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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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pope francis celebrates christmas mass. calling for a softening of stony hearts and for conflict to end. >> may bring consolation to our rock. -- iraq. >> a powerful typhoon tutors to parts of the philippines leaving tens of thousands of people stranded. a fire engulfs the chilean city. the government declares a d alert. after what the queen calls a bumper yr, she highlhts the of her annual chrimas message.t food for festive thought. . u.k baking bugs into bread. ♪
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anchor: welcome, and a very merry christmas to our viewers around the world. religious leaders around the world haveelivered their christmas messages. denounced attacks by extremist groups in west africa. receive the aid they need and he urged the world to ensure security in the middle east. >> under a perfect christmas got, 55,000 came tst. peter's square. tcng the balcony beneath the dome.e at noon, emerged the leader of the world's 1.3 billion catholics.
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treating pope francis, the anthems of the vatican and italy and a pade he spoke to the city and the world. >> his message was a tour of trouble spots: for space in syria, yemen, venezuela and ukraine. from the man himself, cement italian immigrants he focused on migration. >> it is injustice that makes them cross deserts and sees. it is injustice that forces them to endur unspeakable abuse, enslavement, and torture. >> earlier, he endedo other
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leader gave a separate unusual message calling on south sudan factions to form a government. he recently brought both sides to the vatican. kissing their feet in a gesture of reconciliion. his seventh christmas is part -- as hope draws to a close with a political tone. criticized by conservatives but adoredy his followers. the list of world hotspots he quoted is a reminder of how much is to be done. anchor: t archbnthop of around the world.ose he also usehis christmas day sermon to talk about the darkne terror attack. bridge >> darkness is a monster that
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lies. it's claimed seem to callout with a louder volume. we see the shadows out of the corner of our eyes. there may be, violenceere may be political, they may be personalm f ram leaf you relationship problems, illness. nethe da within us that sometimes seems tohreaten our stability and hope. anchor: in the philippines, a typhoon has caused major floods and instruction. more than 25,000 people have been stranded. many of them unable to join their families for christmas. the typhoonas been following a tap-in irack to a 2013, the most powerful to have the archipelago in a long time.
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reporter: apart from peaceful christmas in the philippines ghthe typhoon has brou sustained winds of almost 200 kilometers per hour. terrified local people and leaving a trail of destruction. heavy rain has left many homes flooded. morehan 16,000 people have to spend the night in improvised shelters. at least 100 families have been left homeless. in this majority catholic country, the thai fund -- typhoon has stopped many people christmas.g their families for filipinos are used to tropical storms and typhoonsitith around 20ng the nation each year. the most deadly in recent times was in 2013.
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ms of stormt surgeefre than 75 -- 7000 people dead. many of the areas worst hit back then have borne the brunt of this latest storm. anchor: let's look at the othere stmaking the news today. a group in afghistan says 27 of its members havy been abductede taliban as they were traveling in the west of the country. a spokesperson for the people's peace movement says the group again our march -- gin their march weeks ago. police and hong kong have fired tear gas at eyotesters after marched for shopping malls shouting slogans. the violence llowed clashes on tuesday where police fired tear gas. the japanese prime minister shinzo abe has told his chinese counterpart that although bilateral relations are improving, they will continue to
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suffer u the east china sea. in he saidpr efforts to e relations were back on track. more than 100 homes have been f destroyed byest fire in chilean. high temperatures and strong winds are whipping up the auths say they are investigating suspicions that the fire was lit delivered late. -- deliberately. >>is cas day up in flames. this was the scene that resides fled. after a nearby forest fire swept through o districts destroying 150 homes. while others awoke gifts and good cheer, those affected that the night in shelters and returned to their homes to find their belongings reduced to ash.
