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tv   BBC World News Today  PBS  May 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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narrator: fundin was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> hello this . 50 more civilians have been evacuated from the mariupol steel plant under siege by russian forces. a huge explosion ripped through a hotel in the colonial district of havana. at least eight people are dead. the irish nationalist looks to become the largest party in northern ireland. sri lanka has declared a state
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of emergency. why some controversial members of the british royal family won't be getting a balcony call at the queen's jubilee. ♪ hello and welcome. first, in the last hour, ukrainian officials and said that 50 women, children, and older people have been rescued from the siege -- from the steel plant in mariupol. someave been taken to a camp. these are the latest pictures of the evacuees arriving. the evacuation is expected to continue on saturday. at least 20 are still trapped with ukrainian fighters.
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the rescue operation is being led by the united nations and the red cross. the steel plant has become a refuge as russia tries to make advances in the ukraine. >> the russian attacks to continue despite promises of a cease-fire according to this unverified dig. kremlin backed troops are still fighting on this steellant. all ukrainian soldiers and hundreds of civilians sheltered side. they have been using the sprawling network of tunnels as a refuge for more than two months. very little food or water. around 100 women and children ha been rescued from the depths of the plant. there is a complex operation
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underway to free more civilians. now comes a plea to save the troops who have used the steelworks to try to make one last stand for the city. svetlana's only son is there. she doesn't want to be identified to protect him. >> it is horrible to know that your son is fighting and has nothing left to fight with in a city that is completely raised to the ground. i would give anything in exchange for him to survive. for everyone who is still there under the bombardment to survive. we beg all the world countries to help us and save our heroes. it is not them who are complaining and begging, it is us. >> she was ordered by her son to flee as the bombs leveled this once thriving port. ukrainian officials claim more than 20,000 people have been killed. the relatives of others still fighting can't bear to see these
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images. her husband and her two sons are still in the ukrainian unit. >> every image is wound in my heart and in my soul. every time i wish is that they will survive this. of course they will keep fighting. they were holding on. they're doing the impossible. >> outnumbered and outgunned, this small defending force has become a symbol for ukraine. they may never surrender, but their families may at least get a chance to leave alive. >> next, there has been a huge explosion at a luxury hotel in the colonial district of the cuban capital havana. the blast destroyed the facade of several floors of the hotel which is being refurbished.
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now we can cross to our latin america correspondent. what details do we have of what has happened? x >> the cuban presidency is basically saying that this was caused by a gas explosion. whether it was a gas leak or a tanker carrying liquefied gas parked outside the hotel is still to be dermined. they did say that they are looking at the exact cause,primm to point in that direction. if that is the case, this is been a horrific accident. the hotel was closed, and that could have saved lives. there would have been pple working on the refurbishment. it would have been staff inside the hotel. people passing through the streets in that area. thankfully, there was a school behind the hotel, we are told
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everyone was evacuated safely. it's a very serious accident. >> we will wait to hear more details of the explanation and the details on those who have been caught up in this. give us an idea of the area in ish whpe hthneapd. hotel is very well known in havana. everybody will know it. it was a point where a lot of celebrities would go when they visited havana during the recent thaw between the obama administration and cuba. there have been all manner of different tour groups coming through. press conferences with u.s. senators in that hotel. it is a well-known focal point for tourism and as you said, the colonial era old historic district. a lot of buildings are crumbling
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around. an exposure of this nature could have an effect on surrounding buildings. >> anything from officials about when we will be getting details about what happened? >> not yet carded. they are putting out information as they have it. there was a call for donations. the injured are being treated in nearby hospitals. the focus will be on pulling anyone else remaininin the rubble, accounting for everyone who is missing. working out exactly how many people have died. this could have an effect on cuba's reemerging tourism industry. the island has been hugely hit by the pandemic went tourism as such the mainstay of the economy. the green shoots of the return of tourism site this could have
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an effect on that returning. >> thank you for that. next, the president of sri lanka has declared a new state of emergency as demands grow for his government to resign. earlier, police fired tr gas outside of parliament. strike wrouguch of the country to the halt. our self asia correspondent reports from colombo. >> not too far from schumacher's parliamentcrowds of gathered again. there is a real sense of celebration and camaraderie. things were tense as police fired tear gas.
