval office, a sign of how much bernie sanders has shaped this campaign and change the democratic party. he stopped short of announcing the end of his campaign. senator sanders i am going to do everything in my power and i will work as hard as i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of united states. an hour after entertaining bernie sanders here in the oval office, president obama threw his weight firmly behind hillary clinton.
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question now is just how much longer it will take bernie sanders to do the same. jane: and just a brief time ago, the bbc's north america editor joined us from the white house. john, finally president obama throws his full weight behind hillary clinton, but just how far will this go to unite the party? john: let's take this a step at a time. it was tuesday night that hillary clinton won. barack obama said he would stay neutral in till the race had played its way out. he saw bernie sanders this morning. he could not say anything before he'd met bernie sanders, but and i'm sure bernie sanders would've liked president obama to have withheld this endorsement until such time as he decided what he was going to do, but no. barack obama thought, i'm going to meet bernie sanders and then i am going to announce i am backing hillary. i suspect that hillary clinton could not have been more delighted by the tone and the
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timing of the endorsement that she got from barack obama, because it builds on the momentum she had in brooklyn a couple of nights ago, and it is the first stages in uniting the democratic party. although, still, questions ahead. jane: and bernie sanders himself as well very much saying that he would work with her to defeat donald trump. but what is he wanted this stage? john: that is a good question. and i suspect that is something that is the subject of conversations between leading hillary clinton strategists and his people over whether it is thein the -- a nod in policy direction or what unfold at the convention. if you read what has said. that he look forward to meeting her in the near future and to see how we can work together. there is a degree of ambiguity and that. but if you just look at the diaries come you look to people's schedules, next tuesday is the final primary here in
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d.c. bernie sanders says he is going to campaign in it. he wants to maximize his bow. then it is a new dawn. that will be the reality sets in that he can't win, and is he going to stand outside throwing stones or is he going to come inside of tent? i suspect he will come inside. the question that hillary clinton people want to know is how determined are you going to bring those supporters of bernie sanders into the hillary camp as well? that will be the thing i think the clinton people will want to see. jane: thank you for joining us. for more on today's events, i spoke with jackie, washington bureau chief. for the daily beast as expected, of course, present obama has finally endorsed , but what doon, you make of the timing coming barely an hour after meeting with bernie sanders? onkie: that video was taped tuesday for he called her and
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told her he was going to endorse or on tuesday. so, she not only won the super delegates, she won the popular void after california and new jersey on the rest of the states voted tuesday. so, it was time. d.c., yes, d.c. does vote next week but those are 20 delegates. bernie sanders is so far behind it does not make a difference when it comes to the math. it is over but bernie sanders says he wants to play it out. he has a rally tonight ind.c. it is going to be hard for him to step away from the movement he has created. moved on.movement has and donald trump wasted no time in tweeting his response. which was, a clinton presidency means eight more years of barack obama. is president obama at this point a liability or a blessing? usually do not see the incumbent president campaigning for the next democrat. but president obama has good approval ratings, particularly for someone who has been in office for two terms right now.
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he is actually an asset to hillary clinton. and particularly right now when it is so important to unite the democratic party. and also, don't forget, president obama has absolutely no love for donald trump. so, he can be a very good attack agent and really ridicule him on the stump where hillary wants remain above it. jane: he is also an excellent campaigner. will he help energize hillary clinton's campaign? hasie: president obama not been successful at energizing his base, the folks that brought him into office. usually they only vote for him. however, because of the states, because of his legacy, he is going to be talking a lot about that, how hillary clinton is the heir apparent to what he has done over the last eight years. jane: we heard john and gary mentions and her supporters. that is the big question. -- sanders supporters. trump says he is going after them. will they rally around hillary clinton? jackie: it depends. on how
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forceful he bernie sanders endorses hillary clinton but it is going to take some time because they have been listening to bernie sanders over the past several months talk about how hillary clinton should not be president, how should -- how he should be. there is going to be some healing as she is going to have to work hard and he is going to have to work hard to get them to trust her after all of these months of waging war against each other. jane: just briefly do you think this stage, the democrats are gaining the momentum from the republicans? that's certainly the appearance they are trying to show. elizabeth warren announcing her endorsement. joe biden. jane: thank you for joining me. and the-moving day campaign topping off and historic week in which hillary clinton became the first woman to gain the nomination of a major political party. we still got four more months to go.