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2000 residents were without electricity. >> we managed to get the pets and the television out what the poce to the away as there was nothing else that could be done. >> families are returning to find their houses destroyed. >> my cousin and uncle, we all have houses on the street. this was the house where i was born and my brother was born. now, it is all destroyed. >> dry conditions and strong winds whipd the fire into the area. the fire which they believe was started intentionally continues to burn away from built-up areas. it is home to 250,000 people and sits in the central part of the country which is been subjected to a severe drought for more than 10 years. the government has committed
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more than $165 million to combat the fires. t for the families, too late to rekindle this year's christmas cheer and to save their homes. anchor queen elizabeth has made henual broadcast in the united kingdom and commonwealth. she knowledged that 2019 has be bumpy. she encouraged people to follow jesus message of understanding.o reer: the morning service, notable for who attended and who was absent. making their first appearance, prince george and it's a charlotte. absent, prince andrew. he decided to attend an earlier private service for the family. after the 11:00 svice, the queen headed back where prince philip had remained after his
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discharge from hospil ye lerday. thatt cambridge is to lead the royal party grading the crowds. adopting for the children who had not done this before. th stayed close to their parents as they received flowers and for charlotte, a hug. ♪ >> in her christmas message, the queen spoke of her delight at the birth of her eight grandchild, archie who is in canada with his parents. turning away from --hould knowledged the efforts made by young people to protect the environment. >> the challenges many people face today may be different by the my generation. i have been struck by how w generations have brought a similar sense of purpo to environment and our climate. for the 75th anniversary --
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reporter: she focused on the need for reconciliation. there was a lesson to be learned from d-day. >> by being willing to the past differencesehind us and move forward together, we honor the freedom and democracy once one reporter: the queen said the need to seek harmony and understanding was at the heart of the teaching of jesus christ. >> many of us try to follow in his footsteps. the path is not always smooth. it may have felt quite bumpy but small steps can make a world of difference. >> it is the small steps can bring about the most lasting change. that descriponf a bumpy year is almost shat's certainly a reference to the brexit debate. has been a difficult year for
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the royal family as well. the queen will be hoerng for a smooath -- passage in 2020. for the country d for her faly. anchor: stay with on bbc wld news. still to come on the program. ♪ the woman behind one of the most well-known tv tme songs has died at the age of 72. we will take a look athe other work that made her famous long before friends. >> the world of music has been paying tribute to orgeha micel at the age of 53. he sold well over 100 million msalbu and a career spanning more than 30 years. the united states troops have been trying to overthe dictatorship oa.the memo
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nori the pentagon says it has failed in its principal objective to capture him and taken to the united states to face drug charges. the russian flag was posted over what is now no longer the soviet union of the commonwealth of independt states. you can see what hae ens when a plght stories high false from 30,000 feet. >> christmasas returned to albania after a ban lesson within 20 year thousands went to not mass where there were anti-communist riots 10 days ago. anchor: you are watching abc world news. pope francis has uses traditionalhristmas message at the vatican to draw t atteno the suffering of people of
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people aund the world. a typhoon is causing major floods and destruction aroned the philip after what the queen calls a bumpy year, she highlights the need for reconciliation as part of her annl chrimas message. a post-christmas heat wave is being forecasted parts of australia where fires continue to devastate the country. the prime minister has praed firefighters, many of those volueers in his christmas message. the pubc have also been showing their gratitude to the fire service. we will hear from a family who lost their home. first, our correspondent. reporter: taking a brief christmas break before heading back to the front lines. any of these firefighters have been working nonstop for weeks. despite a low of the weather
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with cooling tratures and predicted rain, the risk is not over. teams brace themselves for hot conditions later in the week. the rul fire service is the world's largest volunteer organization of more than 70,000 members. most are local volunteers whoen have tn the task to protect the rural communities. many have been overwhelmed by the response to their work. >> presents for the kids, i asked what they athe moment. i haven't gone christmas shopping for my daughter. thank you. thank you very much. reporter: last week's fires have been fueled by record temperatures of over 41 degrees. as a heat wave swept across the couny combined with wins and dry conditions.
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australia has been figing wildfires for months. the early start to the fire season is stretching already scarce water resources. pictures of a thunderstorm in brisbane showed some respite in the weather. firefighters say a lot more rain is needed in many more place not much is forecast over the next few weeks. anchor: she told meower and her mother's homes were destroyed by the fires. >> in early november, f thees were in septemr as well but november is also early for the bushfire season. there was a fire burning in the mountains thkind of this area. it had been burning for a few months.
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it came down. this is not uncommon. as a massive firestorm. definitely yes australia has bushfires but the firestorms are a ole new thing. they could firestorms with 50me r high walls of fire and they create their own weather. it brought through a hole village and took out over 80 me, half the homes in the area. anchor: it looks devastating. how does it -- had you cope with that? >> it is quite amazing how humans are resilient and adaptable. i didn't imagine this could happen but you just do cope with it. you go on and find ways to.
