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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  February 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ ros: i'm ros atkins. this is "outside source." western leaders are uniting to condemn russia's invasion of ukraine. president biden: putin is the aggressor. putin chose this more, and now he and his countrymen will bear the consequences. ros: the russian arms live began just before dawn with an offensivby land, sea, air, and that a barrage of missiles. then with a russian attack helicopters and fighter jets, honing in on the ukrainian army. vladimir putin had this morning. >> whoever tries to interfere
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with us or threaten our country should know that russia's response will be immediate and lead to such consequences that had never been experienced in history. ros: we are seeing long queues at banks and gas stations as people try to get out of the country. there have been sanctions targeting russian individuals and businesses. prime minister johnson: we agreed to work in unity to maximize the economic price that putin will pay for his aggression. this must include and in europe's collective dependence on russian oil and gas. ros: we will also bring the latest from brussels, where eu leaders are holding an emergency summit to drop their response to what happened -- draw up their response to what happened. ♪ ros: while russian forces have
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launched a major assault on ukraine, firing missiles into cities and military targets, president biden has joined other world leaders in condemning the attack. this is some of what he said. president den: putin is the aggressor. putin chose this more, and now he and his country will bear the consequences. today i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported to russia. this will impose severe cost on the russian economy both immediately and over time. we have purposely designed these sanctions to maximize the long-term pact on russia and to minimize the impact of the united states and our allies. ros: in the past hour, ukraine said it is urging eight urgent human rights council session at the united nations. the ukraine health ministry has reported 57 people have been killed today, 169 people wounded. this is the ukrainian president.
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>> putin started a war against ukraine, against the whole democratic world. he wants to destroy my country. he wants to destroy our country, everything we have blt, everything we live for. ros: announcing the invasion, vladimir putin went on russian tv and said this. >> whoever tries to interfere with us or threaten our country should know that russia's response will be immediate and lead to such consequences that have never been experienced in history. ros: airstrikes began this morning after president putin ordered the attack. this map shows the reported strikes and explosions. they have it in eight major cities including the capital, kyiv. russia says it has destroyed more than 70 military targets including airfields. this is a missile striking the airport in western ukraine.
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these pictures have not been filmed by the bbc but we have verified that. this is at a military airport in the northeast city in the early hours of the morning. this is another airport close to kyiv. we see an air assault operation. helicopters have been dropping paratroopers to the ground. and this video shows a russian military helicopter at the same airport, apparently shot down. and here is what the russians are looking to hit. >> they are targeting mainly military institutions, weapon storages. they have been targeting the airports. they are targeting military airports. ros: after the airstrikes came, the land invasion followed. russian troops entered ukraine from a number of directions, from belarus to the north, from
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the south of the annexed crimea peninsula. our correspondent those troops were making rapid progress. in the last hour, russia says it has captured the former nuclear power plants in chernobyl, and we know there is fighting the outskirts of kyiv. it is happening here at the airbase, 30 miles outside of kyiv. russian paratroopers have been in control of the airbase vince landing there this morning. we just heard from ukrainian officials that fighting is still going on around the airbase. this video appears to show russian military helicopters flying north of the city and firing on the ground. this was from earlier, when our chief international correspondent was on air in kyiv. >> in this year, 2022, the most advanced intelligence, the worst warnings, the most intensive diplomacy could not make president putin blink. international norms are being shattered.
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the architecture of all of our lives -- and a siren to remind you that war has come to kyiv, in a european capital, in the city that is going right around the world. if that feels shattering, what is happening in terms of what governs our lives, think about the lives of tens of millions of ukrainians, shattered. [sirens] think if you are a family wondering about your children's safety. you have your suitcase packed. what are you going to do? ros: we also heard from ukraine's defense minister saying the ukrainian defense has not collapsed, the army took the fight. ukraine stand with both feet on the ground and continues to defend itself. the ukrainian military claims to have shot down six aircraft with the bbc cannot confirm that. this one is verify but we don't know the source.