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they say they will continue protesting until the government quits. they want the president and his brother the prime minister to quit office. so far, the promise they will get sri lanka through this crisis. many people blame them and the policies for this mess. tonight, the president met with his cabinet. there are some teions between the two brothers. there are some reports that the president might step down. for now, both men remain in office. opposition lders are hoping to table no confidence. one indication of whether or not the government may have enough support to win a no-confidence motion was election of the deputy speaker earlier this
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week. he has the backing of the government even though he is from a different party. he quit than he was reelected again. this evening, the deputy speaker quit again. leading to quite a confusing scenario where he quit and he was reelected now he is quit again. in many ways, confusion and uncertainty sums up what is going on here witnsllh oiof unsure where they're going to get their next you'll tank. where they will get their next meal from, and of course people are wondering what the way is out of this financial mess. >> thank you for talking this through the desperate situation in sri lanka. in the u.k., local elections have been taking place that are a test of the popularity of bos johnson's government.
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it has been a tough night for conservatives. the labour party made gains but found it harder elsewhere. scottish nationalists are on course for another victory. it is not looking good for the conservatives in wales either. all eyes are on northern ireland as results from its elections are starting to come in. that will determine who will become the largest party in northern ireland assembly. pulse of been indicating a nationalist party could become the largest party for the first time. >> let go back to basics. political divides in northern ireland are generally dominated by two political tribes. people who want to be part of the u.k. and they see themselves as very british and nationalists who see themselves as irish and would like northern ireland to
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leave the u.k. and become a united ireland. the largest national party are on course for the first time in the history of northern ireland's assembly to win the most seats. that will be significant. it is not a given that we will see that happen immediately. that is because here in northern ireland, there is unique system of government called power-sharing. even if they went to become the largest party, they nominate first miniei, strth deputy for them to be able together to -- cover together. -- govern together. the unionists party says the border has to be scrapped before they will go back to power-sharing executive.
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this could shift the psychological balance of power here in northern ireland. as to whether it would end up being a government is unlikely. governments are probably facing is months of negotiation between the parties. it would be a historic result if the nationalist party were to come out as the largest party for the first time. >> we have about a third of the results so far. stay with us. still to come, why some controversial members of the british royal family won't be getting a balcony call at the queen's jubilee. >> after six years of construction and numerous
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delays, the channel tunnel has been opened by the queen. it is still not yet ready for passengers and faith services to begin. for centuries, christianity and islahave struggled for supremacy. now, their willingness to coexist. >> the first man in the world to run a mile in under four minutes. >> memories of victory athe celebrations each their climax. >> this night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. ♪ >> welcome back. this is bbc news. 50 more civilians have been evacuated from the mariupol
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still works in ukraine under siege by russian forces. a huge explosion has ripped through a hotel in havana. at least eight people are dead. get more on thwar in ukraine. ukraine air rescue is a group of self-funded pilots from germany who volunteered to fly medical supplies to the border. our reporter joined them on one of their missions. >> we are two minutes away from the polish border. >> these are private pilots from germany volunteering to flight medical supplies to the border. >> we had an emergency reque coming in from a hospital in the ukraine. if there is someone suffering were village has been bombed, they have 10 times of supply they need. it has to be delivered in no
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time. >> there transporting donations of cancer treatmt and insulin no longer available because of the war. also medicine to treat the wounded, body bags and forensic kits. >> for that freed up villages, rls age 15 and older who have been raped, and these kits they can prove they have been raped within a certain time span than it has to be decided if they are giving the pill prevent any pregnancy. there is only a small window. >> the air rescue is fully funded by private donations. there are 200 62 pilots signed up to help often paying for gas out of their own pockets. up to 3000 euros per flight. on the return to germany, there evacuated vulnerable ukrainians. >> it doesn't make sense.
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where try to reach out t under -- unaccompanied children, handicapped. we hope we can make a difference. >> anton has arthritis and can barely walk. he will soon see his daughter and wife in germany. >> this is my first flight. my cinema. >> my daughter. >> in germany, he wants to teach children with disabilities how to paint. >> this is my favorite dream. dream is my life. >> when this war is over, the vision would be that we fly into ukraine. hundreds of airplanes out of europe, bringing back people. not everyone knows this is what we stand together.
