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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  May 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs stion from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello. this is outsid 30th. photographs show boris johnson at a social gathering in november 2020 when the country was in lockdown. they show him testing a group of people stag cloly together. >> you think about restrictions at the time. businesses were not able to open
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and yet the prime nister looks like he is having a speech. >> a-year-old russian soldier -- a 21-year-old russian soldier given life in prison for the murder of a civilian. despite says the u.s. would intervene literally to defend taiwan if china were to invade. as monkeypox spreads, who says numbers arlow and it can be contained. we begin with the biggest story in the u.k., these stories that show boris johnson drinking at a lockwn gathering. he is standing behind a table with wine bottles and food. is another where h appears to be raising his glass in a toast.
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on let us hear lab's response. >> this is clearly not a work meeting. is is clearly a government against the rules at the time. horse johnson knows this and is trying to rely -- boris johnson knows this and is trying to lie to the public. it seems like he is laughing at them. >> the police investigation issued 126 finds, including one for boris johnson at another event. the bbc knows that at person whoea inventestd -- we attended the event has been defined by police, but not boris johnson. >> to the rules were strict. you were not allowed to gather
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indoors unless the gathering was reasonably necessary for work if you participated in a gathering not reasonably necessary, you were committing a criminal offense. the prime minister didot get a fixed penalty notice for thi gathering, but i think it is correct that some of the other people in the picture did. the question arises why the prime minister seems to have gotten away with it. >> this matters because labor mp asked boris johnson about parties on the day this picture was taken. >> was there a party at downing street on the 13th of november? pm jonohns: no, but the guidance was followed and the rules were followed at all times. >> that exchange likely the
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focus of the next week or so because of the code that says ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be offered there -- expected to offer their resignation to the prime minister. that makes things difficult if it is the prime minter accused of doing things and boris johnson has made it clear he will not resign. labour party called ewald that -- a vote that requires johnson to face an inquiry. jane's moth, patricia, had alzheimer's and was in a care home where she died with covid-19 in january. >> in a november 2020, i was allowed to see my mom behind glass. it is quite emotional thinking about it, but she would sit there and would almost always
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try to beckon me through. every time i was allowed a visit, had to explain that i was not allowed. prime minister in a social situation seemingly no social distancing, having a drink and a laugh with others when i was denied contact with my mom. >> here is our political correspondent on this event. >> the event who is on the 13th of november, 2020. that is when indoor socializing was banned in england. it was a leave and do for the former direcr of communications at number 10, lee kane. the police did investigate and did not fine boris johnson for
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it, but at least one other person at the event did get a fine. what this has done is open up a lot more of the questions already being the publication of this picture, particularly in terms of what you've already outlined, what boris johnson said to parliament, but also questions being asked of the police. it was said earlier to boris johnson that to most people at these pictures seem unjustifble and wrong. there were questions being asked of the police. the liberal democrats have asked for an investigation into the police investigation of these parties because they say there could be public confusion about why orest johnson was not fined. the metal police has been loathed to explain its decisions
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-- the met police has been loath to explain decisions but i think there will be pressure on them to do that >> to ukraine, a russian soldier has been given a life sentence for killing an unarmed ukrainian man. that is a war crime. >> this was not just a trial. it was ukraine's day in court, with all eyes and cameras on vadim shishimarin. bite legal standards, his journey to this dock has been quick. more than two weeks ago, he was questioned over an alleged war crime. >> we started moving. we saw it civilian typing on the phone. i was ordered to shoot and fired one round. he fell down, we moved on. >> the court heard how he shot a
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62-year-old man three to four times in the head. he was one of five russian soldiers who had stolen a car and driven into the village. he claimed he was ordered to kill the man over worrs he would give away their position. >> this is not an ordinary trial. vadim shishimarin's denies deliberately targeting civilians, but it is him alone who is facing a ukrainian courtroom. his case will not be the last. >> after 40 minutes, vadim shishimarin learned his fate -- a guilty verdict and a life sentence. >> i am not satisfied by the verdict. if a person is found guilty and sentenced, i believe life is too much. the court had to study evidence meticulously and make a decision because in the hole rld is
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watching. >> the kremlin has voiced its disappointment, but it's sponsors is already in motion. lands being drawn up to try captures -- plans being drawn up to try captures ukrainian fighters as war criminals. >> zelenskyy has asserted the world cannot be ruled by a brute force. here he is speaking in the data. -- in davos. >> what should sanctions the like? maximal so that any potential aggressor should know what the consequences are. such sanctions has still not been introduced against russia and they should be. >> putin has had a show of support from former russian president kashenko.
