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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 19, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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laura: is america. the drama in nevada the democrats debating in las candidate, michael bloomberg come on stage. passengers quarantinn a cruise ship in japan are allowed to leave "bbc world new -- allo. >> we have a whistleblower, a japanese expert who was on board the ship and described the conditio a chaotic and frightening. laura: a divine reunion of two artistic masters. why pieces by raffaella now hanging in the sistine chapel. ♪
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laura: for all of you watching on pbs and around the glo, welcome democrats vying to be their party's candidate debate in vegas tonight. paul's show pretty said -- as polls show bernie sanders searching into the lead. michael bloomberg joins the crowded age. the debatead comes af the nevada caucuses in three days. the democrats are heading west. a new fron on staget. for the first time is michael bloomberg, who spent $400 h million onis campaign so far and isn't even on the ballot here. he enters the campaign march 3, super tuesday. senator bernie sanders is
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attacking the big specter. >> we are going to win -- the big spender. >> we are going to win this election not because we are t buyi airwaves. we are going to win this election because we are building the biggest grassrts movement this country has ever seen. laura: former vice president joe biden is attacking bloomberg for wanting to link himself to president obama. nevada is home to the casino industry. with a growing hispanic population, it is the most diverse state yet devote. >> if you want to know how america will vote, watch the nevada results. avoid a similar fa onope to saturday. it looks like the king himself is worried about the process.
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>> i am open we have success withhe caucus. laura: candidates hope to avoid that and create momsetum for themes with tonight's debate. it is the performance of the on stage newbie michael bloomberg which will be scrutinized. , for mospoke to the bbc's soph log in las vegas. what is the mode? =-- the mood. sophie: i think it is fair to say, some excitement has been insert before this debate because of the presence of michael bloomberg. many americans see his face on television every day because of his huge advertising campaign. this is the first time he will step onto the debate stage. those other five have been in this since the beginning.
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for the past nine months, they have risen and fallen in the cold, carried out campaigning in cold places like iowa and new hampshire. then, a billionairswings in and qualifies for the debate.s riches are what got him here but they might become a double-edged sword because knivesce wilainly be out for the newcomers. laura: even though bernie sanders is surging, is it michael bloomberg with the knives are out for tonight sophie: this is the first time he will have stepped on a debate ncstage i think 2009. bernie sanders has already accused michael bloomberg of trying to buy this nomination. other things likely tonight, tnt
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reeports about past sexist language and bavior. he said michael bloomberg does notolerate any intolerance or harassment. he will also be accused of censoring or silencing the press. he owns one of the biggest media companies in the world. his journalists are order to not to report on his personal life orh. wea this will be the first time the american click, the media -- the american public, the media, will see how he stands up to those acsations and what kind of president he would hope to become. laura: what are the issues specific to nevada that could come up tonight? sophie: as you mentioned, nevada is one of the mo diverse of the early voting states.
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there is a huge afcan-american and latino population they are looking for compassionate immigration laws and many regressed -- many are against the wall president trump trying to build. also, gun control, it was just a few years agot te horrific shootingas carried out in las vegas. laura: thank you. the death toll from the coronavirus as risen to more than 2000 with more than 75,000 passengers who have been stuck japan have begun l theess in ship. that is cluster of infections tside -- the biggest cluster ofma infections outsidland china. >> the first passengers released from the diamond princess began
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their long walk to freedom, waving goodbye to friends still stuck on board. yesterday, they were virtual prisoners. today, the first five hundred protested negative are walking on the street and getting on the this man says, i felt really scared. not going home today are sally and david able. yesterday, they announced they tested positive. today, their son says they are still stuck on board in their cabin. >> they have been through so much. i just want somebody to take care of them. reporter: even as some former passengers were getting in texas, the numbers continue to rise. the japanese government says the incident on board the diamond
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cepr is now efctively over. the virus is contained. there has been a suspicion for some days that the containment on the ship has not be working. now we have a whistlebler, a japane expert who has been on board the ship has described conditions as chaotic, feinive, and frightening. >> a professor of infectious diseases and previously worked on the fight against ebola and afca reporter -- people in afri. >> i felt safer in africa. you know where the virus ests. inside the diamond princess, i don't know. you have people from the ship mixing with the general population. i am very concerned. reporter: this is why they are
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insisting nationals go through another 14 day quarantine when they get home. laura: for more on t outeak, i spoke to dr. david wheeler of the infectious disease society of america. the fact that the virus spread on the ship during the quarantine period, does that i mean ihard to contain? dr. wheeler: quarantine is one of the tools used in an epidemic. what this may suggest is that a cruise t ship may not best place for a quarantine. laura: chinese officials did say today that the rate of new infections of the coronavirus is declining. does that suggest that the infectns might have peaked? dr. wheeler: i think it is too early to say that. if we see a decline in one day, that could be a blip.
