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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  March 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in a new language lin, spanish, french, germa italian and more. babbel's 10 to 15 minute lessons are ailable asn app or online. more information on, naator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you.ank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". mr. trump: it is heavily used a right now, i will say. to enable every american to respond to thisnd epidemic to protect their cells, families, and communities while the risks
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to young and healthy americans remains low, anyonean be a carrier for the virus and risk transmission to older americans and those th underlying health condions and those who are most at risk. they have not done very well, older americans especially if they have a health they have not done we must take all precautions and be responsible for the actions that we take and that we see other people take. went to prevent the spread and transmission of the disease. i incredible what is happening withhe sporting rld, where so many of the great sports we have goen so used to are not going to be meeting. nethey have great service by that. that would be another way it could be -- problems could be caused.
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this is why iutlinemy administrations -- ministration's -- the fact thath e issued a requirement suspending all medically unnecessary visits to very -- to various places, but in particular nursing homes. we should all be working out the same playbook when it comes to protecting americans. we need to be consistent in adopting measures to limit the spread of the virus. the virus is the same whether disputing the sam in cities, towns, and/or -- and rural communities. you have some hotspots are at the world right now that people would have never thought possible. they are being seriously affected. these efforts are breakingf chainsansmission between people. we want to protect the safety and the health of employees and
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students. i encourage everyone to follow theuince -- guidelines we have issd by the cdc. use common sense measures. a lot of the common -- a lot ofe it is common s the cdc is advising p totpone larg gatherings, assemblies, social functions,nd sporting events. stagger recess and lunch for schools that are not canceled. limit in person meetings. cancel work, -- work-sponsored travel. ericans are e strongest and most resient people on earth, and in the coming weeks, we will have to make changes and sacrifices, but the sacrifices produce gain -- lonn.term g we are learning a lot for the future and future problems like this or worse. it could get worse. the next eight weeks are
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critical. we can learn and we well turner corner -- will turn a corner on this vir. some of the docrs say a walk-through. it will flow through. interesting terms and a very accurate i think you'll find. in times of hardship, the true character of america shines through. greatest heroes and mostf the inspiring citizens anywhere. we want to take care of our people. we want to draw on the strength of our historyour people, and we will get through this all gether. we will get through it. so much progress has been made. and frankly, the numbers are at a level that a lot of people are surprised, especially when you compare them with other places
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with far smaller populations. the spirit and will of our nation is breakable. we will defeats threat when america -- when america is tested, america rises to the occaon. to those that are concerned for themselves and loved ones, i want you to know youmefederal gove will unleash every authority, ratource, and too his disposal to safeguard the lives and health of our people. we are with you every step of the way. no nation is more prepared or equipped to face down this crisis.ed we are rumber one in the world. elwe areng many other nations a lot. and they are doing ok in some cases. weand some cases, not doin at all,wi but we are workin a lot of groups of people and nations. with faith and heart and hope wed love and determination will succeed, prevail, be very,
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very sucssful and learn for the future. ifthank you. you have questions, we can take some. and if you would like to ask some of the folks appear, it would be fine. >> where are you at the house bill? yesterday you were opposed to it. wh is the hold up? >> we do not think they are giving eugh. we thought we het sng, but all of a sudden they did not agree to certain things that they had agreed to. we couldin have some but we do not think they are giving enough. they're not doing what is right for the country. >> if i could ask dr. anthony fauci? >> you jus mentioned waving interest for student loans, isying oil, what other specific, targeted measureour administration thinking about making? steve mnuchin said you are just
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in the second inning. >> we are looking at my things. fsome them have been written about widely. we are going to be releasg paper and about hours stating quite a few otherps s go ahead. >> thank you. i want to know if you are in co president balsa narrow after a member of his delegation who was with you -- re bolsonaro after memory of his delegation was with you yesterday. sent -- senator lindsey graham and rick scott are self isolating. are you taking any precautionary measure staff?ct you a your mr. trump: we have no symptoms erwhatso we had a great meeting withhe president of brazil, j or bolsonaro - great guy.
