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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  May 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ >> i'm seconds, welcome to outside -- russ adkins, welcome to outside source. ukraine says they're moving -- and the front line in the city kharkiv is seeing a shift. >> every inch, every other mile gives us respite from the russian guns. >> a palestinian american journalist haseen shot dead in
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the occupied west bank while reporting for al jazeera. the network says she was targeted by israeli armed forces. >> we expose ourselves to the army and passersby that we are press. we arrived and within seconds there was the first start. -- shot. i turned and found her on the ground. >> and the latest from our correspondent in washington as the u.s. senate vote to write abortion rights into u.s. law. ♪ >> let's begin in ukraine, forces are pushing back russian troops to the north and northeast in the second largest city, kharkiv. is is around 40 kilometers from the border with russia and on the map, you can see in purple where ukrainian counterattacks are happening. ukrainians have captured four
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villages in the past days. our journalist spent the last week on the front line embedded with the troops. they sent this report from in and arou town. [sirens] >> the specter of russian victory once haunted the city. but no more. for months, the invaders were at the city gates. but kharkiv has cast out vladimir putin's book childers -- foot soldiers, forcing them toward the border. this road is deadly. there are landmines on either side and a number of times vehicles have been hit by russian shelling. the russians are retreating but they not giving up on trying to pin these men down. but retreating they are. there is more at stake than just
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at the city of kharkiv. the russian supply lines to the donbas is also a threat. the men say if they can take back the city by the russian border, why can't they take back all of ukraine? for more than a week they have been fighting and winning. still, they have to move fast. an army in retreat is just as dangerous. so they are on guard. >> [speaking foreign language] >> above them, they know enemy drones are watching. >> [speaking foreign language] >> these men are expos. at the top of this ridge, russian tanks and artillery still rome and lead fire
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this has become a more mobile fight., a deadly game of hide and seek in the kharkiv countryside. >> you will go there. behind the fence, yeah? ok? >> we are following at ukrainian tele torreon -- territorial defense unit, all volunteers. [explosion] >> sit-down. >> every second in the open risks targeting from russians who are less than half a kilometer away. then you see from kharkiv, they are fighting for ukraine, but also for their city. and it is a close quarters battle. but every inch of ground they gain, every other mile, gives their city respite from the
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russian guns you can hear. >> [speaking foreign language] >> we are in the third month of this war. who is winning? >> we are winning of course. ukraine is winning. every day our guys are doing in mariupol, every day they refer the acts they commit, these are small wins in the big war. >> the fields and villages gain ground. om here, russia attacked kharkiv dozens of times daily. now, only a handful of shells make it to the city.
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but there is still danger in the village. a show whizzes overhead. -- shell whizzes overhead. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the enemy is there in the forest. >> out there, and russian tank is on the hunt. but they have grown used to these tactics. so already, the men who make up this unit, an economist, a businessman, a mechanic, have taken cover. little pred them for this. but they have not flinched. a direct hit knocked out the power. tank fire hammers the bunker. but the men are untroubled and unharmed. and what of the people above ground?
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a lull of sorts gives this 66-year-old chance to escape. she grew up in the soviet union, lived in east germany. she can't believe it has come to this. >> [speaking foreign language] >> home, and her history, in ruins. >> shards of glass hit me in the face. >> how can she forgive russia these wins? >> why didn't the shrapnel hit me in the heads of that i would die immediately? >> for days she suffered through this. >> but i hardly feel physical pain anymore. the pain is in my soul.
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>> you are lucky to be alive, he says. >> yes, my arm is working, lucky? god did not let me look -- died. now i have to live in pain. >> in a time gone by, her father and putin's father battled hitler's. but that shared memory is now lost to history. and russian speaking ukraine, the past runs deep and the suffering brought here won't be easily forgiven nor forgotten. quentin sommerville, bbc, kharkiv. ♪ >> next we must talk a the death of the journalist shareen abu akleh.
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she worked for al jazeera and was an american palestinian reporter, shot in the west bank this morning. she and her producer were coveng a raid by israeli security forces. al jazeera and eyewitnesses say she was shot by israeli security forces. the white house has condemned the killing. this is her body being carried through the streets. it is draped in the palestinian flag and you can see her press jacket on top of if it. people have been mourning her death, our correspondent in jerusalem spoke to some of them. >> this is the scene outside of her hous there's been a crowd gathered here since early this morning. it is now late afternoon. it is a quiet gathering. there have been some angry demonstrations which have moved off down toward the old city of jerusalem but along with the anger and defiance of them is anguish and grief.