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it shows russian helicopters being shot at by ukrainian forces. you can see those flares being used. some ukrainians are trying to leave their homes, others are staying exactly where they are. some say they will be. to fight, like this man. >> we will serve our country, our children, our mothers. defend our country from the russian occupation. we will fight all day. ros: kyiv has announced a citywide curfew. as though sirens were being heard, people were being advised to seek shelter, and some took refuge in metro stations in the city. our reporter went to speak to some of them. >> this feels like one of the safest places in the city today, that just because there are lots of soldiers about but because the metro is doubling up as a bomb shelter. overnight, families have come
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down here, following the news of what is happening, working out what they will do next. >> his mom and dad are worried. >> eight bombs. >> it is the war starting. >> i am verycared for my boy, alexander says. ros: i want to show you pictures on the roads out of kyiv. look at these traffic jams as hundreds and hundreds try to flee the city. people are preparing for what is to come. this is from an eastern city. earlier explosions in the morning. as you can see, long lines of people try to withdraw money from atm's. also along queues for fuel. this has been seen in a number of different places. this is it a southern port city
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of odessa. ukraine says russian military vehicles entered from multiple directions including from crimea to the south and from neighboring belarus to the north. these pictures are from north of crimea. you can see some tanks being destroyed and abandoned. in eastern ukraine, fierce fighting reported on the border of donsk and luhansk. those are the two breakaway regions controlled by russian separatists which vladimir putin has declared as independent states. the russians have attacked a hospital in the donetsk region, killing four people. >> ukrainian forces have been battling russian backed forces for the past eig years and cap that line pretty much in place.
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now those militias are backed by the russian army. we know they have rolled into some areas of the donbass, we know there is heavy fighting going on along the contactine as it is known to the south of where we are. civilians killed today in one area. heavy fighting in several places. people are backing away from the front line, worried about what that means, worried aboutn advance by russian troops, the fighting coming to their doorstep. ros: the ukrainian foreign minister has been giving a statement, saying ukraine is holding ground that we need the world to help us. to be clear, both nato and the u.s. have been explicit, they will not be getting involved in the military conflict inside of ukraine's borders. unless that changes, help note coming in the form of direct military intervention. the defense minister also saying the kremlin is preparing a new wave of attacks including airstrikes. we don't have that from th
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russians come as you can imagine. the ukrainians suspect a new wave ofir attacks being planned. already thousands of ukrainians have seen enough and are fleeing their country. this is on the border wi poland. you can see some refugees arriving. one of them described what it fe like to leave. >> it is not a crisis, it is war. it is disgusting. you stay on the ground and you feel this ground, you see the cracks on the ground. i feel like don't know when i will see my family. i don't know if any of them will die, my friends, anything like that. will there be a bombing of civilian buildings or not? do they close the borders? just unknown.
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that is what scares me the most. ros: that is on the border between ukraine and poland. news coming in from russia. police have detained at least 1400 people at antiwar protests. this comes from a russian monitoring group. it says the antiwar protests took place in 51 russian cities. we have these pictes from st. petersburg, where dozens of people were arrested by security officials. outside of russia, there has been near universal condemnation of what russia has done by invading ukraine. as you would expect, western governments saying they will escalate sanctions against moscow. we heard from president biden in the last hour or so, european leaders, and the nato secretary have joined him condemning what is happening. here is the head of nato. >> russia has attacked ukraine. this is a brutal act of war.
