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tv   PBS News Hour Convention Coverage  PBS  August 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:53pm PDT

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ures wh joe biden on issues wote.olence against women. that's why i'm so proud to cal ine,alahothaldue awaicnto take omeris coadting wee co ts. ak in thleior s 've
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ouioouatjoafirst for nds el when america chooses the right un adrof epni oted stethates ore world. rpca republican. >> a life long republican. r l>>gt sm atelligngnd youin, e for joe biden. >> i have vot for and campaigned for republicans since the reagan years. but i won't be voting for donald trump in november. >> i'm supporting joe biden for eso nme wone d wheoa can work wt >> i don't think can deal with the type of person we have not white house any longer.
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>> vote america. that's only way to g out of this. and joe biden isust peso integrity to the executive branch. >> wu intry ldtr country's political dcourse back to some measure o normalcy ncdeutely. sure he's going to help us bring this country togeer athe.ncinga ♪ >> and now from alabama, senator >> i'm senator doug jones from the grt state of alabama. growing up in the south meant growing up in the midst of stare rosa park ivhele upped ign her sea seat on a bus. where freedom riders came
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together and pursued as here in alabama where john lewis marched across a brid toward freedom. from a young age i knew the hope that comes from seeing gooled peork to heal our divisions. it's what led me to become the united states attorney where i convicted two klaman who murdered four young black girls in a 196mi birham church bom bombing and delivered longn exhibit dedicated to their memos. alabama hown me that even ovr deepest divisions can be er .cothing. tote beathtrdsaame fopiportunid freedom to live with dignity anp t. now, some politicians try to pit us against each other. but ie blieve that divides us. in november weanave a ch to elect a president who believes rhat, too. i've known joe ore than 40 years. i met him as a wide i'd law student and he's been my friend and champion ever since.
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the joe i know is exactly the leader our country needs right now. he can bring people together to find cemon ground wh standing up for what he believes is right. after years of bitter partisanship, h can unite our country and get things done for working families, anderyone lookg for a better future. it's not about what side 'ofre then aisle we'n the side of the people. the great john lewis would quote the old african proverb, when you pray, move your feet. then challenge us to do just that. as a nation, he said, if we care for the beloved community we must move our feet, our hands our resources to build and not tear down. to reconciland not toivide. to love and not to hate. to heal and not to kill. in the fin analysis, we are one people. one family, one house. the american house. fe that. and he is who we need as our
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next president. >> woodruff: alabama senator doug jones who s probablyt mos endangered democrat running for reelection this year. a tough race against a republican in this very republican-leaning state. an you haired him he's know joe biden for decade fully behind his candidacy. let's turn now to jonathan capehart and mark shields, david brooks, michael itter, chris bus kirk at the amy . i had to cut you off, didn't get to you jonathan a few minutes ago. talk about those republicans. john kasich litally staing there at a crossroads. republican former governor ofo the stat ohio. we heard meg whitman,aeo s i've been a ceo and i wrote dow what she said,sonald trump ha no clue how to run a business let alone an economy. ths a tough indictment of
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president trump. >> yes, a tough indictment of president trump. but also having those republicans come out in favor of joe bide not just show up at the democratic convention but to say to fllow republicans that they should vote for joe biden, shows yo just how much danger the nation is in. when you have these rock-ribbed republicans who are looking at what is going on. in a perfect world they wouldn't be here. we would not be hearing from them tonight but because they are putting country ahead of party, they're standing on principle. you know, judy, one thing i'vea noticed inching the proceedings tonight, is as sad as it's been to see methahe i first responders and people responding to cvid and being separated by panes o glss or in the hospital knowing what has
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happened to those families tht the grief and the loss that they have endured. and the satness ain all tht lo looking at how much we've lost since marcwhen wve all been on various forms of lockdown. and then you had kristen -- kirsten -- and her phenomenal line about my dad was a healthy 65-year-old, his only pr preexisting condition was trusting donald trump. no politician, not the vice presidential ninee, not the presidential nominee of the democratic party could say tho words with the passion and rage and power of a daughter who is miing her father. and i think overall, the impression i'm getting and feeling i'm getting from the republicans we've heard to the every day americans that we've heard, to the politician, is that we've hed is a sense -- i