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one friend of hers who i spoke to said she could not believe shareen would no longer be reporting from the west bank. she's been doing that for 20 years or more. she was a huge presence here. widely admired and known. >> al jazeera released a statement, saying she was assassinated in coal blood by the israeli army and was clearly wearing a press jacket that identifies her as a journalist. israel has denied targeting the journalist. the prime minister says it appears likely armed palestinians who were firing indiscriminately at the time were responsible for the unfortunate death of the journalist, but israel has not offered any evidence to back that up and the account is disputed by eyewitnesses. there is video footage of the moment the shooting began.
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man shouting shareen abu akleh's name. then you see her lying in the street. rest of the video is too graphic to broadcast. we also saw her being taken to hospital. she was in critical condition when she arrived and later she was pronounced dead. al jazeera's managing editor has told the bbc how they heard the news. >> we woke up this morning, receiving an email from her telling our colleagues at the airport that i am heading to the city, there is an israeli raid i'm going to cover the news. after that, we responded, you are going to be live on air on the top of the hour. but unfortunately, she did not
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show up. we called her. we kept calling her. then we found these images on social media circulating that she was targeted by a bullet under her ears. >> let's hear the account of two eyewitnesses now. there were other journalists present. we saw one of them in the video from the moment the shooting began. producer was shot in the back, but we are told he is in stable conditioin the hospital. he says we were going to film the israeli army operation and suddenly they swed us without asking us to leave or stop filming. the first bullet hit me, the second hit her. there was no palestinian military resistance at all at the scene. that is one eyewitnesses saying no confrontations, no crossfire. this is another. >> what happened was we were waiting for our colleagues to enter the refugee camp at the port where the israeli army was
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present. we chose pointhat did not have any confrontations between the youth and the militants. we got to a point where we waited for shareen to put on all her safety gear. she reached us and we moved a few meters. we expose ourselves to the army and passersby that we are press tv. we arrived and within seconds there was the first shot. i told him we are being targeted, we are being shot at. i found her on the ground. i found her shielding -- another shielding herself by treated swimming. i found -- by a tree, screaming. i found shareen on the ground. continue to shoot. >> those of the accounts of the two eyewitnesses. the israeli army sayshey went to the refugee camp to apprehend terrorist suspects. the military says during the activity, tends of palestinian
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government fired and hurled explosive devices toward soldiers. the soldiers responded with fire toward the government and hits where divide. as the day went on, they seem to walk back from the prime minister statement saying it was likely a palestinian gunman who was was possible. the missouri -- the iaeli military chief says it is not possible to determine who she was shot by an we are sorry for her death. but it still maintains their work palestinians firing and it uld have been crossfire. here's al jazeera's response. >> this is not a crossfire. this area was safe. she was just entering. this was under the watch of all of the international media and local media there. this is a targeted, intentional crime because in a crossfire, you would not target journalist under his ears. he would not target him in that area if it is a crossfire. >> al jazeera holds the israeli
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government and occupying forces responsible. also heard from the palestinian forcesho said israel is responsible and called it next occlusion -- and execution. number of israelis have died by the house and you government, the israeli army says that is the reason it is carrying out more raids like this one and a number of palestinians and been killed in those rates. as we wait for the investigation, her death is certain to increase tensions. tim has more. >> a little further along, there the clashes with the israeli place, young men wrenching palestinian flags, one wishes carried along past may. clearly having been injured perhaps by a rubber bullet to the shoulder. there is considerable anger and anguish about what transpired this morning.
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>> there is more infmation on the on the bbc news webse. stay with me on outside source. in washington, the senate is voting on a proposed federal abortion law. it is unlikely to go through, so we will be live in washiton to find out why and by the democrats are proposing is vote. ♪ >> the pope was shocked. the pope will live. that is the essence of the news from rome this afternoon, that as an italian television commentator put it, terrorism had come to the vatican. >> the man they called the butcher, went on trial in the french town where he was the gestapo chief in the second world war. >> she never looked like a woman sentenced to six years in jail. the judge told misses mandela
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there was no indication she felt remorse. >> chinese government have called for an effort to help victims of an earthquake, the worst in 30 years. >> deep blue as he -- and machine has defeated a reigning world champion in a classical chess match. >> america's first legal same-sex marriages have been taking place in massachusetts. >> god bless america! ♪ >> i am roz atkins with outside source. our lead story, ukraine says its forces have been captured territory from russian troops close to kharkiv, pushing them toward the russian border. the palestinian-american
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journalist shareen abu-akleh has been shot and killed while reporting. the network says she was targed by israeli forces. about will take place in the u.s. senate on a measure democrats to codify abortion rights into law. they are doing this because of the leak of a draft supreme court ruling published by politico last week. the headline read the supreme court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows. if that does go ahead, women's rights to an abortion in the u.s. will no longer be protected by the constitution. this is one democrat, amy klobuchar. >> these protections are desperately needed and it is our response ability to take action so this fundamental right remains real for the women and men who stand with them across this country. freedom, equality under the law.
