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tv   Frontline  PBS  April 15, 2019 9:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> narrator: tonight, a special presentation from "frontline", independent lense, and voces. l >>e my country. i put my life on the line. my country won't let my sband live here. >> marcos? >> yeah. >> it'difficult to live without my family. (shouting) >> he is missing their entire life. >> daddy.. >> pele, we will be together pele. (crying) ou >>ave done everything. >> i refuse to say that cause he's not here. >> i just wanna be with you and the babies. >> you can't cross. i don't want to take that chance. >> the time is killing me. >> how many hoops do you have to jump through for youfamily to be together? >> you want me to move there, right? i'm not talking about the babies. i'm talking about us. >> i love you elizabeth. >> i love you marcos. t >> narratoight,
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"marcos doesn't live here anymore". >> major support for frontline, itvs, and latino public broadcasting is provided by the coporation for public broadcasting. frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. major support is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. additonal support is provided by the abrams foundation.e committed to excelle journalism. the park foundation. dedicated to heightening public awaren critical issues. the john and helen glessner family trust. supporting trustworthy journalism that informs and inspires. the heising-simons foundation. unlocking knowledge, opportunity, and possibilities. and byhe frontline journalism fund. with major support from jon and major support for frontline is rking with visionaries on theon. fronlines of social change worldwide.
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and for this program, by it's justfilms initiative. >> staff sergeant elizabeth perez, united states marine corps, please come to the front. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. marine veterans honor guard, i present you with these nationalo for the city of east cleveland to fly at city (ae applauds) >> east cleveland takes greatep pride in accting the flag. this flag, froyou, is super- special, because we here at east cleveland know the plight of your journey. this flag represents freedom. east cleveland is honored to incept this flag for every that you represent and who you represent. i thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> the residents of east cleveland are very, very, very grateful for your service to the united states marine corps.
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i'd also like to acknowledge ms. thveronica dahlberg, who i executive director of the spanish organization and has chosen to partner with you, ur efforts.s a means to help in it's an unfortunate situation that led to the deportation of her husband. i, as an individual d a citizen of the united states, do support your efforts in regaining ur husband's citizenship to the united states. >> thank you, sir. (audience applauds) here, too.uld say some words thank you so much for having us today. and the gift of the flag was really just a gesture of friendship and goodwill. however, i didn't want to leave without asking, since you want to help elizabeth, because we have not been able to get anye. help for her c for five long years, she's been separated from her husband, who was deported in 2010. and she needs her family to be together. and it just seems like we keep hitting closed doorsverywhere. and i think it would be helpful if we could get a resolution or
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a letter from the city council in support of elizabeth's case, and we could give it to our senators and our members of congress saying that the city of east cleveland supports the reunification of her family. as a marine veteran who has served ten years, she derves that they cut through the bureaucratic tape and reunitemi her . so, we're hoping that you can help us with the k you for your time. >> we will talk to our law director and get back to you as soon as possible. >> okay, thank you. >> okay, you guys ady to call daddy? >> yes! (skype tones playing)s! >> mar >> yeah! >> daddy! >> hi, guys. >> hey! can you hear us? >> yeah. >> hi! >> who's that? >> where's my bed? is it at your house? >> yeah, i'm at my house! do you wanto come to my house? >> yes! >> yeah, you can come! >> can i go toaddy's house, mom? >> you will go later, honey. go you don't want to let m to daddy's house. that wasn't nice.y.
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>> o you guys wanna say your prayers with daddy? >> yes. >> are you ready, marcos? >> yeah! >> ready? pelé? >> ready, pelé? >> in the father, the baby, the son, the holy... and the baby. >> okay, pelé. you ready? come on, let's go. >> in the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit. amen. >> dear jesus. >> dear baby. >> thank you for my family, thank you for my friends, and i love you, jesus. amen. >> night-night, pelé. night-night, rocky. besito!ad >>, are you gonna sleep for a little bit? >> yeah. >> after you woke up? >> aw. >> night-night, dad. >> night-night, pelé. night-night, rocky. love you guys! night night, pelé. >> all right, love you. >> love you.
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>> forward, march!ft right, lo right. right, left. left, right, lo right. right, left. le, right, hi lo right. lo lef right, lo right. right, left. left, right. right, left. (phone ringing) >> hello, leopold and associates. hi, sir. actually, attorney leopold is in a eting right now. i can go ahead and take your name and number, and i'll make sure he gets your message., >> hi, elizabew are you? >> i'm good, and you? >> yeah, good. so you had no trouble finding us today? >> nope. got here pretty good>>thanks. ood. it's good to see you. >> you, too. >> remind me, if you would, ofyo your experience in the u.s. marines. when you got in, and, and, and, ah, what you did there and, and, when you left the marines.
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my national guard before theio marine corps, and that was in 1999. >> mm-hmm.ta >> we went to afghanin 2003, january, so it was right at the same week when, actually, the day we got on the plane togo o afghanistan was the day former president bush was on tv giving saddam hussein the 48 an i joined the marine corps. and i was in there for five years. >> mm-hmm. >> i love my country. i literally, literally put my life on the line. i mean, i wascared a couple of times about things that could happen. >> yeah. i s not fair. my country won't let my husband live here. >> okay. so at some point, you leave the marines, you get back here. tell me how you met marco. s >> ah, i met him when i california. um, i actually met him walking down the and, yeah, we just ht off right away. i mean, ever since the day i me, e spent every single day together.
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>> what i love about elizabeth right away, instantly, i get interested in having a relationship with her. i never meet somebody like, like, like her, like so human. and she's not really materialistic. and when i'm in mexico, i neverm medad. i, ah, i, i don't live reallymy much witwith my mom. so, when i meet her, she totally become right away like my family. that's what, i love her for that. >> so, at the time that marco gets picked up by immigration, you already knew there was a problem with h status. you had been to a lawyer... >> mm-hmm. >> ...hoping to start the process. >> yeah. >> how does it happen that he got picked up? he was running through a yellow light, and the police called me on my ll phone. they couldn't identify him, and they're asking me who he was,he and thenolice told me, "well, we can just call ice. and ice can verify who he is."
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and i said, and i was reallywa respectful, like, "no, sir. you don't have to do that." >> yeah.he >> and righti said that, right after i said that, my... i don't know why my phone died-- my phone died. like, it just sh off. and i couldn't call back. >> they were holding him on a traffic violation. >> yeah. the lawyer you talked to told you not to pay that bail. that would give m... to get him out on a traffic violation, because if you did that, thenwo icd come and take him, immigration and customs enforcement would come and take him. >> yes. >>o you were not to pay th bail, so that he was held by the state authorities. >> yes. >> all right. and, what happens next? >> aer he spent his 14 days mayfield heights, they turned m over to immigration, a then he just called me one day, from his celphone number. and i was, like, wow, you know? from him?getting a phone call and they had just dropped him at the border, and he was gonna lose reception once he crossed the bridge or something. >> did you call the lawyer when, when marcos was finally
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deported? >> yeah, i told him. >> and what'd the lawyer say?ll >> he told me, um, "we'll just have to file the visa paperwork from there." in mexico. >> there's a law called the permanent bar.ha that meansif somebody enters the united states, and then they're deported, and then they come back, and then they're deported again, or theleave again, they're barred what'sed caermanently. so, really, you don't have any relief at all.n' you get him back here for a minimum of ten years. >> he wants to cross the border me back now, even. today. i mean, he talks to me about it, "no.ike,ery week, and you can't do that." >> yeah.'s thood that you're telling him that, because... >> but at the same time, it's, like, my kids. like, just the other day, the tolder one actually told t, um... sorry. >> do you need a kleenex? >> no, i'm good. he told me, um, we were going through pictures, and there were
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ctures when we were in mexico, and he told me, "mommy, can we go there to daddy's house and c stay and ne back here?" and i was, like, "what?" he's so... like, you know, like, they know what's going on, you know? they're not stupid. they... before, they were babies, and they were infants. now they're getting older, and they're starting to, like, understand things, and it's really hard for me. >> yeah. >> especially, like, when i loot m, and i know, like, how much i miss them, even if they're at school, and think how bad. he is missing their entire life. and it's really rd. it makes me really mad, because i have to move if i want to beow with my family, you hat i mean? >> mm-hmm. >> so, technically, it's like an exe. i have to leave, and find another country to live, because my husband can't live here. and i just can't wrap head around that. >> nothing's impossible. he had some brushes with the law. >> yeah. >> ah, he got convicted of possession of stolen property and battery. >> i wasn't there, and i didn't m not condoning anything, as far as anyone hitting a woman.