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guess a sense of calm. because what we're hearing frm people tonight is not lecturing, it's not haranguing, it's not name calling, it's not condescension or belittling or bullying it's saying, we're americans, this is our party, this is our country this is what we want toa get things not to exactly the way things were. but at least reclaisome of our dignity, some of our respect, but also some of our leadership in november by electing joe bid n annator kamala harris. this is just the first night. it's pretty -- it's a weird thing to watch having been to conventions in the past. but it's powerful to watch. because without the balloons and screaming and outfits and the jumping up and down, you were forced toocus on the words. and so far the words have been
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harrowing, insring and po powerful. >> woodruff: such a good point. and amy walter, the really important point that jonathan just made about, yes, there is criticism of donald tr but there's also just full-throated support for joe biden. we heard doug jones, heard of course four republicans come out whole hearted saying i'm voting for joe biden. th doug jones, this is not just the anti-donald trump convention. this s anvention that's behind joe biden. >> that's right, judy. i think the reason they put out not just the former republican hffice holders but the regular people that theywed at the end. that's speaking to voers out there, suburban voters that'v seen over ese last four years move away from the republican roots. in 2018 voters in orange county,
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california, outside llas, outside ofouston that have been voting for republicans for years and years and years, flipped and voted r democrats. >> woodruff: at some point, amy, there were i thi 20-m 20-some -- 28 i think i counted democrats running for president. in this cycle. joe biden bested them all. they're hearing at the democratic convention or for the programming right now we're beginning to hear from some of those who ran for president. ran in the primary. were bested by joe biden. amy klobuchar hung in there we saw r, shhung in a little bit longer than some of the others. but it's a measure of hi brin bringing the party together that most of them, we're going toee most of them tonight and tomorrow night and the nights after that. >> judy, i was going back in my brain about remembering 206 which feels like that was about 3,000 years ago. but democrats were greeted firsf
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dahe convention to the wikileaks of the dnc e-mails which just reopened all the wounds that had been caused by the primary, between bernie sa anders and hillary clintd poured salt in there. the dnc chairwoman had to basically resign in m thedle of the convention. there was so much -- it was just so different from where we are now. e >> woodruff: from whate seeing now. amy klobuchar, the senator from minnesota who gave it her all. she ran for president, didn'to the distance but she did endorse joe biden very early on. let's listen to what she is saying and this will lead in to we're gofg to hear from more the democratic candidates for president in 220. let's listen in. >> for me it was a moment lled with great joy, because the day i ended my presidential campaig was also the day i endorsed joe
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biden. jofor the same reasons i did, when i announced my campaign, in the middle of that blizzard on the nks of the mississippi river. to cross the river of our divides, to bring this nation all of america. a president for him. said, the day i endorsed if you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics, if you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you have a me with me and you have a home with joe biden. that's why i was so proud to stand witm then and across this greacountry. at's why we arell now stan standing united behind joe and my friend, kamala. our nation's motto is t of many, one. and as you're about to see, it's also the story of the democratic primary. thank you, america.
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>> we all ran for president. motivated by the same reason. >> as i watched president trump divide mhis countre and more, i thought to myself, what are you willing to do to stop him? >> i have had the most destructiontive, hateful, racist president in the history of this country. who is literally tearing apa the fabric of the united states of america. >> donald trump is failed business person and desperately failed as a president. >> we will run. think it's urgent that we heal i the divisions in this nation. >> we are still in control of our own future. >> w need to provide millions of americans a real path forwa forward. a green jobs program. >> increasing the minimum wage. >> passing naional paid leave bill. >> student loan debt. >> mental health. starting with our veterans. >>reproductive justice. >> economic justice. >> racial justice. >> there is so much a new president can do to bring us together. >> it's time to get up.