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amalso, havingy. so lucky that nobody in this community died. the stories i heard, it is really lucky that people here did not die. that would be a whole other level of grief for those who have lost -- lost loved ones. anchor: we have heard of the two firefighters who lost their lives in battling these bushfires. how does the community,ow do you rally around and support each other given that these temperatures are not going down and we are expecting high temperatures again to come up over the weekend? >> here, it has been, it is not so scary but the temperatures yes. i grew up here but i have been living in the mountains near dney.
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i came up from the blue mountains to be hereo be with my family for this holiday season but also to clean up and rebuild. i left the blue mountains with valuable things because there is a fire there is well. down in the bl mountains, if the whole greater sydney region it is still very real or it the re is still coming. y is five kilometers from house. how the community rallies together, it just does. in times like this, it is when the leadership has to come from the community. the community.uff comes from and it comes from the tefirefi. the community supports them so much more than the government does. activists.u are a climate you have done work with the
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movement.n rebellion gro, the what kind of hope, what kind of message do you want from the government? what you want them to do? what action you want them to take? >> we want them to stop mining and burning coal and transition to the renewable energy. there is so much available in terms of the technologies that have been created. they are still continuingsa t that in order to have a strong economy, we need to keep ndilding the coal industry lot of people continue to believe that. they think that in order for us to have a strong economy, we need coal. it's crazy. we wiete to listen to e and get real about it because they are not. we w anchor: you're among many who
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bluster homes in new south wales. allee willis h died at the age of 72. she won a grammy award for other work that she is best known for writing the theme song to friends. reporter: it ws the late 1970' and although they might not have known it, people across the world were strutting theirtuff to allee willis. boogie wonderland, the anthem she cowrote for wind and fire. -- earth wind and fire. she also worked with them on september. she was born in detroit, the motor city of motown fame. a whe girl who absorbed the sounds of blackmerica. the drums, bass, background vocals leaki through the walls of homes in her neighborhood.
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she could not play an instrument but s had witadthemn her her career lessons and later, awards and nominations started to flow. she won grammy awards for the color purplels and beverly hil cop. she also cowrote the theme for iends. i'll be there for you by the rembrandts. her work sold more than 60 million records. small wonder she was inducted into the songwriters hall of this comt year. dynamo described as eccentric never lost her roots. shlovedit det and barking later on a mammoth musical project commissioned to help reinvent a city that seemed crippled by the motor industry that it lped build it. itnvolved dozens of musicians, vocalist and residents from
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across the city. itaseverything else, it had sold. --soul anchor: remembering allee willis who has died at 72. a bakery in the northwest of england is claiming to be the first to make bread out of insects. each loaf at the bakery contains more than 300 crickets mixed into the flour. eating insects can help boost nutrition and ease pollution. reporter: they are still making their ual bread but there is a new batch in production. where the key ingredient is this, crickets. the bakery claims to be the first in the u.k. to makebr inst d. a crunchy cricket loaf. re we want them to think about their food and wt comes from and the impact it has o
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the environme. this is our way of saying take the challenge, try a loaf and see if you like it. reporter: it's not as unusual as you might first think. sat eimed at least 2 billion people ate insects last year. a re a good source of protein and producing them is less environmentally damaging and meet. >> when they grow crickets, we need a small landria -- area. the event much less greenhouse gas. -- they him met less greenhouse gas. reporter: there are 336 crickets and each loaf pr. they are ground into an index with wheat flour. >> it's a bit dry. it's ok. >> it tastes disappointingly
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normal. just like nice brown bread. >> there are 336 credits and each loaf. -- crickets in each loaf. >> it taste nutty. >> i don't taste the crickets. if i can, it taste good. reporter: the first batchs 100 months. they will await public reaction before the cricket red moves forward. anchor: give it a try and let me know. get in touch with me media.cial i wish you a very happy christmas from me and the bbc world news team. thank you for joining me. goodbye. narrator: pnding for thresentation is made possible by... man: babbel, an online program developedgu
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc i'm amna nawaz.ening. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight: reviewing the year in climate. the exaordinary impact environmental change has had on our planet in 2019. then, the state of the world. a decade-long look back at the trends around the globe and what they mean for the unitedtates. plus, on the "newshour americans." "the other novelist laila lalami examines immigration and identity throu fiction. and: ♪ hark, hear the bells >> nawazunited, we sing. members of the united states armed forces around the rld perform "carol of the bells." all that and more, on tonight's pbs newshour.


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