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and he kicked her in the leg, and she called the police. >> okay. i'm not questioning whether he's a good man or a bad man. i know if he's married to you, my view, is he's got to be a good guy. >> yeah. >> but, people make mistakes in life, and maos made some. so, we're gonna have to show absolute rehabilitation. >> wel he also has, because these are in 2001, so this is 13 years ago. so, he had nothing. >> so,hat's actually some good news. it's... in a, in a, in a pile of bad news. i mean, that's where the hope is. there is some hope here, okay? >> well, thank you very much for your te. i really appreciate it. >> good to see you, elizabeth. >> it was good seeing you. thank you so much. >> all right, be good. >> we'll be in touch. >> (chanting): sí, se puede! sí, se puede! sí, se puede! >> i've done a lot of public speaking, and i feel pretty comfortable. i mean, when i was in the marin corps, i could t front of people all the time. i've been continuing to do a lot of advocacy work with ho for undocumented workers, and i've
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been ask to speak at this event. >> (chanting): we want justice! we want justice! >> we, we don't want welfare!t we don't wod stamps! we want a fair day's pay for a fair day of work! that's all we want! and weant to be treated with dignity! we want to be treated like men and women that we are, to recognize our humanity, not treat us like dogs that die under the trees. we shall keep walking justice together until we realize on earth as it is in heaven. (speaks spanish) (crowd cheering) >> hey, everybody! i can't believe how much power we just felt going through that street. this is justwesome! (crowd cheering) the people on the bus that i came with, they understand injustices, as well. many of them, their families have been ripped apart, and they have lost loved ones, but they
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are so strong, and they are here today. i also have had some suffering, but it's verembarrassing for me to talk about that in front of this group of people that has endurea lot of suffering, also. i'm a veteran of both the ohio army national guard and the united states marine corps. (crowd cheering) semper fidelis is the marine corps motto. those aren't just words. that's a life standard. (crowd cheering) my husband, marcos, was stopped in 2010, he was an undocumented worker. he was scooped up and thrown away like trash. he is not trash. everyone here is a man and a woman, and you deserveo be treated as a man and a woman and nothing else. (crowd cheering) these injustices are just too great: from here, in the fields of north carolina, all aoss the united states where families
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are being shredded apart. and what are our elected officials doing? nothing! the only thing i see is injustices and families separated and people working in horrible, horrible, wretched work conditions, and that is not satisfactory. >> n no! >> for ten years, i dedicated my life to this country. i absolutely love th country. if in command, i will neversu ender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. this is the means to resist, and we have the means to resist, right here, this is what we're doing! but let's just take a moment of silence and recognize some real heroes: the people who have separated from their families or really work hard for their family. an okay, . (crowd cheering) >> ♪ she worked all night long she cleaned up six floors ♪ her working day is now
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beginning ♪ he worked all day long he picked up the crops ♪ his sllen fingers are still bleeding.e ♪ they work in fices and serve in the restaurants ♪ his hands keep lifting america. ♪ some came from the south, some came from afar ♪ tell me, who's the native american? t ♪ do you forget human? and don'you know we are the same? ♪ did you forget you're my sister, my brother? don't you feel we share your pain? ♪ did you forget the human? don't you know we share your ♪in? ♪
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♪ out of the shadows we're walking together and into the light ♪ out of the shadows we're walking together and into the light ♪ estamos unis marchemos juntos... ♪ estamos unidos marchemos juntos... ♪ ♪ e ♪ did you forhuman? don't you know we are the same? (car horn honking, music fading)
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>> i haven't been with my wife, elizabeth, for two years. i don't see her. i don't see my, my kids, pelé and rocky.a it's beerd time for me. we're in communication. we skype. it's not the same, because we will not touch. we will not hug. we will t feel. at least, when you see them, you, you know they okay.or (trainblaring) getting back from united states to mexico, iwas starting another life again.ev with my family, when i agave mexico, i was a teen-- different personality, different ideas, different life. now, i'm different.
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i'm, like, 43.nd and, feel like, when i come back, uh, i feel like they forgot me, or they...l because they don't f. they don't really have attachment with me and anything. we don't talk really close. nothing. and i fe like when somebody die. but now, my younger brother and i become really good friends. >> (humming) >> my younger brother has been cutting my hair for five years. >> hey, hi, brother. hi. how you doin'? good? good. you wanna cut my hair? >> mm-hmm. h >> he's reallying a hard life, because he cannot hear anything at all. >> (makes buzzing sounds) >> all righty. >> yeah? >> you know, he's a gay person.
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his sexuality, especially here in mexico, people hate him right away. >> ha,a, okay. >> (speaks spanish) >> mm-hmm. >> sometimes, they kick him. and i always have to go and protect him, support him little bit more. he's my brother, and i really love my brother. >> mm-hmm. >> thank you. >> (speaks spanish) >> so just be careful. all right, see you. (whistle blowing) (applause) (conversing in spanish) ¿quién es este? ¿quién es? i always love soccer. in mexico, i become to be a soccer referee. (shouting in spanish) sometimes, it's ngerous to be a referee. if you d't have control in the game, sometimes you have problems with the players.
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(conversing in spanish) and sometimes, they get mad, and they get out of control. (conversing in spanish)so and me referees, they get kick. so you have to have a good control in the game. (conversing in spanish) and now, i'm better. i'm in the top referees in the'm league where working. (conversing in spanish) i like the adrenine. i don't know (coning in spanish) ¡juegan! (whistle blows, crowd applauds) rain horn blaring in distance) >> "oh, no! we are lost," said the people. and the priests and the sisters "the pasta will cover our town!"
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they cried. and it certainly would have, had strega nona not come down the road, home from her visit. >> and big anthony! d >> what is big antoing? (knock at door) >> who's that? oh, no... >> hello! (growls) what are you doing? >> uh-oh, it's pops! >> what are you doing? come back here! (roars playfully) (laughs) >> come on, guys. i'm gonna take you upstairs. y h, let me turn this down. oh, well. >> all right, you guys go upstairs. >> okay. don't break any mirrors! >> (laughs) what's up, pops? >> (sighs): the usual. law. >> whaa, whaa, whaa. >> lost two appeals, won onel. tr so, how's marcos doing? >> well, as far... yeah, so as far as marcos's case is concerned, the lawyer basicallyw told me everythi the same from before, about how the
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chances are remote. and, we have to wait pretty much ten years, and it's still gonna be hard at the ten-year point. >> what's happening with canada? >> well, nothing right now, because i've got too much stress in my li to deal with looking for a job there, when really i feel like this is gonnwork out. >> yeah. >> so, i really... i know theysa don't put all your eggs in one basket, but i have all my eggs in this basket. li, i feel like it's gonna work, i just don't know when, is the thing. so... >> canada sounds good. how about australia, have you... s>> yeah, it's so easy toay that. it's so easyo be, like, "oh, yeah, just move to canada, move to austral where you don't know anyone, don't have a job, don't have a whole bunch of money." like, oh, yeah, it's so simple. >> i, i only mention australia because your sister's already looked it out. >> i looked into a lot of different countries for social work, and at their requirements are and everything. and it's just, it's literally, like, i can't mentally... i can't take it anymore. i had to stop. >> okay.
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>> i had to stop. i just mentally was, like, not taking it. i couldn't deal. >> so, are you looking for jobs in the u.s. now? >> no. >> post grad? >> no, no, that's what i'm april 15, because i don't know where we're going to be living or anything. and then another thing is, is, i graduate in may. my g.i. bill is done in may. that means i'm done. >> yeah. >> yeah, so. i have zero idea of what is happening, because i don't know if we're going to mexico i don't know if i'm going to be i don't know if i'm going to be looking for jobs here. i don't know if he's going to be here. i have no idea. so, it's reallhard to, like, plan anything what i'm gonna do. because i don't ow yet. >> you've always had contingencies for everything. i mean, this is th first timeyou haven't had a con. >> yeah. >> so, what you're telling met is, you're jo stressed to keep doing what you've been doing the past three years. >> yep. (car horn honking)
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i'm getting ready to graduate cleveland state university saturday. woo-hoo! and, um, i actually feel really good about it, because i had some major accomplishments while i was there. i was, um, in the running for alclass-- college of liberrts and social sciences-- valedictorian. there was about , i think there was about 30 students. ndful less, but i didn't get it. but just the fact that, you know, i was in that pool ofwe students is just ame to me, especially since i dn't even graduate high school. and, um, i did, um, the school of social work gave me the student's... social work bachelor field student of the year awa for 2014. but marcos isn't gonna be here.
9:26 pm
he just knows what i tell him on the he hasn't physiceen all the work i had to do. and so, like, it's... to me, it's, like, such a big accomplishment, but, i mean, to him, it's a big accomplishment for me, too, but just the fact, he doesn't reallknow the whole scope of it... that's a little hard, 'cause i wish he was ere. (car horns honking) ("pomp and circumstance" playing) >> yeah, they're doing the graduates first. >> okay. >> hey, bia! it, do you see me? over here, ma! all the cards, ma! >> good afternoon. it's my sincere honor to welcome all of you to the commencement ceremony. i invite each graduate to reflect on those individuals whose support was essential on your journey to i ask the of 2014 to stand and give a round of applause to
9:27 pm
those who helped you reach this moment. (crowd cheing)ho let me ask you t your applause as i talk aboutet elizabh perez. after earning her g.e.d. in 1998, elizabeth perez served our country r ten years in the ohio national guard and as an active-duty marine. her service was highly decorated, marked by her devoted voluntarism. in 2008, she enrolled at cleveland state university to pursue a college education, an she graduates today with hereg bachelor'se in social work. i note that throughout her time at cleveland state, she has been the primary caregiver for her two young sons. today, on mothers' day, they watch their mom become a college graduate. join me in thanking these
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veterans for their service and sacrifice to our country. (train horn blaring) >> bruchim ha-baim. welcome, everyone.u blessings to all of o come here on yom kippur for our annual social action lecture. >> by show of hands, how many of you immigrated to this country? keep your hands up. how many of your parentsgr imed to this country? wow. okay, i think ju about every hand in the room is up. i knew that it was a jewish issue, that , that it was an issue that affected so many we are not far-removed from immigration, even if we're noted affey the current immigration laws. i know that we are, as jews,
9:29 pm
commanded in the torah to love the stranger. but today's american immigration problem only made sense to me il terms ofy and numbers. i knew that 12 million people i know that they don't documentation. i know that our immigration system, therefore, is broken. i know that our border is a mess. i know we need more work visas. we need family reunification, so immigration reform is big, and today, we're going to hear from elizabeth perez.e her family is the millions affected in this country by our broken immigration laws. elizabeth inspires me. i want to be like her. she figh for her family and is incredibly courageous. she's so courageous that she never been to a synagogue before today, but was willing to come and speak to us, so i hopeu' join me in welcoming her. >> thanks, joy. >> yeah. (audience applauds) >> thank you so much for inviting me to be here on the y most holy da kippur.
9:30 pm
i'm truly honored. my name's elizabeth. n i'm yoghbor. i literally live five minutes down the street, right down green road in cleveland hehts. we don't have a huge undocumented immigrantpo lation in beachwood, so before i met my husband, i really wasn't aware of a lot of things, probably like a lot other people in our neighborhood, in our community, me, it was just a political problem. i didn't really understand the alities. i'm, like, "well, people can apply. why don't they just apply like c everybody else wes here?" that's what i thought. but not everybody can do that. or, i thought, "well, if somebody is married, and they have kids, they can stay here, so what's the big deal?" too.i was wrong about that, it's such an intricate system that there was a lot of things th i thought were real, bu really aren't. so i got out of the marinerp i decided to start my new life in california. i had a sister there. i wasn't looking to meet anybody, anything like that, but that's when those types of things happen, when you're not looking for it.