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eas you know, tested negative. we got that word. we did have dinneth him. we were sitting nhet to each for a long period of time. >> are you in contact with him over the coronavirus crisis? mr. trump: we have. we have been talking about a country to country. dr. anthony fauci said the lag in testing was, in fact, a failing. do you take sponsibility for that and when can you guarantee that every american who needs a test will be able to have a test? mr. trump: i do not take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and sptifications from a differ time. it was not meant for this kind of event, with a kind of numbers
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we are talking about. what we have don is redesign it quickly with the help of the people behind me. were now in strong shape. i think will be announcing sunday nhtnd this will start very quickly. we will have the ability to do in the millions over a quick period. what we have done -- and will be leaving an indelible print for the future -- butt was be -- and that is not the flt of everybody. tony, maybe you would like to stay something -- say something. >>y saturday night, would everyone be able to get a test? designedstem was not for what it was designed for, it worked very well. if you want to get the kind of teblankeing and availability
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that anybody can get it or you could even do surveillance to find out what the penetrance is, you have to embrace e private sector. u cannot do it withoutt. when i said that, i'm at the system was n designed for what we need. looking forward, the system will take care of it. mr. trump:f you go back toruhe swine flu w, nothing like this. they did not do testing like this. and they lost 14,000eople. that started thinking about testing when it was far too late. one of the reasons people are respecting what we have done is we have done a very early. we have kept a lot of peop out. yes, go ahead. >> the last administration had this point.million mr. trump: next please.
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they had a fre with slime flu -- swine flu. vir >> i want to ask about the travel ban and the exemption you have offered to the u.k.. there are 17 countries in the thhengen zone that have fewer coronavirus case the u.k. just in the24 pas hours, the u.k. has added 208 ctoonavirus caseheir total. why did they deserve an nexempt and would you consider adding them to the travel ban list? to me by a group of remmended professionals and we are looking at it based on the new numbers that are coming out, and we may have to include them in the list ofountries that we would -- we will ban during this period of ti. at the numbers have gone up fairly precipitously -- but the numbers have gone up fairly precipitously. we may frankly start thinking
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about taking some off. go ahead. >> thank you. i am a correspondent with hong kong phoenix tv. you have mentioned that the number and china has been decreasing and china has made tremendous progress. i am wondering how much confidence as this give you to control the virus in the united states s, and do y the data china has been sharing with the united states has been helpful? mr. trump: i think it has. we have been working with china. i spoke with president xi. and their numbers are starting to look good. we are happy about that. we are sharing data, yes. quite bit of data, including the facthat some of our pharmaceutical companies are working er there right now with people. go ahead. y>> tha. you spoke with canadian prime
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ministers trudeau yesterday. did you discuss the potential closing of the borderen bet canada and the united states and, by extension, are youin considways to salvage the $2 billion daily trade between the cntries? mr. trump: we did not di.uss the bord we had a very good relationship justbout finished with the unit ca -- usmca, actually. at the time, his wife had not been diagnosed. she is a lovely lady. since then, i have heard, read, that the result was that she has it. i think he was surprised. we did discuss it prior to. she is going to be fine, but he thought she would not most likely have the virus. unfortunately, she does. we did not discuss the border yesterday.
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>> go ahead. as a relatively new floridian, what is your message to the cruisendustry and travel industry that florida depends upon? and since rick scot and the miami mayor has the same exposure as u and our self isolating, what is yher message tothat they should not be? mr. trump: i don't know if i have had exposure, but i have not had any of the ms. i asked him that question and he said you do not have any we do not want people without symptoms to go into the test. the test is not insignifi as far as the cruise line business, we are wit themll the way. it is a great business. it is a great u.s. business,
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i know how importay are to the country. the cruise line business was hit very hard. we had a tremendous success out in oakland where vice president pence did a fantasti job. we worked with u.k., caneya and ook their people back. u.k. likewise took a large number of people back. we have peoplein quara. it was a big operation and it worked out really -- you don't hear about anymore. it worked out really well. >> thank you. that programming -- program with the grand princess ship is going toan you to be admind. americans that needed teiatment have rd them. i spoke with the governor of iowae today and sf those who
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have now been cleared are able improper supervision to be returning to iowa. they are making arrangements to do that. others in texas, others in georgia. it is another example of the cooperation governor abbott, governor gavin newsom, and the governor of georgia. the president directed me to travel to miami. we met with all the leaders of the cruise line industry. several cruise lines have announced a 60 day pause in operations. our department of homeland security has praised them for doing that because of the unique health challenges presented to seniors with underlying conditionsro. we have asal from the cruise line industry, but theco are currentlidering what other steps they might take. perhaps even similar to what those other lines have taken.
