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this is a bbc america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm your true value. president trump says no should transgender people serving in the military. citing cost and disruption. those impacted speak about the disappointment of not being able to sign up. it's heartbreaking that they won't let me. been offset. but. for now that's all the card. you can i will ban diesel and petrol caused by twenty four seats. look at the changing face of the major industry worldwide. and it just click the my shocking serial murders in u. s. history. it essentially like ten. nineteen shed on the killing
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of the osage indians. welcome to world news america. president trump surprise decision to ban transgender people from the us military has created confusion about that face as members of the armed services. all some republican lawmakers said the move was clearly discrimination. the president tweeted that the military copy burdened with big medical bills and disruption. today's press secretary echoed that sentiment saying implementation still needed to be what town with the department of defense. from texas is amenable. there are thought to be thousands of members of the us military who identify as transgender. many of spent time in iraq or afghanistan. today they work up to a shock from the very president they serve.
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the consultation with my generals a military experts he tweeted please be advised the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals. to serve in any capacity in the us military. riley dos has spent the last four years as an officer in training at the military academy at west point. she came out last year after president obama lifted the ban on transgender people serving openly. she now has to find a joe. even though it was a life long dream. the. i just fell in love this country and. even those that completely fundamentally disagree with me. i felt this desire i want to serve. and defend you alan defend your right to disagree with me. do you feel now. when you're told you becaus. i want to find some other way to sir. not to send military but. serve the country either in the private sector or public sector. it's heartbreaking that they won't let me.
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be an officer. but. for now that's how cards fell. the white house says it's doing this because of the cost of medical transition procedures for transgender service members the president's expressed concern since this obama policy came into effect. but he's also voice that this is a very expensive and disruptive policy. and based on consultation that he's had with his national security team i came to the conclusion that it a rhodes military readiness and unit cohesion. and. made the decision based on that. the cost of procedures for transgender people is estimated to be just a tenth of one percent of the military medical spending budget. well this is another attempt to reverse on obama policy and it may go down well. with some trumped supporters but in the u. s. trans gendered people enrolled in the military at a much higher rate than the population as a whole. and in one move.
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thousands have been left devastated. lima bull bbc news in fort hood in texas. and for more on today's announcement i spoke a brief time ago with eric fanning the first openly gay secretary of the army hunter president obama. very fine english your reaction to president trump over tanning president obama and banning transgender people from serving in the us military. i i'm disappointed i think it's the wrong decision to have made we already have currently thousands of transgender americans serving in the military. with distinction and i think it was an important step of many. to open up opportunity for service in the military for a number of important reasons it. aligns with core american values of equality and opportunity. and it and it helps ensure that we can recruit from the best and brightest in all the country has to offer. however president trump says he consulted with generals and military experts and he cites the tremendous medical costs and the disruption not
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having transgender people in the us military would entai. what do you make of that well i don't know? which generals and military leaders he's referring to his tweet. i spoke with many of them myself across all the services. and there were certain a lot of questions and concerns but there was a lot of support from moving forward as well. because in many ways. opening up service to transgender americans in policy was just catching up with reality. and i haven't seen any good evidence to support the idea that this is going to be expensive the two independent reports ran in the palm center say they'll be minimal. medical expenses or that will be disruptive. well the president also says this is about focusing on victory so he's raising the idea that it's a distractio. trying to cater to the needs of transgender in the military's about it. well i i think that is an argument that has been used repeatedly over the history of our military. when truman integrated the military sixty nine years ago today by the way this is the anniversary of that.