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>> starting a presidential campaign is daunting. you have to reach hundreds of millions of people. >> you have these incredibly long days. often capped off by evening that's go on for hours. >> we're challenged as a candidate is toe true t yourself and true to why you ran in the first place. >> that is something by the way joe i really admire abo biden. he really is his own man. he knows who he is i >> joe bid somebody who deeply cares about people. people who are marginalizedded, who are being left behind or ding ignored. >> i'm aaca recipient i owe you everything. >> you are staying, man.a >> he's some hard times in his life. he's had some losses in his life. and i think that is smething that peopl yrelate to. doing okay? >> yeah. close to 15 years cancer free. >> rod goff you. >> i was at a service for four fallenan afghanistoldiers i saw those families who were so comforted by joe biden.e when ty walked out they knew
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somebody cared to them. we need that in the white house. >> i still remember standing side by side with him on the debate stage and we were having a go of it. what was remarkable to me was, in the commercial break, he put m around me and starts telling me how good my ideas are. and next thing you know i fee like he's giving me a pep talk. and literally telling me how important it is, how really important it is that i'm on that stage. >> joe called me the niht i suspended and was comforting and he told me id should be proud of myself. saidhat i did myself and my family a real servicend the country a service. that meant a lot coming from j joe. >> it's not easy toeunite th democratic party. we're a rambunctious group. joe biden has pulled it off. >> he wants to ge bt thet ideas on the table so weep can move forward in the best way possible. he's included my family bill
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of rights. >> he's unioed our grup around a clean energy strategy. >> the domestic workers bill of rights i'm very excited that that's in there. >> he's the kind of leaderhat brings other leaders in. >> this is a guy that is going to walk ineo th oval office and not have to find his way around. but will actually walnk i and the instincts you need to lead the most poawerfultion on earth. through a crisis. >> on the other de, donald trump does not understand who we are as americans. really doesn't. this is a guy that blames you know, he blames the city of baltimore. he blames the country of denma denmark. he blames the prime minister of canada for cutting him out of the canadian version of home alone two. who does that? >> there nor sidelines. there's no hoping that someonet. else is going to come in and
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save the day. there is no cavalry. we are the cavalry. >> the mnt has found the person. that person is joe biden. >> joe has my vote because he will bring decency and digni back to the white house. >> we've got one shot to make donald trump a one-term president. and that shot is right now. >> it's joe time! it's joe time. >> next president, right here. >> woodruff: you heard it. they said we are the alry. and with that we're going to turn again to great reporters covering this election, erin haynes with the newly launched news website the 19th. robert costa with theng "wasn post" host of washington week here on pbs, yamiche alcindor and lisa desjardins. erin haynes, what about the fact that there are all these candidates who ran against joe biden and look what they're sa saying about him. >> you know, i was saying
5:52 pm
convention is the time when we see the party start to rally behind, start to unify behind that ticket. that was on full display fore th most part. what you just saw in that video, cth a look bak at a very crowded primary. it was the most diverse primary the democratic e hasver fielded. six historic women and number of candidates of color, i think that joe biden wanted to take a moment to acknowledge his former rivals most of whom ralli f behind hirly quickly after they suspended their own campaigns. there were i would like to just point out a few notable absences i didn't see bernie sanders or marion williamson, didn't see, who am i forgetting. >> woodruff: we're going to -- >> who were not in there. but for most part you saa largely united front of his dormer rivals rallying beh him. >> woodruff: we should point out we are going to see bernie
5:53 pm
sanders shortly he's comg up in a few moments we'll get to that. i'm going to talk to the three of you very quickly. robertosta how powerful is this this to see the par - pret completely unified behind joe biden and to hear evenubome repcans speaking up for him. >> sure you hardom female republicans who were speaking th business ties to tho voters around the country. tonight's big moment i just smoke to senator sanders fo a long time on sunday. five years after that lonely announcement on capitol hill, almost no one showed up, no two presidential bids beind him. he changed the democratic party. brought it to the left and on issues like health care wht a moment for this senator who has been in the trenches of the left for deck ades to talabout his movement and where it goes next. introducedy alexandria cortez the new york representative who is his own political heir among others. >> woodruff: that is coming
5:54 pm
up in a moment. yamiche alcindor not a friendly night for president trump are they reponding to what we're seeing? >> yes. we've seen democrats bring out republicanto prosecute the case against president trump you saw governor kasich, former governor of ohio and many othe others. senior trump advisor says to "newshour" just a few moments ago that president trump is one of the most popular candidates in his ially pushing back on the idea that republicans do not want to see him in office. e other thing jonathan capehart said, the moment i think is going to stick out for a lot of peopleo when that yung woman said that her father who was a trump supporter paid foatr ith his life saying she only had one preexisting condition, that was tru donald trump and he died because of that. this is really the democrats using republicans to make the case against donald tr >> woodruff: it's really interesting, lisa, to seehe democrats, to see joe biden weaving together these different
5:55 pm
themes around social justice. certainly around the pandemic. and around frankly around donald trump. and his leadership of the united states. >> that's right, judy. i think therree two techniques they're using here. democrats know they have to fire up their base about joe biden, we hear a lot of that. but they also are trying to speak to swing voters which includes more republicans perhaps than we've seen in recent times. they want swing vots maybe not to be fired up about joe biden but be comfortable with him. that's why john kasich's speech was so importa. said, republicans, trump will try to make it look like joe biden is going to swing left. ut joet belief that ab bide that was important speech. what unifies those two themes aboupumping decratic voters making swing voters comfortable with joe biden. american identity. that is what all of these speeches tonight have in common i think, judy. they're trying to reclaim a democratic idea of american identity, which is broader and more about diersity.
