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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 6, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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vo: the new show xavier riddle and the secret museum. coming this fall to pbs kids. marie curie: ta-da! i built this lab myself. xavier: cool! brad: wow! marie curie: here i can do all the science experiments i want and keep on learning. yadina: it's like a science clubhouse. i like it. brad: your very own place where you can keep working and learning all about the thing you love. xavier: whatever that is. what is that? marie curie: and... all: wow! marie curie:s i did it! i really did it! i discovered something no-one ha brad: marie curie followed her. vo: xavier riddle and the secret museum. a brand new show starting monday, november 11th on pbs kids.
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and on the pbs kids video app. made possible in part by contributns to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you! leo: i'm leo. andy: i'm andy. carmen: and i'm carmen. our parents work in a circushat travels all around the world and we travel with them. andye never know where in the world we will end up next. all (train whistling) and we travel with them. carmen: but wherever we go, we know that lu the moon will be there with us. ♪ traveling the world as a trio ♪ eo ♪ andy ancarmen and ♪ with luna the moon and some new friends too ♪ ♪ everydifferent and really they're just like you ♪ ♪ ♪ all around the world
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♪ let's go, luna, let's go ♪ all around the world ♪ let's go, luna, let's go (whistling theme song) ♪ carmen: the big squeeze. (guitar playing) ♪ o: wow, carmen... that sounds fantastic! you're so good on guitar! carmen: thanks, leo! andy: yeah! i bet you could play any instrument. (drum roll) leo: hmm? leo/andy: (screams) ahhh! barrels! carmen/andy/leo: whaaat? (clapping) freide: ha ha! that is but a taste of the performance you will enjoy later tonight at the circo! andy/leo: yeah! leo: that was cool! who are you guys? freide: oh! so glad you asked! let me get my announcer! luna: ta-daaa! leo/andy: luuunnaaaa!
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♪ carmen: ♪ luna, come and play! ♪ leo: ♪ luna's here whaddya say! ♪ andy: ♪ luna, bright as day! all: ♪ show us the world, lead the way! ♪ luna: and now, may i introduce the star of the show. freide the fantastische fräulein! luna: she does tricks and dances.... (crickets) luna: on a barrel! carmen/andy/leo: yayyy! friede: but without freddi's accordion playing, the act would fall to pieces. leo: fantastic! an accordion! andy: yeah! an accordion? carmen: well andy, an accordion-- andy: also, where in the world are we? luna: well aoday we're in- andy: also, where do accordions come from?? luna: (sigh) maybe we should just let the magic globe handle this one. magic globe: oh, hello everyone tyand welcome to the ci of munich! what freddi is playing is called an accordion.
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the accordion is a very popular instrument here in munich, and was created in this very country: germany! magic globe: (laughs) the accordion makes a beautiful sound when you squeeze it. sometimes you use keys to make different notes just like on a piano. and if we were to count the three of you in the german language, i would say... "eins, zwei, drei". or one, two, three. see ya guys! carmen: eins, zwei, drei... carmen/andy/leo: thank you, magic glo! carmen: it's nice to meet a fellow musician, freddi! t you sound greato: t accordion.magic glo! freddi: i am great. i see you play the guitar. very nice. carmen i do! well, i play a lot of instruments, but the guitar is what i play best. freddi: well, i ay everything best! i can learn to play any instrument quite quickly. let me see that guitar.
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freddi: please, hold my accordion... (drum roll) (awkward chord) freddi: (d (awkward chord) freddi: ah th! i-i cannot play lis! freddi: i'm sorry but... i... in i just remembered some freddi: i remembered that... i have to... ... um... iron my socks. freddi: it is a terrible... wrinkled-sock situation... you see... carmen: but, what about the performance tonight, with your accordion? freddi: no, no... i simply cannot perform wi wrinkled socks. i won't be back until quite late. freddi: so... even though i would love to show you how beautifully i play this guitar, i'll just leave it here... and... goodbye! luna: nkled-sock situation?" freide: but who will play accordion for me, freide the fantastisch fraulein?
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fabuloso: ah! i just heard the news! this cannot be! a tragic, and very real, wrinkled-sock situation? and, on the night of our big show! awith freddi gone whoal, wwill play the accordion for toght's show? (accordion honk) fabuloso: carmen! rmfabuloso: carmen-carmen-! you are great at playing everything, right? fabuloso: you must fill in for freddi tonight! i am begging you! carmen: we, i don't know... i'm worried because i've never played an accordion, i don't think i can! fabuloso: oh, you can! fabuloso! i knew you could do it, carmen. i never doubted you for a second. carmen: augh, that's not what i said! are you even listening to me? fabuloso: nope! ! thank you for playing the accordion tonight, carmen. freide will dance on her barrels, and the show will be wonderful. now, i will go back to adjusting my bow tie. freide: let us meet at olympia park later.
