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funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relax thing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families. and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days
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cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc while he's america reporting from washington i'm your true value. president trump calls on iran to. supporting terrorism is jerusalem visit. as for peace between the israelis and the palestinians. the mosque the negotiators hopeful. i've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all. but i have a feeling. that we're gonna get there. eventually. i hope. pleading the fifth woman national security adviser michael flynn said. one testifying front of congress or hand over documents in the ongoing russia prior. and it's called the great. influenced generations of artists and even animators.
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the man behind the painting was hitting his stride page seventy. welcome to all views on public television and all sat around the globe. it is a day of symbolism and substance for president trump in jerusalem. as he continued his debut overseas trip. he became the fast sitting us president to visit the western rule how we place in judaism. mr trump kept up the focus on iran saying to ron will never get his hands on nuclear weapons. on north america editor so people stop saw coverage. even with his arrival on airforce one a small piece of history was made. the festivity iraq flight between saudi arabia and israel. there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries. he's here on an outreach program.
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not the milan you trump seem very interested in that. the self proclaimed deal maker is off the water. the ultimate deal. peace between israelis and palestinians. we have before us a rare. opportunity. to bring security and stability and peace to this region. add to its people. defeating terrorism. and creating a future of harmony prosperity and peac. but we can only get their working together there is no other way. both to the wound to his reception in saudi arabia it seemed to hold israeli ruling class have decamped to ben gurion airport. to make a public display of appreciation towards this country's most important ally. it was then told to jerusalem a still divided city whose future status will be hotly contested in any peace agreement.
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when donald trump was a candidate he vowed that the us embassy would be moving from tel aviv. to jerusalem. now under pressure from the paleinians that's it increasingly unlikely. as a candidate he had nothing to say about settlement building in the west bank. now that he's president he's urging israelis to be cautious. it seems that the candidate. on the president. could be two different people. but symbols can be as important as words and it would have been lost on israelis that donald trump became the first sitting u. s. president. to visit the western wall one of judaism's holiest sites. he posed a put a note into a crevice between the stones in the tradition going back centuries. he also went to the church of the holy sepulcher. city weights believe that jesus was buried and resurrected. the tribe mission to bring together the three great religions of christianity judaism and islam. my follow
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up to the ceiling donald trump went to have dinner at the israeli prime minister's residence. and benjamin netanyahu was sounding unusually upbeat and positive about the future prospects. for the first time in many years. and mr president for the first time in my lifetime. i see a real hope for chang. but in the west bank talk of change and new beginnings seemed as far away as ever. as israeli soldiers clashed with palestinian protesters some clearly unhappy about the president's visit. john so pulled bbc news jerusalem. and a short time ago i spoke with our chief international correspondent leads to sat who's in jerusalem. least he sat don't try visiting the west of war is a hugely symbolic moment for israelis. also going to recount palestinians. that will be his agenda tomorrow he's going to go to grad bethlehem. this it didn't visit has been restricted by some security concerns when he will see. the palestinian president
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mahmoud abbas and we already know from president abbas's visit to the white house the palestinians at least the official dom. are. confident that they. did develop a relationship with that the american president they don't see him as being. exclusively a friend of israel but of course whether that translates into the kind of the policies that can. get that peace process working again will be another question as you've been hearing for president trump. he's beaming with optimism and is certainly a lot of courage and determination to be the man who clinches that most lucifer deals a peace deal. between the israelis and the palestinians that once he gets out into the details you'll be back to the very old and the very. i difficult problems unless we don't from says there are many things that can happen now that wouldn't have happened before as a veteran of middle east diplomatic reporting. do you sense as a shift in these tectonic plates. there are some shifts in these in these technology plate set how significant they will be we'll have to
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see how they. they keep shifting one of them is the changing views of manga of certainly of the of the arab leaders. along the persian gulf countries like saudi arabia the united arab emirates they're talking about steps to use the phrase to normalize right since with israel to open up some. technical some economic some cultural contacts they're talking about working together more closely with israel when it comes to. shared a strategic ambitions most of all to put greater pressure on iran to stop what they see is iran's. destabilizing of behavior in the region and their revised being and very old arab israeli plan where the arabs will say if you make peace with the palestinians. we will also give you a wider peace with the arab world not all arab states are on on board. but it is being revived again and the israelis say that that could be something to help move the process forward although there are many things which could still hold it back. because that thank you. and at a today my colleague
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candy canes sat down with george mitchell. he said as president obama's middle east envoy to get his views on the prospects for any peace deal. i was part of the b. b. c.'s one hundred days plus program. sense mitchell the president speaking in israel today talked about a rare opportunity for a future of harmony prosperity and peace in the middle east between israelis and palestinians. do you agree that we have a rare opportunity and can he take advantage of it. i hope and pray that he wil. it's very difficult now. there is a high level of mistrust. polarization on both sides. the two state solution which is the only feasible solution. is losing ground in both israel and among palestinians. sosa huge challenge but i think the effort must be made because the history of the region is that when there is no visible effort. to bring about a resolution of the conflict. violence tends to flare.