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we are antspipating some se on that in the next 24 hours. as the president said it the american peopleherish our cruise line industry. we are so b benefita cruise line industry. what the president -- whether there is a pause in the moment and some cruise lines doing it as we all continue to discuss, we want to ensure it with the cruise line industryat he cruise lines and medical services that are available for the passengers and all of the crew, and that cruise lines are safer and can psper. mr. trump: go ahead. >> this question is for dr. fauci. what is the current trajectory for when this outbreak will peak? how long will the american
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people have to remn on this emergency footing? and for dr. burks, as americans try to get their arms around the next knee be respirators. what is the ministration doing right now to ramp up production respirators? >> when you have an outbreak like this, particularly if you're trying to interfere with it, it is really impossible to predict the time element of when it is going to peek and when it is goingo go down. when you look at the sunuation where ies did not get to the point of trying to contain and mitigate well, you see a peek over several weeks and then down again over another several eks. what we are trying to do with the efforts we are doing is too blunt that peak. it is important and appropriate for me to mention becau it swers your question. when you talk about preventing infections from withoutthen
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how do you handle what you already have in your country? you continue some sort of containment, but you also do mitigation. you try to proportion it to the areas where there are the most infections. the success of that and how muc ke this turn into this is going to give you the amount of time if we are successful, it will be if w are not successful, it is going to be more. but theseth kinds ogs generally run out and a few months. hopefully we will make it several weeks. i cannot give you a number, because it depends on how successful we are. >> it is a great question. dr. fauci have worked together for a long time. it is a privile. i appreciate the graphics to buy some of the reporting in the last several days. if you aligned the data with -- from china from the data with
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south korea and can see a complete overlay of that data. that is what are tracking closely as well as italy. you have an excellent question. i want to make one note. in south korea, on 4% of the test were positive. 96 percent of the people had a different respiratory disease. because affluent cold season and all of cold season. middle of a fluent labcorp and qwest are running about 1-2% positive. have a lot of other respiratory disease out there besides the coronavirus andeehat is why sng is critical, but even with the greeting we are going toun low rates. needless to say, we are taking it ordinarily seriously the plan for what could come. what dr. fauci talked about -- blunting the curve. that makes it much less high need and that pk at the curve we are planning for.
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we are at full inventory of all of our assets. it unlocks all of those stockpes, those needs, but the national guardas, woald every hosp has, and the hospital emergency preparedness plan issues to keep those hospital beds open for those who might need it. we are in full planning mode for each of those things. mr. trump: i might add we are in the process, in some cases already have done it, of we have ordered a large number. go ahead. >> thank you. in your speech to the nation, you mentioned the situation in china and south k.ea had improv you are thinking about removing the restrictions and the warning in place. en can we expect that
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announcement and how do you see countries madt asian mr. trump:e se making progress, and some are not, as you know. as they may progress that weet -- as they may progress that -- make progress, we will be opening it up. we hope to be ableo t open things up as quickly as possible. go ahead. >> i wou like to ask secretary a czar and dr. -- aza and dr. anthony fauci -- mr. trump: that was good -- >> dr. fauci. is any specific research being done as to why coronavirus ctafour senior citizens more than oers?
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>> do not mean to diminish her question, but we already know why itould affect senior citizens more. when you talk about anything that requires a robust immune system, as you get older, your immune system is not as potent as it is when you areoung. that is the reason why when you talk about evenza influ which we have extraordinary influence -- experience with over decades, the people who are vulnerable and those wit underlying conditions. the same holds true for a variety of other disease. why cancer is more prevalent mostly in older individuals because the immune system that screens for it less robust. it really is something that is kind of well-known over a lot of studies. mr. trump: ok.
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>> mr. president, the chinese officials axpressing some tones of discontent with how, where the source of this virus has come from, as they are some spinning some odd narratives. what is your response to the chinese officials who are ing that and had they signaled any kind of resistance to upcoming trade talks in response to how we are handling this virus? mr. trump: china is going to be buying $250 billion worth of goods and $50 billion from our farmers. it is aea good frankly, phase two we will start negotiating. icdid read one article, but i do not think the a is representative. certainly not of my conversations with president xi. and we all know where it came from.
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>> thank you mr. president. you say that you do not take responsibility, but you did disband the white house pandemic office and the officials that were working in that office left this administration abruptly. o what responsibilityu take to that? and officialste say the w house lost valuable time because the white house -- because it was disbanded. what do you make of that. ? mr. trump: it is a nasty question. when you say me, i did not do it. i could ask perhaps, but i could perhaps ask tony about that because i do not know anything about it. you say we did it. i don't know anything about it. perhaps they do that. ththings lik happen.
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go ahead we are doing a great job, let me tell you. these great, and credible doctors and business people, the i can say that, whether it is retailers or labs, these are the best. we are doing a great job. we have 40 people ght now. 40. compare that to other countries that have many tim that amount. and again, that number is going up so you understand. we have done a gweat job because cted q presentation of this program is provided by... woman: collette guides travelers to experience the world in more than 160 destinations across five travel styles, like small group explorations. their inclusive tours feature local guides, cultural experiences, meal since 1918, collette has guided travelers around the world.
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