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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 21, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PST

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>> this is bbc "world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days,
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cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, bbc "world news america." >> this is bbc "world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. a manhunt underway for the suspect in the attack on the berlin christmas market. anis amri had been in contact with an islamist network. explosions ripping through a fireworks market in mexico leaving 31 dead and dozens of earned. the chain reaction is caught on video. a traditional native american dance reaching a new generation. we introduce you to the teacher
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using hope to reach students. laura: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. a manhunt is underway for the person suspected of driving a truck and rubber of an christmas market on monday killing 12 people. 23-year-old anis amri is a rejected as simon seeker that investigation as recently as september. jenny hill has the latest. : you looking at europe's most wanted man. anis amri the main and only suspect into an attack that shattered germany. he may be armed, dangerous, and
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they are offering a 100,000 euro reward. we are searching for him. we will investigate every lead. we are learning more about the 24-year-old tunisian. he arrived in germany last year and was refused asylum and granted temporary leave to stay. security services admitted that he was known to them and considered a threat with links to one of germany's most islamist networks. he used six different names and three nationalities. person attracted the attention of several security services in germany for his contacts with radical islamists. isny: the hijacked lorry yielding grim evidence.
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it is thought that amri fought with the man that should have been behind the wheel before shooting can dead. it was 24 hours before the police identified him as a suspect. first, they arrested and released an innocent man, giving amri a head start. flowers for the dead and prayers for the injured. the german foreign minister was joined at the scene by his italian counterpart. among those missing and feared lorenzo who comes -- her husbandrami is seriously ill. a time for faith. g at the i gatherin berlin synagogue. >> this attack was not an attack on berlin or germany. it was not on jews or
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christians. it was an attack on all of us. across the city, a vigil of a different kind. the attack, the arrest warrant, reunited nationalism. blamedi-immigrant party angela merkel and her immigrant policy for this attack. the far right dutch politician posted this picture today. the german chancellor's hands covered in blood. "angela merkel" she says "was a humanitarian. she did the right thing last year. no one knew this would happen." country has extra security for christmas markets. amri is still at large.
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this investigation has a face and a focus. for some, a little light, perhaps, in the darkness. laura: jenny joined me from berlin a short time ago. what is happening on the manhunt tonight? reports,ere are unconfirmed, that counterterrorism offices have stormed 2 apartments in berlin and made no arrests. tonight, amri is still at large. he could be in germany, in europe. the authorities have made it very clear that the warrant extends to the whole of the passport-free schengen zone. at the same time, we are getting a war clear picture of his background. there are reports he spent some time in prison in italy.
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he has a history of violence. he may have been arrested at least once in germany. a lot of questions for the authorities. why was he not stopped the four he became the main suspect in this investigation? long before he was identified as the main suspect? yesterday the police arrested an innocent man and spent many hours before they released him. valuable time in which amri gained a valuable head start. an overwhelming sense of grief in berlin in germany. there is anger, frustration, and unease. you aremong the germans talking to, are you hearing much criticism of angela merkel and her refugee policy? this is an interesting question. tonight in berlin, the
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anti-immigrant party who has been critical of merkel's refugee party held a protest. they blame mrs. merkel for what happened. laying into germans flowers at the scene of the attack. very few have taken that viewpoint. there making the point that amongst the huge number of people that enter the country seeking asylum, it is possible that there might be one or two who wish to do other people harm . that seems to be the overwhelming view. it is worth pointing out that while there was a backlash against the refugee policy, avertheless she remains popular leader. there are concerns if she can keep the country safe, but in the words of one woman i spoke to "if you want to live in a free country, you have to accept from time to time something bad
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like this might have been." laura: for more on the manhunt the director of the international security and defense policy center at the rand corporation. i asked what he made of anis amri being under surveillance and ending up as the suspect in this incident. a lot ofrmans have explaining to do, german security agencies. the u.s. had enough information to put him on the no-fly list. he has been on surveillance for looking at improvised explosive devices online and has been in communication with islamic state sympathizers. to not feel they had enough information to arrest him remains unclear. hera: does it suggest that was perhaps part of a wider terror network? >> it looks like at the very
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least he was part of a broader network of individuals. whether they were involved in this particular attack is unclear, but he was andunicating via telegram other mediums with a broader jihadist network. laura: he had many different aliases and nationalities. that shows how difficult it is for european intelligence to keep track of people. >> we have seen with a range of foreign fighters that have come into iraq and syria then back into europe, they have recount sophisticated in getting false passports and identification. it is more difficult to figure out who that person is. it puts a lot of emphasis on while metric data, like fingerprints. laura: amri was turned down for asylum but remained in germany because he does not have the right documentation. what does that flag? was not only on
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the german side, it was on the tunisian site. they could not verify he was tunisian so they would not accept him. where do you put someone, what are your options are doing something with someone seeking asylum? concerns security about them, but the host country will not take them back. -- puttingm them into society is not the right answer. they track and infiltrate these groups which seem to be proliferating? >> there is a human dimension of proliferating. the british have foiled several plots in the united kingdom. monitore efforts to individuals on social media. where the europeans will have issues is sharing that information.
