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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 7, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ katty: i'm katty kay in washington and this is bbc world news america. scenes that are etched in america's conscience. how scenes in the u.s. are laying out here and around the world. the chaos on capitol hill is front-page news. we have wondered how it could take place in the heart of american some allies have urge caution and calm as a sign of just how much the world has changed. telling united states how best
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toice democracy. while rivals like china see political drama and division.a's katty: welcome to world news america on pbs and around the globe. we are only seven days into the new year, about 12 days until inauguration and only one day chaotic scenes america's capital has ever witnessed. there have been calls for accountability for those responsible for the storming of the capitol building. there s also been some understandable shock from america's allies and.ivals overse for the next half hour, we will gound the world to see how other couries areooking at the events here in washington. our diplomatic correspondent starts our coverage. james: to a wld that has traditionally seen america as a
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bastion of democracy, these images haverovoked shock, to try minister who made his business to get close to donald trump, it was at mom to speak out. >> as far ashe president has consistently cast outcome- doubt on the tcome of her free and fair election, president trump has been saying -- what he has been saying is completely wrong. and i condemn encouraging people to behave in the disgraceful way that they did in the capit. james: some leaders tried to rally support. >> what happened today in washingtonric is not a, definitely. i bel sve in thength of our democracies. we believe in the strength of
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american democracy. james: but germany's foreign minister compared last night to the burninof the righteous in 1933 -- theel char pointedly blamed mr. trump. >> doubts about the election outc have been stoked. that created the atmosphere which made the events of last night possible. china's foreign ministryos compared the c in the capitol to the storming of hong kong's parliament in 2019 when -- but no one died. she said we hope the american people can enjoy peace, stability, and security as soon as possible. iran's prident said democracy has madeca ame fertile ground for populism which has led the country to disaster. >> what we saw in the united
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states yesterday evening and today shows how fragile and vulnerable western democracy is. its foundations are not solid. s james: the eve last night may have changed the way the world sees america, but how much of these pictures also damaged democracy itsf, at a time when the idea has been challenged across the globe? katty: people looking at america but also looking at their own countries. you heard the german chancellor taking direct aim at president trump. a complicatedns relatp with the president over the past four years. for more on the view from germy i'm joined by our correspondent in berlin. thank you for joining us. she said she was furious. an interesting work to choose for a german leader looking at america. what do you think e meant? reporter: i think angela merkel
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has made clear from the very beginning of the trump administration thais prepared to work with america as long as it was workin on the basis of shared values, and those values back at the ginning of the administration she described as freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. so it is extraordinary to say that at the inauguration, remember angela merkel grew up in the iron curtain, in the shadow of the arm those are massive to her. she will have been horrified at what she saw in the united states, germany has always looked across the atlantic to america as one of the g oatest exampl democracy in the world. that view is held particularly rongly of the generation in which she grew up in the yrs following world war ii. to see it in effect crumble in frt of theiryes, as it appeared to do, really did
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people's hearts, i think. there is a second strand to the reaction here, and that is there is a concern about the, civil society. of democracy and we've seen a lot of protests here in recent months. people who are conspiracy theorists, rightinextremist taking to the streets. a few months ago we saw mom that was not as dramatic as what you saw there, butco there are erns about how to protect civil society. katty: are you suggesting that people are looking at america in germany and i saying happening in washington, it hasn't happened here yet, but perhaps we need to be careful about protecting our democracy, too? reporter: i've been reporting in germany for about six years. in that time, germany hasn s a
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far right party take seats in the national government. th is a country which doesn't have a day go by whout thinking about its own historic examples of it all going horribly wro h. yewe have extremist carrying out attacks in broad daylight, anti-semitic attacks. these things are really concerning politiciansere. efendse how do you democracy when you have the far-right party sat, saying things that are not sable a few years ago. theris a big debate going on about the fact that germany politically is not immune to what is happening in other countries. katty: jenny hill there with the view from berlin. thank you so much for joining us. it's interesting how we are watching what is happening in america in light of what is happening in their own countries as well. any iranian i studentfor live coverage of what is happening in
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washington yesrerday, some ling in what they saw. washington and tehran have had i icult relationship which has only gotten worse during easter trump presidency. let's speak to a professor at the university of tehran. thank you very much for joining us. what d you heaom iranians what waeir reaction to happening here in washington yesterday? o>>iously there is no sympathy for tromp, but i think a lot of people were somewhat happy to see the united states sort of take a bit of its own medicine. when we see, for example, rioters attack buildings in the republic of georgia or ukraine or venezuela or hong kong, in the west it is glorified and they are supported. but when it is in washington, suddenly horror. shock and or formp e, when the young
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lady who served in the u.s. army and served abroad, wn she was killed, in the capitol, if that was in any other country that was an adversary pically of the united states western countries, it would have been shown over and over andr again on telision. or the fact that tromp, again, people don't like him in iran, but the fact that his account was shut down, he was de platforms, many of his supporters were, and the clicks were removed from facebook or instagram. when that happens in hong kong or in countries where the united states a western countries have problems with him, these are not when accusations remained in bolivia that fraud had taken place and there waso fraud, there was no deplatforming.