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when we repeal don't ask don't tell when we open military all military positions including combat positions to women. and now transgender we hear that argument over and over agai. and rand. said that they anticipated as they have said previously minimal disruption to the force and that's a really short sighted way to look at it because there are tremendous long term benefits. two opening up opportunity but given what the president has said what does this mean for the thousands of trans gender members of the us military. well i think it's obviously very alarming for them there there are two parts. to this issue one was who should be allowed to assess who should be allowed to join the military and we issue policy for that last year. the second is what happens if you decide transition once you're in the military. and. we thought that we were at least secure on the issue of people in the military being able serve because they have proven they were able to serve. this is a far broader and more sweeping. decision and policy change
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that we anticipated to say not only can you not joined but you can't serve so he's telling thousands of people already wearing the uniform. they gotta take it off do you think this means a return to the days of don't ask don't tell and the us military. i don't i don't think that will go all the way back to reinstituting don't ask don't tell. no progress in these areas is never linear and you have setbacks. but i think in general year after year we make more progress than we get pushed back and. i would have hoped that transgender service was safe because i think by and large right now it's. larger issue who can meet the requirements and then the the. establishment of medical community guidelines. on but i think don't us and tell us if. at finding thank you so much for joining thank you. the transgender announcement was one of many topics the president was busy treating about today. downloaded once again on his attorney general jeff sessions is on the five recusing himself from the russian investigation. all this comes as the senate
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his taking up legislation which would put more. tions on russia. the president hasn't said whether he'll support base or not. a brief time ago i spoke with democratic congressman joe crowley from capitol hill. congressman crowding he tossed the sanctions bell in the house but the white house doesn't like it because it feels. that it stops the president from lifting sanctions on russia without going back to you aren't you tying his hands on family. well i think because of the circumstances that we've seen. of this president time and time again fail to take up the mantle of challenging mr putin to the russians. and their involvement in our elections so i think the congress has reason to be skeptical. about giving the power to the president which will power to the president. i quite frankly we don't think it's a big hurdle to come back to congress and ask for. any sanction if we believe it's warranted to be lifted. but it isn't just the president he's worried about this bill way saying the european union saying that that wide it's gonna. stop the you from being able
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to get natural gas from russia what do you say to those objections we think that says a reasonable and important issue but we also recognize that. what russia was engaged? a direct attack upon our sovereignty. our democracy. and that needs to be responded to in a forceful way. and. we are concerned about how wise we ought to be concerned we need to do whatever we can. to make up for that in some way or another. but i can not in any way shape or form influence what we do in terms of protecting our sovereignty or something. and at some tea in a democracy. you're talking about protecting our democracy there salmon enquiries right now on capitol hill into this question of russia meddling with the us election. all any of them getting any closer to stopping moscow from doing this again the mid terms already on the horizon. well i don't think there is i don't think our white house so that the president. has been nearly fall salafism forceful at all. for those of the g. twenty a duty twenty summit or quite
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frankly his everyday tweeting is the caning. amiq response a two word or what what we know russia attempted to do. and what i actually believe is what we need to do is have an independent commission established. we know what we we we know russia tried to do somethin. what were they successful but where did they fail? what other protections moving forward and what can we do to stop them in the future that's why i think we need to find out? what we do have a special counsel of course rule that mona who's looking into all of that but let's just talk briefly about the attorney general jeff sessions he's twisting that in the wind if he goes? it's a special counsel is somehow five what republicans and democrats on the hill come together to draw a line in the sand in response. well i think we're heading if that would happen if the movie heading toward a constant a crisis at that point. i think. the confidence of the republican caucus is erodin. towards the president right now we see that the passage of the sanctions. our legislation the house of the senate. and i think if the president were to fire. mr sessions attorney general sessions would
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further the constitutional crisis. what would follow after that no one knows? but it certainly would raise incredible incredible ire on all sides here in washington i think quite frankly throughout the country. you talk about democrats and republicans coming together a bit one of the big issues also you're dealing with his healthcare reform the senate has a whole series of votes right now to. senator john mccain made a plea for democrats and republicans to work together if you get the opportunity if the bill comes you in the house. when you work with republicans we've we've stood ready to work with republicans the problem is they have. to have included us. i don't like it. if they did would be happy to talk about what we could do to improve the lives of american people including the health care. and health care lives of the american people. we said that we want to men tonight and the affordable care act. of they have taken over sixty votes here in the house a two nd affordable care act to repeal the affordable care act. they never thought they'd be the position to actually make changes to it now they are they want to go it alone at this point. i think that would be