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the first time in generations, i want young people out there to think about this, we may live in a world where women have fewer rights than their moms, or their grandma's. that is not the world that we want. >> at least 60 votes of t 100 are needed to push the legislation forward, with only 50 democrats in the senate, it does not look likehey have the numbers to do that. specially given we know one democrjoe manchin, will oppose the vote. every republican is expected to vote against. the leader in the senate is mitch mcconnell. >> this would allow abortiono viable babies in the ninth month with no waiting period or informed consent. at the hands of a nonphysician. taxpayers could be forced to pay for it and catholic hospitals would be forced to perform it.
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democrats could not have written more extreme legislation. they have let french activist lead them far away from the american people. >> ts is the feed we have coming in from u.s. senate. you can see conversations going on on the floor. we look, let's bring in my colleague anthony, live from washington, d.c.. unless something truly unexpected happens, this will not be voted through. what are the democrats doing bringing the vote in the first place? >> i tnk the idea for the democrats is that they want to be seen as doing something. there's a considerable amount of outrage from abortion rights activists, proponents, members of their own party, that this is happening and democrats are looking for at least a symbolic gesture they're trying to take action to pass legislation that would replace the productions as you mentioned that roe guarantees in the constitution.
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they also want to turn this into an election issue. the midterm congressional campaigns are coming up in november and they think they can use this in order to beat republicans in a year where they were on their back foot beforehand. they could use it to help bring enthusiasm to their base, voters to turn out to the polls and make this upcoming midterm election about abortion incentive inflation, foreign-policy or issues where joe biden and the democrats are struggling. >> what is the deal with joe manchin? >> he is opposed to abortion rights. he is pro-life and generally votes against abortion legislation. he came out earlier today and said he would be in favor of a more limited bill that would only guarantee what roe v. wade guarantees right now, it does not go as far as the democratic legislation coming to the floor today. that is because he says roe v.
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wade has been around for 50 years, these protections have been around for 50 years and the interest of stability, it is good to codify that in law. but the reality is he is voting where west virginia voters, constituents on abortion and where his personal beliefs are. >> for viewers around the world looking at this and thinking, the democrats have some control of the senate and the house of representatives and they are in control of the presidency, they may be surprised to limit to how the democrats can influence this issue. >> that is the reality of the american political system. wade is designed, the way senate rules are, it takes 60 votes out of 100 to pass a significant legislation and there are not 60 votes in favor of this abortion legislation. they're not even 60 votes in favor of the more limited proposal i mentioned earlier that joe manchin support and several republicans probably would. beckett suited 52 votes, eight
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votes short. the house passed a bill earlier this year and joe biden is in favor, democrats are in favor, the merrick in public is generally in favor of some abortion rights. but there is not a 60 vote majority in the senate because many of these states that republican senators represent have majorities of people who are in favor orestricting abortion. >> as we expect this vote to not go through, let's talk about the supreme court and the process is going through. what is been leaked is a draft opinion. in theory, the process of considering this issue goesn, is that right? >> we were not expecting a final opinion to be handed down until the end of june. usually big decisions like this happen at the very end of the supreme court term. during this deliberative process which takes place behind closed doors, there are draft opinions, counter opinions, dissent filed, there is debate. some times votes change and some have the final opinion changes
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from the original draft. that process has been brought to light now. we know where the court is in there have been more leaks that give an indication that the court is going to stick with the iginal draft. but all is usually a process we don't know anything about until an opinion is handed down. >> before i let you go come out me ask about a broader political point. i was seeing joe biden's approval ratings, which seemed incredible. what is going on? >> they are low. the economy is hurting him. american voters are feeling it in their pocket point -- pocketbooks. inflation is hurting the ability to balance budgets and they are taking it out on the party in power, the democrats. the midterms come out when the party in power controls, the midterms usually favor the out of party power. they have a recipe for a tough time for democrats. >> that is not something the
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democrats usually fix. joe biden cannot fix that in the short term, because turning economies around even if you get decisions right, it takes time. quick that is an irony of the system, residents don't have the ability to affec economic trends. but they get blamed for it. they are always blamed for the economy of things go sour and that's what we are seeing happening now. >> thank you. anthony from washington, d.c.. we are waiting on this vote in the senate, without meaning to take away from any of the drama of the vote, we pretty much know how this is going to go. all of the republicans will vote against the effort to codify abortion rights into federal law. democrats have brought it knowing it is almost certain to not get voted through because they need of the 100 votes in the senate. the numbers are not there for them in particular because as we have been hearing, joe manchin will be voting against. nonetheless, democrats are seeking to use the boat as a way
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of saying this is what we stand for, this is what the republicans stand for. may think that could play well with voters, but we will really only understand that once midterms come around in november. will keep an eye on that but we think we know which way the vote is going. that ends this edition of outside source. thank you for narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accotants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions tohis pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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