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>> for years, hong kong managed to contain the spread of covid-19. when the omicron variant overwhelmed health care system, it reported the highest death rate in the world. many of those affected are the most vulnerable, the underprivileged and elderly. >> for this person, home is a three meter square cage. hong kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. until recently, six people lived in this room. when omicron hit, he lost two roommates in the space of a week. >> one person died on that bed. the other person also died. he slept on that bed. we called the ambulance, it got through but no one picked up. >> for the poor, living with
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vid means living in tiny apartments where the virus can easily spread. self-isolating is a most impossible. [speaking foreing language] >> it was too late, he died at 8:00 p.m. that night. he suffered a lot, he kept saying he was unwell he had asthma and underlying illnesses. >> hong kong is coming out of the fifth wave of covid-19. this city is stuck between two opposing policies. it is the most vulnerable in this society who have suffered. >> nine families live inside this narrow dwelling. we are taken to another subdivided apartment. it's the latest outbreak, they have been living isolation supported by social workers.
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[speaking foreing language] he has been living in his cramped apartment for 12 years. he has barely left his room for three months. he is unvaccinated. many of the elderly in hong kong are reluctant to get the job. -- jab. ' >> whether or not to consider getting vaccinated is the key question. the right decision is in your hands. now the government enforces the people to get vaccinated. now it is: for a fourth shot. it looks like it is never-ending. the elderly live alone without neighbors. if they die, no one will know. >> china is determined to eradicate covid. in hong kong, the fifth wave lead to the highest death rate in the world.
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here, the impact will last well into 2022. >> it is almost one month since flash ravaged south africa. tens of thousands displaced. dozens of people are missing and some families are yet to bury their loved ones as the ground is still waterlogged. among those killed was a family of 10 including nine children. >> the unimaginable happened to the family. the 43-year-old and nine children were killed in the recent floods that swept through. the worst seen in decades. almost one month on, somebody's are yet to be recovered. th were sleeping when the
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violent water washed through their home flattening everything. >> to tell the truth, we are numb. this is too much to comprehend. wh you have your grief, you think of this one. you think of your niece, your cousin. it is too much. >> as the community gathers for the mass funeral to offer support, the families say their grief is far from over. this day is tinged with mixed feelings for the family. they have been able to bury some other family members. for children are still missing and the family tells me they are fast losing hope of their bodies being returned home. they are not the only ones. dozens of flood victims are still missing across the province leaving families and unbearable limbo. meanwhile, some funeral parlors
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are sitting with unidentified bodies and no consensus on what to do with them. the government and private donors have offered millions to help cover the funeral cost but the process is said to be bureaucratic and slow leading to delays with the burials. it's a long road ahead. for those who have lost family to those who have lost their homes or livelihoods. the president has acknowledged that more funds will be required to rebuild. to help mend the province. >> the devastating effects of the floods are still being felt. you are watching bbc news. back to the u.k..
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th summer marks the queens platinum jubilee. a key part is a royal appearance on the balcony of buckingham pallets. the queen has decided that prince harry, megan, and it's andrew not be allowed on the balcony. >> and appearance on the palace balcony is a centerpiece of any major celebration. for the platinum jubilee, their sensitivity arounsome family members so the queen has dided that only working royals will join her on the balcony. canceled our the duke of york and the sussexes. harry and meghan say they will come but they will not be on the balcony. the big question is how visible will the queen be throughout the four days of celebrations? it all begins on thursday, june 2 with trooping the color. the culmination of which the royal family makes the balcony
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appearance. the queen plans to attend, but the final decision will be made on the day. on front of the third, -- on friday the third, there will be a ceremony at the cathedral. on saturday the fourth, there will be the platinum party at the palace produced by the bbc on a stage being built in from the palace. will the queen be there? it will be decided on the day. finally on sunday the fifth, the gold state coach will be one of the main features in a jubilee pageant. the queen will not be writing in it. it is clearly the queen's intention to be at the color into the service of thanksgiving and the other events if she can. >> just before i go, our top story. ukrainian officialsay that 50
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women, children, and elderly have been rescued from the steel plant in mariupol. that's it from me. get me anytime online and on social media. this is bb news. rrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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