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that is where we are seeing a challenge. laura: thank you for joining us. in other news from around the world, the last remaining civilians from eastern aleppo are being evacuated, including hospital patients. the government forces says the operation will be completed by thursday morning. army units are waiting to take full control of aleppo after four years. vladimir putin has ordered the government to restrict the sale of alcohol not intended for human consumption. 60 people died in a siberian city this week. some are in serious conditions. they drank toxic bath lotion. bailoutg $20 billion to troubled banks. one of the oldest surviving banks in the world revealed it may run out of funds in four months.
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the bank has been struggling to raise support from the private sector. 31 people have been killed and dozens badly burned after chain reaction at a fireworks market in mexico. the area was full of holiday shoppers. the incident was captured on cell phone video. this is the third time in a decade that blasjts have written -- that blasts have ripped through the market. reporter: the moment that the fireworks market was engulfed in flames. in minutes the entire site was destroyed in smoke, noise, and explosions. cleared, thee scale of the damage became clear. a fire at the main fireworks market was always likely to have devastating consequences. most big celebrations in mexico involve fireworks.
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the run up to christmas was full of shoppers. the local authorities have already confirmed 30 deaths and more injured. , when they gots over the initial shock, they did what they could to assist emergency services. the area when there was an explosion at a shop at the end of a row. then blasts came one after another. people started to fall down. concrete and bricks were falling all over the street." was very loud. there were several explosions and we saw the smoke. we thought it was a gas station, but when we saw fireworks. we heard several strong explosions, then the smoke." reporter: for the time being,
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authorities are still investigating the cause of the tragedy. this is not the first explosion at san pablito. in 2005 before mexican independence day the market caught light injuring more than 120 people. the mexican government about to impose stricter regulations on the fireworks industry. many mexicans are angry the rules are never applied or enforced. that market traders and shoppers lost their lives through a potentially avoidable accident. bbc news. laura: you are watching bbc "world news america." still to come on tonight's program, 2016 has been a year of change in the u.s. and u.k. what impact didn't have across europe? airlines in india will be fined
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$7,000 if their airplanes release waste in the air. justin braved a trip to the airport. reporter: the airplanes are emptying the toilets over the indian capital. a retired indian officer says his alchemy is regularly splattered with human excrement. prove it was from airplanes, but it was taken up with the environmental court. they have ordered the indian regulator to make sure that airlines do not dump human waste in this way. there will be spot checks on toilets. if the tanks used to store human waste our inti, the airline could face a fine of 50,000 rupees, 600 pounds.
