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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news america." anchor: reporting from washington, d c sending a message to the world with his spending plan. how donald trump plans to put the military front and center. what may have been a race related shooting. >> there is a mistake. moonlight, you guys want best picture. seenr: and the oscar flub around the world. derailenvelope mix up the grand finale of the academy
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awards. welcome. president trump up and says he wants to put the safety of americans in front of everyone else. now he is putting his money where his mouth is. speaking to the meeting of state governors at the white house. mr. trump announced a massive increase in defense spending. that includes foreign aid environmental programs. following has been this for us. there is a huge hike in defense spending at a time when the worst in iraq and afghanistan are being wound down. what is the political message? is talking about raising military spending to back where it was.
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it is been declining ever since. the message is with donald trump campaigned on. the problem is that he is already ruled out 70% of the budget that he will not touch. entitlement spending, social security, and medicare. there's a smaller portion of the budget he will have to get all of it from. that means either a 10% cut across discretionary spending, or deeper cuts elsewhere. $8 billion is only annually. that does not come close to what trump is talking about. aid, it is foreign only $22 billion a year. he still has to find other sources. >> the president has talked about the media as the enemy of the people. get a different tone today from a former president. let's listen to what he had to say about as freedom.
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>> i consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. power can be very addictive. it can be corrosive. it is important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power. that is george bush defending press freedom. just as donald trump has been saying he will not come to the white house correspondents association dinner this spring. what is the political impact of this? reporter: you have to remember that george w. bush had a very internationalist foreign policy. he viewed american democracy as setting an example to the world that the spread of democracy with help ensure the spread of democracy. that is a different view than what donald trump is taken with his economic nationalism and america first foreign-policy. you are seeing george bush
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raise the banner of anti-trump views, in a subtle sort of way, but it is there nonetheless. you can imagine that donald trump will not take kindly to this criticism. i would not be surprised if i see a response at one point. keep -- he might bring up that he be george w. bush's brother in the campaign last year. >> thank you for joining us. during his speech to the governors today, mr. trump said his government would increase spending on law enforcement. the president takes a point of casting himself strong on law and order issues. president trump: the increase in spending for federal law enforcement also and activities having to do with law enforcement will be substantially increased. we will fight violent crime. look at what is happening in our cities, look at what is happening in chicago. what is going on in chicago? we will fight violent crime and we will win. and we will win quickly once we
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give local law enforcement the right to go in and fight it. >> for more on how mr. trump plans to increase spending on law enforcement and fight violent crime, michael eric dyson join me earlier. he is a professor, activist, minister, and author. he joins me now. will the plan to spread more money on federal law enforcement help to fight violent crime? >> i don't think so. i think partly what has been revealed in chicago is that law enforcement has been out of control and have not been brought under heel. a momenthim moment -- that needs to occur either locally or with federal assistance. if you want to help stem the tide of violence in chicago, look at the surrounding elements and the broader environment. look at school systems and housing markets that are being ravaged. if you want to help african-american people and others who are victims of violent crimes in the inner
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city, give jobs to those people to relieve the economic suffering they endure. >> president trump is talking about creating jobs. he certainly has a laserlike focus on chicago. he is tweeting about it all the time. is it possible that could help resolve the horrible spiral in the murder rate we have seen their? >> i hope so. even if one disagrees with donald trump, it is necessary to focus on it. but we need to figure out a focus on a way that is helping as opposed to demonizing. if you send federal agents in there and criminalize more populations already under assault in chicago, not only do you not relieve the burden of the violence to which those people are subjected, you increase the anxiety because the federal presence of the government is there in a way that is hostile and volatile. >> in your book you point out that after eight years of a black president, you get donald trump.
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you say that the two events may not be unrelated. what do you mean? >> well i mean, obviously, president obama was embraced by millions of americans, but he was also resisted by more americans. most white americans did not vote for barack obama. the coalition of african minorities,tinos, and white brothers and sisters gave him enough of a boost for the electoral college edge. right now we see the resentment and revenge against mr. obama. the feeling that he was giving out too much to african-american people and others led to a counter reaction by white working-class people who felt that their best interests were cast with donald trump, a blue-collar billionaire. paradox isnd the that his interests do not lie with the working class. he has appointed people who are billionaires and have very little in common with the white working class. anchor: what is the key to improving race relations?