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our thoughts are with the brave people of ukraine. sadly, what we have warned against four months has come to pass. despite all calls on russia to change course and tireless efforts to seek a diplomatic solution. peace on our continent has been shattered. we now have more in europe on a scale and of a type we thought belonged to history. ros: next, let's hear from the european union. this is the commission president, who was at the same briefing. >> we will holrussia accountable for this outrageous violation of ukraine's sovereignty and teitorial integrity. and what is at stake it just donbass, not just ukraine. what is at stake is the stability of europe and the
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whole international order, our peace order. president putin chose to bring war back to europe. in a determined and united response, the european union will make it as difficult as possible for the kremlin to pursue its aggressive actions. ros: one of those who spent a long time trying to persde vladimir putin to not invade ukraine was the french president emmanuel macron. you will remember them sitting at either end of a normal stable in moscow. this is his reaction to what has happened today. >> by breaking his word, by refusing the diplomat root, by choosing more, president putin has not only attacked ukraine, he decided to flout the sovereignty of ukraine, carrying out the most serious attack on peace and stability in europe indicates. ros: we have heard from nato, france. next, let's hear from the u.n. generally secretary general who
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has reiterated his appeal to president putin to stop this military action. >> we know the toll of war. with death rising, you are seeing images of fear, anguish, and terror in every corner of ukraine. every day innocent people always pay the highest price. that is why the united nations is scaling up our humanitarian operations in and around ukraine. today, i'm announcing that we will immediately allocate 20 million u.s. dollars from the central emergency response fund meet urgent needs. ros: another update to bring you before i pass on more western reaction. the ukrainian national police say russian forces have captured an island that is in the black sea, belongs to ukraine. russia is now in control of it, according to ukraine's national police. this just emphasizes the multifaceted nature of the
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russian operation and the degree to which it is attacking positions right across ukraine. this is not in operation focused solely on the eastern region where the conflict has been running since 2014. we heard from nato, the u.n., france, next, let's hear from prime minister boris johnson. prime minister johnson: this act of wanton and reckless aggression is an attack not just on ukraine, it is an attack on democracy and freedom, eastern europe, and around the world. ros: boris johnson went on to announce this was the largest and most of your sanctions against russian businesses, including banks. prime minister johnson: with new financial measures, we are taking new powers to target russian finance in addition to the banks we have already sanctioned this week today in concert with the u.s., we are imposing a full asset freeze on vtb. more broadly, these powers will
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enable us to totally exclude russian banks from the u.k. financial system, which is by far the largest in europe, stopping them from accessing sterling and clearing payments to the u.k. ros: there is boris johnson. he outlined some of the action of the u.k. was taking in terms of sanctions against russia. we knew further sections would be coming from the european union. eu leaders are meeting this evening in brussels to thrash that out. eu leaders have agreed to impose sanctions on russian financial sectors, energy, transport, and impose export controls, blacklisting more russians. these are not ordinary russians, these are particularly powerful and wealthy individuals that the eu and u.k. and the u.s. are interested in applying pressure on. they know that is one way to potentially influence vladimir putin, if people close to him are put under pressure.
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we will see if that works. the eu doing what we expected it to do, imposing further sections on the financial sector, energy, transport, export controls. some of the countries following this with the greate concern are ukraine's baltic neighbors. estonia, latvia, lithuania are all members of the nato military alliance. here is a message from estonia's prime minister. >> we will help ukraine withll the political need to be canned, also practical support, defense weaponry that we can send to ukraine. of course, we must do everything on the eu and nato level to make sure this aggression does not expand. ros: lithuania, a nato country, borders belarus from where the russians launched this invasion. it is imposing a two-week state of emergency.