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a senior indian pilot told the sometimesirplanes do have to discharge waste from the toilets. he said it is a rare emergency, like when they discharge fuel to reduce the weight of the plane. way to discharge waste is blue icicles. the waste can build up around and because the airplanes fly at such a high altitude, it can build into a block of ice. it can fall from the plane and occasionally cause real damage. reduce the risk of waste being domes in this way remains an open question. bbc news, new delhi. laura: 2016 has been a year of
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change and challenges in the u.s. and europe. of nationaliste parties, and the migrant crisis are major issues. the bbc's special correspondent has been looking at the impact changes in the u.k. and america may have on europe. reporter: in prague the christmas markets are a symbol of a transition. a dictatorship and poverty to one of the fastest growing economies in the eu the country's wealth has quadrupled in a generation. the anti-communist revolutions of 1989 changed the shape of europe. watching as they gave voice to the continent.
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it was thrilling to stand beneath that balcony and watch an entire nation take control of its destiny. it wasn't just democratic transition. at the heart of the revolution was the idea they were returning their country to the heart of europe. is it still so? some argue that having taken control of their national destiny from moscow, the former communist states gave it away to brussels. independence,of it is a joke. they wanted to be integrated. unified. the role of the national government is rather limited. most of the decisions come from brussels, not from prague. this is not independence. former communist bloc has its own rust belt. this steel factory collapsed
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under market forces. the workforce fell from 20,000 to 300. economyas given the more than it has taken away. it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in europe. there is even little appetite to walk away from that success story. think that most people would vote to stay in the eu. i was. i look at my family and think for the sake of my children and grandchildren, for their future, it is better to be in the eu germany is central gravity in europe. they so around the world because they are the best in the world, that is germany's economic strength. the pursuit of unity has been germany's way on turning the page from the cold, dark past. the eu has been germany's at of
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contrition. this is a palestinian settled in berlin. >> what i do see is a country that has been traumatized by its past. as a result, it has become extremely thoughtful about politics. in a way, germany has used its dramatic past 4 -- it's traumatic past for good. you say it is very awakened. it is very careful, very careful, of sleepwalking. germany: 2016 has given a new responsibility that it did not seek. how to lead in europe without rousing the ghosts of german leadership. like to think of themselves as having a foreign policy.
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the idea that germany would lead is very disturbing for many germans. they are things in germany are changing, and there is beginning to be a sense of that we don't do it, no one will. reporter: for 70 years leadership in the west has been english-speaking. as it grapples with the security crisis of its own, finds th burden of leadership thrust upon it. pressure on germany has increased since the berlin attack. in new mexico, a dance is being given new life. bringing the hoop that's back to the community that invented it. teaching dozens of students. they're reconnecting them to their roots. we went to see steve and action. -- in action. createoriginal idea to
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this group was to give a gift act to the use of the pueblos in northern new mexico. pueblos were the ones who originated the hoop dance in its original form. over the years and generations it has been lost. in it's original form it was a healing ceremony. if you were out of balance physically, spiritually, or emotionally, it was a ceremony that the medicine man would perform to bring you back to balance. when the youth lose connection with their culture, we find they get lost a lot. in this busy world, with the internet and technology, it is a , native american dance
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that is part of their cultural heritage that has given them the confidence, self-esteem, and pride as they go through their lives of high school, college, and beyond. we feel that to give them this arrow and quiver is something that they will be able to take pride in and to represent themselves and their cold background and people. this stance, it celebrates and reminds us of the beautiful things in nature. during the performance, we see hoops inren leavweave designs from nature. they are doing air and water. it is something the native american people have had a strong commitment to. we hope this will focus the
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think who see the dance about how they can help save the environment and protect mother earth as well. there are a few more moves that we have to show you tonight. christmas came early for this giant panda. keepers at the toronto zoo put a snowman and his enclosure to offer in richmond. -- to offer enrichment. he got a little too excited and heap.iend ended up in a he continued to attack the remaining giant snowball. those you posted the affair on youtube and millions have been entertained by the antics of panda play time he is completely captivating. carefree and totally, totally adorable. who wants one for christmas?
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what might be going too far. more on today's news on our website. to reach me and most of the team go to twitter. . am @lauratrevelyan from all of us, thank you for watching and please tune in tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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island with warm sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles.
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