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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  February 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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welcome to outside source. 700 peopleboard have been infected and no one is getting off. in t china, rate of infection is falling, but here's the who on that. >> that must be interpreted with extreme caution. thed outbreak cotill go in any direction. >> joe biden has been at the top of the polls for months became in fifth new hampshire. we'll talk aboutat when he was interior minister, he chose to keep almost 100 migrants on board a ship.
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parliament has stripped them of -- he may face charges of kidnapping. this is in portugal. many surfers gather for some of the biggest waves we have ever seen. another 97 people and chinale he been kby the coronavirus. we know that there are over 40,000 cases in china and the deattoll is over 1100. >> theumber of newly confirmed cases reported in china has stabilized over the past week but that must be interpreted
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with extreme caution. this outbreak could go in any direction. >> no cases in south america or africa. the daily o ratf infection and china is falling by almost 50% since last week. for more, here's stephen modano in bjing. >> we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but for the moment, there's a suggeion we might be turning the road. until we see 10's of thousands in the recovered column, that might bfeel better. >> the mobile conference has
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been canceled. and the conference in shanghai in april has been postponed. formula one tells us the decision is made to ensure the health and safety of staff and fans. meeting to discuss ways to combathe virus. >> the measures that china has taken to contain the outbreak might work. it might e up as an outbreak that has killed over 1000 people. on the other hand, it might have already spread to many >>he largest coronavirus outbreak is on a cruise ship docked close to jo kahana in japan.175 people on board have e
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virus. a health official whoshoarded th to hand out questionnaires is one of them. there are over 3500 people on board. none have been allowed to get off. japan is saying it doesn'ttyave the capao treat them all. >> we are good little prisoners. we stay in our rooms and just go out on the balcony, put our trash out. the door.essages outside we wear our masks when we open the door for our food trays. we look forward to the food like any prisoner. this is the poshest penitentiary there is. odthe as got better. it is very we have three choices for our meals. sobody to me that we're the worst cluster of disease outside of china. i don't want to be part of any
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cluster of disease. >> unfortunately disease outside of china. of pehere is wingfield-hayes. >> the numbers on board the ship continueo climb quite fast. 39 new cases today and there are around 3000 700 people arantined on board the ship. they will ha to stay on for other week. they are stuck in their cabins. there is concern about the elderly people. >> another ship cut up was in hong kong.
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the difference between this and the one in japan is tha these passengers were tested and were allowed to disembark. there's ahird cruise ship. it has been turned away from several pts ina. a we think it will dock in cambodia. it's due to arrive with 1500 passengers on thursday. the owners say there is nothing to suggest that anyone has the virus. that did not stop thailand and others from turninit away. are there particular circumstances on a cruise ship that affect the way the virus behaves? u can find more information on our website. next, we turn to singapore. around 300 employees had to be evacuated from the country's biggest bank. here is an image from the balcony of the bank.