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disastrous for the american people. things that allow us to have a long lasting like things are done in a bipartisan way. and i hope they come around to seeing that. congressman joe crowley thank you so much for joining us thank you. and in other news a high court judge in britain has given parents have timely l. baby charlie got until noon tomorrow. to reach an agreement with his london hospital on arrangements for his death. honey this week chinese parents abandoned their attempts to bring mass some to the u. s. for experimental treatment. now if you live in the uk you won't be able to buy new diesel or petrol costa twenty forty. is a government that tries to be g. sap pollution. the new plan follows a ruling by judges that ministers must do more to kidnap. britain's move follows a similar announcement in france with no my because at least in theory. eager to consign traditional because to the history books a brief time ago i spoke with david shepherdson who covers the auto industry for which has. i mean we've got these moves in britain to get rid of
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fatties on petrol caused by twenty forty following moves in france. is the future going to be electric because. i think almost certainly so the question is how long will it take to get there. may twenty three years is still a long period of time but auto companies already making. investments volvo just announced they're gonna starting at twenty nineteen. no longer a build new model a traditional cars so this is where the direction but clearly there a lot of concerns about is the industry the infrastructure. ready for such a big shift right because presumably we tap tap plugin points eleven the place if we were going to suddenly you'll be driving electric causes the infrastructure exist anywhere. it surely doesn't say in britain is all about twelve thousand infrastructure go. charging points to you s. there's a few more about the again you need tens of thousands if you're gonna have a rapid. ramp up minutes only about one percent of u. s. vehicle sales are electric cars today right so let's just talk about the u. s. was obviously we know that president trump is taking the u. s. after that. climate change accord is not necessarily convinced about
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the arguments about reducing appellation how do you see the market developing here in the u. s. from that one percent of electric because we currently have. well auto companies are making a big bet on electric vehicles are spending billions of dollars and but right now the shift has been away from cars toward the sport utility vehicles and bigger vehicles in part. due to low gas prices so auto companies are gonna continue to roll out he visas batteries could better a longer range meaning you'd be less concerned about running out of. a juice and be able to go a few hundred miles without a charge so they're not moving away from much vehicles but they're still in the short term focused on bigger more profitable vehicles never sing interesting names by these. matters out way across the world paris madrid mexico city athens they'll plan to ban diesel calls from city centers by twenty twenty five you saying anything like that happening here in the u. s.. nothing like that but you have seen a lot of auto companies move away from diesels entirely here volkswagen said it won't sell diesels here mercedes benz. earlier this year drop plans to seek approval to sell diesels rembert is a
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big investigation by the epa into diesels. like fiat chrysler like daimler as well obviously the level two investigations going out so. you know companies are moving away from diesel but in the short term they are. pushing election vehicles you know to only to a certain extent equally tesla's by far leading the the push ahead back consumers they was going to be like for us driving electric because right broaden the traditional gas guzzler will see. experience going to be like i mean do people are you make one the actual performance of lecture cars is better faster zero to sixty time. ideas can be like give getting used to plugging your cell phones everywhere right i mean what you get you into that habit into action being behind the wheel. is really no difference the question is will there be enough places to charge will be easy enough remember with fast
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charging. you could basing it almost a full charge in about you know the eighty fe thousand vehicles sold this year. to millions of vehicles and and what happens if they you know we have serious grip problem s. no i it's gonna require more money more infrastructure more planning becomes a volkswagen are for under acelera claire to spend two billion dollars to improve. infrastructure and they had more charging station so. that the move is going there the question is what's the wrap up in this twenty forty realistic. david yepsen thank you so much for joining us thanks. you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. vise ravaged lots of the french countryside. thousands of forced to evacuate as the flames approach. one of the vatican's mice high ranking officials cardinal george pal is facing historical charges of sexual abuse in australia.
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the third ranking vatican official returned to his home country added this month after the pope granted him a leave of absence to allow him to fight the accusations. details of the charges have not been revealed but cardinal pals lawyer says he will plead not guilty to all of the accusations. the last i was at a court hearing. prove it is not fair becaus. there was no special treatment for one of the most powerful men in the vatican. when he arrives to face historical allegations of sexual assaults but the melbourne magistrates court. just like everyone else contado george pell had to use the front door. escorted by the police and accompanied by his legal team he was surrounded by large media contingent. interest in this case goes far beyond australia. the concert will make no comment but is lawyer told the magistrate that he be pleading not guilty to all of the accusations. the hearing lasted about five minutes
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and the press pack was waiting when he emerged. no this on. the most influential figure in the vatican and has been responsible for reforming its finances. he has consistently and steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. previously said he was the victim of a relentless characterised assignation and his insisted he was innocent. specific details of the allegations facing cardinal george pell haven't been made public. he's been granted leave by the pope to defend himself against the charges. the brief hearing today could be the start of very lengthy legal proceedings. the most prominent member of australia's roman catholic church is g. backing. in early october. phil knight said bbc news melvin.