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here is it president. >> today, i am signing a degree imposing the state of emergency which lithuania's parliament will approve at the extraordinary session. after assessing the new circumstances, we have the legal measures in placefirst of all, to strengthen our external security. ros: does nato have a military response to this? at the moment, no. the secretary-general reiterated the group has no plan to send troops into ukraine, which is not a member of the nato alliance, but ukraine does neighbor members of thnato alliance. other things we should emphasize, ukraine's proximity to russia, belarus to the north. belarus is very much an ally to the russians. nato has set out how the gro plans to protect those nato members in the east of europe. >> we are increasing our presence in the eastern part alliance, and today, we activated nato's defense funds
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that gives our military commanders more authority to move forces, deploy forces when needed. this could also be elements of the nato response force. we are ready. we are adjusting our foster. what we do is defensive, measured, and we do not see confrontation. we want to prevent conflict and an attack against a nato ally country. ros: one reaction we need to pay close attention to is what china is saying. there was a fascinating moment earlier in the press conference with joe biden where a reporter asked, what do you think about what china said today? will you give me a reaction to china's position? the american president decline to offer his thoughts on that. we will have to see if he doesn't share them at some point in the future about china's sition is fascinating. beijing said it understands what it calls moscow's legitimate
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security concerns, and a spokesperson repeatedly refused to describe today's invasion as an invasion. >> you are using a typical western questioning method, using the word "invasion." china is closely monitoring the situation. we call on all sides to exercise restraint to prevent the situation from getting out of control. ros: we can talk to our state department correspondent who is with us. let me ask you about that moment in the press conference when joe biden declined to comment on china. does that fit in with previous answers, comments he has made on the subject? >> i don't really know what to make of it. either he had not thought about it specifically, didn't have anything fair to say about that. he has been very focused today on the u.s.-eu response. i am speculating here.
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administration officials have said about the chinese response before, which is that its official position which you always hear at the un security council and otherwise is to protect the sovereignty of nations, that this is a major reason for the u.n. to exist, to make sure there is no violation of bders. usually they bring up that argument when they feel that western nations have gone too far in interfeng with internal affairs. but it would equally apply resume ugly for a major power like russia crossing the border into another country. as you said, the chinese have not called it an invasion. the other thing the administration says, yes, they are banding together publicly with russia in the face of western pressure, but ultimately, if there is a war, and there is, if it lasts, that will also damage china's interests. that is how officials have responded in the past.
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i don't know if mr. biden was focused on other things and didn't have an answer ready at this stage. ros: i was also interested that he kept emphasizing long-term goals that sanctions could deliver, seem to be playing down any short-term outcomes from these new sanctions placed against the russians. is that an acknowledgment that in the short term there is only so much american can do about what is happening in ukraine? >> i think when the united states and nato said that they would not fight in ukraine against russia, they have been saying that from the beginning, that was already a decision that telegraphed they could not stop president putin, would not stop him. therefore, sanctions were the next step. it was interesting that mr. biden said that sanctio were never going to deter him. that is not what we were hearing from administration officials, but it suggests that there was always a great deal of skepticism about whether sanctions could deter him.
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what mr. biden emphasized was that sanctions worked out over a period of time, there is not usually an immediate impact. these would work out over the medium to long-term. he said the impact they would have -- and he announced severe financial sanctions -- basically cutting off banks and state owned companies from the western financing system, blocking the import of key technology to the russian industrial section. he said these measures would really squeeze russia, that there would be an impact. he said get back to me in a month, and if we are able to stand together -- meaning the westnot cave in when our own people feel pain, in effect -- then mr. putin will have to decide that he will respond tohe pressure or except that he will be a second rate power. all kinds of strong language but he did talk out this happening
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over a period of time. ros: thank you very much. let's switch back to ukraine. we have some news in ukraine. a diplomatic source have told the reuters news agency that the outskirts of ukraine's port city came under heavy fire and hundreds of explosions were heard. this as ukrainian forces battled russian invasion on all sides. reuters and localia passing on the fact that there are clashes now in the port city. this would help russia toecure a direct land route to the peninsula of crimea, which it annexed in 2014. night may have fallen but this remains a fluid situation. we are still within the first 24 hours of russia's invasion into ukraine, both the response from the watching world and also the response from the ukrainians and russians continues to be swift. as all of these developments
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come in, you will see them here on "outside source." we will take upon, and then i will be back with you -- a narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank yo ♪ ♪ narrator: you're watching pbs. ♪ da-da-da-duh-da-da-da♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da-da ♪♪
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