9:31 pm
when you're looking forer something, you can nind it. when you don't want it, it just opens the door and hits you in the face, like, and that's what opened the door and hit me in my face and was, like, "bam, i'm here." i fell over, i was, like, "o i love you! this is great." and when i became pregnant, like most women, i nted to be around my mom and my sisters and my cousins who had kids.i soid to him, "i wanna go back to cleveland, where my fami is. so, let's go back there to have the baby." and, i knew his immiation status was, he didn't have papers, but to me, it was just, from what i thought, growing up over here, was, "oh, we just get a lawyer, fill out some papers, give them some moneyfill some more papers, give them more money, and... it'll all work out." unfortunately, i was totally dead wrong. eventually, he got a job at ato jaal company, and i started going to csu to use my g.i. bl, and we were just living life, you know, doing great stuff. and then i finally ended up having our son that january.
9:32 pm
and, come that june, i was pregnant again. i told marcos about it. he was really excid. i was excited, but i was also a little sick at that point, so ii went and took a na the baby. he went to work, and then the phone rang. it was mayfield heights police department, and they said, "we have this guy. who is he? where's he going? where do you gs live? what's his social security number?" i was, like, "i don't know. i don't know what his social is." i was, like, "oh, i don't know where it is, i can't find his wallet." eyd i realized right away weren't going to let him out. that's the day... that my home became a house. i had to look at all of his stuff. i had to look at his toothbrush. i had to lay in the bed and shsmell his pillow, see his at the door, and his clothes. pregnant, and i'm, like, "what's gonna happen?" and then, within a month, he was back in mexico. so, we packed our stuff, and we moved to mexico city.t i didn't lur months in mexico city. we had no money. our ho didn't even have power.
9:33 pm
we didn't have a fridge to put food for the kids, or whatever. it slowly started less and less, and i wouldn't answer the door. i woulphone, because i didn't want anyone to know ie spednak eng'tlish, r b then i mighttarget. so, after two-and-a-half years, marcos finally had his visa interview, and we were so excited about it, and he was completely denied until 2020. fortunately for me, i was t introducdavid leopold and veronica dahlberg. i real have hope now. and that's something so different, 'cause i've seen what they can i'veally witnessed families being able to stay together and not be ripped apart because the work that they're doing. now, i feel like my husband, marcos, will be coming home soon i don't know how, but i have total faith it's gonna work. for me, it's not a question of when, it's a question of if. so, i want to thank everybody for having me here and letting me share with yo and, um, gmar chatimah tova to everybody. (audience applauds)
9:34 pm
(horn honks) >> okay, marcos. >> yeah. >> so, the fact that you have this record to deal with make it extremely difficult to bring you ba to the united states. even though, even though these are misdemeanors. >> these are in 2001, so this is 13 years ago. >> right. >> yes. >> i want you to understand what we're... you know, how tough this >> i undd. >> okay. the flip side of it is, you do have a u.s. citizen wife. >> yeah. >> you do have u.s. citizen children, and you do have aer daugn california. >> yeah. >> and you do have strong ties to thenited states. >> okay. >> but, if you had been lawfully admitted to the united stas... >> yes. >> ...and we had this record to deal with, it wouldn't keep you, necessarily, from getting aca gree. you may have to show hardship to your wife, but you could ask for that kind of dispensation.
9:35 pm
in other words, it isn't necessarily a deal kille but, you're out of the united states. and so we've got a few different problems that we've got to deal with. the first problem is, as you know, somebody who has been deported from the united states and re-enters the united states illegally is subject to a permanent you can't to come back here for ten years after your last departure. >> okay. >> and even then, you'd have to apply for a waiver forhe convictions. all right? any questions so far? >> no. i mean... (sighs) no, i'm okay, but... >> yeah, but you need to know, i mean... >> yeah, i know what can happen, and, i just... i'm just waiting for something... like for a milagro. like... >> a miracle. >> miracle or something happen or, like... >> okay. >> because, i know what i have, what i did
9:36 pm
i know the laws. i mean, kindf, like, i have to respect and go through the laws, and it can be really hard. i know it's hard. >> what's the difference between you today and u in 2001, like 13 years ago? >> oh, no. >> is there a different person i'm dealing with, or am i dealing with... >> no, no. sometimes, i show my face in the hemirror, i see my face in mirror, and i say, you know... (hisses) so stupid, man. i mean, how stupid i was at that time. now... >> so, the only other pooibility under the law is simply ask the government to take a close look your case and see if they would consider paroling you into the united stes. but you have to show very compelling humanitarian reasons. >> okay. >> it's not an easy thing, and the reason that we'll pursue this avenue is because wdon't have anything else at the moment.
9:37 pm
>> no, i understand. r >> aht? and so, the worst that can happen is that they'll say the worst. you're already in mexico. it can't get any worse than them saying no. but at least we've tried. >> thank you. >> now, the hard part is, is to be sitting in mexico and not being able to feel like you have any control over what's going on up here. >> yes. >> i'm sure there's plenty of people rning around mexico city whispering in your ear, you know, if you, if you just hire a coyote and come back, then what are you waiting for? right? >> yes. >> it's a serious crime to cros that borthout documentation. especially after you've been deported more than once. >> i'm thinking i have to dog, somethecause i'm desperate. but, i'm here for four years already. i can wait a little bit more, so...y, >> oood. all right, so, what we're gonna do is put together a parolesk application tohe government to parole you intoun thed states.
9:38 pm
>> yes. >> what gets you back here is,an elizabeth hamazing history... >> yeah. >> terms of what she's done for our country.wh >> oh, i kno she did for the country, for me, for a lot of people. she's a really... >> yeah. do you need a kleenex, or do yon need a m so, the application is gonna emphasize her situation, her situation with the kids, and how much she needs you back here to be in your role as father, as husband, and how much your absence is an extreme hardship on her. okay?t' >> yeah, twhat i want so bad. >> i know you do. it's what we all want. >> i feel totally confident, we get this application put in,'s onna be good. he's gonna be back here. >> you've got an amazing fighter on your side. you've got an amazing, an amazing fighter on your side. >> i know.. i kn she's really good. i know. >> ♪ though you're not here i feel your love living in me
9:39 pm
feel your love living in me ♪ (water splashing) (marcos singing "guantanamera") (whistling) >> you know, when we put the petition in, i have 90 days supposedly to get an answer. but now it's started getting close to these 90 days, and it's like, oof, we're not hearing anything. okay. have to wait and pray.on we wanna think about what are we gonna but if my petition tdown, and i can't come back to the united states, i've been thinking to have my family in
9:40 pm
mexico. they have to live here with me. all righty. >> so, h was work? >> it was good. it was a lot of referees today, and i have just one today. >> yeah. >> then next week, i go back foe my normal sche >> yeah? >> so, how's everything with pelé and rocky? >> they're fine. they're in their room watching tv right now. i'm gonna let them watch tvun l dinner time, and then that's it. pelé had his piano lesson today. my mom took him. so, i mean the truth is, is, he really doesn't practice. i should probably have him doing something ke track instead of piano. >> oh, okay. well, that's good. i was thinking about the petition. >> yeah? >> and, um, i really expecting everythingets good, and i really wanna be with you. >> i feel like we're, like, right at the top. we just have to wait at this point.
9:41 pm
i've been working with verona, gathering letters from veterans... i mean, there's not a whole, whole lot more to do but just really kinda wait. veronica contacted that lady in washington, dc, who's, you know, trying to find out the status and trying to help push it through and everything like that. so, hopefully we'll hear something from her this coming- up week. >> you know what, lately i been just, like, dreaming, like, i'm with you and the babies, and now, finally, we get to the normal... our normal life. and, i'm dreaming you're, like,t playing wi babies in the park, going to eat something. doing a lot of stuff. but, let's wait. let's see what happens, so... >> t hardest part is because we're so close, and now it's just a lot harder than before, because it's, like, now it's almost just waiting almost every day, like, we could hear something.