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to get more on this story, we got to singapore. >> the bank released a statement saying they would provide the employee who fell ill andfais ly with every support and guidance. siapore raised it's alert to orange. e ministry of health has confirmed three more cases. most of them in stable condition. eight are still in critical condition. officials -- on that, here is nick. >> the reason why -- the
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experience they had 17 years ago with the sars virus. we became infected. the latest we are getting is that maybe precaution.ore of a five people who appeared to have some form of the flu torted negativehe coronavirus. >> u.s. politics, bernie sanders won the new hampshire primary the front runner.w position is he spoke after his win. sen. burr: any -- sen. burr: any -- sen. sanders: let me sth that this ibeginning of the end for donald trump. >> pete buttigieg came in a e clcond. third in new hampshire was amy
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klobuchar. warren who would have hoped to have done better. she was fourth. the story of the night was joe biden, despite headed the polls for months he has come in fifth new hampshire. fplenty doom and gloom around his campaign. these are early days. >> bernie sanders is winning, he has won one state and a half. he and buttigieg are basically a tie. he is underperforming. if it wasn't for theracturing of the moderate wing of the democratic party, the moderates would be running ay with this nomination. >> two states down in 48 to go. next our attention turns to nevada and the following sday,
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south carolina. either way it turns to super tuesday on march 3. these 14 stes will vote, on that ds will the democrats abroad. there will be another contender in play by thapoint. mike bloomberg will be on the ballot and he is one of the richest men in the world and he is throwing cash at the race. here is the graph showing he spent over $300illion so far, much more than everyone else put together he is saying he may spend as much as $1 billion of his own money on stopping donahe trump whethes the candidate or not. it' >> we are in a war of
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attrition for delegates. pete buttigieg is the front runner, he has two morern than sanders, but it is more complicated than that. we have four candidates cannibalizing one another when it comes to support. elizabeth warren is cutting into bernie sanders on the progressive se even though she finish with only 9%. pete buttigieg cutting into the younger voters support of bernie sanders. you have amy klobuchar cutting intomo buttigieg on thrate side and that probably cost him a first place win. and now you throw in mike blooerg. we havno idea what the endect will be we won't know until tuesday but you have four candidates cutting into one another all trying to be the alternative that emerges from that, and i don't think that willte happen until well
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super tuesday. hi>> is roger stone, a longtime aociate of president trump. he was found guilty of lyingreo co and misleading investigators all to get access to hacked democratic party emails. when prosecutors say he should serve seven to nine years in prison, president trum responded saying this is a horrible and unfair situation. the real crimes are on the others, suggesting t, t mr. stone imes are not real and added nothing happens to them. the torney general, bill barr appointed by donald trump in. it was announced the department would look ioevising the sentence. yeerday, all four of those who prosecuted stone quit the case. tone ofm quit their job post reports they did it after arguing extensively with their
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superiors over how much time roger stone should serve in pron. these prosecutors were working for the department of justice which is supposed to be politically independent, though is not looking like that. donald trump tweeted congratulations to bill barr for taking charge of a case that was out of control, and perhaps should not ever have been brought. this gives the impression of the firewall between politics and justice bein completely breached, but the president denied wing anything to pressure bill barr. pres. trump: i didn't speak to him. ioulddoe able t it if i wanted, but i sy out of things to a degree peop wouldn't believe. i thought the recommendation was ridiculous. i thought the whole prosecution was riculous. these are the same euler people who put everybody through hell,
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and i think it is a disgrace. i have not been involved with it at all. >> the president is not the only one who thinks the wle thing has been a disgrace. >> i don't believe donald trump when he says he had no involvement in the decision to ange the doj recommendation. for president of the cleat tweets out to millions of people that he is dissatisfied and believes that the recommendation by doj prosecutorse re a miscarri justice, the expectation should be that there will be aesponse because that is the nature of the way donald trump and his cabinet wks. articular, bill barr is extremely receptive to trying to do thingthat please the esident regardless of whether or not they aremproper and whether or not they break with decades of history within the department of justice.
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>> trump in an event with theec dorian president thanks the justice department for intervening. now we have to shift to extraordinarpictures today. some video has come in where there is a challenge in portugal. somef the biggest waves in the world. look what happened to this big wave surfer. he's on that jet ski, caught by two waves. this is an event where they are so big the surfer has to be towed into the wave. they even predict it wipe outs because of the waves of mind-boggling heights. this is the moment he was picked up unconscious out of the water. he was rushed ospital. tter news is he is conscious and in a stable position. in a few minutes we willou talk t the right-wing nationalist
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politician in italy. he is facing potential prosecution for illeggrly detaining ts on board a ship last year. charge amend with murder andof possession of a firearm in relation to the death of a journalist who was shot dead during writing last year. >>he death had a major impact here. she was described as a rising star in northern ireland and she was shot by terrorists during rioting last year. now a 52-year-old man from derry has been charged with murder come up with possession of a firearm and with possession membership in a prescribed ganization. there was widtipread condem of the violence stopped both the britie and
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irish prnisters attended her funeral. these charges will be seen as a significant step but police have ways said they believed a number of people were involved in the night of her death and the quest for evidence to bring the gunmen to justice remains ongoing. >> we are here in the bbc newsroom. the lead story is that it appears the outbreak of the coronavirus has stabilized but could still go in any direction. here are the main stories from bbc world service. ministers haveo agreed t expand the military alliances scuba trading in iraq. thmove is in response to a call from president trumphat it should do more in the region.