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the danger of violence there was much greater than in the past because of the tremendous upheaval. in the entire region i was talking to senior white house officials before the trip. in the white house and it seemed to me that they are very optimistic that by sheer force of personality. donald trump can do what you amongst others have failed to do. do you think that's enough. i don't think personalities enough but i hope and pray that. it comes about by whatever means. the reality is of course that there are huge differences between israelis and palestinians on all of the core issues. so but they could be overcome if they're one not the very deep hostility and mistrust that exist not just among the people sort among the leaders. when. president abbas and prime minister netanyahu mapped. four times since september two thousand ten i was in the room with them secretary clinton was the only other person. and. it didn't. gain traction in
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the way that we had hoped that if they met. it would give them reason to continu. it validated their worst concerns about the other. so what. this president's team seem to believe is that. if president trump can build a good relationship with bibi netanyahu and separately a good relationship with. president abbas's he did when a bus came to the white house then that will. be a catalyst that he will be able to do something. different because he's a good negotiator do you see that in mr trump. you see that capacity well. i hope it's there. for the sake of peace in the middle east and for american interests. so far at least. the conflict has not. been able to be resolved on the basis of personnel. and they have been many strong and powerful personalities who've been involved. a dozen presidents
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twenty secretaries of state many israeli leaders many palestinian leaders. but times and circumstances change. and they're not the same now as they were six or seven years ago when much different than they were ten or twenty years ago. so it is possible it's not likely at this time but i commend the efforts. the president has made it clear during the course of this trip to saudi arabia and in israel again today. that the primary focus of america's foreign policy in the middle east today is iran that he will embrace his sony. gulf state friends and the israelis and. use that as a way to distance the world from iran such a distance america from iran. is the degree to which he is doing that appropriate and helpful. i feel the trip was. most useful in the following respect. isis and al qaeda. and those who were affiliated with them. want the conflict could be. and to be seen.
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is a conflict between all of islam. and all of the west. led by the united states. donald trumps prior rhetori. anti muslim. a ban on all muslims in a nice face. played right int. isis is point of view. get further the impression that they wanted further. in this trip. he has essentially reverse that position so if nothing else happens on this trip. that to me makes it significant. george mitchell we didn't get to iran i'll have to get you back can to address that issue thank you very much for coming and thank you. katty kay that speaking to george mitchell tanning now to domestic matters the former u. s. national security adviser is refusing to comply with the congressional subpoena. and is intending instead to plead the fifth. as the constitutional amendment that prevent someone from incriminating themselves. this all has to do with michael fins contacts with russian officials and his firing from the trump of ministration. and in a statement the
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republican and democratic. senate intelligence committee said they were disappointed but would vigorously posts you general flynn's testimony they brought his head to walk us through or if they send a festival why is it that michael flynn is. not going to testify we've seen in the movies we've seen on tv cop shows heavenly pleading the fifth to avoid incriminating yourself in testimony. i'm what michael flynn's lawyers a saying in a letter to the senate intelligence committee is that that is an escalating public frenzy against them. and this is a legally dangerous environment so they decided to plead the fifth so we won't be offering questions if he's cool before the committee. another moment he's also refusing to hand over these documents which the senate intelligence committee issued a subpoena for him. to actually really so fascinating and tonight the top democrat on the house oversight committee is written a lhasa. claiming that it seems general flynn lied when he was being interviewed by investigators
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wanting to renew his security clearance when is part of the trunk transition team was that about your logic coming suzi size. brad ranking member of the high i have set aside committee he's saying he sing documentation which shouldn't appears to show. that michael flynn lie to federal security clearance offices when they're asking about who paid for a trip to russia that he undertook in december of two thousand fifty eight. that he claimed apparently to these federal investigators that it was us companies who footed the bill it's forty five thousand dollars not inconsiderable sum. but what he says cummings says is that it's been proven that it was off to the that's the the state sponsored media organization actually footed the bill. flynn lied about that. elijah cummings is often not famous watergate question what a president from now about this. the weather in on main while he's brought the president but it seems to confiscate russia really kadi thousands of miles of hay. in the middle east that's his focus right now. up but another day of drip drip drip revelations and.