9:42 pm
>> sometimes, i don't waa think, what about if something is negative, and i don't wanna talk about it, but i'm really in the line, like, i just wanna cross and be with you and thees ba >> yeah, but you can't do that. you can't cross. you can't even think abo that, because if you do that, one,is hole five years that we've already been waiting would be for nothing. iu know, you'd get caught don't wanna take that chance. you're back, and you can liveer free, live your life free, and not have to lo over your shoulder every three seconds. i don't want you coming back in five years, six years from now. pelé and roc are, like, in middle school, and then they see you one morning and then you'reb gone againecause you got picked up at a stop sign or something on your way to workn. ag and then they have to live through all that trash again. >> yeah, but... >> it's almost, like, let's get it out of the way now, butat he same time, you know, i never thought it would be this long. >> the time is killing me, le,
9:43 pm
waiting and waiting, you know. >> yeah. >> i want somebody is close to me, sleep with me, love me. i love you, flaquita. >> love you, >> let's see. let's pray and have faith, and probably soon something can happen soon. >> just try to keep yourselfoc pied, because we're almost done. all right? >> so just be careful, so... a right. (skype call ends) >> (ghs) or (train hblaring) ("jingle bells" playing) >> it's christmastime, and marcos isn't here yet. his petition, and i'm gng about
9:44 pm
totally depressed about it. i get really, like, sad and all that stuff. you know, i can'let anybody see that. no one that's really close to me really knows, but it's really, really wearing on me bad. i'm really tired of this whole situation. be careful with that stuff, pelé.fu >> i'm always ca >> all right, pelé. i'm going to plug it in. >> okay, mommy. whoa! lights! lights! did you put the pine cones on yet? >> yea >> yay! >> put the pine cones on. >> okay. you stay. >> it's not gonna stay like that. put it right there. >> put it right here? >> see?ha >> ts much better. who made this, mommy? >> i think... you made this! >> yeah. who made this? m ♪ i'm snow
9:45 pm
hey! >> bia made that. go hang it up, pelé. >> okay, mommy. o >> put the balls put them dn over here. >> okay, mommy. this present is for mommy! happy chrimas, mom! >> who's this one for? >> that one's for mommy. >> who's this one for? >> daddy. >> who's that one for? >> bia. >> what about daddy? whatre you gonna get daddy for christmas? >> i don't know. i forgot... wait a second! i have an idea! >> what? >> baby jesus! ♪ oh, little baby jesus (laughs) happy christmas, mom! >> thanks, pelé! what is it? (gasps): what'd you get me? >> pine cones. >> (gasps) you got me pine cones?! (pelé laughs) you're a pine cone. >> jesus, please, please, bring daddy home now. >> why are you making jokes, pe? >> i'm not making jokes. >> so you wanted to ask jesus to bring daddy home? >> said now. (car horn honking)
9:46 pm
(music playing on radio) >> hello? >> hello. >> hey, david leopold! how's it going? >> um, listen. i gotta talk to you about something. um, and, this is a very difficult call. i, i got... i got a notification this morning from ice. >> yeah? >> that they denied our tition. >> you're kidding. >>ello? >> you're kidding. >> no, i'm not kidding. tition, they basically... it's a veys short letter, and it sa that they weighed the equities, but ey're not able to grantt parole ais point. um... >> wait, are you serious or are you joking with me? >> no, no. i'm not, i'm not joking. i'm, i'm serious. totally serious. >> no, you're... you're joking wi me, right?
9:47 pm
>> elizabeth. i hiuld not joke about somet like this.ta i'm toy serious. i'm sorry, but i am totally serious. >> wait. are you telling me they actually deed the petition? >> um, yeah. and it was denied apparently on february 6. so... l e, you're telling me right now that they denied the petition. right? that's what you're telling me? like, seriously? like, they serusly denied it? >> they denied it, yes. i am not joking about this. i, i would never, ever joke about something like this. yes, they denied it. and that doesn't mean that there may not be other remedies, but you need to know, and i wanted marcos to know, so i'm gonna i'm gonna put it in writing, and is is what i think, okay? um, i would like to, to arrange a meeting. i'd like to get togethero that we can go over exactly what's gone on here, and exactly what the, what the options are. um... okay?
9:48 pm
>> no, you gotta be joking me right , i totally, totally am not hearing this. like, they totally did not deny this petition. i mean, you really gotta be joki right now. like, i'm so pissed right now. i really just... whoev denied the petition, i want them to t o my house for five minutes. t i wanna killhem. i'm gonna kill them. rii cannot believe they sesly, seriously, seriously denied the petition. for what? what was their actual reason w they denied it? >> i mean, they did say that they recognize the edence that we presented, but on a balance, they denied it. um, i mean, my preference would be, of course, to te you in person. but i needed you to know right away. i, i need marcos to ow. okay? >> mmm. >> tell you what, um, take care driving. please give me a cl when you get home, okay? all right. (marcos's car engine revving) >> (groans) ab
9:49 pm
elizh called me to give me the bad news about my petition get denied. but i was expecting getsi pove news, because we are really being planning our life for the future to be together. so, it was really a sad day. i start feeling like i don't wanna talk with nobody. bui just wanna be inside, i you have to accept it,s.w what? life is like that. it's the way how it is, and it's real." so, i have to go forward. i fully thinnow... i still can't have my family, my kids, everything. why not? so, now i'm really thinking, like, we're gonna get together pretty soon in mexico. (sighs) (engine revs) h
9:50 pm
(cn honking in distance) >> hey, elizabet so good to see you. >> you, too. >> the last time we talked, it was a pretty tough conversation. >> yep. >> what we tri to do, you know, when we got into this, you said to me that if you don't try it, if you don't try, you won't know that you tried everything. you have done everything. >> no. i nnot say that. >> well... >> i refuse to say that, 'cause he's not here. in but you have done every so far-- so far. it doesn't mean you won't continue to do things.ut let's talk ahere we're going to go from here. >> okay. >> okay? um, continuing to pursue this on capitol hill with, with ohio senators.bu also, there's been a changen in your,ur status. >> mm-hmm. >> right? from the veterans administration. >> well, they increased my anxiety rating, my service-connected percentageto 80%.
9:51 pm
and it was at 30. >> okay. disa... disability rating. >> yeah. you could use that word. >> okay. well, i mean, it's important,no because... i don't think anybody who knows you is ever gonna claim that you, you've stood in any disability. your strength speaks for itself. >> yeah, and, what they did was, they changed my anxiety rating to a much higher level, which ended up bringing the entire percentage up. all right. >> and... although, i mean, it's really clear, even in my records that, um, although it's, you know, started from when i was in the marine corps, but that this entire situation has agitated it up that level. >> okay. >> i feel like that could be a strong player in thi reconsideration. >> and, so, asking for reconsideration. >> mm-hmm. >> pointing out that in fact your, you know, disability rating has increased as a result
9:52 pm
of the anxiety related to this deportatn and this separation from marcos, and the children, and everything you're dealing with. >> yeah. >> this is clearly affecting your life. but you know what? here's the thing. i'm gonna need you and marcos to both be invested in this, too. >> it's not so easy, though. >> no, i know. i know. but, you take your mental break, but you've gotta, you know, you've gotta get back to where you were. and, it's easy for me to say that, i know, but... >> it's been five years. i'm not gonna lose my marriage over this fight. my marriage could in crumbles. like, this is ridiculous. i'm not going to keep fighting this andhen look back and it's been nine years. you know? >> well, we also have to face the very realistic possibilityyo thatknow, at some point, we have to go to another plan. and, legally speaking, that other plan, at this point, is, is, you know, waiting for those
9:53 pm
five years to pass and bringing him back. >> i'm not waiting five years. >> okay. but i want to be honest with you,hat is the next thing. >> this whole thing is just crap. they wanna have this permanent bar for ten years. that's a huge chunk of time. so, when he comes back, i'lle in my 40s. my sons will be ten and nine--t pretty much e foot out the door already. and that's when we're gonna start our fe together? everybody says the system is broken, and then in the meantime, my family is paying for this broken system. it's ridiculous. (car horns honking) >> you know we've been working o with elizabeher case. you know her husband was deported in 2010. i want everyone to know that the petition was denied to bring her husband back. so, what this means is, are we just gonna give up? >> no. >> okay, are we gonna leave it
9:54 pm
like that and just say, "oh, it s denied. too bad"? >> no. >> okay, so what we gotta do ise e gonna do a march. (audience applauds) and i want elizabeth to hear from you guys, because she's counting on us. >> mm-hmm. >> this is the only hope. what did the lawyer say when u talked to him? >> he said i need to wait five more years, and then we can apply to get him back. >> so, the only hope elizabeth has right now is with us and hola. but, it's gonna be so please,body, we gotta give it all we got. on may 4, the reason why is because if the media comes on may 4, it's gonna be in the papers, hopefully, on cinco de mayo. and the people can see, cinco de mayo, while you're enjoying your margaritas and your sombrero,pe think about all thle in our community who are suffering with this broken immigration system. just contemplate that. and so, for this march for elizabeth, because it's such a tough case, we're gonna need double the people., okerybody raise your hand, who's gonna participate in this march for them.
9:55 pm
okay. >> una fuerte aplaus para todos y gracias. >> thank (ae applauds) okay. 6:00 a.m. maybe-- can we do 7:00? yeah, okay. 7:00. (laughing) so, let's make sure that we cking elizabeth's husband on may 4. ¿sí? >> sí. okay. ay, esto fue muy débil. that was weak! (laughing) let's make sure we get elizabeth's husband back. >> (more loudly): ¡sí >> are we gonna wait five years? >> no! (people conversing in spanish) >> gracias a todos por estar aquí hoy. thank you to everybody for being here today. we need a miracle. >> yeah! >> and so we're gonna sacrificet a littley walking the 20 miles and hope that our pleas are heard.-h >> w! (drums beating) >> okay, the first rule is, we're gonna walk together, not separate, because, um, i'm
9:56 pm
always the last one, and i don't want to be, like, l the way in the back. so, elizabh, you want to say some words? >> okay. >> elizabeth! whoo! >> okay. my husband, marcos, is on the phone, and that's how i live my life, with him on my side but at the phone. i wanna say thank you to every single person here thank you. thank you, thank you to come out here to help for my family, too. yo sque tienen que... i was really down after marcos's parole was denied. i know a lot of people are missing work... but i'm back, and we are ready to roll. i don't like words, i like action. thk you to hola. hola is the only reason i have hope for my family. the only reason i feel my husband is gonna come home is solo hola. >> okay, well, let's get on the sidewalk and get in formation. >> we have david leopold, the lawyer is out here. my mom's here. my mom's ready to walk 2miles.
9:57 pm
>> elizabeth, we've got to turn left. >> my cousin dav flew in from utah just to come to this march. >> elizabeth, we gotta follow the si for 20. >> the weather is beautiful out here. there is a chance of thunderstorms, but i have total faith that we're gonna make it.s we got a100 hola warriors organized, ready to do this march om mentor, ohio, to st. casimir's to ask our lady of czestochowa to bring my family back. well, why can't my husband be? here we're in this to win this. that's how i feel. it's too long. it's five years. it'say too much time. >> (chanting): sí se puede. síe puede. sí se puede. >> people have brought theiran kids out here have baby strollers, and they're ready to walk. this walk is gonna take us allda y long, and i'm very humbled and proud of all of the mexicano community that's here. i've been there for their family when it was a threat of a deportation, and those familiese are ou today.