5:56 pm
sort of maybe an answer, a unterpoint to donald trump's make america great again is this idea of make america, america again.>> oodruff: such an important point. we are going to continue to come back to the four of you roughout this convention. lisa desjardins, yamicheal is in for, erin han rbert costa. the candidate that rung in the race languager than others to challenge joe biden, and bernie sanders it's his turn at this convention. >> good evening. our great nation is now livingin n unprecedented moment. it is worst pandemic in a hundred years and economic. we're confronting racisdm an climate change. and in the midst of all of th,
5:57 pm
we have a president who is not only incapable of dressing these crises, but is leading us down the path of authoritaria authoritarianism. this election is th most important in the modern history of this esponse to the unprecedented crises we face, we need an unprecedented response, a movement like never before ofop who are prepared to stand up and fight for democracy and decency. and against greed, oligarchy and bigbigotry and we need joe bides our next president. let me take this opportunity to say a word to the millions of people who supported my campaign is year and in 2016. my friends, thank you for youtr tr your support and the love you showed jane, me and our
5:58 pm
family. together we have moved this country in a bold new direction. showing that all of us, black and white, latino, native american, asian american, gaytr and ght, native born and immigrant, yearn for a nn based on the principles of justice, love and compassion. our campaign ended several months ago. but our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. many of the ideas we fought for at just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream. if donald trump is reelected all be in jepardy.e have made will at its most basic, this election is about preservg our democracy. during this president's term,u ththinkable has become
5:59 pm
normal. he has tried t prevople from voting, undermine the u.s. postal serce, deployed the military and federal agents eragainst peaceful prote. threatened to delay the election and suggested that he will not leave office if he loses. th is not normal. and we must never treat it like it is. under this administration authoritarianism has taken rour inountry. i and my family and many ofe yours, know insidious way authoritarianism destroysy, democrecency and humanity. as long as i am here, i will moderates and, yes, wit conservatives to prserve this nation from a threat that so many of our heroes fought and
6:00 pm
died to defeat. this prident is not just a threat to our democracy, but by rejecting science hs put our lives and health in jeopardy. trump has attacked doctors and scientists trng to protect us from the pandemic. while refusi to take strong action to produce the masks, gowns and gls our health dare workers desperately need. neurofiddleed while rome burned. trump s. his actions fanned this pandemic resulting in over a 170,000hs dend a nation still u unprepared to protect its people. furthermore, trump's negligehae exacerbated the economic crisis we are now experiencing. since thisandemic began, over
6:01 pm
30 million people havlost their jobs and many have losts their health ance. millions of working families are wondering howhey will feed their kids. and they're worried that they will be evied from their homes. instead of maintaining the $600 rweek unemployment supplement that workers werceiving and the $1200 emergency checks that many of you received, instead of helping small businesse trump concocted fraudulent executivea orders tdo virtually nothing to address te crisis whi threatening the very future of social security and medicare. but the truth is, that even before trump's negligent response to this pandemic, too many hard working families hae been caught on an economic
6:02 pm
treadmill with no hope of ever getting ahead. together, we must build a nation that is more equitable, more compassionate and more inclusi inclusive. i know that joe biden will begin that fight on day one. let me oaer you just few examples of how joe will move us forward. joe supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. this will give 40 million rrkers a payise and push the wage scale up for everyone else. joe will also make it easier for workers to join unions, creat 12 week of paid family leave, fund universal prek for three and four year olds and makere child ffordable for millions of families. joe will rebuild our crumbl crug infrastructure and fight the threat of climate change by
6:03 pm
transitioning us to 10% clean electricity over the next 15 years. these initiatives will create across our country.ying jobs all we are te only industrialized nation not to guarantee health care for people. while joe and i disagree on the beth path to get universal coverage, he has a pln that will greatly expand health care and cut the cost of prescription drugs. further, he will lower th eligibility age of medicare from down t 60. to help reform our bron criminal justice system, joe will end private priannd detention centers, and school to prison pipeline. and to heal the soul of our
6:04 pm
tion. joe biden will end the hate and division trump has created he will stop the demon any sakes of immigras. the coddling of white national whistling, the religious bigotry and ugly attacks on women. my friends, i say to you, to everyone who supported other candidates in the primary and to those who may have voted for donald trump in the last election, the future of our mocracy is at stake. the future of our economy is at stake. the future of our planet is at stake. we must come together, defeat donald trump and elect joe biden and kamala harris as our next president and vice president my friends, the price of failure is just too great to imagine.