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it should be a good pl re to practice tonighttine. carmen: okay, but... freide: okay, but nothing! it's wonderful! leo: you... do know how to play the accordion, right? carmen: sure... how hard could it be? carmen: the show is tonight! i'll never be ready in time! luna: you're a great musician, carmen. i know you can fige this out! maybe- freide: practice time! freide: carmen! let in rehearsing for tonight's show. come, come, come... freide: all right, carmen... gin.
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carmen: o-okay... (accordion playing) freide: whoa! carmen! i thought you said you could play that thing! carmen: no, i tried to tell you, freide! (accordion playing) freide: ahh-woah! waaaaaa! luna: runaway barrel! freide: whoaaa! waaaaaa! (extended scream) carmen: what a disaster! i should just rdve up on playing the acn, luna... carmen: it's like it's got a mind of its own.. carmen: how did freddi make it sound so great? luna: i'm sure at some point you'll master the accordion, but it takes a lot of practice. and we don't have a lot of time before the performance. (crazy good accordion) luna: wow! maybe i spoke too soon.
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that sounds great, carmen! carmen: but lui'm not p! luna: yocore not? ion hans: no, i'm afraid she wasn't playing just now. it was me! accordion hans: hello, there! nice accordion! did you know accordions come from germany? rmen: yes, we know. but who are you? lunaghs) why this is accordion hans, the best accordion-playing spider ever! accordion hans: hellooo, luna! ♪ and who might you be? luna: this is my friend, carmen. she's actually learning the accordion. carmen: yeah, but i'm not very good yet... tna: she needs to learn ight. accordion hans, can you teach her? accordion hans: teach her? by tonight? maybe if she is a quick learr.
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accordions take lots of practice! accordion hans: we will see what we can do. come with me... into my accordi-house! carmen: has that been there the whole time? luna: yup! ♪ you're not very good. accordion hans: all is not lost! you have accordion potential! accordion hans: you see, young butterfly, the accordion is aspecial i, requiring special technique. accordion hans: squeeze it too fast, and it will resi you! but squeeze slow and constant... ...and the aon's beautiful sound can be heard.. accordion hans: so, you see child, with patrsnce, practice, and of cthe best spider teacher ever... g the accordion can be as easy as... cordion hans: eins! luna: zwei! ahem...
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carmen: oh! uhh... drei! ♪ accordion ha put your fingers on the keys...♪ ♪ then you gi. a mighty squeeze.. ♪ always moving to and fro... ♪ ts what makes the accordion go. ♪ accordion hans: ♪ all.. to. ♪ everyone just falls in line. ♪ ♪ playing in sweet harmony ♪ that'nythe music of germa♪ ♪ ♪ now you're getting in the groove, ♪ all the rts are sounding smooth! ♪ we have only just begun... ♪ nothing could be quite asor fun as playing the accdion! ♪ ♪ the sweetest sound for miles around, ♪ ♪
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♪ m luna: you did it carmen! you sound so great! accordion hans: yes, you have completed your training, accordion carmen. (sniffs) i am so proud. carmen: thanks for your help, accordion hans! luna: that crowd tonatht is in for a real t crowd: (cheer) go! carmen freide: ready, carmen? carmen: you bet, freide! leo/andy/luna/crowd: (cheer) walla! yayy! carmen: luna? luuuuna! luna: hiya, carmen. just practicing my tu in the sky. carmen: thanks for an awesome day in munich, germany, luna. i'm so happy that i got to experience the accordion!
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caeren: but it seems like s a lot more to know about the city of munich. there are tons of other things to learn about everywhere we visit. but remember, thers always tomorrow! ♪ the m. once there was a small grey mouse. who thought he looked too borin and that his friends wouldn't want to play with him. (laughing) he saw a handsome blue cat. (purring) and wished he could be a blue grey mouse cat instead. to his surprise his wish came true. he had no idea he had magical powers . next, he saw a bright green duck. (quacking) so he made another wish and poof! he was a grey, blue, green, mouse, cat ck.