9:58 pm
>> yes, we can! >> we're gonna draw attentn to my family and get people in power to bring marcos home. (man speaking spanish) (crowd cheering) it's getting darker out here. rain clouds are forming above us. we felt a little light drizzle, but we can hear the bells of st. casimir's ringing, and we are nna make it. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can. ad >> i love you, >> are you happy? ddy, why are you not here now? i want you to be here now, now, now. >> one day we're gonna be together! that's the good part.s >> i mu. i want you to come back now. >> pelé? yojust remember daddy love i miss you, pelé. i wanna, i wan, i wanna go back and go drop you in the school and go after school and go play with you. >> mm-hmm.ow >>o you feel when you see your friends with, with their
9:59 pm
dads? how do you feel? >> huh? their dads are in ohio. >> oh, really? >> you are the only dad who's in mexico. h do you feel about, like, you're there, and i'm here? >> bad. hate it. why is your daddy in mexico, and i'm in ohio? that's bad. very, very, very bad. >> don't play with your food, pelé. >> other kids have their dad. (crying): but i don't have my dad. >> pelé, i love you. >> (crying): mommy! mommy! i want daddy! (crying) daddy! >> pelé. we will be together, pelé. i'm gonna see you souch. >> daddy!
10:00 pm
♪ (car horns honking) ♪ (m en singing in spanish) (men singing in spanish) >> what do you feel like? what do you want to eat? >> i want those tamales from drumstick in the tamale.ole >> mm-hmm. >> you know who i'm talking about? >> yeah. >> by your grandma's we gotta go over there. >> yeah, let's go. can go. just let, um, i gotta go take a shower. >>h, okay. >> before we go there. >> o okay.
10:01 pm
>> and... yeah. oh, torrow, before i forget, like i, we gotta go play soccer. i gotta go play soccer. you wanna go with me? >> yeah. i'm not gonna stay here by myself! >> yeah. wahow about, like, if you a go, like, to the pyramids? >> or dancing?da >> go ing. >> or take, or take out to eat? >> yeah. >> on a date? >> yeah. >> and the movies? >> we can go. we can go out with my sister. >> no, but... there's been something i need to tell you. , i'm here in mexico, i' been here for a little while, and i just found out me and marcos are having another baby. (groans) i was here a little while ago, and i hadn't seen marcos in almost two years, d... we had so much fun. d not plan for this to happen at all, but we didn't prevent from it to happen,
10:02 pm
either. but, to be totally honest, a the end of the day, i was completely shocked that, you know, this is re, that we're really having another baby. and, um, it changes a t of things. we got a whole 'nother life to think about. it's almost like a second chance. we can have this baby and raise it together. i'm gonna stay in eveland and have the baby there, for insurance purposes. and then, i'm really, really hoping marcos can come back before this baby's born. but if he's not, then we have a whole lot to think about. it feels so weird to be here without pelé and rocky. >> yes. >> so, by the time ts baby is born, no matter what, if i gotta move, if you're not in the s unitedtes, i'm coming to mexico, because there's no way self.aving another baby by i did pelé by myself, rocky all by myself, and i'm definitelyin not it by myself again. >> mm-hmm. >> the truth of the matter is,e,
10:03 pm
is that when we come you really gotta understand how it is with them all the time, like, long-term. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> and then, and then i... talking about that depenng on where we're gonna live, where 're gonna move. i mean i, i like that apartment, but i don't wanna stay in that apartment with pelé, rocky, and another baby, where evertime we gotta go outside, one of us has to go outside with them, really you. so, um, it's sometng you really gotta, really, really... i know it's hard, because you're not with them all the time, but you gotta think of i that angle, too. like, more realistic. not just, like, it's so mple. >> yeah. >> it's not as simple as that. it's actually kinda complicated. th them. >> yeah. >> i mean, if we move to mexico, i mean, i'm hoping that's not what happens, but if that's what happens... >> i like that picture. >> yeah.pi >> nice ure.
10:04 pm
>> we really got to really, really have a plan. you know, we're not just gonna come down here and throw pelé in whatever school and be, like, "oh, he's a big boy, he can figure it out." no, i don't wanna do i wanna find somethihat's gonna be comfortableor them, too. not just, "oh, they're kids. they can figure it out on their own. kids are strong. i had to figure stuff i out when i was young."th 's what they call the dinosaur mentality. so, i wanna do for them... like, for me, them is my pority about moving to mexico. not us and what we want. >> it's really hard to think about. >> oh, shoot. these are the pictures of the 43 students tt disappeared. >> yeah.>> hat's what all of these are for? >> yeah. yeah. >> that's crazy. they still d't know what happened to them? >> no. >> so, what do you want to do now? >> what do you feel like? you know, elizabeth, the baby's going to bhere next year.
10:05 pm
when you planning to come to mexico? i bet you it's goingo be until june next year, july or more. little, and then it's going to, be the same thing all the time. "wait for me." two years. "wait for me." three years. and i'm in jail. do you know how it feels? why we gotta be like that?wi i mean, i' you hundred percent already. five years, going for six years. what are you gonna do, wait another four, five years? >> yeah, but marcos, i... just stop, like, "i'm tell youth this, this, this, and that." i was on... i keep telling you. i'm on the same i'm goinugh the same crap as you. it's not like i'm sitting here, "okay, marcos. wait three months so i can sit here in america and eat pancakes all (bleep) day." i'm on the same damn thing as you, where i feel so bad, "oh, th is about to happen. he's about to come home." (sighs) you're not the only one waiting, being good and all that crap. i do the same crap! >> i don't care. really, i mean, that's what i i want somebody'e to me,
10:06 pm
sleep with me, love me. like those, those, those... i... nobody told me, "i love you," or how much i want to be with you in my life except pelé and rocky. so, when you don't catch all the stops, like, i'm not innocent. i'm not stupid.. i'm not the ki i'm not the best one. but i'm one of the few... i want to have a family, to be responsible, to be dad, to be next to you. that's what i want. a i don't camore anything. if you wanna be in australia, wherever, let's do i you wanna wait somewhere? let's do it. >> mm-hmm. >> i don't care. you know time kills everything? you're gonna be better, you go down another road. what's the problem, man? what's the problem? i know that feeling already.wa i don'a get old and not having nobody, my kids already grown and all the stuff. no. so, let's see next year, are we together, we not together, or i
10:07 pm
don't know. >> no. ♪ (woman singing in spanish) (woman singing in spanish) >> it's gonna be a long day today, because congressman jim jordan is doing free haircuts for verans on veterans' day.
10:08 pm
so, my quest to bring marcos back here is taking me to a whole 'nother place, and sometimes i question, like, if it's even worth it. i don't care. i have to push myself and do it, which is what i'm doing right now. jordan is actually a tea partier. so, uh... normally they're more not for immigration or anything that a lot of people have a vision that democrats are moreat compassior helpful, but that's a bunch of crap. it's not true at all. and republicans, supposedlys everyone thiey're just white supremacists or something, but a lot of them have helpedth wi so many cases to bring... make sure undocumented immigrants have not been deported and have stepped in to
10:09 pm
stop it. so it's, like, which one is it? i don't really care. i just know that congressmante jordan might be a partier. i'm just gonna talk to like,g. "what if i was your daughter?" i don't want a damn i want my husband (train horn blaring)ll here we are, parking spots and all. whew, all right. hopefully he's here, and hopefully they do women's hair. maybe he'll just think i'm aot veteran's spouse a an actu veteran, because i'm a woman. down those stairs. w >> welgot one more here somewhere... >> hey. >> you want me to cut your hair? >> yeah-- ready for me? >> i've never cut a woman's hair before.or >> are you feal? >> i'm serious. never, ever.
10:10 pm
>> how do we get free haircuts? >> yeah, that, that might not be a good idea. >> really? >> yeah. never, ever.>> ow about a shave? >> no. >> thanks for being honest. >> yeah. absolutely, no problem. >> you're the first lady we've ha >> really? >> you serve in, in the army? marine corps? what... navy? >> both, army and marine corps.> eah. >> you remember meeting me in your office in, in dc? with veronica? >> o >> last year? >> that's right. sure, that's why.s, do. >> yeah, and you came in and talked to us personally. >> yeah. >> and i remember at that time, i was getting ready to put in a petition for my husband. you... is it coming back to you? >> mm-hmm. >> well, it was denied. >> and were you, did we meet with you in norwalk? >> ah, nope. i haven't been in norwalk. >> okay,o you, you were in our office in dc. >> yeah, mm-hmm. >> yeah, okay. >> well, that's a littleha separatewhat i wanted to talk to you about. >> okay. >> as you can see...>> eah? >> i'm kind of in a hurry... >> yeah. >> ...for my husband to get back here. >> so, um, i know we t about it, like, a year-and-a-
10:11 pm
half ago, or about a year ago, t i'm hoping, i'm gonna putting in a new application, and so i'm hoping maybe you can help me with it. >> okay. >> endorse it, help me get it... >> and, your husband is in... en sent to... >> mexico. >> back to mexico, right. right, okay. >> been almost six years. >> yeah. >> that's how long this struggle has been going on. >> yeah. >> he can apply in 2020. >> okay. >> but, i need himack here, like, yesterday. >> yeah. >> and now we're having another baby. ani really, really need somebody... >> mm-hmm. >> ...and i'm hoping it's you, to help me to get him back here. because i get so much lip serve. >> okay. we'll, we'll, we'll look at it. >> maybe he'll do something to maybe not.s. >> is there certain paperwork that you have to give us, or file, or... we got all the information we need, for our office to look at? >> well, i can get it to you, because i'm gonna file a new hemanitarian visa, because last one... i'm glad i came. i need to keep trying. you can refile another one. >> we gotta look at the whole >> you're looking at a lot of history. >> yeah, i understand. and we're loing at someone who served our country, and we
10:12 pm
certainly appreciate that. so, we'll take a look at it. >> and i would definitelyha appreciatea lot more than a haircut. >> yeah. >> okay? i understand. thank you so much. >> nice to meet you, by the way. i'm gonna steal a doughnut. >> i'm dick bear. >> oh! (dog barking) >> women service members must work three times as hard to be seen aequal to our male counterparts. "good afternoo congressman jordan and staff. last week, i read an article calling for oh veterans to come get a haircut paid for by the congressman.he unfortunately,rticle did not state that it was a male-only barber, and women vets would not be able to get a cut. i felt that ever-too-familiar sting of a reaty that a congress member, who represents an entire area of people, only this case, male in this is not a simple mistake,re buects the fact that our sacrifices are not considered equal, whether it'ssu onsciously or not. yesterday, i traveled three hours from cleveland to
10:13 pm
bluffton. like all of the veterans there,i not go for the free haircut. i went for an opportunity to speak to the congressman about an issue: my husband who wasde rted in 2010. however, i feel disrespected that my decade of service is not even worth a haircut because i'm a woman. it is not even the cut, it's the blatant disregard of an entiregr p of veterans' sacrifices. i almost did not say anything, sioe i want the congressman help me with my husband's return to our family, yet i am still a marine and still live by those values which compel me to speak above everything else. ansterday's event was wron disregarded the service of over two million veterans, the amount of female vets in the u.s. i hope that in the future, vetera' events will be inclusive of all, not just what some think a veteran is. i will be sending you a copy of my petition for my husband in the next week for youreview. i hope that you can find a way to advocate for this veteran and my family. thank you for your time in this matter. feel free to contact me with any
10:14 pm
questions or concerns." send. (mse clicks) (door opening) >> ... noisy upstairs. >> get your ass upstairs, boy. >> yeah. >> i swear to god. i am really pissed off at you. rocky! >> no! >> get your butt upstairs now! and i am not telling you again! up there now! you are out of control! get up there and sit down! quiet! (train horn blaring) t i am currently in rd trimester, and you know how people say girls are difrent? this pregnancy has been way different than the last two, but really, the weird thing is, because of everythg that's going on with marcos, i'm so
10:15 pm
anxious all the time about this whole situation, you know, when the baby's gonna be born being the deadline. like, living together in mexico or going our separate ways if we weren't gonna work out and be together. so, i've gotess than two months, and then she'll be here. (baby fussing) >> hey! >> hey, dora! what's going on? how are you? >> pretty go. >> congratulations on the cihip! >> thank you. >> how's it feel? >> it feels great. thank you, come on in. >> sure. >> it was amazing, because that same court was gonna decide whether i was deported or stayed. >> yh. >> so, it was amazing walking out of there five years later, >> in the same building.