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more than ten thousand people in the south of france have been forced to leave their homes and campsites overnight. to skate rapidly spreading wildfire has. many had to spend the night in public buildings well some even slept on beaches. efforts to contain the funds continue that prof dumping sea water on to banning health sites. bbc's duncan kennedy report. the raging power of the fires was at its most terrifying during the night. this was born they may most us west of san tropez. hillsides engulfed by the burning shrubs and trees. for hours it swept across the countryside in an unstoppable curtain of flam. thousands of people including british tourists a force out of camp sites and other homes. mary and alan anderson from ramsgate said the size of
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the fires was extremely distressing. look around the hill all we could see was black smoke billowing from. on teen various places sources and then the planes came over. picks up loads of water. on the vin dowsing full day to to try and dampen the flames. sheer force of the fires were called by holiday makers on that phones. strong mistrial winds gave them an unstoppable energy. many fires burned throughout the night. even the four thousand firefighters have soldiers senten couldn't get control when faced with this. the fire has led to a huge evacuation of ten thousand people many from cam sites like this one. they were told to spend the night on nearby beaches house in the open. tonight we found dozens of people in a gymnasium. their beds and plenty of food for their holidays been ruined. some it's the third night this makeshift accommodatio.
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good morning brought no letup in the fireplace. some tourists were far enough away to continue their holiday. the lushness of the scenery now replaced by a menacing in florida. in other places all that was left was a vast scorched landscape. an area decimated across fifteen square miles. nineteen aircraft including ten water bombers have been brought him. the french authorities asking other european governments have michael help. with these fires have been burning for two days now was seeing fires all hills all around this area. we're also seeing ashcroft helicopters laden with water trying to put the mouse. but the moment they don't seem to be out to bring them under control. temperatures here are in the thirties and the wind showed no signs of letting up. a combustible deadly mixtur. will continue to threaten this area. duncan kennedy bbc news in southern france.
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from those terrifying funds to a notorious case from the past on the biggest serial murders in american history. in the early nineteen twenties members of the i. sage indian tribe became wealthy overnight when oil was discovered on that land. but soon often members of the tribe bushel wilson poisoned in staggering numbers. the managers were like white people and the killings led to a pine airing fbi investigation. a new book puts a spotlight on this chilling chapter. eight states was still a remarkably low this country back in the nineteen twenties the particularly in this last remnant of the wild west. you had out wants wandering the streets with their six shooters in their pockets. you had sheriffs you had oil man there prospectors. killers of the. sage burgers first.
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troll much. parts of. states prevention forced. it was about time that includes. that we should move to this territory would later becom. i hope. it's the land there is a certain time. and the white man. worthless so the finally please. the seemingly forsaken land turned out to be. the largest because of the oil. than in the united states. any of that. thousand associates. in the wealthy for. but. they had servants many of whom were white you said at the time were as one america might own a car. each osage eleven of. the usage of wealth provoked all sorts of the reaction among white americans there wasn't a movie. jealousy.
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he then began to. scarcely murder. when i listen private american history. in nineteen twenty three. the report that. does murders. the case was n up by a rather obscure brains of the justice department. pre ragtag operation. it was then known as the bureau of investigation and it would later be renamed a. the goose each quarter cases became one of the best first major homicide investigatio. and one of the first major homicide investigations. it's new very young very secretive very ambitious director j. group. as you begin to dig deeper you begin to realize that they were really score some. many these. were never invest. you can understand the formation of the united states without understanding this case original sin from which thi. she was born. david graham out a shocking
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story and remember you can find much more on all the day's news how website. i'm your trip and thanks for watching world news america . sins of a. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation assuming solutions for america's nick. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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