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better relations at the community level or the president leading at the front? >> on this conversation at the local level. addressing serious needs like housing, unemployment, but especially the relationship between law enforcement and the communities. at the federal level, president trump needs to amplify the best of our own creative insight about race. he does not need to amplify the worst demons of our nature. he needs to appeal to the better angels of our nature. >> michael eric dyson talking to me earlier. here in the u.s., an american man accused of murdering an indian immigrant has appeared before a judge in kansas. according to witnesses, he shouted "get out of my country," before opening fire at a bar. police are investigating if it is a hate crime. a reporter has traveled to kansas to meet family and friends of the victim. the message at this
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vigil, stand by everyone. people from all faiths and communities came here to mourn a man who lived and worked in the city. a 32-year-old man was an engineer who moved to kansas from india. after work last week he went for a quick drink with his best friend when a man approached their table. >> he randomly comes up and starts pointing fingers. and we knew something was wrong. reporter: what did he say? gretzky came towards me and said , which country are you from? are you here illegally? reporter: the man was escorted out of the bar as witnesses heard him shout, get out of my country. and he later returned. >> your drinking beer with your friend and you hear that he is back with a gun. and i heard a pop. the next thing i knew i was on the ground. >> somebody has been shot.
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with a wound to the hip. reporter: one man was killed. the other man was injured. >> i was more than happy to risk my life to save the life of others. reporter: this man chased the gunmen went he left. this man was also shot and is recovering in the hospital. one man has been charged with murder and attempted murder. the fbi is investigating if this was a hate crime. he and his wife had built a life together in america. in recent months, he is been -- he had become concerned about living here. >> when the recent elections happened, he was watching it very closely. i was talking to him and said, country?e safe in this i am so worried. i think the hate crime will be more open now. will it be safe for us to go to
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the mall? will it be safe for us to go to the office? he told me, do not worry, we should be ok. reporter: days after the attack, the bar has reopened. police are investigating whether the two men were targeted because of the race. -- of their race. for now, people want to stress that this is a community which welcomes people from all backgrounds. bbc news, kansas. anchor: a crime that has unsettled kansas city. in other news now, the world for the organization says there is a urgent need for new antibiotics to treat bacteria and fight diseases. unless something is done to tackle them, 10 million people will die every year from drug-resistant disease by the year 2050. a former president -- british
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prime minister as warned that the cost of bringing music leaving the european union will be unpalatable to brits. sir john said the voters had been given unrealistic expectations. he said they were scant chance of the trade deal matching the advantages of the single market. the government in the philippines has confirmed that a militant group has murdered a german man there were holding hostage. a video has been released that shows the beheading of the man. the militants are demanding $600,000 for his release. his partner was killed in the adoption. south korean intelligence officials are pointing the finger at pyongyang when it comes to who killed a man. four suspects in the attack our north korean spies. the elder brother of the country's leader was poisoned. a reporter has more on who is thought to be involved.
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reporter: this was one of the most brazen killings in recent years. this is the spot where he was attacked. let's take a look around here. this spot is overlooked by six cctv cameras. just a few meters away, one of those tables, for north korean -- four north korean men were sitting watching. all four are wanted by the malaysian authorities. one is reported to be a north korean security agent. after the attack was over, they got up and headed for departure. a few minutes later, they boarded a flight to jakarta and then they went to dubai. what about the two young women accused of carrying out the attack? one is from vietnam, the other indonesia. a woman was working in the hotel behind me and a massage parlor on the second floor. in malaysia, massage parlors are often a front for the sex industry.
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it is clear that both of these women were living a precarious existence. the woman told police that she had been approached by a man calling himself james. he offered her a chance to take part in a tv reality show. turns out his name is not james, but he is a north korean. the final piece is thought to be in this building behind me. the second secretary of the north korean embassy. what his alleged role is we do not know and we will probably never find out. he has diplomatic immunity. so much of this story does not add up. why such a public place? why hire two foreign women to carry out the hit? was this a warning to the north korean president's enemies?
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or did they think they would get away with murder and something went wrong? more disturbing details on that mysterious murder. still to come, he is considered by some to be the donald trump of the netherlands. how he is changing the tone of the dutch election. rainstorms and landslides in sheila e. have contaminated a ile.r river -- ch the water supply will be cut until the water lows here again. three people have been killed and several are missing after rivers overflowed. there's a report on the latest in the situation in chile. reporter: this water took everyone by surprise. heavy rains hit the country over the weekend, transferring rivers
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into torrents. the normal drive summer conditions mean this is been particularly severe flooding. the rain was rushing off of the mountains and into the valleys below. some of the consequences have been severe. level, we areonal reporting preliminary figures of 3000 cut off. three deaths because of this tragedy. seven people we cannot locate. 207 people and shelter. 19 people face an urgent problem, the lack of fresh running water. it means long waits at tanks buckets.he rivers that normally provide water are now contaminated with my. it could take days to live. bridges and roads have been washed away. emergency crews are helping clear the rubble and earth. a mudslide slammed into the side
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of this house. the sludge covering entire rooms. they face a long cleanup. many possessions are ruined. this is the second serious flooding incident in this valley in less than a year. is off sosupply school and businesses remain close. it will be a wild before life can get back to normal. voters in the netherlands go to polls in less than three weeks. the leader is a far right controversial politician. he is running on an anti-immigrant, anti-islam, and anti-eu platform. he could be the next prime minister. he is like the equally brash politician in the u.s. a reporter looks into it. reporter: ringed by security
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because he had death threats, he is launching his election campaign. he was as ever courting controversy. >> mostly young people. reporter: he has suspended public events over safety fears, using twitter instead. still, he is monopolizing attention in this election. he has managed to ship this election two issues he cares about. about echoing the trump and brexit campaigns. a billion.end reporter: surprisingly, among his supporters we found an immigrant from south america. >> a lot of people call him a racist, but he is not a racist.