10:16 pm
>> the same builng. >> i'm so happy for you. >> how'sarcos's case going? >> it's going. i mean, it's just, it's, um, that's a battle, , the same thing i'm saying. it's, like, how much, how many hoops do you have toump through, you know, for your family to be together? like, i put in a visa application for him for the eahumanitarian parole last you know, it was denied. i put in another one this year,n it wasd. i just mailed in another one again. i'm, like, i'm just gonnsekeep ing them. >> do you think you would go back to mexico if they denied it again? >> i don't think i have a choice anymore. if i keep staying here, and he keeps staying there, then it's not gonna work. not that neither onef us would want it to, but it's like already, this summer's gonna be six years. >> uh-huh. f >> so, it's, like,l like, if they're not gonna approve it, then i, i need to move there. >> yep. so, basically in order to save your family... >> yeah.
10:17 pm
>> you have to move. that's, that's what i think. and my husband's always been pressuring me a lot, like, i gotta move there. >> uh-hu >> but i don't want to move to mexico city. i told him that. i don'wanna live there. you hear, like, the travel department putting out warnings right for where my husband lives, and then he makes me paranoid about not wanting me ta english on the street, because it's a target, and he's been, you know, like, on the bus, you know, they... people come on and rob the onentire bus when he's beehe bus a couple of times. i don't wanna worry about my kids walking home from schoo somebody, like, takes them. and i don't know if, like,t sometimes i doow if i, like, go too much into that, like, thinking that, or it's really... i feel like it's a valid worry, you know? >> i think it is, because if i go down there for two or tee weeks, we watch out for the same things. like, we're just down there on vacation, um, and we're always watching. like, my son, i'll be, like, "shh, dot sp..." i'll be, like, the same way. >> yeah? >> because i'm paranoid. because they are.
10:18 pm
there's people that are just watching, and they do things. >> yeah. >> the danger and the kidnappings and all of that aren out of they'll kill you for 20 pesos down >> that's not even two dollars. >> i think marcos loves his kids so much, and he's afraid, because he sees how things are. >> yeah. >> mean, if you were just mexican, lived there your whole life, i think they wouldn't care about you. but, for you to be american and. go down th >> mm-hmm. >> you're, like he says, a target right away. for somebody like me or the kids who were raised up here, we're targcause they feel like, "oh, they have more family in the u.s. we can kidnap them and get money." >> so, you agree with me, like, you would feel the same way, i like, you don't knyou want to take your kids there, too. >> no,... well... (sighs, clears throat): when he was almost deported, when luis
10:19 pm
was almost deported, i was the same way. like, i would flip-flop and be, like, "well, we can just... we can make iwork." >> yeah. >> but no. you just don't have that security. my sister, when i went last time, she was, like, "you don't hold him like this, dora, because they can slip, they can just slip him right out. you holdim like this. if they try to pull him from you, you, it'll be harder for them to snatch him." >> wow. i get really nervous, ke, if something happened to my kids. like i think any woman does. >> if you live in mexico city, you're basically putting your whole family at risk. it's, like, taking a broken family and just dealing with it here, but taking your... or, putting it at risk in reallyd dangerous place. that's a tough sit... that's a tough, tough decision. >> i feel like... you know,th sog i think about a lot is, like, you bel... you know, >> yeah.piritual, right?
10:20 pm
>> like, god doesn't care, like, where you're at. it's just, the most important, thing ke, having your family unit and being together, right? >> uh-huh. >> so, sometimes i feel like, by me staying here, am i, like, withholding from our family unit by not going there? that's something, like, i struggle with, like, interlly. you know what i'm saying? >> i think, at the, in the long run, youust gotta do whatever you feel is best for your family and just try it. because you guys have to be together. u've struggled too much your own, and i think you deserve that. you're in a tough, tough situation. >> well, i'm glad you're out of yours, dora. >> yeah. but it's crazy how i had to become a u.s. citizen, and you're alrea a u.s. citizen, and a marine. you still have to put this bigt. fi >> yeah. ♪
10:21 pm
>> hello? >> i'm right here! >> oh, look at you! >> yup, yup. >> see gorgey georgie? >> wow. she's just getting big. >> yeah. she got, she got big fast, huh? (marcos cas to baby) >> s um... >> yeah? >> we got a lot to talk about today. >> mm-hmm. >> you've talked to all the schools? >> yep. >> on that whole list that we had? so today we have to decide before we get off this phone call, like, are we staying here for an era year? are we gonna come there? >> like right now, i wanto get prepared, get my g.e.d., have it all set for the next year. and see if i can get a job where i can have medical and you guys can move here to mexico next year. >> i remember us talkinglw about, i'ms gonna have a reason, and it's gonna be this many months until we come there,
10:22 pm
and now i feel like i wanna say the same thing to you, too. h if we ste another year, i mean, part of me feels like i want to, maybe for selfish reasons, like, because, you know, the kids' school and, like, we're comfortable with, like, the insurance and l that type of stuff. and then another part of me is like, i just wanna have a decision, whatever we're doing, like, we do something. u're here or we're there like, i hate this, like, limbo and we're just gonna be, limbo for another year. and now, i got the v.a. pension, so we have a better opportunity to make it moving there. and i feel like you just flip-flop on it a lot, too. you know, it just kinda makes me ,nder, like, with this ye because coming from you, it really surprised me. >> yes. >> so let me ask you this. >> what? , you want me to move the right? i'm not talking about the baes. i'm talking about us. >> yes.
10:23 pm
yes, elizabeth. for you... we are family elizabeth. i don't want to just say yes fo. you-- for everyb >> i know for everybody, but i'm not talking about just our family. i'm talking about us. >> yes, elizabeth. family. >> really? >> we are family. we're married, right? >> yeah, i mean, i feel that way.t just gotta throw it out there, because we're going on six years, and this isn't normal. so, we have to focus on, like, what is our plan, like, becauseb i don't want it nine years and then all of a sudden it'sl like, "oh, w's been nine years already, and..." >> yeah. >> i don't want, um, you know, something crazy to happen. >> i love you. >> ten years, and then you finally come back here, andog we're finally livingher, and we've been married for, like, 12 years and living together for one of them. you know? you're gonna he, like, you know, you got your whole family here, and you're there by yourself.yo gotta get prepared for that, too, marcos. because when we come there, we're coming there.
10:24 pm
>> yeah. >> younow, it's, it's your, the way you're living now, by yourself, is gonna change. i knowou're gonna be happy about it, but i mean, you gotta recognize, too, like, next year, 're coming there. (baby fussing, marcos exhales) no.eady, set, go. >> come on, pelé. >> the pine cone game. >> are we going to mexico? am i not going to mexico? the truth of the matter is, is, i'm going completely, completely insane. come here. and i don't know how much more of this i can take by myself. >> you want to play rock, paper, scissors? >> it's, like, we can't continue years, or a little more than three years. and then, even still, in three years, there's a huge chance it might t even get approved, period. i mean, he might have to live in mexico forever. we don't know ything. it's, like, the, the future is this big, huge unknown.ap >> i had.