6:05 pm
thank you. [ applause ] ♪ rise up >> my american dream is to have an america where we have people in affordable housing. >> for every human being in this country to have acces to quality health care and economic means to care for themselves and families. >> access to equality and equitable education. >> a system of government that protects thworkers and their families. >> joe biden throughout his career has focused on rebuilding the middle los angeles. >> we need a leader that actually supports our moons for our hard working people. >> we leadership show genuine support for small businesses during this downtown. >> i believe joe biden h the
6:06 pm
experience, the pltform and empathy to build america back >> he wants good things for all americans. not just a select few. ♪ >> the voices we long to hearw right e the ones that speak with courage and kindness, strength and widom,love and examination. they're unafraid to speak the truth and talk about their own uncertainties and struggles. they make us feel seen and inspire us to become the bst versions of ourselves. our next speaker is that for all of us.o it is myor and privilege to introduce the former first lady, michelle obama. >> good evening, everyone. it's hard time and everyone's
6:07 pm
feeling it in difrent ways. and i know a lot of folks are reluctant to tune town aco politicaention right now. or to politics in general, believe me, i get that but i am here tonight because i love this country with all my heart. and it pains me to see so many people hurting. i've met so many of you. ve heard your ories. and through you, i hae seen this country's promise. and thanks to so many whao cme before me, thanks to their toil and sweat and blood, i've been able to live that omise myself myself. that's the story of america. all those folks who sacrifice and over came so much in their own times becausehey wanted something more. something better for their kids. there's a lot of beauty in that story. there's a lot of pain in it,
6:08 pm
too. of struggle and injustice and work left to do. and who we choose as ourt presid this election will determine whether or not we honor that struggle and chip away at that injustice. a and keve the very possibility of finishing that work. i am one of the handful of seen firsthand the immenseve weight and awesome power othe presidency. and let me once again tellou this, the job is hard. it requires clear-headed judgment, a mastery of complex and competing issues, a dev fotn ts and history, a moral compass and an ability to list listen. and an abiding belief that each
6:09 pm
of the 330 million lives in this country has meaning and worth. a president's words have the power to move marts. they can start wars or broker peace. they can summon our better angels or awaken our worst instinct you simply cannot face your way through this job. as i've said before, being president doesn change who you are, it reveals who you are. well, a presidential electio can reveal who we are,oo. and four years ago too many people chose to believe thatht r votes didn't matter. maybe they were fed mayb thought the outcome wouldn't be close. maybe the barriers felt too steep, whatever the reason, in the end t choices sent someone to the oval office who
6:10 pm
lo the national popular vote by nearly three million votes. in one of the states that determined the outcome, the winning margin averaged out to justo otes per precincts. two votes. and we've all been living with the consequences. joe biden at his side, we had a record breaking o stret job creation. we'd secured the right to health care for 20 million people. we were respected around the rld, rallying our allies to confront climate change.le and ouers had worked hand in hand with scieists to hep prevent an ebola outbreak from becoming a global pandemic. four years late the state of this nation is very different.
6:11 pm
more than 150,000 people have died. and our economy is in shambles because of virus that thisen presdownplayed for too long. it has left millions of pople jobless. too many have lost their health mare. to are struggling to take care of basic necesties like food and rent. too many communities have been left in the luch to grapple with whether and how to ope our schools safely. internationally we've turned out back nust on agreements forged by my husband, but on alliances championed by presidents likreagan and eisenhower. floyd, brionna taylor and never ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murder murdered, stating the simplect that a black life matters is still met wi derigs from
6:12 pm
ice nation's highest off because whenever we look to this or consolation or any semblance ever steadiness, what we get instead is chaos. division and a total and utter lack of empathy. empathy, that's something i've been thinking a lot about laty lately. the ability to walk in someone else's shoes. the recognition that someone else's experience has value, too. most of us practice this without second thought. if we see someone suffering or struggling, we don't stand in judgment, we reach bethere but for the grace of godo i. it is not a hard concept to grasp it's what we teach our children. and like so machine pe of you
6:13 pm
barack and i have tried s much to in still in our girls a strong moral foundation, to carry forward thel vaues that our parents and grandparents poured in to us. but right now, kids in this country are seeing what happens when we stop requiring empathy of one another. they're looking around wondering if we've been lying to them this whole time about who we are and what we truly value. they see people shouting in grocery stores, unwilling to wear a mask to keep us all safe. they see people calling the police on folks minding theirss own busi just because of the color of their skin. they see an entitlement that says, only certain people belong here. that greed is good and winning is everything. because as long as you come out, on to it doesn't matter what happens to everyone else.