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the u.n. human rights office has released a report from companies linked to jewish settlements. more than 100 firms including names like airbn and motorola have likely been involved in activities relating tohat. palestinians say it was a victory for international law anisrael has called it -- israel has called it shameful. 28,000 people pick it out as their favorite. let's talk aboutdehe l of the right-wing nationalist league party in italy and today the upper house of the italian parliament has stripped him of political immunity. that could pave the way for him toge be prosecuted on chof illegally detaining migrants on
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board his ship. this connects to a week in july of lasyear when he stopped 115 migrants from disembarking from the ship until other eu countries agreed to host them. they were held for a week on boards. in dreadful conditi his flagship policy was to close ports to migrant rescue boats. they s this potentially immensely kidnapping. if found guilty he could face up to 15 years in prison. >>hi mightren have the right to know that their father is often away from home, not because he is spending his tim kidnapping human beings would because he is defending the borders of his country. it was not his right but it was his duty. >> this is a case that he has welcomed. he has said he would take the
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same decision again, that he had his head held high, because he has built his career onhe anti-migrant policies. he is a populist who revels in this image of defending italy from what he says is a migrant in vaped land justice moves very slowly. it could take quite a few years to come to a res even if convicted he might take comfort from his predecessor the former prime minister who was convicted for fraud, his sentence was commuted and he made a very italian comeback, returning as an italian e member of topean parliament. comeau pope francis appears unpersuaded by the idea of allowing talent- men to be married as priests he argued that old and married
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men should be consideredn places like -- which you can see marked here. >> i have all kind of beautiful chapels were crease only celebrate mass once per year. we have been asked to ild nice chapels but don't have them. it0 is 200,uare kilometers and i have 30 priests, and 25 parishes. >> he also told the bbc that the pope simply kicked the can down the road. he says i dream of an amazon region that's fights for the rights of the poor and the lea of our brothers and sisters. you can see this hash tag.
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this is his response to a range of issues raised by those bishops last year, but neither that document or his tweets today have mentioned the issue heree is the cardinals. comeau he looks to the bishops send more missionaries. he would like every diocese to have a good proportion of their amazon.some time in the he also looks at the formation of the deacons, a greater formation of deacons. he would like us to form at least one seminary where native or indigenous candidates can develop their vocation to the >> it could set a precedent for
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married priests elsewhere. let's speak to our global religion reporter. he didn't come say no, he swerved the issue. >> there are people saying he dodged this issue. he t recognized ho people in the amazon are affected by this difficult issue where some don't see a priest for a whole yr meaning they don't get tobr cee the mass. he recognizes at but then he goes to sayhat bishops should incur -- encourage priests to g to the amazon and laypeople should be able to s and help the priests that go there. he doesn't mention t proposal that was put forward, but put forward this proposal where people will work together and try to go around it that way. >> have they managed to is a shortage of priests isre
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connected to the fact that >> i had a con -- conversation with a married anglican priest who moved to the catholic church and he was against married people in the amazon becoming priests for that issue's. saying there is no evidence tt that is th issue, but you heardp that impassiona from bishops in the region saying, this is the solution, let's do this. >> when you look at the catholic church around the world what about the argument that this is about a broader push to allow relationships andthe pope is right to be concerned and that the rule in themazon may lead to something more broadly? >> we saw as recently as last month the conflict in fall lines between the d twoferent wings of the church flaring up when
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the more conservative said celibacy was a reallimportant thing to safeguard. that iof what loteople think it is about, safeguarding what is seen as the catholic church's core principle, versus dareform and a moderagenda. >> can find the latest on the website or through the bbc news app which you can ardownload oour hone. thank you for watching this edition of outsidoue. back with you tomorrow at the usual narrator: funding for this presentation is made possible by... man: babbe d an online progreloped by language specialists teaching spanish, french and more.
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