10:25 pm
you had scissors. i am not enjoying this walk. mommy... (grunts) >> get up right now! you are really making me mad. you need to stop it right now. do you understand me? >> (screaming) >> you stop it. >> (screaming) >> gimme that. you are misbehaving. don't start crying. look at me rig now. look at me right now. >> (wails) >> stop it, right now. >> stop.ams) stop it right now. look at you are misbeh you need to stop, and you're doing it on purpose. don't starplaying games. stop. look at me. do not start playing games. you will... look at me. you will hold my hand. u do yerstand me? >> (wailing) >> you will not say a word. do you got it? >> (wailing) >> nope, shh-- quiet. i'm gonna squeeze it every time
10:26 pm
you cry. no crying. shh, shh. quiet. shh. hey! i said no crying. >> i'm trying. >> that doesn't matter. ♪ (sniffles) (sighs and sniffles) (sighs)ai here we are , mary, i don't know how much more of this i can take. please, please, please. (sniffles)
10:27 pm
our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven. give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses. we forgive those who trespass against us. lead us not into temptatn, but deliver us from evil. amen. ha mary, full of grace, th lord is with thee. blessed art thou amongst women,s and d is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. holy mary, mother of god, prayr fo sinners, now and at the hour of oudeath. amen. please, mary. i really need marcos bk here. i really need him to come back home. i'll do whatever you want. whatever you guys want.t buease, can this happen soon? i just can't take it anymore i try to have so much faith likw it's gonk, and i believe in you and everything.
10:28 pm
it's just rely weighing on me. please. i trusyou for everything. i love you. amen. father, son, holy spirit. amen. (sighs, sniffles) ♪ >> ♪ thank you, oh, dear lordfo the many blessings that you always give me ♪ thank you for your love and your holy spirit at is always near me ♪ while down on my knees i feel so unworthy ♪ and i cry i'm sorryul ♪ and my ejoices giving you the glory for all you've done for me ♪
10:29 pm
(train horn blaring) >> i'm exhausted. i really hope this works. yeah. >> i know you put a lot into this, and.. >> this is a lot of sacrifice ot a lot of people's my parents, you, hilda, stephanie. very costly, and i'm really hoping that it works andarcos comes home. >> won't that be amazing if they let him in? >> yeah. >> but wait, you didn't get him a ticket back, so what are you gonna do? >> drive. >> yeah.? how? we would drive home. so, here we are in mcallen, texas, and we're in mcallen, texas, for one reason, 'cause we're gonna bring marcos home. take a couple of days. we're gonna do it in a different way than how we've been attempting the humanitarian parole before. >> i could rch out to the mexican consulate.
10:30 pm
>> what we've been doing is sending it to ice, and it's five times i've sent it to em, but it's been denied. it does seem like a long shot. a i spoke awyer, and she informed me we can go to the u.s.-mexican border, marcosme would have to p with the border patrol, and borit to patrol would then have the the country or, of course, deny the petition. it's like a shot in the dark. but if there's a chance for marcos to come home, i want to do it. me and veronica looked it up, and there's not a whole lot of information about, can this really work? so, we're kind of out on a little bit of a limb with this attempt. >> i really hope they let him they've goo the right thing and let him in. >> my daughter simply fell in love with a man in america, and the government told her thatth needed their approval forer him to live with h i find that very bizarre. >> where's our car at? >> marcos, he's hard-working, and the only thing that any
10:31 pm
father asks of a son-in-law is, do you love the children? and he's a great lover of his children. and the separation i have seen over the passix years has not worked well for the family. patrol, trying to convhem to let marcos intohe country. >> so, where are we going now? >> we gotta go to the car rental place >> then we'll have a little meeting tonight to discuss our plans. >> yeah. a >> i just goll this morning from the mexican consulate here in mcallen, texas, and it's horrible. horrible news. o they reached oute border patrol, and were told that if marcos shows up at thee checkpoint so thatuld submit his petition, that he will be arrested and detained u and held fto two years.
10:32 pm
this is shocking, because we were told that we uld do this. it's unbelievable. this could have been aisaster. i hate to have to give him thews nethough. you know what i mean? like... >> yeah, yeah. yeah. >> how do you think he's gonna take it? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> it's a super-cruel, harsh. punishment >> he's gonna be upset, but he's gonna be so happy to, like, see everybody the same time. it's gonna be really important for him to see my dad. >> yeah. >> really, really, really, veronica, that's the big thing. >> i know. take it easy. don't stress too much. >> (exhales) okay, yo puedo entrar?no can i go i sí? yes? >> hi, veronica. >> hola. ¿cómo estás? >> how are you? >> good. i'm so sorry. marcos... >> no, that's... >> we did not get the petition proved. we did not get it approved. >> it's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> mm. >> hello! >> what's up?
10:33 pm
(both laughing) i missed y so much. >> mm. >> man, look at you. you ok so good. >> i changed my... >> i think no ladies aree. allowed in her >> i changed my shirt, like million times, 'cause it's so hot. >> yeah. >> marcos. >> (laughing) hey, what's up?>> love you. i love you. >> ah, my suegra. my mother-in-law. wow. it's incredible she's here. i remember, she cook for me and give me all the attention. she's a really nice person. anyway, thanks for everything. >> hey. so what's up, suegro? long time i wanna see >> so, you been woat all? >> yeah. i'm so happy to see my father-in-law, john. >> come, come with me. >> i know he's really happy tome se
10:34 pm
>> you know, be nice for you to get back when can still pick up a hammer together. >> yeah, sure. we have a really good time talking about when we worked together. but i can see he's started getting older, and he always made me laugh. >> ...and they went and broke he's a really nice guy, and i love him so much. >> oh, wow. you're so cute! >> she's just like me. >> no. what's up? a you know who no? 'cause you're looking at me lik thah? you are smiling? where's your smile? i'm really excited to see my daughter georgia for the first time. >> she's gonna eat your finger. >> she's really ny. emotionally, it's kind of complicated, because i have she's 20 years old. california. and now i have georgia, my new baby. it remind me how depressed i get sometimes thking about what i want for my first daughter,
10:35 pm
daisy. i have all these dreams, all these goals to grow, like, a family for her. she looks exactly like me. now georgia, she's leaving me, getting back to united states. >> she looks like me. you look like mama, right? >> it's difficult to live without her, without my family. but i know, one day, we will be together. >> all right, what time's your a flig >> i gotta be there early. >> so, we're gonna go up to the bridge and cross the bridge, and then you've got your taxi coming toake you to the airport. >>ea progresso, mexico, is a border town. it's one of the toughest and dangerous stat in mexico. >> i'm really sorry this work. but at least we tried. >> after elizabeth leave and go back to united states, i wanna get out of here, take my flight, and go back to mexico city. >> >> all rig well, i think we're... i'm gonna gotraight now. >> yeah. >> and i'll call you tonight. i'll see you.?
10:36 pm
okay >> see you. okay? i ve you. >> take care of yourself. i love you. don't forget that. mm. next time i see you, pelé and rocky will be bouncing all overc the ple. >> yh. >> say bye to miss georgia. >> ah. >> all right, love you. take care. all right. oh, my gosh. ♪ >> ♪ thank you, oh, dear lord for the many blessings that you♪ always give me (car horns honking) (manpeaking spanish on radio
10:37 pm
>> as you know, i've beenpr sed. i've been stressful and anxious being away from my family. that's why i decide to join this holistic wellness center.he one ofctivities i did there is zumba dancing. ♪ (woman giving instructions inis sp >> it refreshes my brain. it moves my mind. it makes me feel positive, active. it makes me feel good. (woman giving instruions in spanish) (class cheers, marcos laughs) (man speaking spanish) >> i try everythinthere. i take yoga...
10:38 pm
i talk with a psychologic. it doesn always work. but i try to get better. (group singing) (g up singing)
10:39 pm
(car horns honking) >> you know we've been working with elizabeth on her case. >> ¡sí! >> she's somebody who doesn't give up. we filed the seven petition on her case with ice, and it was denied. people are in hola, they fight their cases, and they leave. they fight their case, they leave. but g.izabeth is still fightin six years, and she's still here. and we've tried everything, but there's some things that are out of our control. like ice and what is happening there, which... they're out of control, basically. so, elizabeth, do you want to say anything? >>eah. >> ¿quieres decir algo a la gente?
10:40 pm
>> hello, everyone. so, um, veronica jusgave a little bit of the update tt the petition was denied again. seven times. and this last time, i was fornn sure it was goa get approved. cently we did an inquiry, and,is um, they said th no matter what we do for this petition, they're just not gonna approve it. they're not gonna approve it no matter what, is what they said. i'm still gonna mail anotheree one, probably next and we're just waiting for a letter, because i'm not gonna take that answer. >> but, um, i'm sure a l of people in here know how hard it is when your spouse is in another country and you just gotta try to keep it all together. and we're in our seventh year, and it's really, really hard. i mean, it's really hard on my husband. it's hard for me to watch him, like, see how hard it is forse him, bece's a father, and he has no opportunity to be a
10:41 pm
father. we have three children now, and he hasn't been with any of them. e of them for five month that's it. that's it. so, that's his onlopportunity he's had. and it's really, like, draining on my entire family. and i'm really thinkinmost likely that we're just gonna go there. and i don't nt anybody to feel like i'm giving up on hola, i'm giving up on immigration, nothing.'c se even when i'm there, i'm still gonna be sending petitions, i'm still gonna be doing whatever i gotta do. but the most important thing is, i gotta have my family together, and i feel spiritually conflicted. it shouldn't matter what land you're standinin, what house you live in, what clothes you have on the back. you should have the people you love together with you. but it's really hard, 'cause i moved to mexico before, and we didn't make it. like, we were hungry. and when i say hungry, i mean hungry. so, it's, like, it was really so i've alwayshis conflict, for the last, like, six years. f
10:42 pm
and now i jul like i'm called, like, i, if i cannot get him home this year, before the ki... when the kids get out of school, i gotta, i gotta do it. i gotta make sure... that we're not divorced ten years from now. i gotta ke sure that when we have grandkids, we're all at the same table, that this stupidat immin system doesn't destroy my family, 'cause it's not gonna happen.'r thnot gonna win that. they've won this separation. they've won a lot of things. they're not gonna win that. (train horn blaring) all right, lten to me, guys. i wanna talk to you guys about mexico, okay? >> you know we might be moving to mexico when you get out of first grade, pelé. >> i'm not gonna play th my friends anymore. >> don't you think you'll get new friends in mexico? >> i, i'm really, i might get used tthem.