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again, what i'm saying is lhat people aking at the paradoxes in e what thents in the united states were, how they were represented, and how events in other pts of the world were represented. katty:rehey also looking at this and seeing that yes, there was huge, unprecedented violence against the capitol yesterday, but the system is working in the sense that j biden has now been certified as the next will take over o january 20? so theransition of democracy will happen here in america. >> thablis the p. there are two things. one is that many don't see a it a democracy. they see it as an oligarchy or a plutocracy, where the media is almost uniform and takes the same position as the state. again, in the case ofolivia.
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but the fact is that other countries don't have the capabilities of the united states. they are not fortuna enough not to have foreign powers intervene. in the united states there isn't a foreign power to undermine the state, but when it comes to bolivia, the united states and its allies can undermine the state. when it is venezuela and so on. thtty: we have to leave it there. k you very much for joining us fro tehran. many americans in the inteigence community said there -- would say there has been underminingri of the an democracy coming from outside the country as well. china's leading m stateia says america needs to take a hard look at itself, and t dissatisfaction of its own citizens before pointing a finger at china in light of yesterday's events.
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thank you very much for joining us. i've also seen that chinese state media is suggesting there th a parallel between protesters in hong kong anprotesters who stormed the capitol building yesterday. what is the chinese press making of what happened here yesterday? >> china is able to leverage the lack of stability in the u.s. righ to reinforce two main arguments beijing has been making over the years. one is, democracy is messy and potentially violent. the second one is the one you just mentioned. the west is applying double standards on china. western media are commenting on hong kong and d.c. protests in very different ways. but of course ahough there are similarities between the images in these two places, the comparison between hong kong and
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d.c. protests is false, because the context of the two movements are completely different. inthe protesterong kong are demanding foodre and c elections while the writers in d.c. are trying to overturn the results of such an election. so what protesters in hong kong are fighting are exactly the ones that d.c. rioters are trying to dismane. so you see beijing taking advantage of this moment in the u.s., but making a false argument. katty: i was in contact overnight with a colleague of he was making the point that actually america's reputation in china had already been damaged because of its handling of the coronavirus, and this was only adding to a sense of lack of competence in the country. chinese social media has seen
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many messages of disbelief that this is happening in america, the beacon of democracy. any people in chiook up to america -- at the same time you see a tsunami of messages at deal with the pandemic at the same time it's locked in ts extreme political polarization. katty: thank you very much for joining us here. you're watching bbc world news america. still to come o' tonights program, russia has also weighed in on the violence in america, saying the u.s. deincracy is limpon both feet. we will have more from moscow. the u.s. haseen a sharp critic of countries who fail toave a
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smooth transfer of power. the army is lost on manforeign observers. they say america needs to take stock of its own democratic orsystem bcriticizing others. reporter: what we saw yesterday is the real face of the u.s., not the so of diplomatic made up nice looking face that they normally show to the world. one of the big problems you hadr with rng about crisis of different continents is thait tend to assume that on some continents, they've got it all figured ou he developed world in the west, they know what democracy . they have sorted out their problems, and perhaps there are a few individuals that don't get with the game, while you're in ri it's just reported -- here in africa it is just reported as a mess. t' russia'president
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vladimir putin has not yet commented on the violence in however, other officials wasted little time criticizing the u.s. one parliamentary member said oveholiday of the u.s. is and has lost all rights to set a course, let alone impose it on others. let's go to moscow, sarah, i imagine it was late at night when this unfolded there in russia. to extent were russians aware of what was happening ande to what extenthey interested in washing the television -- watching the >> i think a fair number of people will have been watching, t it coincided with orthodox christmas night here in russia. or example, state tv coverage even throughout tod, the first adline news has been the fact that president putin attended a ristmas mass, and his comments afterwards which were all about
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god and hope and nothing about the u.s. elections. so in that sense it slightly muted the coverage that there has been and tnt com there have been because it is a public holiday here today. but still it was described, the u.s. election system asha a and undemocratic. she said russia's friends in america she hopeful pool through in this problematic time. proceed on the premiti that the el in the united states was flawed. essentially there's no criticism of donald trump here as we have heard from other world leads. insteadec aation of the claims from donald trump himself, the false claims that the election had been stolen. proceeding from that premise, russia is now arguing that the elections are crisis of democracy and that america hast