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the israeli army says it will deploy to additional battalions to the west bank and response to the shooting in tel aviv last night which left four people dead and 16 injured. the two gunmen targeted a crowded restaurant. the army has revoked entry permits for 80,000 palestinians. katy: diners ducked for cover. dressed in black suits, the two men had been sitting at a table next to their victims before they opened fire. the shooting happened around 9:30 in the evening, peak time for this market packed with cafés and restaurants, a popular spot with tourists and israelis. both men were arrested, one wounded. by saying responded it suspended entry permits for more than 80,000 palestinians. >> this is a savage crime of murder. and terrorism in the heart of tel aviv. and it's done by criminal
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terrorists who don't value human life, who are willing to murder innocent citizens. reporter: the morning after security down by the market was type. as well as an increase in armed presence, there is a huge interest by the media but the café where it happened has been claimed up. israelis are keen to show they can get back to everyday life as quickly as possible. >> i witnessed the shooter shooter man just over there. fell down. the brave israelis ran towards a man helped him. over there, there were two lying on the floor being given cpr. still shaking. was meant to meet a friend for dinner last night but she canceled at the last minute. instead, she came here today to show defiance. >> this is part of being alive and celebrating life and not
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giving into terror and not giving into people that think that they can by killing other people change the world. katy: according to israeli police, the two attackers were palestinian and came from a village near hebron. soldiers patrolled the village in the wake of the attack. >> to be honest i was really surprised. i did not expect this of him. i don't know what pushed into do this, who organized this. the boy is a worker. he does not have any political leanings. i was surprised by the news just like everyone else. katy: since last year there has been a rise in palestinian attacks on israelis, but in recent weeks there has been a lull in stebbins and shootings. this will put security back in the spotlight. - jane: a look at other news from around the world. unityaligned to the un government in libya are reported to be pushing towards the center of the islamic state health city.
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the forces fighting i.s. our partial position -- powerful militia. officials say that city could be recaptured within days. the first of a series of test runs among the newly enlarged panama canal have begun. a bulk cargo carrier hired for the occasion with -- in the first of three levels of locks. the expansion of the canal is expected to double its capacity and cut shipping costs by billions of dollars each year. france is facing the first major security challenge of the european football championship with tens of thousands attending an open air concert at the foot of the eiffel tower in paris. the country is already on the highest state of alert following the terror attacks in the capital last november. 90,000 police are being deployed for the tournament which starts friday. also in france, a court has fined uber for running an
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illegal transport service using nonprofessional drivers. the paris criminal court ordered the company to pay $900,000, half of it suspended. the case -- centered on the uber service which connects riders with drivers using their own cars. panic, exhaustion, heat and noise, they are some of the challenges faced by soldiers around the world to what you might be surprised to hear about the late scientists will go to conquer them. roach made it her mission to explore the research and the result is her new book "grunt." bullets and bombs we expect all that. but in one of your chapters you talk about diarrhea as a national security threat. how serious can that be? mary: it depends on who you are. if you are special operations unit like navy seals the kind of people who take out osama bin laden, and these folks are
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operating in remote villages where there is not safe water and food, they are eating with villagers and getting exposed. if you come down with, and they come down the rate is twice as high, so if you are on a mission, and you are going in, it is a small team. you cannot go, can you take over? you just go. in more wans tha -- ways than one. i spoke to some of these folks. a little bit of competition sitting down over dinner and overepidation sitting down dinner and purging the subject thend broaching topic. it seems like a silly topic. one of the guys says it is not. you're welcome to sit down. jane: you don't think about something like that until you start thinking about it.
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i can't stop. one of the things that surprised me is that a lot of the hitgh -- high tech scientist but there is also low-tech solutions like maggots. i did not know they still used maggots to clean wounds. mary: they debride a wound and selectively eat the dead tissue. this was figured out in world war i. two soldiers came in with open wounds that were full of maggots. the hospital staff was horrified and they cleaned them out. what dr. bayer saw was a healthy, pink tissue. he kept seeing this and he tried it out among civilians and it is still used, critically among diabetics who have foot ulcers. and the maggots -- by prescription, there's a dosage. they are fda approved. jane: one of the other things that surprised me was the fact that people donate their bodies for ballistic testing and other destructive forces. what was the biggest surprise for you?
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mary: this was fascinating. i was at aberdeen proving ground, where the test weapons, but they also test vehicles that carry troops around. and when there's new vehicles -- you go into a new conflict you have the old vehicles from the last conflict. now you have new threats the new weapons and these vehicles are hopelessly inadequate. and there is a scrabble to get better vehicles. in order to test those and to know how safe is this going to be for the people inside it, you need a crash test dummy. and the ones that exist are for automotive crashes which are head-on or side-impact. not a blast from below. i was there while they were doing some work with cadavers to calibrate. jane: real bodies. mary: we had these two cadavers were set up on a blast rig, c-4 explosive underneath which would go off. they were simulated seats -- they were blown apart. it looks like they took a speed
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bump too fast. till you look at it and you see this tremendous movement that could break both. -- break bones. jane: reading your book, the comment is, who knew? thank you for joining me. well, from science to sports, -- there are going to be images that will stay with me for a long time. you are watching "bbc world news america." he was known as the greatest. in muhammad ali's hometown of louisville, kentucky, they are getting ready to say goodbye to the boxing legend. the world's longest reigning monarch. for 70 years, thailand's king has been on the throne. but the celebrations have been unusually subdued because of the monarch's health.