10:43 pm
but then... but then how can i speak tir language? >> well, you'll figure it out. you're really smart, pelé. you're really... >> should i copy the other kids? >> is that hot dog cooked? >> nope. rd help you.) lemme see that. let me just touch it and see if it's at least warm! okay. you'll be fine. you'll learn how to speak spanish. it's not that hard. you're really smart. you'll figure it out. you guys are both really, really smart. you do really good in school. you'll do really good in school there, too. you're just gonna have to work a little bit harder. okay? okay? >> yeah, but now i'm in second grade. and i'll be in second grade next you're gonna be in second grade in mexico, okay? and you're gonna go to school. and you gotta learn how to speak spanish, okay? and it's probably gonna befo really haryou in the beginning. but you'll figure it out, because you're really smar okay? >> yeah. >> what is gonna make you happy? >> plang soccer with daddy. does daddy always play soccer
10:44 pm
with you?ea >> y >> rocky. come here, rock. why do you not wt to move to mexico? >> because maybe the teacher will ask us a mexican word, how e you say in spanish, and don't know what it is. >> but you're gonna learn spanish! >> no. we forget. >> you will learn spanish, rocky, and you'll len how to speak spanish. >> no, i don't wanna move there. >> why do you not wanna move there? >> because we, wdon't want to learn any spanish. we forget it. we don't know spanish. >> you'll learn spanish, rocky. >> no! >> why are you so angry about going to mexico? >> because the teacher will tell pelé don't know. and me and w but you're gonna learn speak spanish! >> no, i'm not going to mexico. >> aren't you gonna be happy to see daddy and live with daddy and live in the same house with daddy? >>.f we do not go to a scho
10:45 pm
>> but if we go to mexico,re yoonna have to go to school in mexico. >> no! >> ware going to mexico. >> no! >> and you're going to school in mexico. >> but the schools just want spanish. they just want spanish, mexico people there, not ohio. and i don't know spanish. o okay, well, we're going mexico. >> no! >> we are going to mexico. ♪ (man chanting over loudspeaker) ♪ >> what spanish words did yourn
10:46 pm
guys loday? >> rocky, how do you say in spanish 49?nu >> cuarente. >> yeah. >> daddy, remember you heard me say it in the car?co i cat to a hundred. >> mm-hmm. >> how you say 15? >> um... >> youhould know. >> 15? >> yeah. >> doce, trece, catorce, y? >> um... quince? >> yeah. >> how about this, how about this? count as high as you can count. let me see how high you can go. from the beginning. >> okay. >> me, too? >> nope. rocky first. >> (counting in spanish) >> pelé. >> (counting in spanish) >> we've been in the yucatan for a while now. o have another baby here, have four children now to take care of. so that just throws extra work into the mix. >> i forget which one i was on! >> (speaking spanish) >> (grunts in frustration) >> you better... don't do that pelé and rocky have been in school for a while. >> that'why i try to remind you. >> no!
10:47 pm
>> you gotta calm down, pelé. long enough to recognize thatir they each have twn challenges with the transition and the language. >> i know i know. >> the next one? >> (speaking spanish) >> pelé will push himself trying to be the best he >> (speaking s) >> rocky's having trouble, ripping up his book in school, getting mad. >> pelé, you're not looking! >> no! i can't... >> just things that with time will get ...or yoired. >> oh, yeah, you called me fired? then you get whuppin'. >> okay, if you find it at once, dad, then you are out. so, daddy es first. okay, dad. >> okay, yours is yellow? >> wait, i was supposed to go first! okay, is your guy yellow?>> ep. >> yep. okay. >> are you blue? >> okay, this is a blue, let's see... this is a blue. >> wai why are you opening the blues? >> 'cause daddy asked if it was blue. >> it's orange?ou >> no,aid it was orange first, so it's orange. so you have to say it's orange, so you have flip all the ones that are orange. >> you said it is orange!
10:48 pm
>> i said it's not orange. >> so now it's yellow? >> ah, yeah. >> is... is yours sea lion? >> yes! hey, you heard that! >hat i hear? ou... you cheated! i win! >> (laughing) >> (laughing) >> you cheated! >> okay, now let, now let's start over, come on. >> he cheated! a j >> okay. >> he cheated! >> chill out. >> mmy, now we're doing the people guess who. >> okay. >> again? >> you know, since marcos was deported in 2010, we have not lived gether more than a couple of months at a ssence, he has been a bachelor, and i have been a singleom. now we're finally living together, after all these yearsn we have to learn to live together again. and it's really not easy.en
10:49 pm
we have a lot ofon. a big problem that we have here is, marcos can't find a job. and it's definitely not for a lack of trying. he was offered a job as acu ty guard. he would work 60 hours a week, and he would get paid approximately 55 u.s. dollars. and i told him, that's really not the kind of money that weed o be making. he feels emasculated, becauseri he's not working anding in money. and all of these this i feel like he takes out on me. we're getting money from the v.a. pension in my name. he feelsike he has to do everything i say, because i'm the one bringing money in. >> but for me it's, like, i don't need all this stuffs.iv i told her, we cana little bit cheaper, in a little bit >> you're the one thatd this place, not me. >> no, i understand that. >> you picked this
10:50 pm
>> no, it'nothing like that. it's because you feel comfortable. >> so then you keep throwing i in my face that we moved here. >> because you feel comfortable. >> well, then, stop throwing it in my face i feel comfortable. >> you feel comfortable. i saw you, like, you feel comfortable. i can see you. i mean, i'm not guessing. i can see you where, where youer feel comfortable, you feel happy. otherwise, you, you not happy. and then what happen right now isndlike, you have to adjust accept it, like, you not gonna see your mom, you not gonna have your friends >> i already know that. >> you not gonna work with hola, you not gonna have your friends, or whatever. >> marcos, you act like i never left home before in my life. >> no, no. >> i'm a grown woman. >> no, no. well, the point, the end of th point is, like, the stress, like, you no really happy, like, sometimes we argue and whatever. it's, i told you, i'm happy. you see, i call my mom, and it's my life, i don't waa be, people be like me. but i call my mom sometimes, i call... but you gotta 24 hours, every (bleep) day. from 7:00 in the morning till all, till 8:00, 9:00! but i do all of this stuff because i love her and for my kids.
10:51 pm
it's, it's just about you! >> this is so stupid. li, we're here, we're livi here in a great place. ssibly want right now.t we could our family, we're here together, and we can't get past, "follow you everywhere. you tell me to do this. this, this, blah blah blah blah blah. you're on the phone too much. this or that. oh, you're on the phone all the time, because you're not happyr with ymily." i'm on the phone all the time 'cause i like to talk. "you're like this. you have a friend. you ha friends. you should care more about your family. why you care about your friends all the time?" i have one frien and we only text. >> okay, go ahead. wit's, like, okay, "i donna be here, i wanna go with my friends, like this and that. and we just got together." okay, go ahead. that's what you want, so... >> your dertation has just destroyed everything. you feel like when you have your visa interview i2020, and it doesn't work, we're just gonna go back tohe united states, and you're here, and we're there, and our relationship is over. you feel like this is just a
10:52 pm
, like, a mini vacation untilere you can have your visate iew. like it's this plan i have all ngplanned out in the begin when in reality, i don't know what the heck is going on. i don't know what's gonna happen with the interview. i don't know what's gonna hawien immigration law between now >> i don't have anything, like, really, really stable. so, if in 2020, they don't say, "you know what, this is done, blah blah blah," for me, it's not. so you can say, "you know, marcos, the relation is like that, separate." you got your babies. you got stability in there. you don't need a man. you can have ten if you want to. and then, i'm stuck here. >> your visa could get denied very well, yes. but why we gotta fight about it every single day now? >> (sighs) >> ♪ in heaven i have a holy father
10:53 pm
♪ who tells me i am never alone ♪ w tells me just to keep on believing ♪ and to keep the spirit he has called me his soul ♪ in heaven i have a holy father ♪ other programs visit,nd (singing continues) to order "marcos doesn't livemo here any" on dvd, visit shop pbs, or call 1-800-play-pbs. this program is also available on amazon prime video. (singing in spish)
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>> we got 171 dead blaeople. that's not a state of emergencyp >> america's critics are raving about the new must see documentary. >> when i first decided i was going to join, my friends was just like, "how could you? u the way they treat they only want to lock us up." >> it's "gripping", a new york times critic's pick. >> i'm compelled to help these young men and women. >> "hopeful and engrossing." and, "moving! with echoes of the 'the wire'." "charm city". only on pbs. >> narrator: three decades agoa, in pennsylv"frontline" went inside the divide over abortion. e- >> this is a lifsize, model... >> narrator: now, we return to see what has changed on both sides. >> we realized, if we're ever going to outlaw abortion that we o be able to help women who feel that's their only alternative. >> because i'm a mother, i'm not supposed to be doing stuff like
10:55 pm
this right? it's not that simple though. >> some patients are like, "i don't want to be doing this, but it is the right choice for me." only they know what they should do. narrator: on "reconstruction." higginbotham: the mantra was to be of service to the race. narrator: a people pushed forward. williams: in education, employment. gates jr.: they turned inward and created a black world within a white world. narrator: but the future. muhammad: things propaganda, mob, terror. narrator: looked a lot like the past. ayers: the goal was tomake sures a white man's country. narrator: "reconstruction: america after the civil war" tomorrow at 9/8 central, only on pbs. itvs, and latino publirontline, broadcasting is provided by the coporation for public oa asting. frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. major support is provided by the john d. and catherine t.
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(somber music) - [angel] just an energetic kid. i compensated t with being able to not tell people i'm undocumented, i really compensated a lot with tt with like focused on me saying hi or focused on me knowing people, cused on me in this way so that you don't really ask too much. and that was something i did and i still kinda do. (laughing) (chatting) - [boy] just because it was to a girl. - if you adjust to every little thing so that no one really knows the family secret, because you know you can't actually give that out. my teenage rebellion was so much more controlled