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he said, if you are a foreigner you can stay here, but just follow the rules. reporter: traditional left wing voters are split about him. >> i want to cry out what i think. that is what i vote for. that is what it should be. >> he says he wants to make the netherlands great again. >> yes, he is the dutch trump. that is how a lot of people see him. the same populist ideas and same fear. he tries to win votes by making people afraid. reporter: beneath the surface, the netherlands is changing. he could win 20% of the vote. the established parties, under threat, are having to react. the most dramatic intervention in the campaign so far, a newspaper advertisement by the prime minister telling immigrants to fit in or go home. it was copying the candidates language.
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it shocked many in the netherlands. >> that is because the prime minister is a liberal. his instincts giving way to something new. >> election should be about integration in this country. people coming in from outside. the election will be about stability in an instable world. reporter: he says he will never work with him. at the same time, dutch politics is splintering. 28 different parties are competing for votes. what is certain is no one will win an outright majority. for most, it will be too toxic to go into coalition with. they would rather team up to keep him out. the populist surge may be rising, but he may find his path to power blocked.
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anchor: donald trump of the netherlands hopes to pull off an upset there. on social media and in workplaces across the nation, in our office we too were mulling over the bizarre moment at the oscars. where they somehow mixed up the winner for best picture. those involved have been collecting their thoughts and making a case for what really happened. the reporter has more from los angeles. ♪ reporter: it was supposed to be the grand finale of a wonderful oscars night. warren beatty and faye dunaway came onto present the best picture academy award. the veteran actor opened the envelope and pulled out the card that the winner's name was written on. he seems a little unsure. >> and the academy award -- reporter: and then a bit perplexed.
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>> for best picture -- reporter: faye dunaway thinks he is playing for laughs. >> "la la land." they read the name on the card. reporter: so that movie makes their way to the stage. >> thank you to my parents. reporter: as the acceptance speeches continue, a small commotion develops. >> there is a mistake. " moonlight," you guys want best picture. reporter: what? >> this is not a joke. " moonlight," best picture. reporter: the team from " moonlight," are delighted with the news. brexit i want to tell you what happened. i opened the envelope and it
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said emma stone, "la la land." that is why i took such a long look at faye and at you. i was not trying to be funny. reporter: he had been given the wrong envelope. you see, there are duplicate sets of winners envelopes produced. a firm that has been overseeing the academy awards for over 80 years. within hours, they released a statement apologizing for that mistake. >> things happen. you make a movie and a boom gets into the shot. it is a human error. whatever happens, happens. the result was the same. we all hugged it out. we are good. tomorrow we will figure out what happened. >> and the oscar goes to -- reporter: the night was memorable for other less calamitous reasons.
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"moonlight's" success was not limited to best picture. "la la land" my head missed out on the big prize, but they want for best director. emma stone one for best actress. casey affleck won for lead actor. he was thrilled. denzel washington, who was also nominated, did not seem pleased. >> one of the first people that that -- taught me how to act was denzel washington who are just met tonight for the first time. thank you. reporter: viola davis for her role in the 1950's drama " fences" was another event that helped the oscars feel less white this year. anchor: that was not in the script. that brings today's broadcast to a close. you can find much more on our website.
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bbch me and most of the team, go to twitter. please tune in tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and aruba tourism authority. ♪ >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight... >> we have to win. we have to start winning wars again. >> woodruff: president trump calls for a budget significantly boosting money to the military with deep cuts to domestic spending. then, the republican chair of the house intelligence committee says he's seen no evidence of contact between the trump campaign and russian intelligence officials. and, hospitals brace for big changes in health coverage as republicans work to unravel the affordable care act. >> we have spent the last six years gearing up towards everything that we were responsible for doing in the a.c.a., and the, the idea of we might have to totally go a different directioor


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