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but was that enough? no. he spied a tall yellow giraffe. made one more wish, and... poof! 'okay' he thought. 'now this is n boring.' weee! leo: but when his friends saw him, (screaming) leo: they ran away in fear . maybe, being a grey, blue, green, yellow, mouse, cat duck, giraffe wasn't so great after all. so he wished away his giraffe parts. (poof!) and his cat parts. until finally, he was just a small grey mouse again. very ordinary, but very very happy. (cheering) the end. the skinny melvinis, who, at this very moment are about to break the world record for longest-standing bowling pin
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tower in history! and that's the story of circo fabuloso. the... end. andy: melvinis! i finally finished the book! andy: oops. sorry. andy: t the good news is... my masterpiece is complete! carmen: what masterpiece, andy? andy: i've just finished writing my own book. i call it "the fabuloso story of circo fabuloso!'" i've been working it for eight days! leo: andy, there are no pictures in her andy: of course not! this is serious book written seriously for seriou circo fans. seriously! i've been working so hard, i don't even kere in the world we are! carmen: (giges) well, i think magic globcan fix that! magic globe: (laughs) i sure can, carmen! magic globe: today we are in the city of munich, located in the country ofermany! magic globe: germany has a long history of inventing
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useful things, like one of the first bicycles magic globe: but the most important german invention of all was johannes gutenberg's printing press, ine that can make many copies of things like books and newspapers. the gutenberg's printing press chged the world! making it easier for lots more people to ready books! there's so much to learn about in munich. have fun, kids! carmen: thanks, magic globe! wow, i didn't know so many amazing things were created here in germany! just like your book, andy! fabuloso: what's that? what did you create? the fabuloso story of the circo fabuso? fabuloso"...circo fabuloso is the dream of one man, the flamboyant flamingokno. andy, i love this book so much, and it's evehand written!
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i am crying my signature tears of joy! andy: gee, thanks! fabuloso: but now my tears of joy tu to tears of sadness, for this is but one book and i can think of six special friends, who simply must have this book! fabuloso: please make me six more copies of this wderful book! andy: sure thing, señor fabuloso! loso: oh, thank you, mr. hopper! andy: it's really no big deal. fabuloso: good, because i need those books by six o' clock tonight. andy: six o'clock? fabuloso: you see,'m having a dinner party for those same six special friends, and your books would make the perfect party favors! andy: but that's in just a couple hours... and this one book took me eight days to make! fabuloso: i knew you'd understand. tah-tah! carmen: six copies in a couple hours? what are we going to do? andy: we need to start writing... at warp speed!
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leo: come back here, pages! luna: whoa! what's going on here? andy/carmen: la! leo: are we really doing this now? carmen: ♪ luna, comend play! ♪ leo: ♪ luna's here...come on...whaddaya say? (impacdy : ♪ luna, bright as day! ♪ andy/carmen/leo: ♪ show us the world, lead the way...♪ luna: hey, guys! what's with all the paper? and crazy frazzled-ness? andy: we're frazzled because we're making copies of my new book for señor fabuloso. do you think? luna: i think,'s just a tiny bit hard to read. andy: oh, no... they all look like that! we can'tn rite all these copiesme! it's hopeless! we need six copies by six o'clock tonight! luna: six copies by six o'clock? hmmm... i think i know someone here in munich who can help.
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c'mon, follow ! (traffic commotion) luna: here it is, the answer to our problem. luna: (squeeng effort) (ding dong) johanna:ello, there! welcome to johanna's copy shop! luna: hi, johanna it's just me! who are your little friends? luna: this is andy, carmen, and leo. we have a bit of a challenge... who are your little friends? andy: we need to make six copies of my book! johanna: copies, huh? well, u're in luck, because you're in my copy shop, i can make one copy... or one hundred copies! ng) johanna: small copies... (ding!) big cies called prints! (ding!) y'know, the printing press is a german invention! andy: wait a minute, these are printing presses? magic globe just ld us about that!
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johanna: well... copy machines are modern printing presses. johannes gutenberg built his errst printing press right x in germany, almost ndred years ago! but i'm sure your friend luna could tell yomore... she was there! andy/carmen/leo: you were? luna: oh, sure! meister guttenberg and i go way back! my memory of those days is a little fuzzy, though. it might be easier to remember if i sing about it! ♪ luna: ♪ long ago, books were written by hand ♪ ♪ in germany and every other land. ♪ ♪ not enough books to go around, ♪ ♪ look high and low, none to be found. ♪ ♪ then a man named gutenberg came to fame ♪ ♪ with an invention that changed the whole game . ♪ ♪ folks began reading more and more ♪ ♪ history scien and stor♪ ♪ printing press, the printing press! ♪
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so many copies, so little stress. printing press, the printing press! books for everyone,at a suc. so little stress. ♪ one of the best things i must nfess ♪ ♪ is the printing press, the printing press! ♪ ♪ north to south, and east to west, ♪ ♪ the world was changed by the printing press! ♪ ♪ andy: wow! it's amazingow the printing press changed the world, luna! i'm glad it's so much easier to make copies now. six copies please! johanna: all right, andy my boy, and when do you need your copies by? andy: six o'clock please! a: well, all the machines are in use right now. um, i can have themr you lee andy: six o'clock please! exactly one week from next tuesday. andy: at? i need these copies tonight!