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it i'm just furthering and deepening. this scandal and this investigation. into possible russian meddling and possible russian collusion. brian thank you for joining us. yeah how does a company police nearly two billion monthly uses. as a challenge to face buchan according to documents leaked to the got a newspaper is a tricky business. the manual is intended for facebook stuff provide guidelines on how to handle violent sexual racist content. a. b. c.'s media correspondent i'm all round and has more. the founder of facebook is nothing if not an idealist. facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected. this openness comes with dangers. with nearly two billion uses now the sheer volume of content on facebook is proving impossible to control. the link policy guidelines referred to areas such as extremist violence revenge porn and self harm. moderators are required to intervene when there is a
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statement of intent to commit violence against an identified and vulnerable person. so based. a threat talked against the american president. would be deleted. but a more general expression of malice such as this. these guidelines showed that the soon to be seven thousand five hundred moderators who work for facebook. are often making hugely important decisions on the immense time pressur. but the reporter behind the story says it's just too big a responsibility. we realize what's the extent and threats of the problems that facebook. how does everything from a? racial problems on the sites to you that. at revenge pool is no way that marks of quebec would have fooled thirteen or fourteen years ago. that facebook will be facing those kind of issues. in two thousand seventy a former facebook stafa says its role is not to be the arbiter of what is and isn'. offensive material it's not just about people making up as they go along.
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over many years this rule book has been built up as new social problems come along. new uses of the platform come along. the company says we work hard to make facebook as safe as possible while enabling free speech. in addition to investing in more people were also building better tools to keep our community safe. amy wilson who is self harmed in the past was upset when i lost by facebook to remove images of her healing wounds. she believes such images can symbolize recovery but the images of people in crisis should never be shown. i don't think photos that actual south harm on somebody doing it on the live streams. old full siblings i don't think they should be shown at all. i don't understand how that could be any positive nf. facebook say they work with law enforcement to save lives. but all this is uncharted terrain neither simple platform nor conventional publisher. technology giants like facebook our new kind of company growing so fast
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that the mole and public opinion is struggling to keep up. a mole rajin bbc news. thanks folks a big dilemma that i'm not a news now from around the world. one person is killed dozens of others injured during protests in seven gymnasium. bill thirty say young demonstration was run over by accident in tattooing province as a police vehicle was reversing to avoid a group of protest as. death comes amid right. actions but. just as in the security forces that slide in oil and gas. hoping station. you're watching baby same while news america still to come on tonight's program. bringing books back to the blues i'm in new york city baruch company has no bookstores. how one woman wants to angel laughed? thousands of the iconic schultz signed by the getty images archive and now for the first time all eighteen million photographs of being stored in one location.