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he -- it has been an embarrassing day for russian diplomacy. one of the country's senior diplomats representing the country at the u.n. has resigned. boris bondarev released a statement, saying he had never been so ashamed of his country and the war is a crime -- the most serious crime against nunnally ukraine but russia. he also said russia's foreign ministry is about war mongering lies, hatred. steve rosenberg asked him if his colleagues at the foreign ministry shared his views. >> most people are following the propaganda and what they are told. when you work in the ministries, you work in the hierarchy and
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must obey what your superiors tell you. for many years, a political approach has been erased from the ministry, mostly. >> more from steve rosenberg in moscow. steve: bondarev is not the most senior official at the russian mission in geneva, but still, he is on the diplomatic staff. this is an embarrassment. he admits most officials in the government ministry support the government on special military operations. i do not think russian authities will be too bothered by this resignation. >> now, some comments made by joe biden.
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he is in japan visiting region allies. here he is with the japanese prime minter, but his comments are about taiwan. taiwan is off the coast of mainland china and behaves like an independent state, but beijing sees it part of china china once to reunited with the mainland -- china wants to reunite it with the mainland, if necessary by force. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> y. that is the commitment we made. we agree with a one china policy. we signed on to it. but is the idea that it can be taken by force is just not
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appropriate. it would dislocate the entire region and be another action silar to what happened in ukraine. >> that was president biden saying the u.s. would intervene milirily to protect taiwan if it attacked by china, but it is committed to the one china policy. that policy is that the u.s. acknowledges china's position that there is only one chinese government. the u.s. has formal ties with china t not taiwan. but the u.s. does sell arms to two taiwan. the u.s. will provide the island with the means to defend itself. the u.s. describes the policy as strategic ambiguity. it is not say we will defend taiwan, but it does not say that we would not. >> what is never said is whether
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the u.s. would impact come to taiwan's defense militarily. it is that ambiguity that the whole delicate balance rests on. >> the reason people are paying so much attention is it seems to go against the u.s. policy of strategic ambiguity, which is to never quite reveal how far it would go to defend taiwan if china did invade mr. biden did not sound ambiguous at all. he said that the u.s. would militarily intervene. he did not crify what that meant, but he did sound like it would mean more than giving taiwan arms. he has made such statements before, but this was the most forceful because of the way he ed it in the russia-ukraine
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public. he said if china would go after taiwan by force, it would be similar to what was happening in ukraine and that made the burden stronger. he did say that he was not expecting china to do that and that the u.s. was sticking with the one china policy, but it does seem he was sending a message that the u.s. would not sit idly by if china were to take forceful action against taiwan. this is being done in the context of the concerns raised watching russia. >> day with us -- state with us. still to, the defamation case that johnny depp has brought ainst amber heard. we look at how the trial is being played out on social media. ♪
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>> and the biggest international sporting spectacle ever seen,a e apart in athletics events to aid in africa. >> taunting lead to scuffles, scuffles to fighting as liverpool fans broke out of their area. the belgian police had lost control. >> the whole world mourns this tragic death today. he was the father of the indian people from the day of independence. >> and -- it comes to an end after 25 years. >> ginger spice has announced she has left the spice girls. >> she is the one with the girl power. why?