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we n.d to see a tre has been in our by the epidemic and we have to see how it extends. laura: china wants to get their economy moving again, but should they be careful about lifting the travel restrictions too soon? dr. wheeler: in my opinion, they should be cautious. much of thepidemic has been in china. probably a large component of the fact that it has not extended is the artwork that th chinesalth care system and government did a limiting travel. ki th particularly until we understaym better how omatic people can transmit it better than we thought initially, i do think we need to think about travel and have some stops in placen terms of quarantine. laura: how hopeful are you tha
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there could be a vaccine for the coronavis soon? dr. wheeler: certainly, there ie folks ing on i don't think we will have something for these early parts of thiepidemic. we have seen coronavirus that have caused illness and neath and we d have vaccines for those yet. laura: has the coronavirus turned out to be the global pandemic many fearedr it too early to make that judgment? dr. eeler: it certainly is an epidemic of global interest. this has beeicextremely dit for hubiei -- for hub ei province and central china.
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we are hopeful that it is beginning to endut we don't know what the timeframe would be. laura: dr. david wheeler, thanks for being with us. lawyers for julian assange say they willce pro witness at the hearing who will say president trump offered the wikileaks founder a pardon if he said he was not involved in leaking hillary clinton's in the 2016 election. rod blagojevich, the former democratic governor of illois, has thanked president tinmp for commutg is presented sentence -- his prison sentence, proclaiming himself a trump-ocrat. he was convicted of trying to sell the senate seat held by barack obama after he was elected president. mr. erdogan's warning comes
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after tks which failed to create agreement on how to end the fighting in idlib. cothis reporains some distressing images. reporter:ng ducor cover. is time barely with bombs falling nearby, the abdulaziz family are trying to pack up and go for the fourth time. take the children inside, says ibrahim, a parent's instinct, but he knows they are not safe there either. ibrahim says they fled their village in idlib because of bombing but the war catches up wherever they go. they have joined a group going
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to a camp near thede b already overflowing the-- president assad says he is battling terrorists indl explain that to this seven-year-old and her brothers, dazed and frightened after surviving an airstrike. senior u.n. officials are pleading verrilli cease fire -- pleading for a cease-fire, pleading for the global community to find its conscience. >> the failure to deal with this is shameful. it is a terrible indictment on the state of the world at the beginning of the 2t century thatom the international cmunity cannot come together and say it
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is not ok to bomb women and children. reporter: turkey is pouring more troops into idlib, where it backs some of the rebel troops opsing the regime. president erdogan called to stop the syrian advance in its tracks. >> turkey has completed all the preparations to complete its own operation in idlib. it could come suddenly overnight. an idlib operation is a matter of time. reporter: many fear time is running out. they pitch their tents where they may, at the mercy of the emts, at the mercy of the here is what president assad oppositional areas t rubble,
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forcing almost a million of his own people to runor their lives in the past two months. one aid workeraythis is serious doomsday. laura: the agony of syria's endgame. yoare watching bbc world news america. still to come, rewriting the rulesn emigration. how the u.k. government's new plans would phase out visas for low skilled workers. officials in the u.k. are warning people ae oss and lynells to expect further heavy rain. some areas still underwater. in effect. flood warnings remain jonay has more for us now.