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completely ls ability and it's time to be any kind of moral authority on the world stage. of coursen russia they are enjoying pushing that message home. katty: does that mean there is support for those people who were storming the pitol buildi yesterday there in russia? >> not overt support, but the message is that they do have a calls to fight for,f you like. it's a unique perspective with america having lectured russia for years and russia -- it's all from that perspective that you cannot lecturey us longer, look at your system. your system is broken and in crisis. on the one hand, for vladimir putin watching here from moscod it's g see american some
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kind of disarray and sort of enjoy that. but he doesn't really like the idea of protest on the street and storming political offices. he doesn't want people to get the wrong idea. katty: thank you for staying up late in moscow. a very interesting different reactionere getting around the world. he pulled out of the you and nuclear deal and the parisnd kleiman accordthers. with the new administration coming in, will they welcome america back with open arms? we've been getting reaction from right around the world. i want you to throw this ball for us. e biden is promising america will be back on the world stage. isnghe world stage g to take america back after what we've seen, not just yesterday, but
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over the last fourears? lyse: we heard president biden last night sayinthis is not america. trump, just listening to your world tour, you can sum it up saying what has happened in t world capital has given ammunition to the enemies and rivals of the united states and the allies of thed states,ion to particularly europe. you could hear the side of relief across the european continent when it was clear that joe biden has won, and they still will welcome him -- in eupe, a leader talks about multilat walism, whots to rebuild some of the relations that were broken or at least battered during president's presidency. i remember being at natoummits where president trump would harangue other nato leaders.
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granted he made them cough up more money for defense budgets, but it was the tone that was really jarring and very insulting for natoeaders. so the tone in itself, joe biden will strike a different tone. but the countries i visited in recent months, afghanistan, qatar, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, all of them are holding their breath. all of these countries know that not just the tone but the nature and details of theerpproaches in an policy are going to change with the bidenti admist. no matter what happened on capitol hill, joe biden, we derstand, will still try to take his remaining troops out of afghanistan. he will still try to talk more about human rights to saudi arabia. the was sti to get qatar to join the accords that president trump began. but will his hand be weakened? i think this is ammunition to
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biden comes with a message of, shouldn't you do it this way? katty: i wonder to what extent happened here in washington and thought even america's allies, joe biden may want to reengage with the world, but he has a huge job at home. he has to handle the pandemic, the american economy, and these racial inequalities, financial inequalities. and to some extent -- which to some extent theba protest laid yesterday. lyse:ry e leader, prime minister and performance arrive met in the last six months has said exactly the same thing to me. when they knew whoever was going to come in, they kno that first, america has to take care of america. in some ways they are happy about that, because they want to get on without having a new ministration breathing dow
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their neck introducing new legislation, etc but in another way they know it would be costly for them. so this will even underline more deeply that america will have t. focus on ameri but at some point, president-elect biden, we been bohearing all the appointments, and as you know, manyre of thembama era appointments. people who did the iranwi deal want to get back into the iran deal, especially because there is an iranian election coming up. those who worked in afghanistan want to make sure the taliban keep their commitment. they have a history and some want to correct the mistakes of history an others want to strengthen that history. make america great again is also going to be joe biden's task. katty: lyse doucet, thank you very much.
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- interesting to hear of om our correspondence from around the world. this is american politics, but it is also global politics, and there is aomhangeg here in washington and everyone is watching it. thisan has bee emotional 24 hours or so here in washington. the images from capitol hill have shaken many of us to the core. it's more than ns, it's more than politics. ldlive in the city and have raise my four cn here as well. i've walked through those halls that usually echo withof the wok emocracy and government. four years ago, donald trump stoodt the east front of t u.s. capitol and said these words. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. they were words that shook the rest of the world. he w referring to economic dispary and social unrest in the country, but all people really remember is that word, carnage.
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and that is what we saw here in washington yesterday. we saw carnage. when chaos erus on such hallowed ground, it is only natural to ask the question about the verye fut american democracy. and yes, the lis of division, race, and inequality are narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... language specialists teaching spanish, french and more. raymond james. nancial services firm, the freeman fountion. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions f america's neglected needs. and by contribut to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.
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♪ judy: good evening, i am judy woodruff. on the "newshour"ht tonig, chaos at the capitol. the natio begins recovery after a violent mob ofsu ectionists inspired by the president stormed the building and a failed attempt to halt the approval of prident-elect biden's victory. then, removing the president, because to expel mr. trump from office through the 25th amendment or impeachment grow louder across the political specum. then, law and a disorder. the ease with which the president's followers breached police protections of the capitol prompt demands for answers.


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