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please, miss johanna! is there anything you can do? johanna: hmmm... well, i'll tell you what: there's an old printing press in the back. i'm sure luna could help you print your books with it! it's jusy down that dark and drellway. andy: thanks, johanna! (creepy squeaking) luna: doesn't look like this door has been opened in a while. (creaking) luna: hey, there it is! andy: what is it? luna: a real gutenberg printing press! carmen: and look, i founthe manual! (blows dust) leo: all these metal letters must be for making words! they're like little stamps. andy: well, these maracas are broken. carmen: (giggles) those aren't maracas andy, they're called... balls. luna: i think i remember how this wor now... those are used to put ink on the metal letters.
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right, carmen? carmen: yes, thas right! that's what itays. luna: well, i think we have what we need team, let's get to it. luna: first, we put ink onto the ink balls. andy: cool! lunna: and then wet inkload the pap..balls. carmen: paper loaded! luna: next, we arrge the metal letters into words we want to print on the page. luna: after we ink the metal letters, we're ready to p. voila! the first pa of the book is done! ing) (upbeat music) ♪ (upbeat music) andy: and that's the last one. all ready for señor fabuloso's dinner guests. what time is it, luna? luna: looks like... (gasp) six o'clock. andy: six o'clock? señor fabuloso's dinner party is already starting! we're late! luna: uh... uh...
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all right everyone, hop in. andy: hop in? lunaks, johanna! put it on my tab! pretzel guy: pretzel sticks! get your pretzels! twisted pretzels! andy: there's the rco! fabuloso: why, yes, i do speaa little "yabba". (screech) luna: phew! fabuloso: ah! a special delivery! excuse me just a moment. andy: hi, señor fabuloso! fabuloso: do you have the books?! andy: here they are. fabu'sso: hmmm... well, ot the original. andy: (gulp) fabuloso: it's even better than the original and each one is exactly the same! fabuloso: one for you and one for you. and you, and you, and hello, yes for you as well aaanndd one more for you! melvini: yabba. fabuloso: i love these books so much!
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please, can you make me one hundred more? carmen/leo: one hundred more? (fai(whump) andy: sure thing, señor fabuloso. i can get that to you exactly one week from ne tuesday, thanks to the printing press! isn't that right, luna? luna: that's right, andy! andy: luna! i didn't notice you'd gone back up to the sky. thank you for helping me print copies of my book today. it's so cool how the printing press changed the world, making it poe ible for lots of peo read books! i learned so much, i could write a whole book about germany! making it poe ible for lots luna: that's a great idea, andy. you could write a book about every we visit, but remember, there's always tomorrow. ♪ vo: pbs kids' neweon show asks the questi xavier: ready for an adventure? all: ah! ya brad: woohoo! vo: ready for an adventure back in time? yadina: totally ready.
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brad: sorta ready. berby: [computer noise] yadina: here we go! xavier: woohoo! brad: woah vo: get ready for xavier riddle and the secret museum. a brand new adventure starts monday on pbs kids and on the pbs kids video app. about a special place that can take you anywhere.ow the secret museum! about a special place that can xavier: ready for an adventure? yadina: ready! br: [sighs] ready. vo: xaer riddle and the secret museumy! starts monday, november 11th on pbs kids. made possible in part t by contributio your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you! (show theme music) ♪ ♪
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,newshour producsored by judy, i'm on the newshour tonight, the date is set. the u.s. hse of representatives announces theen first earings in the impeachment inquiry, as damning testimony fr the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine is released to the public. then, what the returns reveal-- after results pour in from yesterday's state and local elections, state houses are realigned, and clues for 2020 begin to emerge. and, a conversation with democratic presidential hopeful mayor pete buttigieg, with less than three months to go before the first votes are cast in the primaries. us, the trace of a killer. as at-home d.n.a. testing explodes in popularity, law enforcement discs


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