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♪ >> this is outside size. our lead story -- photographs have emerged showing boris johnson at a social gathering in november 2020 when the u.k. was in lockdown. health officials in europe have reported more cases of monkeypox as infections outside africa increases. in the u.k., 57 people confirmed to have monkeypox. up until today, all the cases were in england. monkeypox has already been found in spain, portugal, france, italy, and australia, canada and the u.s. here's president biden
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on monday -- >> we have had monkeypox in large numbers in the past. we have vaccines to take care of it. there is thus far, there does that seem to be the mean for any kind of extra effort yet what is going on. works for it, but i think people should be careful. >> mr. biden talking about the smallpox vaccine. it works against monkeypox, although they'retaying virus. here is dr. chris smith. dr. smith: the fact vaccine is a vaccine for a virus similar to smallpox, but it works it is 5%
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of the time against monkeypox. if given quickly after contact, it can protect people from getting the infection. >> how is it transmitted? what symptoms should meet the looking out for? dr. smith: this is a respiratory infection via close personal contact. if you have the infection, you are probably infectious and you have the infection when you are symptomatic. is not like covid where people were passing it on before they knew they had it when you are symptomatic, that is when you are infectious. markers are fever, flulike illness, feeling cold and shivery, muscle aches and a rash. the rash can vary in some more dramatic than others, but it is little sisters or spots of temples -- little blisters or spots of temples.
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you could be briefed on by somebody or, if you have contact with the blisters, you can catch it via that route. one other possibility is you leave behind an infectious legacy on your bed if someone handles bed linen or clothing that has been in close contact with someone while they were infectious, there will be viral residue that could pass the infection on. >> murray ventral is annexed >> transmission is happening from close physical contact, skin to skin. it is different from covid in that sense. we are seeing cases in men who have sex with men. >> the tech about the dangerous that dangerous of a virus
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transferring into mor lethal forms. many are asking if this could happen with monkeypox. >> we can say that this is a dna virus, one of the largest viruses known. the mutation rate is lower than real for new viruses. it is a stable virus. we do not yet have evidence that there is mutation in the virus itself. many asking why the virus is suddenly appearing in countries where it is not usually found. dr. catherine o'reilly. >> elite who has said this is extremely unusual and it is not clear why it is happening now. we have seen in the u.k. imported cases from the african continent and also in other countries imported cases, but what we have not seen is this community transmission that we are currently seeing in europe.
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>> also, the outbreak is coincidi that only with covid, but also with hepatitis outbreaks in children. >> we are in a different phase of the pandemic. covid has not gone away, but we are seeing more outbreaks of different diseases. we monitor them -- the hepatitis outbreak, a variety around the world. we are noticing changes in how diseases and viruses are presenting themselves within populations. >> the defamation case that johnny depp has brought against amber heard -- the trial has entered whats expected to be its final week. the case was brought by johnny depp after this article by amber heard the washington post where she said she was a victim of
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domestic abuse. johnny depp denies abuse and claims the article has damaged his reputation. he is suing her for50 million. she is cap pursuing for hundred million dollars. -- she is counter suing for $10 million. >> never did i reached the point of striking ms. heard in any way, nor have i ever struck any woman in my life. >> this is amber heard describing a confrontation she says took place on a plane. >> my back was turned to tim and i feel this boot in my back. it just kicked me. i felt to the floor, caught myself and felt like i was looking at the floor of the plane for what felt like a long
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time. >> we will take a closer look at the way the case played out on social media. we have seen plenty of videos like this one on tiktok. #justice for johnny depp has garnered more than 15 billion views globally. to contrast those numbers, justice as for amber heard has far fewer views, around 47 million. >> it is not a new phenomenon. it has been going on for two or re-years now. -- or three years. the reason is clear. there are a number of issues that are popping up. johnny depp is a famous and popular actor, but the reason why thousas of people are
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obsessively posting about this case in a way that some would describe as vicious is unclear, but if you want to find out why it is happening, one of the reasons probably is social media algorithms. i was reading a piece by the insider that was describing how many of the people engaging with this topic -- as you said, on tiktok, instagram, twitter, we are talking about millions and millions of people engaging with content about this trial --, but the picture you are getting from it is twisted and has got no bearing on what is aually happening in the trial room. there are clips that have been designed to show one person, johnny depp in his case, as meone who has been constantly
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abused and amber heard as someone abusive and johnny depp standing for men's rights. we do not know exactly what happened. that is a matter for the courts. >> you have been watching "bbc world news outside source." stay with us. ♪ narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financl services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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