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prime satchel has this report now. they are some of the most remarkable memorable and culturally significant photographs ever taken. and they will belong to the pics agency gets sick. which is their new home it is now the largest commercial archive of physical photos. anywhere in the world simon how many pictures of you go here is about eighteen million images on site thanks a million yet i see i expose. it's been like an iceberg so if you go to a website for everyone in each on. on the website this two hundred prints in the fall so. on on the website for everyone of those prints is about two hundred. never principal saying before their pictures here going back to the birth of photography in the eighteen thirties. the akad covers everything. sports celebrity. mystery. one of the most remarkable images and gets a collection was taken here in nineteen thirty four it's a picture.
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of a monster and is perhaps the most famous example. of fake names. the loch ness monster for this here escort within the dipping male. and april twenty first. nineteen fifty four. quiet think it's become iconic is because it then. informed people listed for the loch ness monster should look like today in the next seat legend brings in about thirty million pounds a year to the local touristic. but the photo that started it all. it was taken by a man called marmaduke what the rule using a toy submarine. book from woolworth's. but can the bounds of what gets the archive experts are repairing and restoring images like this nineteen fifty seven shoals of lauren bacall. over time hundreds of thousands of negatives will be scanned digitized and put online. for anyone to be. graeme sensual bbc.
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since they lost yeah then tie bar of the bronx in new york city hasn't had a regular book stole. as one point four million people unable to buy books on the best seller is a classic works. from his native now i'll santos knew the people of the bar i deserve better. his that story. i. not havin a bookstore. it creates this lack of self worth. we only sell like one bottle left behind. bar b. o. bookstore wine bar and that i am opening in the bronx in new york city. is going to be the only bookstore in the anti. one point. people tend. for. do me. creating a market so you know my.
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it's already here. we're still signifies by you know white flight and arson that's a face in the seventies and all the boxes burning. my slogan is the bronx is burning with desire it's agreed. enjoy a fiction fantasy sometimes philosophy. and you're reading the fertility for fun of it it brings into new world. not having a bookstore in our community it's almost disgraceful. we have libraries and i'm grateful for that but they're also very limited. our closest bookstore would probably be on east eighty six straight. we'll have to take a bus to the train. the tree opens up so you know they are. easily it could be half a day. to go get a box that we got. the call i can see is a liquor store here a chinese food store there him now it says. but knowing that i'm. maybe they feel like they're not worthy of these you know
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simple things you know. ign. local news. the tree. or you struggling construction i used by six. thing up this vital might i would i be doing that's what i can. i mean. my greatest hope is so create a home and that the bronx will still follow. no well santos bronx baby a file that now it's one of the most recognized and imitated images in the wild. and is the great wave image was. a block print create. the japanese artist cats she got hokusai almost two hundred years ago. is the centerpiece of a show that happens this week at the british museum. our outside is i will go on pets when to take a look. uhhuh.
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and the magic of the power to see. as men and that. we need more buying. power the great wave. but i think it's also become in some ways and the magic of the powerful nature. you just immediately aware of this. was frozen power of the image. and i've come to think that maybe hoax i actually is inventing animation with this and. when hokusai made his famous series of woodblock prints. it was around seventy. old for some. but not for him he considered a new beginning of his life as an artist which he felt. at any just begun. at the age of seventy five he takes the name old man crazy to paint. which is wonderful i think expression of his. continuing ambition is determined the older he get. the better he will become. from the age of ninety was
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an extraordinary painting of a dragon. in a rain cloud. technically this is a staggering painting. in hopes i have the houses all worked out in his head before you ever touches brushed the paper. become make corrections with this kind of painting is not like an oil painting by you can scrub about how to do it again. you gotta get it right the first time. his popularity is international. you see crosses borders and cultures. what is it about his work that makes him makes it resonated site he's interested in? the world of work ordinary people going about their business in sometimes amazing night check. sometimes in the city of addo. it's not the really ground people he tends to paints it's us. we know hokusai was a great master who influenced the likes of bang dolphin degas. but will this exhibition also shows is it old age doesn't necessarily mean a slow decline raga a fresh start and unleashing of creative powers. and a time to produce. you'll find his work.
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will gompertz business. the best is yet to come and remember you can find more on all the day's news at our website. i see what will i kill and a time make sure to check out our facebook page. on your companion thanks for watching what . funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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