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>> there will obviouy be no games for a couple of months now. reporter: there's not really any need for a pitch inspection. at hereford rugby club, games are off. that is easier said than done. gthund is right next to the river. they flooded five times since october. they have only played one home match. this week, security cameras recorded a stand being slowly submerged. >> the water coming up to this height. >> never come up that i before. >> never. >> bit late for that. looks like you have had a party.
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fortunately, not quiteg s devastatin this. reporter: instead of losing mahes, they are worried about losing their club's histor >> obviously great memorie and great friends. those great friendships will go on. reporter: patty safe 150 years?h do you save 150 years? the levels are now dropping along the wye a the seven. >> the forecast is unsettled for the next few days, into the weekend. reporter: jon k, bbc news, hereford. laura: britain's government says they was to attraan the brightes best from around the world and he post brexit era, so they arehasing out
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visas for low skilled workers. here is our chief political correspondent, vicki young. nvick: -- vicki: who should be allowed into the u.k. and what jobs can they do? this building site in essex employs people from around the world. in the future, it will be more difficult for migrants to come here. qualifies as a skille worker. the boss of this firm says it will make it harder to pull the homes they want for fix -- they nt. ask we still have difficulties. it is just going to get worse and worse. our business wl grow like it could grow. vicki: the minister is saying
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that companies like yours have relied too healy on cheap labor by the eu. >> it is about a skill shortage, about jobs that the british people do not want to do. vicki: ministers say companies need a different approach. >> aantastic opportunity to work with this new government te l up across the united kingdom, invest in skills across all sectors, and i do mean every single sector. vicki: the government plans have been met with dire warnis across hospitality and the care sector. they believe they are responding to what voters really want, control over u.k. porters with theat flexibility tact those that the economy really needs. assume that just because yourto
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job is relatively low. , it is not important -- low-paid, it is not important and not a value. vicki: for years, conservaves have promised to reduce immigration. soon, we will see if they have achieved that and what impact it will have on the economy. laura:pe the sistine c is pling host to an artistic reunion of the ages. aera and michelangelo wereri contempo and rivals. it is part of a celebration marking 500 years since rafael's death. ♪ rerter: where secret power meets artistic mastery, night
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brings quiet but no rest. in the sistine chapel, where popes are chosen couple get rare access to the cleaning of one of huphnity's greatest tri >> for me, the best c i do in this life. reporter: the upkeep now is partularly special. 500 years since the world lost michelangelo's contemporary, raphael, putting his thiper -- they were designed to hang. reporter: a rivalry for the older michelangelo and the younger, moreap sociable, rel. when mhelangelo was absent while painting the ceiling,
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raphael even came in to sneak a peek. raphael, the scalled prince of painters, died suddenly on his 37th birthday. the anniversary has spurned painstaking restoration of some of his frescoes. hericlitis, who raphael painted as abi s michelangelo. portrait of a young woman will join an exhibition that willdo o to lonthis a lot of. -- this aumn. srafael' splendor unfurled again. >> someone prefe michelangelo, someone prefers raphael.
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to have them together, it helps to understand balance, compare them, see how they talk to each other. reporter: five centuries on, the masterpieces are back to where they belong, rivals reunited in perfect harmony. laur definitely time for a ip to rome. long overdue. a stunning story of medicine and music. ♪ doctors at king's college hospital in london at this patient play the violin durg an operation to remove a tumor. they wanted to make sure that the parts of her brain tt controlled delicate hand movements were noter a during the surgery. i am laura trevelyan.
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♪ judy: good evening. on the "newshour" tonight, high stakes debate. six democratic rivals, with a first-timeon the stage, face off in las vegas tonight before the nevada caucuses. then, who is michael bloomberg? tilook at the billionaire businessman disr the democratic presidential race. and, warnings from antarctica. the melting, florida-sized bloct of ice that ists are callinthe "doomsday glacier." >> change happens, and this looks ke a potential case for change going forward that could be quite impactful. judy: plus, desperate journey. the horrific living conditionsge re face as they wait for europe to open its doors.


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