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across the country, there is anxiety about the future. as our southeast asia correspondent reports. jonathan: this was a subdued commemoration with religious tone. senior figures from thailand's military government and the royalist absent lined roads in the historic quarter of bangkok to give alms to 770 newly ordained monks. making merit for a king many of them revere as a father figure but who's precarious health has stopped him appearing in public. his departure hangs over this country like a shadow. on spoken but on everyone's minds. -- unspoken. >> in this time i would like to urge all thai people to bring peace to our country as the king would wish. reporter: he's always been a ceremonial king in a society that takes ritual seriously. but a lifetime of physical and
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well promoted public service have made him much more than that. ♪ the king is seen by many as embodying the buddhist virtues of modesty and restraint they believe are missing from politicians and government officials. the looming succession is a source of acute anxiety. lawsious royal defamation prevent any discussion of his successor. but no one believes the crown prince can enjoy those levels of respect. so, the linchpin role the monarchy has played will have to change. an impact on political stability that is hard to guess. jane: today, thousands of people gathered for a muslim prayer service in louisville, kentucky,
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to remember hometown hero muhammad ali. since his death, tributes have been pouring in for the boxing legend leading up to his funeral and a pact program friday. laura trevelyan is there to cover it. she joined me a short time ago. that service today and the crowd as we can see behind you are getting. the atmosphere must be -- quite extraordinary. so much pride in louisville of the achievements of mohammed ali. people are coming here after work, laying flowers and bringing their children. i spoke to two mothers who brought -- toddlers. they said this is such an important moment. one woman said that louisville is known for horse racing and carriages but now finally our famous son is being recognized. the mayor said half of the city has been interviewed. but he the world sage
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touched thousands of people in louisville and not just louisville, americans are coming country,ss the particularly american muslims. i spoke to one young woman who spent three days on a train from la because she said she had to be here for today's muslim prayer ritual. jane: it is a funeral but it seems like a celebration of a life. as you say, it is an international affair. what can we expect tomorrow? can tell you that just a few minutes ago the president of turkey swept past. he's currently inside the muhammad ali center. quite externally, the president of turkey coming to louisville. local reporters have never seen anything like it. reath laid in the name of the prime minister of pakistan by the ambassador to the u.s., also at that muslim prayer ritual today. it really is phenomenal. and one of my favorite stories about this event is there is a all the way from
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bangladesh to is called muhammad ali. he had nowhere where to stay and a local family is going to put him up. jane: the bbc's laura trevelyan there. as we've heard there has been an amazing outpouring of emotions in muhammad ali's hometown of louisville. from people of all faiths. the bbc has gone to a baptist church with a personal connection to the man known to many as sickly the greatest. -- simply the greatest. >> ali was a great supporter of my feed the people for one. >> ali: i was going to feed them monday and friday. he told me, feed them every day. they're starving. can't eat just two days out of the week. i will pay for it every day. been trying to give confidence is much as i could to muhammad ali's brother. i have been almost like his
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father ever since his father passed. he's not well himself. a picture of mohammed ali and my church where a lot of children were there and they were trying to give to him the bodyguards and things were trying to keep the kids away. he looked and said, stop. let them kids come here. i want to sign an autograph. i want to sign every autograph. them children are precious. i love children. that was his spirit. >> this is me right here looking up to him. look at everyone else in the classroom, how excited they were to see the champion come in. i loved him. he was beautiful then and beautiful in more ways than one. he remembered where we came from. that's the reason why i think he is an idol. he's now nationwide because he stayed the same. ♪ >> every time there would be a
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major event involving civil rights or whatnot, muhammad ali would be there to share his v ision. times there was a controversy because he became a muslim, but i have always told him if you have got a pure heart and love people that is the best religion, that is to god looks at. he does not look at religion. he looks at our hearts. jane: the reverend charles elliott from the king solomon baptist church in louisville there. of course, we will have full coverage of muhammad ali's funeral throughout the day tomorrow on "bbc world news." please join us for that. that brings today show to a close. you can find much more on our website. from all of us, thank you very much for watching. please tune in tomorrow.
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