6:14 pm
and they see what happens when that lack of empathy is ginned up into outed right didain. our see our leaders labeling ou fellow citizens while embde emboldening white supremacists they watch in horror as children are torn from their families ano thrown iages and pepper spray and rubber bullets are used on peaceful protesters for a photo op. sadly this is the america that is on display for the next generation. a nation that's unerperming not simply on matters of policy but on matters of character. and that'not just disappoin dippointing, it's down right because w the goodness and the grace that is out there in
6:15 pm
households and neighborhoods all across this nation. and i know at regardless of our race, age, religion or politics, when we close out the noise and thfear and truly open our hearts, we know that what's going on in this countryu is not righ this is not what we want to be. what is our strategy? over the past fr years a lot of people have asked me when others are going solo, des going high still really work? my answer, going high is the only thing that works. because when we go low, when we e those same tactics of d degrading and dehumanizing others, we just become part of the ugly noise that's drowning
6:16 pm
out everything we degrurselves. we degrade the very causes for which we fight. but let's be clear, going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nicehings when confronted by viciousness and cruelty. going high means taking the rder path. it means scaping and clawing our way to that mountain top. going high means standing fierce that we are one nation underring god. and if we want tourvive, we've got to find a way to live together and work together across our going high means, unlocking the shackles of lies and mistrust with the only thing that can truly set us free. the cold hard truth. so l me be as honest d clear
6:17 pm
as i possibly can. donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job but he is clearly in over his head. he cannot meet this moment. he simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. it is what it is. now i unerstand that my message won't be heard by some people. we live in a nation that is deeply divided and i am a black woman speaking at the democratic convention, but enough of you know me by now. you know that i tell you exctly what i'm feeling. you know i hate polics. but you also know that i care about this naion. you know how much i care about all of our children. so if you take one thing from mi
6:18 pm
words t, it is this. if you think things cant possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will if we don't make a chainge in ths election. if we have any hope of ending ehis chaos, we have got to vot for joe biden like our depends on it. i know joe. he is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith. he was a terrific vice he knows what it takes to rescue economy, beat back a pandemi and lead our country. and he listens. he will tell the truth and truet scie he will make smart plans and manage a good tam. and he will govern as someone who has lived a life that the rest of us can recognize. when he was a kid, joe's father
6:19 pm
lost his job. when he was a young senator, joe lost his we and his baby daughter. and when he was vice president, he lost his loved son. so joe kno aws thenguish of sitting at a table with an empti chair, whi why he gives his time so freely to grieving parents. joe knows what it's like to struggle, which is why he gives his personal phone number tov kidscoming a stutter of their own. his life is a testament to getting back up and he is going to channel that same grit and passion to piclk us al up. to help us heal and guide us forward. now joe is not perfect. and he'd be the first to tellyo that. but there is no perfect candidate. no perfect president. and his ability to learn and
6:20 pm
humility an maturity that sod of many of us yearn for right now. because joe biden has se nved thtion, his entire life he is.t ever losing sight of who but more than that, he has never lost sight of who we are, all of us. joe biden wants all of our kids to go to a good school, see a doctor when they're sick, live on a healthy planet. and he's got plans to make all of that happen. joe biden wants all of our kids no matter what they look like, without worrying about beingo harassed or arrested or killed. he wants all of our kids to be able to go to a mvie or a math getting shot. being afraid of he wants all our kids to grow ue withaders who won't just
6:21 pm
serve themselves and their wealthy peers but will provide a safety net for people facing hard times.i an we want a chance to pursue any of thesegoals, any of these most basic requirements for a functioning society, we have to vote for jo ie bid because rit now, folks whoored. know they cannot win fair and square at the ballot box are doing everything they can to stop us from voting. they're closing own polling places in minority neighborhoods.vo they're purginer rolls, they're sending people out to intimidate voters and they're lying about the security of our ballots.these tactics are not n. but this is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning.
6:22 pm
we have got to vote like we did in 2008 and 2012, we've got to
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